taging so much

But can we talk about Coran’s room for a sec

Idk if these have already been pointed out but I’m making my own post anyway

First of all, he has multiple pictures of King Alfor (sme tbh)

This little embroidery of the castle ship is the cutest thing (fite me if you don’t think he made that himself)

A statue/trophy of his mustache?? Like did he win a competition or did he have this made? Both feasible

His own paladin helmet/gloves/glasses :’) (& Voltron tapestry)

A teddy bear with his mustache- I need one

And last but not least,,, these fucking slippers! Why haven’t we seen these before?

some stuff I was reminded of tonight:

people sure do get uncomfortable when you set firm boundaries in a neutral tone

people sure do get uncomfortable when you calmly tell them what they’re doing is a microaggression

UUs sure do get uncomfortable when confronted with the fact that they’re not as progressive as they think they are

people sure do get aggressive when they’re uncomfortable

Tagelied ladies, part two (part one here)! Left to right, Reyna, Zoe, Piper, and Rachel. Their respective parts in tagelied verse are still being planned out, but I wanted to play with them to see if this would help inspire me. Here’s what I do know of them:

Reyna is betrothed to Jason, the son of Zeus. She is the second-born princess of a kingdom outside of the 6 Kingdoms ruled by the children of Kronos. She is trained as a swordswoman and shieldmaiden and is a natural leader. 

Zoe is the lieutenant of Artemis, who leads a women’s hunting group that travels through the 6 Kingdoms. There are rumors that she is involved with Thalia, the current heir to Zeus’ throne. 

Piper is a noble woman of the House of Aphrodite. Not much else is known of her at this time (in other words, I’m still deciding her part).

Rachel is a young artist, born of high society, though she is not nobility. She left her father’s household to follow her chosen path as an artist, though she is also said to have the gift of prophecy.