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Two posts in one month????? And only three days apart????? Who is this????

I just wanted to see what she’d look like in a more modern style and now I’m like who the fuck is this


IT’S ALMOST DONE, only about 28 more seconds to go…..

So uh,,, is there a taboo in ferengi society about wearing earrings, what with the ears being something of an erogenous zone? I’m racking my brain trying to think of any canon source but the only one i can think of is Ishka, and she is way too cool for social norms so that doesn’t help

Motive for this question: wanna draw quark in fancy outfit w/ earrings but i want to go in armed with the knowledge of whether or not im drawing him with the ferengi equivalent of a nipple piercing

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Hey! Glad to see you again on my dash, how are you doing?

Really tired !! I’m just back from a road trip in Scotland, I’m at my friend’s house right now watching her play Majora’s Mask and drawing IFC :D We had a lot of fun but god am I tired from doing so much !! I’ll reblog some stuff now and I’ll start posting art again soon.

Good news though, I started writing again, so, that’s good !!

so i’ve been asked if i plan to come out as nonbinary at work when i start my new job

i realize that i what i have trouble with, what scares me, is the entire idea of what “coming out as nonbinary” means in the Real World

because you can’t come out as something that doesn’t exist to people, and there are so many spaces where nonbinary just doesn’t exist to people

and my work might be one of those spaces. i don’t know yet.

like, sometimes people know about nonbinary-ness and choose to erase and invalidate it, implicitly or explicitly, but oftentimes they erase it because they just don’t know about it. and that’s really nobody’s fault.

but if you’re in a space where nobody knows about or acknowledges an identity, you can’t just come out as it

you have to at least contextualize it for people, explain it, you have to be the one make it exist for them, to make that space

and then occupy that space

and that’s a lot.