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[OCTOBER . 21 . 2017]



Day 21 features a strange superstition that I just barely learned about….the belief that whistling at night will call snakes out >:O Which, if you hate snakes, is downright horrifying. Otherwise,I guess it isn’t that terrible. Unless they’re all like super poisonous murder snakes…then yeah maybe don’t whistle at night. >_>;

This superstition of course, comes from ancient times where thieves (or “snakes) would whistle to alert one another in the night as they did their misdeeds. So whistling at night would bring about the “snakes”. Man it’s fun learning about strange superstitions and urban legends around the world.

fuck that cheese looks so hot…

I never said (properly) the last name I have for David. I gave him the name David Jones, because of Davey Jones. Since I thought that would be a cool thing to do! I wanted the pirate joke there, and so it kinda stuck.

……….And then I placed Jones on Max………..

I swear that was not my intention.


got tagged by @ciferous so here’s my most recent selfie (I was going to use a pretty one where I look nice but that would have been a lie so here’s me sadly eating pizza on the night of homecoming like the loser I am), my most recent songs, and my wallpaper (art credit to peizzarolls)

I tag @uraravitea and @capri-sunqueen (if y’all okay with it, don’t have to do the first one if you’re not lol)

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