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Wish By Spirit And If By Yes Sabo Headcanons

It has come to my attention that I prolly ought to talk about my Sabo and why he’s this civil-masked broken child who only feels safe being nasty to those he loves. Have some thoughts:

His references for emotional stability growing up were his family and Ace. Yeah. Sabo literally grew up with Ace as his touchpoint for emotional health, and they spent most of their day trying to beat each other up. When most people are trying hide their rough edges, he spent that time sharpening his, and most people aren’t prepared for that. And then he forgets. Yeah. (Garp and Luffy show up late and he barely had a year with them; they don’t count but also don’t help)

He hates nobility and his family and what he is so much he’d rather live in an actual dump, and yet to this day he wears the trappings of a noble (top hat, cravat, jacket, etc). That takes a really special kind of self-hatred.

The Revolutionary Army has a child army. (I can accept Sabo as a one-off thing because extenuating circumstances, but there were too many children in that flashback for coincidence. Not that many kids are morally driven enough to hunt down and join a revolution.)This is an organization that raises children to be soldiers for their cause. We can assume they indoctrinate them too but that hardly matters to someone in that deep already. But consider: in this group of lonely, broken, probably nothing-left-to-lose child soldiers…even in that company, he still stands out as too vicious and strong.

Unpopular opinion: I don’t think Koala and Sabo are friends. I think they’re partners, and she and Sabo get along so well because she respects both his subtle crazy and his suicidal willingness to defy and attack any authority ever. Of course, in my headcanon they have this snipy, mutual respect, unable to pull punches type of masochistic relationship.
Like, mostly they laugh and spar and dance on the razor line of propriety, but they know each other’s weak points and can’t help but poke every now and again, and then it gets dirty and vicious and bloody so fast, but they keep it private and it’s kinda a release mechanism because occasionally you just really need someone to remind you that you’re an awful monster, and they’re that for each other

he learned high manners and fancy language and he’s very good at pretending to be society-normal, but his normal is a casual violence and words as weapons, which is why he and Ace work so well together. Ace is blatantly mean and straightforward and rude, but he uses it to hide his squishy hope-y center that really wants emotional connections. Sabo wears a polite and nice veneer over his cutting and cruel nature, and he knows better than to think about emotional attachment

Basically, that throwaway line about Ace being the emotionally healthiest? Not exaggerating. At least his type of broken can be bettered.

tl;dr: Sabo is a small ball of seething self-hatred and anger, and that was before the Army made him into a weapon. Boy is not even a bit okay but he’s very good at hiding it, and those few who know see no reason to fix it.

Idk about you

But I feel like we need more Space Pirate!AU Voltron.

Namely Lance is a navigator and a decent pilot down on his luck and Shiro is the amnesiac Captain of a space ship who’s trying to find his memories but also needs a navigator (what a coincidence) to track the Galra since that’s what his arm tech is, and regain said memories. Of course that spells doom to Lance, but hey the guy’s hot AND he’s being paid so it’s not like he can’t peace out at some point if it gets too crazy, right?

And is it just him, or does the Captain have a weird but maybe kinda sorta endearing fixation on Lance’s eyes butt? 

We can throw in jealous hybrid first mate Keith if we really want too cuz shklance is hot too okay

I want you to think what your family would say,
think what you’re throwing away,
now think what the future would be with a poor boy like me

 go away, I’m no good for you 

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Media talking about bethyl in a romantic light....

Not long ago I saw a post about how bethyl was only in our heads  and only the most low and debious media talks about bethyl in a romantic light, and they did only because they want views in their page, because, you know, all the decent and important media now that Daryl is in love with C@rol (pause here for people to laugh…ok, we can go on now) So I decided to make a list of all the media articles (that I know, of course) that ever talked about bethyl in a romantic way, to know exactly what kind of media they are…

“Reedus talked to fans about the show, warmly referring to the cast as “family,” and immediately recalled his favorite episode. Unsurprisingly, it’s “Still” (Season 4, Episode 12) — or the one where Beth and Daryl drink moonshine and everyone realized they belonged together forever ´´


``Which led to the Daryl Situation. Or should we call it Beryl? Daryl has been the show’s breakout star, and one of the ongoing tensions has been finding him a love interest. There was promise in the “pookie” moments between Carol and Daryl, but their warm but less-than-sexy reunion hug in the season opener suggested that it’s more like a sister-and -brother thing. One of the highlights of last season’s home stretch was seeing the emerging chemistry between Daryl and Beth. Is he old enough to be her dad? Sure. But when the dead want to eat your brains, who’s counting?´´  


” Beth’s chief love interest Daryl (Norman Reedus), her sister Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Chad Coleman (Tyreese), have all appeared on the hit show at some point throughout their careers.´´


Norman Reedus was asked numerous questions about Dixon’s love life. One fan asked him if there would have been a chance of a Daryl/Beth romance if Emily Kinney’s character hadn’t been killed off, and Reedus responded by saying that “there was definitely a taste of it in the air.” If some Walking Dead fans get their way, Beth Greene will rise from the dead to give Dixon another shot at love.


Daryl and Beth had a good natural chemistry, and appeared more like a fit than Daryl/Carol. A certain teenage-like romance feel to it, their bonding experience in Daryl’s house episode felt genuine.


The show took away the chance for a fan favorite Daryl (Norman Reedus) to finally open himself up fully and potentially find a soulmate in Beth´´


-Clearly, there was a romance blossoming between Daryl and Beth. Daryl backing the peaceful excchange plan was a sing of that.

 -Mania (``Coda´´ review)

As for Daryl, well, that’s a bit more complicated. He wasn’t, of course, related to Beth. But their time in the wilderness together was about more than just survival. At one point, Daryl wanders off. He says he’s looking for water, but he isn’t. He plops himself down by a barn, and lights a cigarette. Then he crushes the cigarette out on the side of his hand. Then he breaks down crying. If you recall, the last moment he spent with Beth was in the kitchen of that mortuary, and he himself hinted that he had fallen for Beth. That cigarette/crying thing cinches, in our minds, that Daryl had indeed fallen in love with Beth.

 - The Wall Street Journal

Yes…so dark and dubious media sites. I mean, who even knows what is The Wall Street Journal? Or Forbes? Is not like if they are two of the most famous and important media sites in the world…oh, wait. They are. 

And both of them, along with another media sites, acknowledged the Beth and Daryl relationship as romantic in their moment. 

So that of ``bethyl existed only in the twisted minds of the bethylers´´…like nope. 

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