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Hi :)

Send me a ‘Hi’ and I’ll put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of 5 songs and give it to you as a poem!

Lost in the darkness,

This is my home, this is my own, we don’t like no strangers,

Waiting for the revolution,

I’m ahead, I’m a man,

You can look but you can’t touch.

Songs below:

God is dead? by Black Sabbath

Strip the soul by Porcupine Tree

Computer god by Black Sabbath

Do the evolution by Pearl Jam

I think I’m paranoid by Garbage

Wow, this was random. Thank you so much for asking!

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book tag rules: in a text post, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. doesn’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard - they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. tag 10 people, including me, so i’ll see your list.

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  1. the sea of tranquility; a big part of the plot hits home for me and i just. love it. it’s my all time favorite book and i love the characters and the ending was perfect
  2. the mortal instruments; i’m not as invested in this series as before but it was one of the first things i read and holds a special place in my heart
  3. the golden compass; this is the first book i read and it was so good. i remember being so fascinated and just imagining the world? it was full of light (literally)
  4. aristotle and dante; this made me fall in love with love and how pure feelings can be!! whenever i feel down, i go back and reread it
  5. all the bright places; there is something about this book book i cant pinpoint it but it’s powerful and loved the characters and loved it
  6. ignite me; tbh i wasnt super invested in the series till the last book. the way the main female lead grew, the way she stood up for herself, and everything that went down there was amazing
  7. all for the game; renee is one of my most important characters and the overall plot is amazing
  8. throne of glass; bitterness aside, i love this series a lot and i love my sons and the fantasy aspect in all of it
  9. cruel beauty; i loooooove beauty and the beast and this was such a good retell rip 
  10. to all the boys i’ve loved before; this was a super cute book and im always rereading it

25 Random Facts Tag

tagged by mi linda niña @jaehyun-n (I’ll use yours as a guide lol)

1. My full name is Jennifer but I shortened it to Jenny

2. I’m Guatemalan-American

3. I’m 24 

4. I have 4 younger sisters 

5. I work as a waitress 

6. I’m 5ft

7. I dropped out of college a few years ago but recently went back to get my AA (go to school kids)

8. Currently studying to be an english teacher

9. My bday is March 16th 

10. I don’t look my age (everyone thinks I’m 17 or 18)

11. I’m flirty?? I never realize it until its too late

12. I’m a touchy kinda person, so I’m usually seen hugging or holding my friends hands.

13. I say sorry a lot

14. I’ve only been to a club once (worst experience ever)

15. I have dated both genders

16. I can’t cook unless I have a recipe in front of me

17. I hate my thighs

18. I own a lot of black clothes

19. I used to have an obsession with changing my hair color almost every month but I stopped because it started to thin out (and its dry)

20. I have two snappy chihuahuas 

21. I love Harry Potter

22. I try not to meddle into people business but when I know its wrong I do step in. 

23. I’ve gone through not so great things but I learned a lot from them

24. If we’re talking and I call you my friend just know I’m already emotionally attached to you.

25. I tend to cry over everything

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I was tagged by @lowercasedorito to spell out my url with song titles, using a different artist each time. lowkey wishing i had a shorter url but let’s go

S: Starman - David Bowie
E: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Les Mis Cast
B: Basket Case - Green Day
U: Up All Night - Charlie Puth
C: Craving - James Bay
K: Kali Ma - Neck Deep
S: Save Me A Spark - Sleeping With Sirens
T: Take My Pain Away - Anarbor
I: I Don’t Love You Anymore - Real Friends
A: All or Nothing - We Are The In Crowd
N: Novocaine - Fall Out Boy
S: Somewhere in Neverland - All Time Low
T: Tooth and Nail - State Champs
A: Anthem - Blink 182
N: Noah - Amber Run

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Things I love~

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SONG: I have to choose one song? god. Let’s say Behind the Mask by Michael Jackson because I feel like that song is underappreciated because it came out posthumous on the Michael album and everyone had a little superiority complex about it that album or something I don’t even know. Anyway this song is a jam. 
MOVIES: I watch Kung Fu Panda almost daily and I saw The Dark Knight six times in the cinema when it came out. 
TV SHOWS: any Infinite variety show Running Man, Arrested Development and I’m currently loving Brooklyn 99 
PEOPLE: can I just name as many people as I want? @maoseok @herewegobebe @puppybyunny @lovbbh @luineel @hoyeolay @maknaeater
@jaehum @kingpiggyricky @seoullama @ikwonn
FOOD: what food don’t I like is the real question it’s spicy food I can’t eat spicy food

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1) What’s your biggest aspiration in life?
My biggest aspiration is simply to be successful and a happy individual. No me importa whether I’m rich or poor. As long as I’m mentally happy, a good wholehearted person, and financially stable, I really don’t care. But I really would like to become a pediatrician and to also help POC because that’s what’s necessary in today’s society✊🏾
2) If you could have a mythical creature as a pet, what would it be?
Cerberus so people can’t f*ck with me. What is someone going to do with a three headed dog? NOTHIN
3) You’re stuck on an island, for the next two months, which fictional character (1) would you bring with you?
Notsue Dragkneel
4) If you had to spend the rest of your life wearing one color, what would it be?
Black because that color goes with anything and I look good in it
5) Favorite flower?
Dickadil. Ain’t nothing better than a dick shaped flower
6) Would you rather be a singer or an actor?
Actress. At least I can fake shit
7) You wake up in the body of your idol, what’s the first thing you do?
Hmmm I would say “It’s Britney, Bitch”
8) Would you rather have unlimited clothes forever or unlimited travel for a year?
Clothes. I don’t travel anywhere so give me clothes. Give me clothes or give me death.
9) Look to your right. If you could shoot lasers from your eyes, what did you just destroy?
My mirror so it’s like a inception way of lasering myself. Oh snaps or would the beams ricochet
10) Since I’m running out of ideas, why dd you choose that character for number 3?
Cause Natsu for one has high stamina, he loves to eat therefore he’s gonna find food, makes fire, he’s very optimistic, and a funny person.
11) Did you know that you’re an amazing person, and I’m glad to call you my friend?
I know I’m the shit💁🏽
lmfao jk
and no I did not know that. I honestly don’t know what people consider as a friend on tumblr but thank you ash bash lash mash cash dash rash flash nash hash

Now here are my preguntas

1. Is English your first language?
2. Sit back and really contemplate on this. Everyone has a dream job yet most aim for the realistic ones. What is your dream job.
3. Team mystic, valor, or instinct😈
4. Would you let me hop over the ocean or skip to my loo across the border to another country if Donald trump becomes president
5. Who’s your favorite anime character and why?
6. Introvert, extrovert, ambivert?
7. What’s your escape?
8. Are you the type to say that the curtain is blue because the author said so or the curtain is blue with a provided in depth analysis of multiple reasons with literary devices
9. Science, religion, or both?
10. How has tumblr changed you as a person?
11. Do you love yourself like how you should?

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Nicknames: BB, Beck-bo Baggins, Gweren
Gender: female
Height: uhhh like 5′3″ or 5′4″?? idk
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw!
Favorite color: blue- p much any shade but navy (thats a sucky colour ngl)
Time right now: 12:15 and I’m hunGRY
Average hours of sleep: oh god during school like 7 ½ but recently I’ve been getting 6-7 (what is sleep)
Favorite number: 21
Last thing i googled: cleithrophobia
Fictional character i want as a younger sibling: idk Ginny Weasley??
Blankets i sleep with: now? a sheet and a duvet at my feet
Favorite bands/artists: currently obssessed with the Hamilton soundtrack! I also like Icon For Hire, Paramore and Halsey.
Dream trip: oh damn Berlin I think?
What im wearing right now: birdcage leggings + a pastel shirt that says “stop wasting oxygen” (lmao fave)
How many blogs do i follow: 1143! (lots of booklrs + studyblrs)
What do i post about: studying + sometimes writing if I’m not studying
Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the last letter of your tumblr name: ?? baby?? wow okay
Do i get asks on a daily basis: haha no
Why did i choose my tumblr name: because caffeine keeps me awake enough to study

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