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With 50% of my sanity gone and 20 hours later, I present to you an animation featuring the both 100% equally awesome @brycemcquaid and Swag Dracula

Inspiration from this post by @incorrect-bbs-quotes post 

do not repost artwork


Ahhhh finally done with this (after a 3.14 year computer update, losing my drawing tablet, and losing my drawing pen I finally cranked out this f13 piece of gaming youtubers/streamers @brycemcquaid and Swag Dracula)

first time ever posting digital art with a background or heck even two ppl in a car this was no joke geez 

inspiration from @incorrect-bbs-quotes (original post here!)

do not repost artwork


Photo by. N

Another amazing and awesome collab with the super duper talented @tenables, this time as a redraw of their boy band pic from Twitchcon! We swapped the roles this time, with Tenables doing that adorable linework, while I finished up with the coloring. I feel bad for taking this long to post it here, but I haven’t been able to get onto Tumblr for awhile. ;v;

Seriously though, if you haven’t already, go give her a follow! She’s super talented and I adore her art so much, you guys are seriously missing out if you’re not following her. <3 <3


Here it is! The one and only Crazy Laughing Psychopathic Youtuber ™ H2O Delirious

Tried a slightly different way of coloring this piece than the way I normally color them, and it came out more cartoony than I intended…fitting… :P

do not repost artwork