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The fact that some people find so surprising almost unbelievable that Jungkook would choose Jimin and Yoongi as the most handsome members is just plain petty and disrespectful.
Like he couldn’t possibly choose any other members than the “visuals”. Do you realise how ridiculous you sound, trying to justify his answers saying the question was misleading.??
It was not. It’s not that deep. He answered what he answered. Suck it on. Pet a cat. Move on.

After the mini tag rant I’ve gotten so many lovely messages and honestly thank you guys so much?? It made me realize how lucky I am and I know that even if you guys don’t always show it I know I can still rely on alot of you TTTT I’m really touched and every single message truly made my day. I promise I’ll get to the rest of them soon/later! Thank you again <3


So the other day I made a tag-rant post and mentioned I was thinking about just taking a week off…

From Monday, 24th of October I will be on a tumblr hiatus, I will be back again on Monday, 31th of October. (So it’s only for a week)

My queue will be running and I have scheduled OC, so you won’t even notice that I’m gone tbh haha.

If anyone wants to contact me you can add me on KKT (btsrm94) or Snapchat (feliciafillan)

Feel free to tag me in stuff while I’m gone! (I have emails enabled for all my mentions so I’ll catch up when I return)

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Last Movie You Saw:  Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

Last Song You Listened To: The Greatest - Sia, Kendrick Lamar

Last Show You Watched: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Last Book You Read: Das Schicksal ist Ein Mieser Verräter

Last Thing You Ate: ice cream

If You Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would You Be?: Indonesia?

First Thing You’d Do With Lottery Money: save 75% of it and treat myself with the rest

Fictional Character You’d Hang Out With For A Day: I’d love to watch kenma play games all day

Time Right Now: 17.59 pm

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You dont have to do it if you dont want to guys <3

Fantasy does NOT have to follow real world rules. Fantasy does NOT have to relate to some real world event, country, concept, law, or history. Fantasy does NOT have to mirror any particular time period or country, even if you’re basing your world on a real world one. There is NO SUCH THING as “historical accuracy” in fantasy as it relates to the real world.

THE ONLY THING Fantasy has to do to be believable is follow the established rules OF ITS OWN WORLD. Fantasy can literally be anything you imagine it to be.

If your fantasy world excludes people of color or those belonging to the LGBT+ community, if it’s grossly misogynistic and white cis-male centric, that’s because YOU made it that way. Stop blaming “historical accuracy” or “believability”. It’s not the genre; it’s YOU.


“Ladies first!”

today’s the anniversary of “A Tale of two Stans” so I drew the smols :’3


In which Frisk is a sweetheart.

This can be platonic I swear *sweats*


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

shoutout to the kpop fans who translate vidoes for us who don't speak korean

Y'all are the real mvp and should be proud of yourselves for showing the world that multilingual ass of yours.

I know translating videos or adding subtitles are hard work, especially with timing and making sure what you’re translating is what they’re saying, I really appreciate all of y'all. And the sad thing is y'all don’t get enough recognition in this kpop world, I feel like all of y'all should receive some type of Grammy shit to award you on your hard work.

Staying up til 3am just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of EXO’s interview. Skipping homework just so you can upload the ENGSUB version of Mamamoo’s latest fan meet.

I truly do appreciate you guys out there, without any of you I wouldn’t be laughing at Jooheon when he falls over, I don’t get to cry with Namjoon when he tells us he loves us, I don’t get to tell Chanyeol he’s a stupid little shit for thinking the green chilli was capsicum. Why? Cause I wouldn’t understand what they were saying.

So thank you. Thank you a million times for existing and taking time out of your daily lives for us non-Korean fans.

Thanks to those kpop fans who also upload Vlive+ videos for us who can barely afford food on the table. I don’t care if it’s seen as illegal, to me it’s seen as you helping out a die hard fan falling asleep at night with a smile on their face by watching the videos they can’t afford to buy.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.