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I can't get over how much I love your Book of Mormon art! Your style is so detailed, I can see exactly how the characters feel in their faces. I love how young they look, too! I can believe they're nineteen. Very handsome and put together nineteen-year-olds, but still! And Elder Price/McKinley fill out those vests so well.

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AAA TYSM?? This is so sweet to wake up to read omg QuQ Haha, I really have been stuck on this musical, and I’m so glad that the fandom for it isn’t completely dead  ❤ ❤ ❤



*wakes up in the morning and checks insta notifications*

me: lol who tf grabbed the zach boychuk insta handle before he did?? 😂

*checks account*


also me: *dies*

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How do you feel about Felicity Smoak and the wheelchair, being able to walk again?

This whole arc was a joke.

What was the point of having her paralysed for 3-4 episodes, only for her to be miraculously cured with little to no character development? If you take away this arc, you pretty much have the same Felicity Smoak. We hardly saw her struggle, learn and grow from her situation, I mean she was told that she was never going to be able to walk again. In less than an episode, she seemed to ‘get over’ the fact that she’d lost the use of her legs supposedly for good. The whole thing was to feed Oliver’s manpain and create complications for their relationship, hardly for her own character development and I’m disappointed at that.

If there’s no real development from this yet, then why the hell give her the ability to walk again? Why not try and actually work with it more? You’re basically giving a miracle cure to a permanent disability so that this woman can walk down the aisle. Why couldn’t we have Felicity wheel herself down the aisle, or have her mother push her? There is nothing wrong with that. Walking down is not the ‘better’ or ‘perfect’ way, the wheelchair shouldn’t make it any less emotional and beautiful. It could’ve actually shown us how ‘strong’ Felicity is instead of having every character in the damn Arrowverse tell us every episodejust call it the fucking Smoakverse already and be honest with yourself lmfao no character can live for more than 2 minutes without praising her it’s ridiculous.Why can’t you make a better effort of being more realistic and relatable towards the viewers that are disabled or have disorders; the viewers that have been told that they have to live with these things for all/the rest of their lives? (On that note, check out Daredevil and Jessica Jones if you’re looking for better writing of characters with disabilities and disorders. Both shows are fantastic)

They’ve handled this arc so poorly, and let’s remember that they were going to slap ‘Oracle’ on this. Ridiculous. Such an insult.


*whispers* You can’t tell me they weren’t flirting with each other on that character introduction page in Volume 2

If you like any of these bands,




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New Years Day

Tonight Alive


Icon For Hire


Arch Enemy

In This Moment

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So when do I get grossly indulgent tropey fic of the dashing Terrifying Renegade swooping in and carrying Blue Diamond’s Pearl off to freedom and romance in her strong swordfighting noodlearms?

Will I have to write it all myself?

Please send help.

Mogeko March Day 7 - Favourite Main Character

you deserved better

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“Will you please just go say something to him?” Sam finally snaps.

Steve doesn’t even bother trying to pretend he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In fact, he’s rather surprised it took his friend this long to mention it, considering he’s been eyeing the guy for about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Not that he’s counting.

(He’s counting).

The thing is that as much as he hates to admit it, even to himself, he is kinda lonely.  And it’s not like he doesn’t enjoy the time out with his friends, really. Contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t have a stick up his ass 100% of the time; he does know how to have fun. He just doesn’t fully get why people in the 21stCentury apparently hate talking to each other so much that they’d force this torture upon themselves. Oppressive heat and generally bad music, cheap booze and annoying lighting and way too crowded, sweaty dancefloors. Not his favorite thing about the modern world, definitely.

But the gorgeous man with the full-sleeve tattoo at the bar? Well… that could potentially be one of his new favorite things about the modern world.

Steve was never good at this, but the guy’s been alone the whole time he’s been here, only talking to the waitress and playing with his phone, and well, he guesses there’s probably not many people who wouldn’t want to at least have a nice conversation with Captain America, so at least there’s that.

He nods at Sam, says “You know what? You’re right,” and finishes his beer in one gulp before standing up and walking over to the guy.

Up close he’s even more stunning. Gunmetal-blue eyes, dark, silky hair framing his face beautifully, and a jawline so sharp it could cut steel. The shirt he’s wearing is obscenely transparent, and his black skinny jeans look practically painted on the most spectacular thighs he’s ever seen.

“Hi,” he greets him. Thighs-of-mass-destruction looks at him—down and up again and absolutely not being subtle about it—, and he seems a bit surprised but mostly amused to see him there. “I… uhm, I’m Steve.”

Thighs-of-mass-destruction chuckles, and fuck him, the sound is so damn beautiful.

“Dude, I know, I watch the news,” he laughs some more, adds, “I’m Bucky. And I’m sure you can do better than that,” he finishes with a wink and a smirk.

Ok…? That was definitely flirting, right? Okay, so maybe this is easier than he thought. Good. Good, he can do this.

“Do I know you?” Cause you look like my next… what? My next fuck? Boyfriend? Jesus Christ, Steve.

The guy, Bucky, laughs again.

“Not yet,” he licks his lips, and Steve feels his throat tightening, “but I’m hoping you might want to.”

Yes. Yes, Steve wants to.

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After the Storm

Life is Strange; Pricefield; 1605 words
contains major spoilers for Polarized

“Where to?”

A startled breath escaped Max before she could stop herself. She glanced around in reaffirmation that it was Chloe who’d spoken. They were alone in her truck, and a quick glance at the clock told her that several hours had passed since either of them had spoken.

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