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a4o character thoughts

Wake up an smell the estrogen! (I need this mug)

So since I’m already obsessed with this show after a 70 seconds of footage and my psychology homework can wait (apparently) here are some random thoughts on the new @a4oseries​ trailer and character twitters.

Okay so our protag’s Dorothy “(ง'̀-‘́)ง” Castlemore and I’m in love with her already.

She’s a freshman at Dumas college and really, really, really wants to be in this sorority Mu Sigma Theta. I mean really. 

Also Dorothy’s “raised by the internet, tamed by its people”. I think the context for the show is making vlogs for her internet friends which I’m pretty sure is a new one for webseries so cool. Based on her twitter her fandoms include Harry Potter, Agent Carter, Carmilla, Orphan Black, Shadowhunters, The 100 and Hamilton (marry me). Also there’s a “free the house elves” sock holder in her room. Amazing. 

She’s also crushing on her room mate.

But hey, at least Connie’s not a vampire with a problematic kidnapping and murder history (that we know off…). 

Woefully, we don’t know much more about Connie Bonacieux but she seems kinda shy and sweet. Would be a nice balance with Dorothy’s character.

I ship these two so much already. And look at her adorable eavesdropping in that third gif.

We also have the Mu Sigma Theta sisters. More gays! Portia and Arianna are very cute girlfriends.

There’s also Alex (@alexsilleg​). Something tells me she needs a hug.

We see a couple of others in the trailer but the last character with a twitter is Miller Winter. 

He seems alright but his friend looks like a douche.

I really hope douche-face is jumping to conclusions there…

Anyway, I’m super pumped for All for One. I don’t really know the story of The Three Muskateers so it should be surprising. God help us if we ever run out of classic novel characters to make vloggers out of.