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10 Facts About Myself
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1. I’m female androgynous and bisexual, I have massive respect for especially my androgynous bisexual icons.

2. I have a cat named Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon) whom I saved from starvation. He’s a poofy chubby baby now and I adore him.

3. I have panic disorder along with just overall anxiety. Death is the main reason why. Soooo yeah don’t talk about death to me ha.

4. I have watched anime since I was 10, I’m 20 now (also manga).

5. I have only been out of California (my home) were at: Nevada, Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.

6. I love to write and draw a lot (going through a block right now though).

7. I’m in my third year of college, and broke as a joke.

8. When I was little growing up in LA, I listened to Motown and 60s girl bands. I used to wait late hours in the night to listen to the daily Elvis marathon they used to do on my local radio station. Also one strong memory with a Beatles song of my childhood was crying to Hey Jude as it played in the car while I moved for the thousandth time.

9. I started getting into the Beatles fandom officially and shipping McLennon because of watching Eight Days a Week in 2016.

10. I speak English, Spanish, and I took three years of German (not going to claim that I’m good though lol)

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