I stated similar words to this in response to an ask, thought id make one of my all famous JDS photo sets to go along with it. It’s been a while. Hope you like it -JDS

Hi Becca <3

(followers, this is for BOTM thing so you don’t have to read)

Eh I suck at doing these but why not… So I reblogged your post and here’s why I want to be your BOTM:

  • It would be amazing to have a new tumblr friend :)
  • I post a lot of inspirational stuff and I’m active everyday or I have my queue running/ I have a blog sitter.
  • Honestly I don’t have a lot of followers (1.5 k) and it would be nice to gain.
  • I really like helping people and sending anon love.
  • I don’t judge and I stand up for people that are getting bullied on and off tumblr. 
  • I’m always here for my followers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a lovely day <3

Hi Becca :) I think your BOTM should be Meg (moments-passing-by), because she is really good and nice person which always help me and she has beautiful & inspirational blog!! She absolutely deserve this!!!!

Hi Becca (:

I think that I could be your BOTM because my account is very inspirational and positive. It is a place where anyone can come when they are feeling down, need a shoulder to cry on or just need advice. A place where they can open up and never be judged. I try to help people as much as I can because I love making people happy. I just want everyone to live a positive life and feel like they have a purpose in this world, because they do. I am also a very active blog. I would love to be your BOTM!

I think I could be your BOTM because my blog is intended to help people through the tough times. I post inspirational pictures, recovery pictures, and I’m also an advice blog for people to talk to me about anything. I believe that everyone should have a chance at a good life. I am here to try to convince people that their life is worth living, that they are beautiful, that their size, color, sexual orientation, gender and age make them who they are & they should learn to love themselves for who they are. I have been through hell and back. I honestly have been through so much, I want to save people from going down the road I did. I don’t judge anyone. Why judge someone who hasn’t found their self yet? I believe everyone has a chance. And I would be honored to be your BOTM.

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Hi Becca :) I’m writing you a post saying Why I want to be your botm. I know you didn’t say it in the post but I wanted to write one anyway :) so I love you and love your blog ofcourse! Just like yours, mine is an inspirational blog as well. I have tumblr to inspire other people, to help them, to show them there is more to life than just pain and suffering. I have 1.2k now and yes I know it’s not about the number but the more people who follow me the more people I can inspire. And that’s pretty much my goal :) I love each and every one of my followers and I tend on being there for them as much as I can. I’m always up to chat or listen. 

And being on your blog would be such a great honnor for me. ‘cause yours is amazing. So I hope you consider me :) 

- Thank you for reading xxx