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Lass uns Abende am See verbringen. Zusammen Drogen nehmen in der Hoffnung, dass sie stärker sind als alles andere. Lass uns rummachen und einfach alles vergessen.


I’m a teeny tiny blog and, after about 2 years, I’ve finally reached 250 followers (I told you, teeny tiny) !!

So I thought I’d give a thanks and a shoutout to all my mutuals * @allonsy221bee @amanda-abbington @angatita @antisocial-otaku @astudynsherlock @boredarmydoctor @bored-and-drawing @browncoatgrl221b @darthkawaii42 @everything-is-gay-and-beautiful @fynn-cf @honeybee-holmes @iwlyanmw @johnhamish @johnlockishell @johnlockstars @keepsherlockright @kimbiablue @knowmymethods @lordvoldemort767 @mortallycrispyballoon @multifandomlovervaycethreyva1st @quequed @rockofageess @shag-me-senseless-watson @shawleyleres @sherlock-hell @shrlokholmes @slytherinlock @starlightconstellation @teddina118 @the-loving-detective @tjlcandtea @tjlc-mom @violinpirate @wildegems @1975-1895 *

I hate messaging people first, so consider this your go ahead to message me about anything, anytime especially if you’d like to have a super awkward conversation !!

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I reached 400 followers! (how is that even possible?!) Thank you to those who have just followed me and an even bigger thank you to those who have stuck around for a while. As always, I make a post where I (try to) tag my recent 100 follwers so you guys can check each others blogs out. My other follwer posts can be seen here -> 100 followers -> 200 followers -> 300 followers.


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Holy heck, it feels like only last week that I was at 100 followers

Thank you to everyone who’s followed this blog! Y’all will be mentioned in this post under a read more so I don’t swamp everyone’s dash w/ the 250 names. Hopefully it doesn’t crash. And also hopefully mobile people don’t crash…

Um… Oh! If you have any questions you want to ask me, don’t be afraid to do so! I dunno what sort of guidelines to use, so ask whatever you want to, if you want to \o/

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URL: djgunpony
Name: Landon
Nickname: IRL? I don’t really have one anymore but Grover use to be one I liked
Birthday: 04/04/1997
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 5’-9”
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
What Time and Date It Is: 2:40 pm November 1st
Avg. Hours Of Sleep: 5-9 hours
OTPs: Rn May fav OTP is Adrian x Carter, of the AlwaysRainingHere Web Comic
Last Thing I Googled: Ferdinand Berthier info for a project
First Word That Comes To Mind: I (don’t know)
Last Thing I Said To My Parents: Thanks.
One Place That Makes Me Happy and Why: Me alone in my room. I can just relax and forget everything stressful.
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: 1 or none
Last Movie I Watched: The Amazing Spiderman 2
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Honestly my laptop, my phone, and internet
Something I Plan On Learning: Architecture designing, Game Designing/ 3D computer design<-maya n’ sheiz too, maybe copmuter sciences like coding languages and building a pc
A Piece Of Advice For My Followers: Oh man, Do what you want. Lead what you want.  Follow what you want. Try to stay on task and have a good work ethic because that will get you places. Learn from mistakes not sulk over them even though it is hard not to. DON’T let anyone tell you, you can’t do something because if you try, you can suceed

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People have follwers they don’t know anything about. Here is me:

My name is JULIE and i’m from ENGLAND. I’m 5"4'and aged 21 (22 on 7TH FEBRUARY) My favourite colour is BLACK. My first thought in the morning is TEA although my last thought is usually TOM HIDDLESTON. My favourite beverage is TEA and my favourite food is PIZZA. My favourite actor is TOM HIDDLESTON, and my favourite actress is SCARLETT JOHANSSON. My dream job is difficult to say but ACTRESS (I know i didn’t wanna put it but hell i went to college to do drama). My dream holiday is NEW YORK. My favourite sport is DODGEBALL (only one i was good at) Who do I want to marry? I would say in a fantasy life TOM HIDDLESTON (I mean that guy is so amazing) but I think MY BOYFRIEND gets that question. Favourite movie is anything MARVEL atm. 

I tag hiddlestoningwithwholock lord-deputy-fluffle-butts hail-2-the-thief lilianahiddleston anonimusunnoan sidraloveshiddles thepinkandpurplepanda liveforhiddleston tom-fricken-hiddleston and dorito82