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aloha y’all, absolute sweetheart @dimplesbts tagged me for yet another tag game and this time I won’t procrastinate I’ll procrastigogo so here we go:

Rules: Answer the following questions. then tag other people you’d like to get to know better.

How tall are you?

What color are your eyes?

Do you wear contacts and / or glasses?
glasses yes!

Do you wear braces?
not anymore but used to until 9th grade

What is your fashion style?
everything I’m feeling? I’m not settled or permanent in a style; people who know me will say “this is so you” (especially my flatmate has some mad intuition going on) but idk man. my favorite color has switched from a dark yellow to dark green recently….

When were you born?

How old are you?

Do you have any siblings?
ya two younger ones, a boy and a girl

What school / college do you go to?
none at all I’m working! but considering going back to studying yea

What kind of student are you?
when I’m interested I’ll even raise my hand and voice if I’m not interested I won’t even get it in my head gOD it’s hard sometimes

What are your favorite subjects?
i always loved it when it was abt imagination and group work with people you get along with and can focus on a subject with; I liked languages, art, music, gym and history the most

What are your favorite movies?
god you really don’t want me to shut up here but an all-time-fav would be Stoker and the Lotr Series and another one I just discovered some time ago was Collateral Beauty

What are you favorite pastimes?
scrolling through astrology blogs, watching documentary and conspiracy theory shit, scribbling and drawing away whilst music is playing and just snuggling up….. yea

Do you have any regrets?
not joining the swim team back then? but not for the sake of going Olympic or so but I wonder what kind of impact I’d have had on my body and mind? but I’m also afraid I would’ve gone a slightly different part and I like my life as it is so I wouldn’t want it any other way

What is your dream job?
I’d like to continue working in the social field; maybe connecting it with something creative or writing later on or going deeper into children’s psychology or supervising teams and companies? Yea smth like that

Would you like to get married?
mhh not really but that is probably the result of being a divorce child? we’ll see!

Do you want kids? How many?
two? three? Don’t know but I guess I’ll be a mother yea

How many countries have you visited?
Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Santorini/Greece, Djerba/Africa

What was your scariest dream?
dude there was this one where I would walk into a dark room from a corridor, walls all red stone outside and when the door behind me fell close I waited in the dark before a flashlight shone onto the face of a woman from down below and she just screamed at me, full force, loud and angry and I was so shocked but couldn’t even hold my hands over my ears and then I was at the starting position again; standing in front of the door my sub-conscious could tell there was probably that woman behind that door yet dream-me confidently walked in and not so confidently flinched when the woman appeared out of the dark and screamed again?? That happened overall three times before I woke up in cold sweat and idk, the scary part wasn’t her bc it was an average looking, even pretty woman but that she yelled full force directly into my face was VERY unpleasant hAH

That was just one of many though bc I tend to have VERY confusing and rather disturbing dreams on a nightly basis hah

Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend / significant other?
a kind, interesting man and I decided to call one another our significant other so yes a boyfriend happened recently

Put your playlist on shuffle and without skipping list the first 15 songs.
1. Libertine - Sevdaliza 
2. Foundations - Kate Nash 
3. Horror Show - The Birthday Massacre 
4. Please please please let me get what I want - The Smith’s 
5. Gold Finger - Primary ft. Suran 
6. Help I’m alive - Metric 
7. I don’t know (R. Tee Remix) - FIESTAR
8. Can you feel the love tonight - Lion King OST
9. Magnificent Desolation - WoW OST
10. Phoner to Arizona - GoRiLLaZ
11. I’m a lady - Santigold 
12. Spaceman - The Killers 
13. Pow Pow - LCD Soundsystem 
14. FIRE - BTS
15. Shake Baby Shake - Gemma Ray

..well doesn’t that tell you lots about my troubled and twisted persona hAH anyways I’m tee-ta-tagging the following sweecakes: @grumpytth @ksjknj @rapdaegu @flap-monster @minyoongihoseok @daegucrew @kittaee @mytaeddy @nevermindbyjin and whoever wants to do it! Honestly just do it 💪🤓

Aftermath - Chapter 1 - HalloweenBae - Law and Order: SVU [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Mike Dodds/Reader, Mike Dodds/You, Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr./Reader, Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr./You
Characters: Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr., Mike Dodds
Additional Tags: Crying, Mourning, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Sonny Carisi and his feelings, Because they never get talked about, Surprise Kissing, body issues, Italian Food

Chapter 2: You and Sonny lean on each other for a little more than support.

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i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now

Person: why are you so bitter?
Me, a mess of trauma and childhood abuse: haha I dunno man

short & sweet ♡

Small tips that make a (healthier) difference

Hey you! I dare you to try your best to follow this checklist tomorrow! But hey! Not so fast. Why not try it again the next day (and every day after that)? Sometimes it’s the smaller changes that can in fact help improve our health and wellbeing, especially when we think we’re short of time. School stressing you out? Everything is going to be ok. Try a few little things here. Tick everything off that you completed! Tell me how it goes for you!

This was a spontaneous post and I’ve found that I’ve been making errors in my posts recently! Plz correct me bc I am an egg. Hope u like it anyway.


  • Wake up as soon as you do naturally or when your alarm goes off. Make your bed! Open the blinds!
  • Get out of bed and s t r e t c h – all the way from the very tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. (Trust me, this feels good)
  • Set your intention for the day. This might be weird for some, but try it. Example: Today I will be productive. I will be focused on my tasks and I will take the time to relax when needed. It doesn’t have to be as complicated – Example 2: I can do this. Remind yourself again.
  • Eat breakfast. A MUST. Try my favourite: eggs (poached, scrambled or fried) on toast with avocado or baked beans. Yes. We are on a roll today.
  • Drink one full glass of water within the hour of waking (don’t down it all in one go though!).
    • Add 1/8 of a lemon to this. Lemon is great to alkalise the body and getting that digestive system of yours goin! This will flush out toxins in the body and support your immune system too!
      • Side note: Wait half an hour before brushing your teeth after this (or maybe do it before) because lemons are acidic after all and can probably do some damage to your shiny whites.
  • Try having a water bottle by your bedside and beside you throughout the day as a constant reminder to drink water as you see it. Trust me, this has helped improve my water intake a lot.
  • Organise your day. What are your plans? What are of priority and what are not? Try brain dumping this, and then organising each task/item into a list, categorised in importance. This will help decrease stress throughout the day and easy referral back to this list.
  • Dress in some lovely clothes! Your fave sweater and some cool black tights? 100%!! What about that pretty skirt you like with a nice top? HECK YEAH!!!


  • Lunchtime! Eat again. Wholesome foods are an absolute must whenever you can.
  • Aim for 3-4 cups of water by lunchtime (inclusive of the glass of lemon water you had this morning).
  • Remember that intention you set this morning? Say it again.
  • Throw a compliment at someone. Be genuine. This will have a butterfly effect. If someone throws one at you to – don’t disagree! Say thank you. You rock, don’t doubt that.
  • Are there any ticks beside those tasks on your checklist from this morning? I hope so!
  • Throw in a random burst of exercise! In public too – who cares! Pick one of these: 50 starjumps! 3 sets of 10 squats! A quick walk around outdoors!

Arvo (/Afternoon… Straya):

  • Hit that 3pm slump? Same. Here are a few ideas to get you going, especially coming home from a long day:
    • NAP! 15-20 mins. No longer. No less. Be strict here or your sleep pattern might go funny and we don’t want that. (And groggy headaches are gross)
    • Exercise! This is so fundamental to our health and wellbeing. Try out short pilates videos (no equipment) here (that as living proof, work) or some really cool yoga videos here, here, and here. Yoga is great. Try this daily. Or take a brisk walk for 30 minutes  = wake up your brain, pick up your mood AND burn some fat. C’mon, go get your shoes!
    • Have a healthy snack, such as those listed in this great post by @tbhstudying. Get your brain and bod going, my friends!
  • Write down your to do list for any work, study or event related things that you need to complete this afternoon. Set out all your equipment, sort out your papers from the day and get organised!
  • Clear your (bedroom/bed/desk/floor/work/closet) space for 5 minutes every day. I’m guessing that you’ve started to pile a few things here like I do. This will save you time and help maintain cleanliness, staving away from the complicated stress that comes from having to reorganise just about everything which we all know to hate when we’re busy with other things.
  • Have you had your 5th and 6th cups of water of the day yet? Get to it!
  • Sit up straighter and you’ll look more confident and feel more confident. Your back will also be very grateful for this.


  • Continue all your extra to-dos. Get this done. You can do it!
  • Make sure to put something in your body guys. I’m talking food here by the way… don’t let that sentence mislead you! This is especially important for those of you probably thinking “I’ll just eat later” or “I’m not hungry”.  Eat. EAT NOW. PleASE.
  • Spend some quality time with your family. How’s their day been? Tell them about yours too.
  • Glasses of water No. 7, 8 and beyond should be here.
  • Prep your meals, lists, notes, outfits, etc. for the next day. Getting these things sorted now will help you get it out of the way and save you time!
  • Settle down a little. It’s time to wiiiind doooooooownnn. Read a book. Scroll through Tumblr (aaayeee!) – but not too deep into the pits okay guys. Watch a little TV.
  • I know a lot of posts say to switch off 1-2 hours before bed. If you’re literally glued to your electronics, try switching off 5 minutes earlier every day and replace that with something else. What about doing your prep items for the next day (listed two points back!!)? Or, do get those pesky chores out the way.
    • Side note: Cleaning your room often will help freshen it, get rid of itchy dust and decrease the chances of bugs and other smol random things to crawl around your room. (If that’s not a little motivation then I’m not sure what is…). It’ll also keep your space maintained so you don’t have to do it all at once. *Shudders* Plus the likelihood of those gross germs from the world hanging around and building up in there is a no-no.
  • Sleep! 7-8 hours. Your body will thank you for it. CRUCIAL for healthy brain and body function. Plus your mood and skin will improve (i.e. gOODBYE EYEBAGS and hELLO GLOWING SKIN).
    • Side note: I see you reading this at 12am when you should be sleeping. I see you.

I hope this has helped you guys a little or at least inspired you to make a small change to your daily routine! Try doing a few items here (e.g. glass of lemon water, sitting up straighter, 8+ cups of water) and record this on a habit tracker! The smallest changes often have the greatest effects!

Don’t forget to let me know how you go.

Kalyisah (@studywithkal)


¯\_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯ -  Meh? just doodles trashy trash

Couldn’t draw properly,too much stress this week. so i did this instead.Is it practice or lazyness?  let’s say it’s comfort zone. \⍩⃝/

Dunno if it could be useful for someone and plz, don’t take this like super seriously, it’s full of anatomy mistakes.i don’t pretend to be good but if u use it  that might be kyote if u credit meh! 8A8

if u have any question, plz feel free to ask. that’s funny how im just putting this shiet here and don’t say anything.like lol.this is poses,expressions and bye.

Harry and Ginny are not seen together in formal parties very often because they are always talking to different groups of people. Harry tries not to get attention to himself while Ginny talks to everyone. But once or twice they stumble across each other and exchange a look that clearly says “I’ll give you some attention later… in bed.”

und dann gibt es diese Tagen an denen du fällst und wieder fällst, kurz nachdem du dich aufgerichtet hast, diese Tage, an denen nichts klappt, alles weh tut und du dich nur noch unter der Bettdecke verkriechen willst