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Thank you so much for not giving up. Because even though it sometimes feels like it, no one’s ever alone. Each and every one of us is a part of the big chaos, and what you do today has an effect tomorrow. It can be hard to say exactly what kind of effect, and you usually can’t see how everything fits together, but the effects of your actions are always there somewhere in the chaos. In a hundred years we may have machines that can predict the effect of every action, but until then, we can trust this: Fear spreads, but fortunately love does too.

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Can we see the woy babs a little older? Maybe some lord iris?

You know my weakness

Iris does indeed become Lord Iris! As a kid she ends up being mentored by the handful of villians and former villians her parents had worked against and with and pretty much becomes the galaxy’s villainous sweetheart. Dominator, Hater and Awesome being the main contenders. She’s currently attempting to rule the world planet by planet, but is oddly enough a very kind and benevolent ruler for the planets she has concurred. And she tends to keep whatever hierarchy and traditions that are in place, but with her running the operation from the back. In the end, she’s more like a super scary planetary protector with a mean streak. As long as you don’t get in her way.

Cornealious isnt much of an adventurer, but Lil is. So while Lil follows in her mother and uncles footsteps, Cornealius ends up documenting all of her travels and all the universes knowledge and secrets as sort of a universal book keeper. He’s got a sort of a wise, all powerful kinda of vibe. Since he’d learned enough about magic and science in the universe to use it. But he doesnt do much beside trying to document it all.He and Iris tend to fight a lot for various reasons, but mostly because their exploits tend to put them in each others way more often than not.

And Lil unsurprisingly ends up following in her uncles footsteps. She’s not as strong or violent as her mother, but her calm nature and peaceful outlook ends up making her a pretty perfect successor for Wander’s crusade to help. And in the end, that ends up making her a sort of peacemaker for her super powered twin siblings many many large and over dramatic fights.

you all know the american high school au isayama’s got going, right?

the one at the end of every volume or whatever, with goth mikasa and jock reiner and whatnot?

so, hange’s a chemistry teacher in that au, therefore let me give you a list of things i swear they would totally do in that au for no particular reason whatsoever

  • doodle over students’ doodles when correcting homework/tests/etc
  • tell extremely bad but also extremely relevant puns
    • ex: “so we’re learning about moles today and i think you guys are really gonna dig it”
  • blow up a piece of glassware in a fume hood because they thought it would be fun to put pure lithium in water
  • set off the fire alarm at least once a year to the point where it becomes a running gag with the staff
  • go on strange tangents after lectures with armin or some other student while passing out homework
    • actually on that note they’d probably also use pop culture analogies that seem arbitrary at first but after a bit of explanation, make perfect sense
  • add a gag answer or two on their students’ finals
  • show the kids their favorite-and-still-somehow-very-relevant childhood movie on the last day of the semester
  • resell food that they have hidden in locked drawers during lunch because let’s be real here american schools suck with their budgets
  • have the entire periodic table memorized just to show off
    • (it’s not that hard to do)
    • they’d probably also have a challenge where they challenge their students to memorize and recite it too and whoever can do it wins mcdonald’s or something
  • explain the nuances of sex ed on a post-lecture tangent because they find out the biology classes are just that bad
  • be that one really cool and fun teacher that like half the students still don’t like because they’re apparently “obnoxious” or something

“Cartoons are 30 min. Commercials”

Oh gosh…

(9:04:10) Isn’t this sound a little Familiar, woy?

so on Masterchef they sometimes do this technique where they’ll sear/fry their protein and then pop it in the oven to finish cooking. And I never did this with standard proteins, I didn’t even think about it as a thing to do for normal meals, until I started watching Masterchef Junior and then later Masterchef.

Of course I’ve done this sort of thing for pot roast (searing brings out flavor before you roast it!), but that’s a little different – that roasts for like 3 hours at least. This was just popped in for 8 minutes after it came out of the pan.

Today I tried the technique, and it was amaaazing. Usually I cook porkchops too long on the stove bc I’m afraid of them being undercooked and they end up dry, but they cooked to perfection today and were juicy and tender. I’m very pleased.

I’ve leveled up on my cooking technique! :D

unaesthetic songs

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Rules: List 10 songs which you thoroughly enjoy, but defy your ideal/perceived musical aesthetic. These can be guilty pleasures or those which exist in genres you normally don’t associate with. Tag others if you so desire.

1. Rip N Dip (Tisoki & Ray Volpe Remix) - Getter

2. Mo Bounce - Iggy Azalea

3. Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco

4. Paul Revere - Beastie Boys

5. Don’t Dance - 3OH!3

6. Ass Drop - Wiz Khalifa

7. Chained To The Rhythm - Katy Perry

8. Helpless - Emarosa

9. Go Home - Bad Veins

10. Guys My Age - Hey Violet

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I just had to make a part two since y'all ask for it *wink wonk*

Part 1 
Incorrect credit goes to @dark-meadows
You’re incorrects are amazing i have no say in words it urges me to draw the second parthdndhd