tags ho!

- They took him once… It won’t happen again.


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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in celebration of ultra sun and ultra moon coming out on the seventeenth, i made a tag yourself meme featuring all the mascot legendaries (yes i know that zygarde isnt a mascot and that technically these forms of kyurem and necrozma arent mascots but hush)

tag urself, im gay agenda and dead inside

è solo un momento
di crisi di passaggio
che io e il mondo
stiamo superando

Ray of sunshine…

Some lovely McReyes ❤
Eeeeeeee buon non-compleanno @Mikiri_tohoshima

Edit: Guys I woke up this morning and I was like…
“wtf? they look dead. What happend??” turn out that I colored it with my f.lux on yesterday night, so I fixed it now!