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Edge of seventeen tag by @alwaysimming

i was tagged by @soft-almond and @mummasim and i’m so sorry this took so long to do i took this wayy too far.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i have like 3 more posts about this so Look Out


I was tagged by @crissy-blog-sucks, @hobikookie, @innohurry (maybe someone else too!) for a selfie bias tag and I’ll tag literally everyone who was in the first tag ! lov you have a great day

Also I tried jungkook, but we don’t have the same angles you ass

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Yeah idk how long ago I was tagged in these but Im doing it anyway kinda
Anyway I was tagged by ashlonirweed, raciekay, blowmikey, ashtonirwinyo, and calumxhemmings for the 6 selfie/20 beautiful people thing but thats a lot of work so Im just going to just tag punkrockinsomniac loldonttouchmeplease ohlookitsashton hemmoriginal