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The long long awaited room tour is finally UP in all it’s 40 minutes of glory 🌈

It only took 2 years :’)


.゜✧ ・          ❛          —–—        HE  HAS  FALLEN  !         the      final  boy,       our        last survivor      in  the        NARRATIVE,        corrupted.        FELINE-BITTEN,       a       scar       BRANDED       into  his       skin.       once      good,      now  a       PREDATOR.       be  weary  of   the   JAGUAR.       ❜            .゜✧ ・

❰   #LACIRATE.        independent fandomless werejaguar oc penned by      HAMISH.     triggering themes ahead.

My hidekane game is weak and I need someone to kick me

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Soo if im gonna make a shitpost, what should i tag? Karamel or karam*l? Monel or mon*el or mon-el? Like whats the thingy 😂

all of them

karamel, k*ramel, karahell, karasmell, karafuckthiswhitebullshitimout, mon-el, mon el, monel, m*nel, monhell, manhell, mansmell, mayo hell, mon-ew, yawn-el, manolo, manuel, monfuck, moncock, monabusiveslaveownerwhoiwoildhavenoqualmsflingingintothesun, copy paste white disney prince bitch, mon-who??, that white man with the name i forget, the CW’s golden boy, the moldy bread who has the CW ass licking his existance,


hetero debby

dense clutch slut


class A cunts

Continuation of this [x]

  • Gladio: bara 4 lyfe.
  • Radio: super cool style but gets bullied a lot because wow look at that name. can last up to 72 hours without his sunglasses because his radness is just that radiant.
  • Cardio: gym fuckboi with a tragic backstory. his heart doesn’t work properly (have you tried turning it off and back on again). thicc af.
  • Ladio: italian with fake french accent because HE’S A FAKE. somehow gets all of the girls (more like laidio ayyy). good friends with iggy. hon hon baguette. bread is life.
  • Sadio (aka tank top gladio): forever alone, the emo kid. knows every MCR and BVB song lyrics and can sing at your funeral. Boss ass bitch when it comes to makeup and black clothing.
  • Dadio: daddy + dad jokes = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) comes with loving hugs to replenish your soul, when he’s shirtless he’s not your daddy any more.
  • Madio: constant rage.
  • Zadio: neglected child that just wants to help out. fell into those fortune teller machines with those robotic magicians in it by accident. played himself. pure.

thanks to everyone in the ffxv sin squad for helping me this :)