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can people stop acting like desiigner isn’t a part of this collab. like everytime i see people talking abt it, they always leave out desiigner and tbh it’s very irritating and it’s also very sad. like desiigner is so fucking hype abt this collab and remix but no one is acknowledging him for it.

ego-surveillance-squad —> EgoSurveillance

so I changed my url. The reasons being that I want to differ myself from the other “squad” blogs just a tad. and im not even a squad, im just one person. also, people were confusing me for @ego-protection-squad a whole lot haha

I hope this isn’t too inconvenient for any of you. I’ll reblog this maybe a few more times in the next week to remind everyone. :)


Jikook Star AU- “Our walls are really thin and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” 9/?

omg the angst is about to hit strap in everyone. in the meantime enjoy this update <3

Also a small disclaimer: I’m basing Jungkooks depression and anxiety on my own personal experiences, everyone is different, but this is my interpretation of it. Please understand that when reading!

Things Can Only Get Better Part 6 - Black

Slow Burn!Steve Harrington/Reader
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A/N: Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving, to my American lovelies. Sorry I’ve been too busy to fulfill requests for the last couple of days. As both an apology and a fun holiday…thing…have an extra chapter of TCOGB. I should have Part 7 up by Sunday morning at absolute latest. As always, requests are OPEN both here and on AO3.


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“What do you mean a connection, Dustin?” asks Steve before you have a chance to get over your shock.

“Look at this. So Hop told us about how El’s mom was a part of MKUltra and whatever, right? So, like, I was wondering why this woman looked so much like Eleven. And I think this person right here is El’s mom. Nobody’s named, or anything, but when we get a chance, we can ask El if this is her mom.”

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