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1 01.02.17 school is starting to pick up the pace, there’s so many tests coming and i’m quite worried, but here’s my biology notes for the first lecture topic! hope everyone is having a productive day (◡‿◡✿)


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I’m sure you’ve noticed how by the end of the show, but before the finale, Evan starts to dress like Connor? He starts wearing s grey hoodie and by the end it’s zipped up and his collar is outside of that, identical to Connors ghost (who in the scene in thinking specifically, is right next to him). I have a theory that this is because Evan is started to adapt to become connor. Everyone has some sort of outlet to project their emotions and feelings, right? Some draw or write depressing things when they feel depressed. Well, I think the Connor Project and emails were that for Evan, so when Evan starts showing everyone the Connor he created, it’s really just exactly like him, a lonely kid who tried to/did kill himself. I think then Evan takes it upon himself to dress more like Connor, not intentionally, but just because he’s made Connor so much like him that now he subconsciously dresses like Connor because of how alike he sees the two of them.