Kiss it better

Summary: They say fools don’t catch colds. But Furuichi wasn’t a fool, and only Oga would’ve thought that letting two kids look after a sick person was a good idea. 
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 6.2k
Notes: This is a joint collaboration between cows-quack and me for ogafuru week, day three: Nico. Thank you babe, I would have never gotten this finished without you!

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Prompt: Mangaka AU

Beelzebub AU where Oga and Furuichi meet the same way, except they bond by writing manga together.  They gain small time fame for their gags all throughout elementary and middle school.  In high school, they end up having to go to different schools.  Furuichi joins the soccer team but inevitably ditches to go draw manga with Oga (he gets kicked out later) .

They get into manga school in order to continue their dreams but Oga has to drop out.  He encourages Furuichi to try for Shonen Jump.  Furuichi ends up writing a quirky manga about delinquents that goes on to have its own anime series.   Despite keeping to himself,  Furuichi always ends up writing about his own relationship with Oga through his comics.  Even though Oga ends up working at a post office, and Furuichi ends up being a famous mangaka, they maintain their friendship after all these years.

(if you think this sounds familiar, you should read Tamura’s childhood)


text post meme  — bromance edition