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H: […] Please help me, Onee-chan.

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The Edge of Seventeen Tag

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I love backstories and I kept thinking what Brynn was like as a teen. Brynn was always a romantic at heart and that all started in high school. In her small town, Brynn was never one to shy away from standing out. Whether it was her big bell sleeves or her shiny lipgloss or her love for the boys and girls. Prom was all she ever dreamed of and she ended the night as a princess and even got to kiss a frog. Here she is in her normal off dress code everyday look and on prom night.

I tag @our-dazed-sims, @lilsimsie, @dank-owski, @loniden, @pxelmoon, @pxelsong, @berrysweetboutique, @calisimgirl, @classy-cal, @becolibe, @blursims, @literallywhothe & @lucasmunch bc im extra and it’s my tag

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pls use the tag ‘the edge of sims’ so I can see all ur cute lil teen sims and tag me too!

I just sent a gentle reminder message to a colleague who misgendered me in an email

to remind her that I’ve transitioned to using they/them pronouns.

So I might be sitting here in a cold sweat because me? Asserting what I want/need/deserve from someone?

Seems unrealistic.

But I did the thing.

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That is all.


no one tagged me, so i’m doing it anyway. basically, i’m begging for your attention. here are 10 movies that define my “aesthetic”…

  • permanent vacation (1990, dir. jim jarmusch)
  • frances ha (2012, dir. noah baumbach)
  • dazed and confused (1993, dir. richard linklater)
  • inside llewyn davis (2013, dir. joel & ethan coen)
  • smiley face (2007, dir. gregg araki)
  • my own private idaho (1991, dir. gus van sant)
  • paris, texas (1984, dir. wim wenders)
  • mulholland drive (2001, dir. david lynch)
  • george washington (2000, dir. david gordon green)
  • mommy (2014, dir. xavier dolan) 

i encourage everyone to participate. tag me if you do!!

Daddy Daze - My Bucky (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Reader, Maggie

Requested by: @ballerinafairyprincess

Can I request a Daddy Daze where Steve’s daughter makes a new best friend and he has a prosthetic limb and she calls him her Bucky?

A/N: Requests are open!

Daddy Daze MasterList

You and Steve were watching a baseball game and enjoying the quiet of the house together before Maggie got home from school.  Well Steve was watching the game, you were lounged with your back against the arm of the couch, your feet on top of Steve’s lap while you read.  The slam of the front door and little scream of, “BYE JAMES! BYE UNCLE BUCKY!” had you both smiling at each other.  Your perfect little girl was home.

Maggie came bounding into the room, stopping short when she saw that both you and Steve were home.  Normally your little girl would shriek and jump in Steve’s lap, thrilled that her daddy was home to play with her.  It was so rare that Steve was home in the afternoon.  Instead of her usual routine, she carefully took off her backpack and pulled out a note from the front pocket.

Steve could see the tears welling up in his little girl’s eyes.  You pull your legs from Steve’s lap and beckon Maggie to you.  Running into your arms, she hands you the note finally letting the tears fall from her eyes.  Steve looks at you with a concerned but confused face, placing his beer on the coffee table, he places his large hand on your daughters tiny back rubbing it gently.

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Princess Pink - Daddy Daze (Steve)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Daddy!Steve x Reader

A/n:  This story was inspired by my own dad who use to paint my nails when I was little cause my mom was allergic to the smell.  Finally back sorry it took me so long.

Daddy Daze Masterlist | Tagging and requests are open

Steve loved your 5 year old Maggie.  Adored her.  She was his best girl and the only girl he could ever love more than you.  Steve had been gone more than normal recently and was really missing his girl.  He missed you too, but Maggie was his everything.

When Steve stepped into the house late in the evening, the sight of you sitting on the couch nursing a cup of tea with Maggie lay fast asleep beside you, made his heart swell.   He dropped his shield and bag, flinching when it hit the floor loudly.

Giving him a smile you don’t even move to get up for a kiss.  He only had eyes for his little girl.   You knew you would get your attention but he needed his princess and she needed him.

“Can I wake her up?”  Steve whispered to you before crouching in front of Maggie.  Nodding at him to wake her up, you got up and headed to your room, running your hand along Steve’s back as you passed.

“Just make sure she isn’t up too late.”

Steve gently rubbed Maggie’s arm, causing her eyes to flutter open softly and a big yawn to escape her. “Da-Daddy?”  

“Hey doll.  I’m sorry I woke ya,  just missed ya while I was gone.”  She gave him a heart melting smile before wrapping her arms around his neck.

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a modern!au idea set in 2003, with lots of drama, snarky lines & a healthy taste of a cheesy christmas movie.

‘‘ all you need is love…or a good lawyer. ’’ AKA ‘ the fanfic i’ll never write ’ 

         a few months after the blockbuster “love actually” is released, TORMUND GIANTSBANE - an unemployed war veteran  - loses his wife Sheilla and his eldest daughter Ursulla in a tragic car accident. meanwhile, the heirs of the LANNISTER enterprises CERSEI and JAIME struggle to maintain their power over their father’s business: an empire of banks around europe.
         when sergeant EDDARD STARK & his wife CATELYN decide to leave for a second honeymoon in the states, JON SNOW - a law student who has recently married with YGRITTE GIANTSBANE ( TORMUND’s distant relative ) - leaves his younger half sister SANSA STARK under the care of the family  friend BRIENNE TARTH . BRIENNE is a headstrond officer who takes no shit from no one, albeit a bit harsh sometimes, she’s got a good heart and values justice above anything else. she is the daughter of SELWYN TARTH, the owner of the small jewelry store SAPPHIRE ISLAND, and is nominated as RENLY BARATHEON’s heir.
         RENLY is a playboy with a brilliant and creative mind that is not much accepted in his family business - BARATHEON BROTHERS, a successful winery owned by him and his older brothers ROBERT and STANNIS - even after he found out he had a terminal disease. although she was flattered by her friend’s offer, BRIENNE doesn’t want any of that - money, fame and fortune, she’d trade it all if it meant to have her bestfriend beside her for a few more years.
         BRIENNE’s world turns upside down when she receives the news that her father’s business  owes a ridiculously big amount of money to the LANNISTERS BANKS. to add up to her despair, she has a hard time catching a ginger guy who has been stealing markets for weeks now - which gave her colleagues yet another reason to laugh of her.
        knowing that the aquisition of the SAPPHIRE ISLAND would be an important mark to their rise for power, CERSEI sends her twin JAIME after BRIENNE, planning on seducing her and making her forget about the financial problems her father had, therefore making the mortgage process easier. desperate, TORMUND starts stealing money in order to pay for Munda’s stay in the hospital - his little girl might not have died in the accident, but she’d never walk again - he isn’t proud of what he’s doing, but his baby girl is the most important thing in the world. surprisingly enough, it takes a quite some time to the police to get him, but when they do - he can’t complain.
        once his eyes met with the beautiful amazon that got him in his cuffs, he couldn’t look back - there was a fire inside her, a sense of duty that was stronger than life. the cold blue sapphires she had as eyes told no secrets, but her pale, freckled, face was enough to tell him that she felt the connection as well.
       his life seemed a mess, but there was still hope - a hope that came in the form of the eccentric, talented, lawyer and JON’s professor, TYRION LANNISTER, the renegade son that refused to follow his father’s path.


“ all you need is love… or a good lawyer ” is  a small summary of a real life: people falling in and out of love, some with the right people, some with the wrong. drama and comedy at the same time & in the middle of all this mess there’s our funny couple with a curious start - no sparks flying or anything like you’ve seen before.

Coney Island - Daddy Daze (Bucky)

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By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: daddy!Bucky x Reader

A/n:  New Daddy Daze posted every Monday!  I am also taking requests!

Requested by: @prettiestsupersoldier -Thank you so much again lovely!


You watched as James hopped from foot to foot in excitement as he brushed his teeth.   Bucky had promised when he turned 7 he would be able to go to Coney Island and ride all the rides.   Bucky had asked you to come but when James heard he pouted.  He just wanted a man’s day no mommies allowed.

So you agreed to stay home and let the boys have their fun.  As Bucky checked his pocket for his phone and wallet, you told James to behave and stay with his dad at all times.  “He’ll be fine doll, I got this under control.  Ya don’t need to worry.”

You followed your boys as they headed out the door, “Don’t let him eat too much junk food!  Make sure the seatbelt on every ride is secure!  And make sure that you take breaks, and drink water.”

Bucky unlocked the car for James allowing him to jump in and get buckled, “Doll I swear I will bring our son back in one piece. Don’t worry I got this!  I love you.  Now go relax.”

After pecking your pouting lips, he ran to the car, jumping in and pulling away.  You make a face when you realize neither of them even waved or looked back.

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Their eyes met. […] Wright’s face fell, in that moment, from curiosity to shock, and from shock to something lesser, hazier. Miles could map out every constellation on the bridge of Wright’s nose, could drown in those eyes that were locked on his. All words seemed to be lost between them, and the little room that had between their faces threatened to shrink.

I was finally able to illustrate a scene from @famousinthatanonymousway ’s The Wedding Planner!!