oh boy, my first clayified/recolor/anything to do with hair EVER!!! this updo by wingssims is absolutely gorgeous and i 10000% needed it in my game immediately, but since i dont do alpha i decided to clayify it myself!!! i hope u enjoy it as much as i do!!! :^)

some info!!!!

  • YOU WILL NEED THE MESH!!! you can pick up the beautiful mesh from wingssims here!!
  • recolored in all EA colors and @pastry-box‘s gorgeous saccharine palette, and retextured with a mashup of EA and my own hair textures!!!
  • tag me if you use this hair!!! i wanna see your sims looking beautiful!!!
  • available in EA, saccharine, or merged together!!!
  • PLEASE let me know if there are any issues!!! this is my first time doing anything with hair, so its quite possible there could be mistakes!!!
  • if the links aren’t working, right click and open the link in a new tab!!! :^)

download EA colors here! (no adfly | simfileshare)
download saccharine here! (no adfly | simfileshare)
download them both here! (no adfly | simfileshare)

My DareDevil Headcanons

Matt Murdock taking baths instead of showers because the sound of each individual water droplet slamming into his sensitive skin makes him scream. 

Matt Murdock owning a service dog named Chester who sleeps on top of him and happens to hate Foggy.

Matt Murdock going glasses shopping with foggy and begging foggy to not pick an ugly pair to mess with him because he can’t tell the difference between his super ‘cool’ red ones and plastic pink ones.

Matty Murdock listening to the people in his apartments around him as a kid who were so loud (to him) that he would turn on the bathtub and sleep on the tile floor sometimes to escape the noise.

Matt Murdock making texture tags on the inside of his shirts and pants and ties for his outfits so he knows what matches and what doesn’t.

Matt having a phobia of hospitals from when he was there after the accident. All the beeping and crying and people yelling in pain or sadness overwhelms him and he can’t step inside without breaking into a cold sweat.

Matt being used as a spider detector by foggy who has a phobia of them. He has Matt scan the room with his super hearing once he discovered it to make sure it’s safe. Matt lies and says there aren’t any when in actuality he can hear dozens in every room under the floor boards.

Matt Murdock needing Foggy to patch him up in an emergency and Foggy covering him in Dora band-aids against Matt’s knowledge. 

Matt Murdock in college smacking Foggy over the head with his cane whenever he snored. 

Matt Murdock wearing a bright pink dress shirt that got turned in the wash by a red sock, but Foggy letting him go out with it and not telling him. 

Matt Murdock picking out a service dog at a shelter and having one lick him on the nose when he picks it up, knocking his glasses askew.

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson playing with their dinosaur action figures instead of working as interns. 

Matt Murdock being obsessed with records, and his favorite noise being the sound of the needle touching down onto the vinyl.

anonymous asked:

hey! can you link me to any icon borders and textures?

@dear-indies have an awesome tag you can look through here, and I’ll link some more places below. 

civilwarcap  asked:

Hi! I love your blog and I was just wondering if you had anything on where to find gif textures (ink, flying dirt, spinning galaxies, grinding gears, etc.). Thank you very much!


I suggest you go through the texture pack tag to find more.

I’ve been asked to make a tutorial on how i make my icons. Before I start this, I want you to know some things.

  • English isn’t my first language so I will make mistakes. I apologize in advance and hope you’ll understand what I’m writing
  • I will add some resources to this post (good texture examples)
  • You need to have basic photoshop skills for this. 
  • I’m sorry if I can’t explain things well. I’m trying my best
  • if you wanna see my icons, check them out here 
    (ignore emo superman and mullet superman)

Ok let’s get started, my buddies.

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anonymous asked:

I saw that you had a tutorial on how to make or apply a custom background to a container theme, but could you maybe do a tutorial for the photoshop graphic part? I'd love to be able to create a pretty background/border to apply, but I'm not quite sure how to do it in a way I'm happy with.

okay nonny, get comfy…

now bear in mind, that this tutorial will show you how to make a container theme background, and the techniques i use to make mine - however it may not be to your aesthetic taste, but all you have to do is to replace the images i use with things you prefer…

this tutorial will help you with -

  • checking the position and size of your container, checking the position/alignment of your background.
  • making a template.
  • using guides in ps.
  • designing a background - source images, brushes, stock resources etc.
  • using clipping masks.
  • using semi-transparent background on posts ( for readability ).

we’ll be going from this - 

to this - 

using less than 10 layers in ps! (if you want to see the full preview of the finished background on a static theme, click here.)

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Festive Things to use:-

We’ve just had Christmas and any special occasion usually makes for some wonderful journalling material

Christmas, Birthdays, Easter etc. are all times when cards get sent- once the occasion has past collect all the cards from around the house and cut them up! They all have great textures and details. There’s normally really cute images and so many can involve glitter and different surfaces, they make great additions to your journal, it’s also great having the memories.

These occasions mean presents, and presents are wrapped. Wrapping paper, tissue paper and even gift bags are really good to use as the backgrounds to journal pages.

I normally save all the ribbons and tags on the gifts I get all year as I use them on journal pages to add detail and different textures. The tags are great because they add interest- especially if they have a nice message on.

These are great at festive times. You can buy sticker books especially for the season and make a great page all about a particular occasion.

I love old envelopes. Particularly when someone has doodled on them and they’re ripped a little. Each one is different and it doubles up as a pocket to keep little notes and things inside on a page.

They’re a great source of inspiration! Draw the presents you’ve given or received, keep the tags and stickers or write lists in your journal of the people you need to write thank you cards to.


anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure you are the most unproblematic person on tumblr like all you do is post slime and squishy stuff that's pretty and cool looking and anxiety relieving and tag stuff like texture in case someone may be triggered by it, and your text posts are so innocent i literally love you

I just want everyone to be able to enjoy this blog so I try to tag anything and be nice. just simple stuff.

anonymous asked:

You create such wonderful graphics! Do you have any tips for someone with a lot of ideas who has no idea how to realise them? For example, what programs do you use?


And my absolute biggest tip is to just practice. Like. “Practice makes perfect” applies so much to edit/graphic-making. Comparing my earlier graphics to the stuff I make now is like apples and oranges, except the apples are ugly as fuck and oranges are fucking stunning.

As for the program I use, it’s GIMP!! You can download it completely free and it’s really fantastic! It’s basically Photoshop, just. Minus the money and some of PS’ coolio perks. GIMP is still really great, though!

And for most of my graphics, I mess around a lot with various textures! You can find tons of textures here: @itsphotoshop, @textureporn, or you can check out my texture tag or resource blog!

Also! When using textures, you wanna try to vary the ways you use them! Mess around with the coloring of them and the layer modes especially!!

I wish I had more to say, but I’m really bad at giving tips 🙈🙈

If you do download GIMP, though, I recommend @gimpedia to find more tips on graphic-making! The blog is, unfortunately, inactive, but there are still plenty of tutorials there!

And my final tip: ask questions!! Most graphic-makers use Photoshop, but if you ever wanna know something specific or have any more questions, feel free to message me!! <3 <3 <3

Got tagged by @sturmselector, so lets get into this.

1 If you could punch either TJ lane or Elliot rodger which one would you choose
I think it would be TJ, because I actually feel way more sorry for Eliot.

2 What’s your favorite choice of weapon?
Glock 17, Sig Sauer Mosquito, AR15, AK47, and the good ol’ Colt 1911.

3 post a picture of your school shooter aesthetic.

(I know its blury af…)

4 have you ever thought about selling your soul for the basement tapes?
I don’t think that the basement tapes would be that interesting tbh. There are way to many cases in what some information would be needed.

5 Whats the most disturbing method of death in your opinion?
Drowning, burning, and starving are the ones that come to my mind right now

6 Would you date a violent inmate?
Maybe, I don’t really know since I do not know any true crime case to compare the situation with..

7 do you know people outside of tumblr who share your interest in true crime?
Yes, there are some people outside of tumblr I frequently talk with about TC and shit at the moment.

8 Are you pro suicide?
Defenetly yes.

9 Would you share if dylanns bowlcut for 200$ ?
Add a few 0’s and I’m in for it.

10 Who do you identify more with Eric or Dylan?
I think more with Eric, even though me and Dylan do share a lot of views and opinions.

11 If there would be a shooting at your school/college where would you hide ?
I wouldn’t I would just go to the shooter and say something like “Yo dude , haven’t seen you in a long time! ” (Edgy joke so fuck off cops! )

12 described your 3 worst character traits.
Sometimes I’m a depressed fuck, I have severe Sleeing Issues (I’d concider it a trait) and I am extremly shy.

13 are you sadistic?
Sometimes I am.

14 Opinion of the death penalty?
I don’t really care too much about it.

15 Who is your least favorite person in the world?
The majority of my school.

16 how do you hope to die?
I don’t know, maybe being murdered or something.

17 if you could date any mass murderer who would it be?
Look at Question 6.

18 If you could date any serial killer (dead or alive ) who would it be?
Look at question 17 and 6.

19 what torture method disturbes you the most?
I can’t think of one that really disturbs me.

20 what do you think of the gun laws in your country?
They suck.

21 ever had a phisical fight with someone?
Yep, even though there where only a few times where I was the agressor.

22 have you ever had a near death experience?
I had some situations what could count as such situations, even though I can’t really remember any of them.

23 who is your favorite movie villian?

24 do you believe in heaven and hell?
Not really.

25 do you believe in a spirit world?
I don’t know.

26 would you rather see
Ted Bundy nudes or Brenda Spencer nudes?
I don’t think thet I would like to see any of them.

27 have you ever felt homicidal? Why?
well uh technically nah ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

28 do you mind the sight of blood?
Not at all.

29 If you could save one victim from the columbine massacre, who would it be?
I think one of the shooters.

30 what’s your favorite horror movie?


I tag @darkkabu and @deadlydesiress, if you want to do this just say i tagged you.