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Can you draw Thomas Jefferson being drunk and starts flirting with Laurens being mistaken for Madison with a very jealous Hamilton right next to him?


Okay, so random idea that crossed my mind

I don’t know if someone already came up with this idea, but today when I was working I just came up with something.
I was thinking about Big Fun and Halloween parities being some sort of joint-party (Somehow connected or at least two parties in one)

Martha Dunstock, after embarrassing herself in front of Ram, just runs off to the bathroom, shuts the door, and just lets it all out. She cries for at least 5 minutes before another figure in the bathtub coughs, and lets her know that someone else was in there. That person was just hidden due to the shower curtain there.
She’s embarrassed. And at this point ready to disappear at any moment. Before she can leave, the figure frantically apologizes for not saying anything while she was just dumping all her emotions out. She introduces herself, and he introduces himself as Michael, a junior who came in here just to wait everything out. (I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Michael are juniors)
While things were a little awkward at first, they eventually talk, and find out they they were in similar problems. Their best friend leaving them for popularity. Michael decides to leave out the Squip, and Martha rants about the Heathers. And they just going on talking about that, and other things about themselves until the party ends. Martha thinks that some of the stuff he likes was cool, and Michael likes that there was someone else who he could talk to about these kinds of stuff. They awkwardly thank the other for listening, and not being too weird, exchange phone numbers, and go their separate ways, hoping the other’s situation gets better.

It was just a random thought I came up with, and I like the idea.


Its a Mystical Easter!

This took like, somewhere around 6 hours and I stupidly did it all in one sitting ;;

You can watch the speedpaint on my YouTube!

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They’re Tired And They Need To Help Two Kids Out And They Probably Didn’t Drink Much Coffee

Asks are open again!

Heck blog reconstruction for now– Spring break is apparently going to be a lot more hectic than I originally anticipated, and I doubt I’ll be motivated to update the blog much. So, I’ll be devoting most of today, Friday, and the weekend to answering asks here! So go ahead and ask them anything, I’ll be here for as long as my hand allows me! <3