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a little notice for ask

Hey! I checked my ask box, and I think I need to tell something. ummm I don’t know how to say this properly but….

I'm happy to receive asks, I'm very excited to think about how to answer about those questions, but my asks are for my farmer Ethan, or Sebastian in my farm or me. I can't draw much of another people’s farmer/oc.

I’m pretty sure Ethan’s happy to meet other farmers, can get along them well mostly, but I don’t think he can hang out with them very often (because well, they live in the parallel world? hhh) or I can make long stories for my farmer with another farmers. I have limited time and energy and I want to focus on ethan & sebby in this tumblr, and in asks too.

So, long story short, I can’t answer some questions related to other farmers, or another people’s OC. Please don’t send me asks about them.

I’m always much appreciate how there’re so many kind people in tumblr, and much excited about there’re some people liking my art. So I rly feel bad about saying this… but I think I have to. I’m sorry.


what if,,,seijoh and shiratorizowa joined the tokyo training camp???? tendOU in thIRD GYM!! IWA AND DAICHI MORNING RUNS!!! O I K U R O O  O ,,, SHIRABU AND TSUKKI BEING SALTY ,, ,  gO SH I KI AND hi na  TA be ING BBS,,,fUCK MATSUHANA AND BOKUROO FUCK (rip kaash iwa and kozume),,, PRETTY SETTER SQUAD 2.0 ??? 


500+ Follower Watercolor Raffle!

Thank you all so much! Please read the rules and guidelines to enter :

- Must be following (( I will check! ))
- Reblog to enter (( More than one RB is okay too. ))
- No NSFW winner requests. These will be denied.
- No crazy colors, please! Simple ones, because I have limited paints!
- Nothing TOO complex, please… I’m a beginning painter (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)

1st Prize – 1 Winner :
- One large (or small) background
- 1-3 Colors chosen for background
- One character (of your choice)

2nd Prize – 2 Winners :
- 1-2 colors of your choice
- Black silhouette (nature, characters, animals, etc…)
OPTIONAL: Have the paint “come” from a brush//object. Examples on my blog with #watercolor tag.

3rd Prize – 2 Winners :
- Simple concept (such as a shape or simple animal)
- 1-2 colors of your choice
OPTIONAL: Have the paint “come” from a brush//object. Examples on my blog with #watercolor tag.

Winners will be chosen and posted on October 6th. Once chosen, either reblog the post and//or leave a comment so I can start painting! If I do not hear from you within three days of choosing, I will pick someone else! Again, thank you all SO much for supporting my art, and hopefully, there will be more of these raffles in the future (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

people abt that fidget spinner post: lol some people just dont know how to take a joke it seems!

zuke: boarded that deleted scene where peridot (autistic coded) was put in one of those baby chair things + being treated like a child despite the fact she absolutely doesn’t need to be treated like a child

me: hmmmmmmmm yes this is a joke