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1. Return of the Jedi. Pretty much entirely because of the Luke and Anakin redemption story. Their arc in ROTJ is one of my favorite character arcs ever.

2. Skywalkers. All of them.

3. I ship Anakin/Padme pretty intensely in AUs? In canon, though, I’m much more here for the gen. Luke and Anakin is my fave relationship.

4. James Earl Jones.

5. Artoo and Threepio together because how could you ever separate them.

6. The final showdown between Luke, Anakin, and Palpatine. “I am a Jedi like my father before me.” Anakin tossing Palpatine down a reactor shaft. Luke cradling his father’s gasping, failing body in the aftermath. “Help me take this mask off.” “I have to save you.” “You already have, Luke.”

7. Light Side, but not Jedi. Never Jedi.

8. A New Hope.

9. Shmi Skywalker.

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Callout post

Okay, you know what? @bisexualsymmetra27? Aka @thewaterlord27? I’m done with your bullshit. You know what?
Not every single fucking character is bisexual just because you want them to be so you can hardcore ship your OCs or yourself with whoever you please.

I’m bisexual and even I’m done with this shit.

You are CISHET. You have NO RIGHT. You have NO UNDERSTANDING. You are erasing so many people it’s not even fucking funny.

“I ship who I want with who I want because I can”

You sound like a god damn pedophile trying to justify themselves.

By trying to make every character bisexual just so you can “love them” or just because you “really love the character” is erasure and you can shut the hell up.

Do I want bisexual representation? Hell yeah I do. But not just so fuckers like you can fanticise having your OCs or yourself fuck them.

You’re erasing lesbians.
You’re erasing gays.
You’re erasing pansexuals.
And so many more.

You can love characters like Veronica from Fallout NV without having your MALE OC be with them. Just because you “really love her character” doesn’t mean you have to erase her sexual orientation.
((Ever heard of making a female OC for the lesbian character or are you just trying to live fantasies or some bullshit like that?))

Characters like Veronica and Arcade Gannon give people a boost. They help people seeking representation.

Just because you’re some fucking “Christian from Florida who supports equuality” who’s CIS. HET. Does NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO ERASE US.










We will NEVER be friends. Ever.

You offended me and so many others.

I misjudged you when we first became mutuals. I thought you were a good person. But you’re just some ass who tries justifying homophobia and erasure.

You HURT people. People who saw your shitty posts trying to say you get it. Posts about how you can ship who you want with whoever you want despite the erasure and the pain it causes.

You need to fucking wake up and realize that bisexuality isn’t some joke. And the LGBTQIA+ isn’t something you’re allowed to just erase.

I suggest changing your URL because you know NOTHING about being bisexual. You know nothing about what we go through. All you know is that it makes people more fuckable for your OCs.

And I know you’re not bi so don’t even try arguing it you homophobic ass.

anonymous asked:

can you explain what happened with harry and his haircut pls??

An article was posted earlier today with the sole purpose of trashing Harry’s hairstyle. It does not mention his work on Shadowhunters or Single By 30, any of the promotional stuff he’s been doing for these shows, any of the charities he’s been supporting, or the fact that–while doing all of these things–he’s literally always on social media and providing his fans with extra content. 

Instead, they decide to complain about his hairstyle, which quite frankly is none of their business. Not to mention that it’s an undercut, a style that is wildly popular rn, and yet GQ is not talking about any white male celebrities with undercuts despite that many have been featured on their magazine lmao. Instead, they choose to target Harry, a proud Asian man who’s working damn hard and doing great things, finally getting the recognition he deserves as a great actor…..  and talk about his haircut, which they obviously don’t mind when it’s a white guy smh

also FUCK “let Peter become a scientist instead of a freelance photographer” tbh

peter being a freelancer made sense he didn’t have the opportunities that, say, tony stark or reed richards did

and becoming a teacher was always an outlet for his talent that made more sense. THAT was his success story. i loathe the idea that peter can only “make it” by becoming wealthy

  • Acquaintance I've known for a bit:*puts phone in my face* my lockscreen
  • Me:*recognizes the guy in the pic* who is that?
  • Her:oh.. uh.... some... *mumbles* korean dude...
  • Me:yeah but who?
  • Her:*probably shocked I didn't call her out for having a Korean man as her lock screen*
  • Some guy in a band..
  • Me:yeah but which band?
  • Her:...this band called Big Bang
  • Me:oh it is Taeyang! I thought I recognized him. I didn't know you liked kpop?
  • Her:?!?????!?!????
  • Literally like her face lit up so freaking much like why are we so embarrassed to tell people we like kpop? There's nothing wrong with it
Anti-R*arkl* Tag Rant

I just need to say Riarkle becoming a couple would not be fan service….If you can’t see the connection then okay good that’s your life. Us Riarkle shippers are allowed to ship whatever we want , and Also I love smackle so much. IF Riarkle becomes Canon it’s because it was written that way. Watch though if it happens anyone who doesn’t ship Riarkle will make all these excuses. That’s okay though I’m proud of my ship , and no one can change my mind on that. Just like I don’t expect them too , but stay out of our tag please.


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

I'm trying to prove a point to my dad here.

Please like or reblog if you aren’t a pedo/rapist and believe internet friends are just as real as irl friends.

Welcome to a post I’m probably going to heavily regret making.

If you ever feel down about fandom hate, this is some of the fine logic I’ve seen on this site:

-Hardcore An*dala shippers that think Reylo is sickeningly abusive
-Kyl*x shippers who think Stormpilot is fetishized homosexuality, and their ship isn’t 
-Han/Leia shippers who think Reylo makes Kylo Ren a pedophile 
- Skys*lo shippers who think Han took advantage of Leia’s youthful naivety. 
- Reylo shippers who call out their Ant*s for abusing social media to yell at SW Cast and Crew, but then also do the same thing. 

Obviously this is not everyone, or even the majority, but the hypocrisy within the community is insane.   I know a lot of these people are young, and later in life they will come to admit the reason they don’t like a ship doesn’t need to be because of moral implications, it could just not be that you don’t like it.  It doesn’t appeal to you. You just don’t see it. You want your ship to be canon.  You relate more to one character so what them to be with ______.  That is fine.

You may have moral reasons against something, but if it’s affecting your life that much, if something so trivial actually affects you on such a larger scale, please go talk to a professional about it.   Don’t make other people feel bad about it.   You are causing real people to hurt and if that brings you ANY pride, you have become what you say you hate.  If you think abusing real people because you think something fictional could be abusive, you need to sort out your priorities. If making real people hurt over something unbelievably fictional brings you joy, you need to back away from the fan community for awhile.  

Fireworks still happen every year despite the thousands facing PTSD.   Please go seek the help you need if you really feel like the SW fandom universe is hurting you.   This may not be the ‘fandom’ for you.   This universe is filled with enemies, friends, lovers, who beat the crap out of each other at times in the time of war (not domestically).   Age differences (but still in the same generation) are very very common.   Villains are redeemed and forgiven on little grounds to the real world in the SW galaxy. 

If these are what you consider your triggers to be, I’m surprised you were able to watch the first six movies and Clone wars/Rebels, and maybe you haven’t, and that’s fine, but realize that it’s there. A lot.  And if you are in a place where you can’t handle that, maybe you should back away for awhile because what is canon will not change. 

I am getting so furious with anti-shipping. My first ever otp was Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. Since I finished that epilogue it has always been my favourite pairing, and you know what- that’s O-K and I’m sick of feeling like it’s not ok because of all the hate it gets. I have, and I know fellow Scorose shippers have been respectful for those who ship Scorp and Rose with other people (and if you have ever experienced otherwise, shame on them, I hate those people too), and ALL WE ASK is for the same respect back. I KNOW THE CC MADE IT SEEM LIKE AL AND SCORP WOULD GET TOGETHER! I KNOW THEY WERE SUPER QUEER!! But please, PLEASE, stop being so disrespectful with my fave pairing. Stop spamming the scorose tag with scorose hate. Stop making posts about how it’s the worst ship ever. STOP TRYING TO DISCREDIT MY SHIP BECAUSE YOU SHIP SOMETHING ELSE. I really hoped we could be better then that Potterheads. Come On.

help me meet my friends!

in two weeks im going to be making a trip to arizona to meet my friends @ch-a-ra and @romythered, which is! super exciting!!! but even with my family helping out and us pooling our resources together, this trip is going to put a strain on my wallet that i’m not sure i can afford. tickets for the con we’re meeting at paired with hotel costs and transportation adds up to $300+ on my end at least. that…is a lot of money.

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