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Kathryn McCullough, Missing Person since September 25, 2016. May be with a man with dark, short hair in his forties driving a red sports car.

PSA: This girl that lived only a couple miles from me is missing! Please share this as many times as you can to help this family! All the contact info is in the text above. If you have any information at all, please contact the family or the local authorities!

The First Waltz - Young!Sirius Black x reader

I edited this little thing together (I DON’T OWN THESE) to give you a little idea of the waltz and I based it off this piece (once upon a December from Anastasia on piano and violin). I quite like this, maybe gonna do a little extension of this - what do you guys think?

“The Yule Ball, my friends. That’s how I will do it.” James exclaimed, throwing tickets down onto the table. "

“Do what?” you laughed reaching for one of the tickets after the others had scrambled for one.

“Make Lily fall in love with me,” he smirked as Lily just laughed from next to you 

“You wish Potter” she smirked. Everyone knew she already loved him but she liked to tease.

“Are you guys kidding? How are we supposed to pick one girl?” Sirius exclaimed with a little smirk. 

You rolled your eyes, smacking Sirius round the back of the head. “You’re so obnoxious, Sirius,” you muttered. Remus chuckled earning a swift kick to the shin from him.

 “You are just jealous.” Sirius said shrugging his shoulders, rubbing it a little where you had hit him.

 “I hate you.” you chuckled, shaking your head at him half-heartedly. 

You were certainly one of them, from the very beginning , Lily had pulled you into social activities and she had introduced you to her best friends, and since then you had remained together. 

“Who do you want to go with, (y/n)?” James inquires, looking over at you. 

Quite honestly, you didn’t have a clue. You spent all of your time with these idiots and Lily so you didn’t really know anyone outside of your little comfort bubble.
“I don’t really know. I don’t know many boys outside of you guys” you laughed a little awkwardly.

“We’ll all go platonically then” Lily smiled and James did a double take a little,

“fineeeee” he moaned

“And then Sirius won’t have to pick over the many girls I am sure will be fighting over a place on his arm” Remus laughed once again earning a swift kick but not caring.


Your nerves were not something you had anticipated. You were going with friends who had seen you at your worst and sill didn’t care so why were your worried - you had no one to impress.

“(y/n), I am going to head down okay? Unless you want me to stay?” Lily had been sat with you on the bedroom floor, the two of you all dolled up as she calmed you down a little after the other girls had left your dorm.

“No I am okay I will be down in a little bit, I promise” you smiled a thank you and she stood, smoothing her dress down and leaving her heels clicking on the stone steps. You could hear the boy’s wolf whistling at her and her shouting profanities at them laughing.

“Where’s (y/n), James’ voice drifted up

"She’ll be down in a little while. Finishing touches and fashionably late and all that.” You were thankful she didn’t really explain why you were a little late. “Come on, she’ll join us at the doors.” you heard their noise die down and you stood, moving to the mirror and looking yourself over. The red ball gown you wore poofed out quite a bit making you giggle like a little girl as you twirled a little. You looked so elegant, your hair pulled up to look a little shorter and your make up done perfectly as if done by a professional. Taking five deep breaths you left your own heels clicking over the cold stone now. Feigning confidence, you turned to go down the stairs, looking down at your feet with a small smile. You looked up as you reached the bottom to find most people’s eyes on you.

“my god…” Remus breathed looking you up and down with a smirk.

James actually tore his eyes away from Lily for a moment and smiled and Sirius just looked at you. No smile, no snarky comment. It was shock. He was dressed beautifully in a long gray jacket, waistcoat and lose tie but he still looked so refined. He looked wonderful. You all kind of stayed stuck there, you and Sirius not taking your eyes off each others.

“We should go in the first waltz will be starting in a moment, I want to see who starts it all off” Lily interrupted the others silence and dragged them in, sensing the tension between you and the debonair Black. Sirius looked away a little as they left and you closed the gap so you were standing before him.

“Can you dance?” he asked quickly, turning back to look down at you again, “I was taught when I was younger.”

“I know the basics” you replied, “Why do you ask?”

He reached for your hand pulling it softly into his and encouraged you to walk slowly beside him, hand in his into the hall. People cleared you way making a pathway through, everyone’s eyes fixed on you and Sirius as he led you forward not taking his eyes off you. A waltz began to play. The first waltz. He guided you to the center of the floor and placed his hand carefully on your waist, the other help your hand up as you rested your hand on his shoulder.  His eyes still never left yours and you became completely unaware of the hundreds of students and teachers watching you. He spun you in his arms, turning you elegantly and carefully. You never imagined Sirius to be so graceful as he turned you and spun you out, still paying all his attention to you. The two of you danced as if it had been rehearsed millions of times before. Just as the music was about to climax, Sirius mumbled so only you could hear,

“I picked my one girl”

The music flowed more powerfully, allowing you to rise and fall easily together, twirling, your legs entwining gracefully pulling you across the floor. You teased, getting so close you could feel his breath fan your cheeks, you could easily kiss him but you were too caught up in the dance, gliding as he turned you lifting you slightly. His strong arms held you perfectly as you stepped away slightly but he pulled you back in as the music drew to a close.

You stayed looking at each other for a few moments, silence filled the room. Slow claps came from Dumbledore and the entire hall erupted but still you stayed just as close, eyes locked. Sirius leaned a tiny bit forward as if to kiss you but pulled away a cheeky smile forming on his face holding your hand out and bowing, making you curtsey. As you rose your eyes found your friends all of them with smug but surprised smiles on their faces, all of them cheering loudest. You were about to walk from the floor when another dance started, Sirius began to lead and you were rather relieved that the teachers and other students had joined in because the realisation that you had just been swept off your feet in front of the entire school and guests by Sirius Black had set in and your legs were shaking a little. You had looked at Sirius every day of every week but never had the two of you looked at each other like you had now.

“You dance well” they were his firsts words since outside the hall.

“I had a good lead” you tried to be normal but even you could tell he heard a slight falter in your voice.

“Come, let’s get you a drink,” he effortlessly danced his way through the crowd and lead you off the floor, no one even noticing the two of you had slipped off. Even away from the crowd you felt enclosed suddenly, hot and not really breathing right,

“(y/n)? What’s wrong?” Sirius handed you a drink and reached for your arm to support you,

“I just need a little air” you murmured and walked away from him and straight out the door onto the balcony, your silhouette hidden by the curtain. Nothing hurt, in fact, everything seemed to be buzzing; your head, your hands, your waist where he had held you and your heart - all buzzing at once. Not once could you get the imprinted image of his beautiful passionate eyes out of your head, the eyes you had looked at so many times before seemed different but the same and his hands; you had touched hands so many times passing each other things but never had a subtle spark as exciting as that ever crossed between you.

The sound of music suddenly became muffled and you turned to find the very eyes that enchanted you once again. Sirius had closed the balcony doors behind him, giving the two of you privacy for the first time in a very long time, even as friends the marauders were normally not far away. There was a tension between you that was different than before.

“I have a feeling we both have similar feelings right now” he speculated,

“What do you mean?” surely he didn’t feel this too.

“The buzzing feeling everywhere we touched. The way I so desperately wanted to lean down and close that tiny gap that seemed too big, how I wanted to never let that dance end” Sirius suddenly wasn’t as calm as he had appeared while dancing he was gradually getting quieter and the pleading in his eyes for reassurance on these things grew with every word.

“Yes.” That was the only word you could manage. Sirius stepped forward as if he was about to begin the waltz all over again, his hands finding your hips but this time, he closed that gap. His lips found yours as he pulled you against him firmly as if every part of his body had to be touching yours just to breathe. Your hands rested on his face feeling the very slight stubble never wanting to pull away. Sirius’ lips were gentle and moved so softly but the need to breath became overwhelming, and you both seemed to move away.

“I will never need to choose between girls again” he breathed, “Honestly though I never wanted to pick anyone but you”

“I love you, Sirius Black.” He looked down to you, retracting to his full height a little and took both of your small hands in his larger ones and turned them, slipping his fingers between yours.

“And I indeed, (y/n) (l/n), love you too”

Lucid Dreaming Part 1 - Joker x Reader

So I’m back! sorry for the unannounced hiatus but summer school was a thing and spending time with friends has been fun. Anyway, I have now seen suicide squad 3 times in the cinemas because I simply cannot get enough of it - very upset about the lack of Joker though. Requests are now open for imagines, preferences and ships and part 2 will be out soon! :)

PART 2    PART 6




The Joker never laid a bad hand on you. Despite his terrible actions towards others when his hands touched you he was tame and careful, after all, he always called you his doll. You were currently sat on his lap in his club and his eyes were fully on you - it was date night you see. His eyes never left yours as his hand caressed your cheek as he made you giggle and laugh. His reputation seemed to go out the window when he was alone with you, you were both as crazy as each other both having suffered in Arkham. He rescued you from that place a few months after he escaped himself. At first, you were a little annoyed that he left you alone for so long but soon discovered that had started to rebuild his empire and had created a ‘safe’ place for you.

Date night would have been a little cuter if you didn’t also have strippers wandering and two henchmen standing outside your booth but what could you do? J didn’t do romance and let’s face it, he had a habit of wanting to show you off and show that you were his. You could see that he was leaning in to kiss you when you were interrupted by one of your guards,

“This better be important” J turned slightly but didn’t look at him, his hand was on the gun in his holster,

“They’re here.” That was all he said before J started to move forcing you to stand and pushing you towards the goon.

“Baby what’s happening?” you pleaded for him to tell you but he looked right past you and to him,

“You get her out of here and away from this - They aren’t to find her.” he glanced at you before two henchmen began to escort you away roughly,

“No, J what’s going on?”

“Bye doll.”


After being pushed into the back of a car and having all your questions ignored you were at home in the Jokers penthouse but alone. Your new 'bodyguards’  was downstairs in the lobby This isn’t how you planned the end of date night. You found yourself sat on the edge of the bed still in the mini dress J chose scared, this had never happened before. Who were 'they’ and why did J want you out of there so badly he normally would keep you by his side - you could look out for yourself. A noise from the living room gave you hope J had returned and so you rushed out but you couldn’t see anyone. You didn’t see them even when they forced a cloth over your mouth, you simply felt them as they caught you and lifted you.

——- ————

When you woke up you took in a breath and coughed at how cold it was, taking in your surroundings. You were laying in the middle of a room, some abandoned warehouse you think (original) only the door had been replaced with bars - like in Arkham. You were still in your dress but you had lost your shoes somehow and you were freezing but other than that there wasn’t a scratch on you.  You moved to your knees and so you could still see what was going on beyond the bars even if the light was dingy, a man was walking towards you from down the corridor. His face came into the light - Andrew, the crime boss brother of the ex you killed. The joker had dealings with him a few times but he knew what had happened in the past so kept you out of it.

“And the queen kneels” Andrew opened the bars and waltzed in a knife in one hand a rope in the other

“Fuck you” you spat but soon regretted it. Andrew took a chair from the side and threw it to the middle before grabbing you by the throat and holding you up. You stayed perfectly still in his grip laughing even though fear ran through your veins.

“A lady shouldn’t speak like that, your majesty.” He dropped you into the chair and moved to bind your hands behind you.

“Where’s your posse then Andrew?”

“Oh this is personal, doll.” You knew he would come for you sooner or later but you were hoping it would be later.

Crouching down, he pressed the knife against your forehead. You were shaking a little as he drifted the knife over your skin and down to your shoulder where he increased the pressure and made his first cut down your chest and back up again to the other side in a 'v’. His second cut was side to side down your thigh, that’s when you realised his pattern was following what you did to his brother.

“Sometimes memories are the worst type of torture” you stayed silent as he spoke, “I should know after seeing what you did to my brother.”

“Your brother was an abusive rapist.”

“Oh and the joker is so much better.”

“To me he is!” you almost shouted. Andrew smacked you across the face before standing and shaking his head slightly. He placed the knife against your cheek and made a slice from your eye to your chin, like the trail of a tear making you sob and your hands and toes clench to try and prevent from screaming.

“Like I said memories are the worst kind of torture.” He pulled a vial from his pocket and forces your head backwards by your chin, holding your mouth open and forcing the liquid down your throat. You cringed as you swallowed and you stared into Andrews’ eyes,

“He will find me”

“We will see if you want him to after this.”

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POTUS Barrack Obama welcomed to Nairobi, Kenya by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, 24th July 2015.

Obama was also greeted with a hug by his half sister, Dr Auma Obama who he later had dinner with together with the rest of his Kenyan family.

Obama makes history by being the first sitting President of the united States of America to visit Kenya.


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