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Meal - I’ve Raised Reapers for Three People

Chapter Meta

Touka’s Pregnancy and Food | @rearima

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Symbolism of V and Kaneki | @kanekikenyounot

Miscellaneous Meta

Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them | @linkspooky

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White Giri, Black Ninjo | @dreamofcentipedes


So, Madame Alexander made a collection of Marvel hero-inspired “fan” dolls exclusively for Toys R Us, and the first doll in the collection is available early at SDCC. This is the Black Panther Fan Girl!

She’s spectacular. I am madly in love.

The doll has deep, blue-toned skin (the first photo is most accurate on my screen; the others pull very light and red, for some reason!), and she has 11 points of articulation. I think she’s about 14" in height; she’s definitely above 1/6 scale.

I can’t get over how fantastic she is. The fabric and plastic are very high quality, and from what I can tell before de-boxing, so is her hair. It’s a detailed style with frontal twists piled into cat-ear buns. She’s pricy, though!!! MSRP is $80 USD.

I hope to get the Iron Man Fan Girl when they’re released later in the year!


Haven’t gotten to read the chapter myself yet but HAVE seen like millions of spoilers about

particularly people who were disappointed but

from what it sounds like, personally, its the perfect ending for a series like fairy tail. Like i would’ve loved for all my ships to have been confirmed, but fairy tail is much more than that. But I haven’t read the chapter yet so these are thoughts based purely on spoilers ;;

Also the 11 years is rounded up


This time, Brookstone.

This time.

So uhh, little summary for this: I kinda headcanon movie Kai to be like, the “dad friend”
He’d probably give great advice, but also make those good ol’ corny/dad jokes sometimes
(“I’m hungry” “Hi hungry I’m dad”)


I forget who’s okay and who isn’t okay outside of the list of people I always tag but, please like this post if you want me to tag you in character memes. Mutuals or not btw, if you want ‘em you got ‘em.

Don’t reblog this to agree, because this will be my personal record ahaha