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-I was tagged by @becauseoftswift  and @overs-tay-ing … Thank you for wanting to know me better gurrrls :)

Favorite color: Green!

Favorite color to paint the walls: baby blue.

Favorite color of lipstick: Anything dark lol

Favorite animal: DOGS!

Time right now: 10:49 AM

Cat or dog person: DOG!

Favorite Fictional Character:  Eru from Death Note and Nana from de anime Nana (don’t judge me lol)

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2

Favorite singer/band: @taylorswift and Nine inch nails.

Dream trip: To the ts6 tour :c

Dream job: I love my job, I’m a florist!

When was this blog created: Mhmmm like a year ago.

When did your blog reach its peak:Not yet lol I have 1,050 followers.

What made you decide to make a Tumblr: TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT.

Why did you pick your URL: Cause it’s one of my top 5 fave songs From Tay, and it’s a connection we have since she made the song for us, plus have you read my url? “longlivethatlookontaysface” Like… LOOK-AT-HER-FACE only makes sense…

I’m tagging 13 persons because bae’s @becauseoftswift  and @overs-tay-ing are little rebels and changed it to 13 tags:  @ninetay89  @alltaywell @hella-good-hair-13 @talk-turned-2-screams @tswiftyaussie @hashbrownswift @cheeseswift89 @idkmybfftaylor @taylorswift @queenofcatstaylor @starstoshame13 @taymerica89 @izzlesw

The Trouble with YouTube Fandoms

You learn to care too much real fast.