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— music tags

i got tagged by both @chimnin & @protectaetae to do music-related tags, so i’m just gonna do both in one post!! thank you both for the tag, ily x

i’m gonna tag @1snacc / @jesterof98 / @impaytonbtw / @y8n-gi / @11pristin / @sleepyvanilla / @mitaeyong / @sunfelts / @3d-hoe / @reve1uv you guys can either choose one, or do both, doesn’t matter!! (@ new-ish mutuals, just lmk if you’d rather not be tagged in the future!)

1. rules – list 10 songs you’re vibing to currently!! 

01. ko ko bop exo

02. wild thoughts dj khaled feat. rihanna & bryson tiller

03. the weekend sza

04. waves dean lewis

05. chateau blackbear

06. bad bitch bebe rexha feat. ty dolla sign 

07. say it again h.e.r

08. lights down low max

09. three strikes terror jr

10. heartbeat childish gambino

2. rules – shuffle your music and list the first 10 songs – no skips!!

01. sleepover hayley kiyoko

02. if you let me sinead harnett feat. grades

03. clouds before you exit

04. garden sza

05. fire & desire drake

06. weight in gold gallant 

07. wanderlust the weeknd

08. reminder the weeknd

09. iv. sweatpants childish gambino

10. blue jeans lana del rey


Grif is struggling but so is Locus.

Just help him out, dude.

@telekinetic-pony had this wonderful idea and I couldn’t help but to draw it.