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  • half of the karmagisa fics I've seen so far: nagisa begrudgingly cross-dresses, humor ensues, forced romance at the end
  • NONE of the karmagisa fics I've seen YET: nagisa begrudgingly cross-dresses, for once someone actually notices that it bothers him especially now that they've met his mother, SOMEONE COMFORTS HIM MAYBE AND TELLS HIM HE'S HANDSOME??????????

Some more Mafia AU doodles. Guess which ones are the newest lmao. It’s pretty obvious. There’s like almost 6 maybe more months difference between some of these drawings.

Extracts from Chapter Three and Four

From top to bottom vague overviews:

  • Karma dances with his ‘girlfriend’ at a Charity event for all the city’s gang leaders to attend and flaunt some money about. (Also yes, AU Nagi does have a tongue piercing.)
  • Karma isn’t the only one that wants a piece of Nagisa. Rio the bisexual confirms Nagisa’s chest is a little too flat.
  • Gakushu gets a nosebleed after accidentally thinking dirty thoughts about Nagisa. Guess who also wanted in Nagisa’s pants/skirt lmao.
  • Gakushu texting Nagisa.
  • Unfinished drawing showing off Gakushu’s tatts.