Watermarks and a PSA

Please remember, a photo is owned by the artist now and for always whether or not it has a watermark on it. 

 If a photo has a watermark you may not edit it out. My photos are now appearing on Instagram with the watermark edited out. This distress’s me to no end. There is one person in particular who continues to do so, I have now reported them for copy right infringement.  

Please, please do not edit out the watermark, authors name, handle, source, tag from any art.  

If you didn’t make the original, it’s not yours.  

If you wish to use someone’s art (this includes but not limited to photos, digital art, memes, and gifs), you must ask them first!!  If they say no, it means no.

You may not repost, reblog or take it to another site without first telling the artist and naming your source.  If an artist says NOT to repost (this means taking it somewhere else) then do not do it.  In this digital age, we can find you when you steal, it’s not hard.

Make sure you have the actual source

Do not f*ck with an artist.  We are protective of what we create and saddened when we share it and someone else steals it.  That sadness also turns quickly to anger when you are asked to correct the oversite and you decline or ignore. Do this at your own peril!  We will use all legal means necessary to correct the action.

Every artist is working to get their art known.  Why?  Because it’s art, to be shared not stolen.

Rant over, Thank you

Two Very Different Shows; One Common Theme
Whether dark or joyous, there is much to gay culture and in this time of merging, blending, homogenization, it's nice to have two reminders of how fabulous gay culture can be, and how far it has come with so far yet to go.

Meanwhile, over at the Mark Taper the same weekend, stars like Chris Colfer were on hand to take in the new production of Bent. Martin Sherman’s 1979 play which originally starred Sir Ian McKellen in the West End and Richard Gere on Broadway brings to light the oft forgot fact that hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian men and women were also persecuted by the Nazis, sent to the camps where they were the lowest of the low, even below the Jews in the pecking order of the camps. It became a film in 1997 and many think the film came first. Nope.


New ZOMBI record out 10/16 on Relapse (pre-order here http://bit.ly/ZombiShapeShift)

Dear tumblr mobile,

By the beard of Odin, STOP SUGGESTING TO TAG LOUIS TOMLINSON WHEN I WRITE TOM! I have no clue who that person is and I have no intentions to find out. I have therefore never used this tag and this post will probably the only time I will. Because I JUST WANT TO TAG THE WORLD FAMOUS & MOST TALANTED ACTOR TOM HIDDLESTON, who happens to be the person I almost always blog about, and one of the only tags I use. When I type Tom I didn’t mean Louis… those are totally different letters. When I write Tom, I truely mean to tag a Tom. How hard can it be?


10 people I want to get to know better tag thingy

I was tagged by paperbackphoenix, cats-books-and-tea & loquaciouslyliterate, thank you :)

this is another one than the last, so here we go :)

Name: Katja
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10″
Where I live: Germany
Time/date: 11.29pm / 28.07.2015
Average amount of sleep: average might be 9 or 10?
Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: The Battle of the five armies :)
My favorite band: Oasis
One thing that ticks me off: what does ticking off mean? something like shitty and super annoying and bad? cat calling.
Favorite drink: green tea
Meaning of my URL: kat’s my name and I like Minas Morgul
Most used phrases: “nah”, “heiligs blechle”, “holy shit”, “noi, jetzt hältsch amol dei lapp”
Favorite movie soundtrack: LOTR, Harry Potter & Hobbit ♥

I tag: novmbercakes, ofpagesandink, beyzathe, bookswithbazzi, the-shybooks, bananathebookworm, damesbooknook, thebookwarlock, alibraryismyparadise, refrescorojo :)

I was tagged by olicity-i-believe-in-you (thank you Em! <3) to tell you how I got into the Arrow fandom. Get comfortable for a story.

To start this, I should talk a bit about how I started watching Arrow. I think I’ve told the story before about how I got to know about Arrow, but for storytelling’s sake, I’ll go ahead and tell you anyways.

I was randomly browsing my Tumblr dashboard, waisting away hours as you do, when I suddenly came across a gifset of the 2x23 beach scene.

I had no idea what this show was, who the characters were, what was going on. I didn’t even follow any Arrow blogs, let alone Olicity blogs. But I knew from the minute I saw that gifset I needed to know what this show was. The chemistry between the geek girl and what I assumed was the lead of the show was dripping off of that gifset, and I’m a sucker for chemistry and unconventional relationships.

So, I started looking up things, discovered it was a show called ‘Arrow’ and that it was a comic book based story about a vigilante. Now, THAT was interesting.

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6 Random Facts Tag!

I was tagged by bookie-babe for 6 random facts, thanks!

This was so much harder then answering questions, it’s so hard to think of interesting facts about yourself.

  1. My middle name is Valentine, yes like the romantic holiday
  2. I am studying Event Management at Bournemouth University in England
  3. I am always the youngest in every class because my birthday is August 31st and to make it worse I was born at 9:30 at night. Literally if I had been born 3 hours later I would be in the next school year.
  4. I once attended a party that was also being attended by Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis (still super proud)
  5. I am obsessed with Parks and Recreation atm (Leslie is my spirit animal) 
  6. I got to go to the premiere of the last Harry Potter and I cried and smudged my mascara and then had to go outside and thousands of people saw and I was super embarrassed (not that they cared about me anyway, but at the time it was the worst).

Ok, so I’m tagging books-and-rambles (sorry I tag you for everything!) bookbookchai true-parabatai mysticdinosaurwombat and blueicealice because I’d like to get to know you guys better!

Answer Thingy

tagged by la-chrysomele (Merci bien. Je serais curieuse de connaitre ta réponse aux questions que tu m’as posé et aux miennes si tu as un peu de temps)

. Always post these rules. 2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you and give 11 questions for the blogs you tag. 3. Tag 11 people

1) l’odeur que tu préfères? 
- Celle de la sève de pinacées, si l’on ne compte pas celle de mes proches

2) le son/bruit que tu préfères?
- Le tonnerre je suppose. Ou le chant des grenouilles un joli soir d’été… Oui, celui-ci. 

3) la matière au toucher que tu préfère?
- Hum… Bonne question ! Non vraiment je n’en sais rien. La peau humaine ça compte ? 

4) l’endroit que tu préfère et pourquoi?
- Le bord de l’eau, à la campagne. Parce que ça me rappel de très bons souvenirs, c’est calme et poétique. Et c’est l’endroit parfait pour lire.

5) l’endroit où tu préfère qu’on te fasse des papouilles?
- Allongée dans l’herbe !

6) plutôt bisous ou câlins?
- Je préfère donner des bisous et recevoir des câlins … 

7) Été ou Hiver?
- Hiver. 

8) ce qui te fait verser des larmes?
- Une seulement ? Hum… Je suis capable de verser une larme quand je trouve un moment parfait. Mais je me retiens haha

9) chatouilleux(se)?
- Malheureusement pour mes amis, non. 

10) Ce que tu préfère chez les humains?
- Oula ! Hum… Leurs enfants ? Et lorsque l’on peut lire toute la joie d’un instant dans leurs yeux.

11) qu’est-ce qui te maintient en vie?
- Honnêtement je ne sais pas vraiment. Un mélange d’espoir, de besoin de revanche et de découverte je suppose.

Mes questions:
1 - Si tu étais une fleur, laquelle serait-elle et pourquoi ?
2 - Si tu devais faire tes valises tout de suite et partir, tu irais où?
3 - Si tu devais être l’un  des quatre éléments, lequel serais-tu et pourquoi ? 
4 - Que portes-tu à cet instant précis ? (accessoires et sous-vêtements compris)
5 - Quelle est la partie de ton corps que tu préfères ?
6 - Quel est ton animal préféré et pourquoi ?
7 - Que signifie pour toi la dernière chose que tu as publié/reblogué avant de répondre à ces questions
8 - Si tu étais un personnage fictif, lequel serais-tu et pourquoi ? 
9 - Si on te proposait d’améliorer une petite chose dans le monde en échange de ta vie, quelle “petite chose” choisirais-tu ? (en admettant que tu te sacrifie)
10 - En admettant que tu sois un tueur en série cruel, sanguinaire et cinglé, quelles seraient tes victime et ton mode opératoire ? (il est interdit de répondre “les méchants”, non vraiment, ça n’a rien d’original)
11 - Et pour être un peu plus soft : Bain ou douche ? 

Mes 11 victimes haha: toutemoname l-choubidou monsieur-novembre
les-navires-echoues la-sirene-noyee imnokomiis refoutez-moi-en-orbite amputationdelesprit petitejungle pluiedebisounours et je m’accorde une éventuelle douzième réponse de mr-schadenfreude
Et si vous ne voulez pas encombrer votre Tumblr mais que vous acceptez de répondre à mes questions, par fan mail ou “question” ça me va aussi ;)
Des Bisous ☮