i cant believe the apologism going on in the martin tag right now all you should be ashamed of yourself. stop saying “it’s just a joke”, bc people were actually triggered by what he said. i dont care how big a fan you are, OWN UP to the bullshit he said and admit he was a fuckin huge asshole to say that. or you can continue to worship a rape apologist blindly, whatever

Letter Meme

It’s harder than it looks. Enter your answers and then tag ten people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… Nothing made up! If the person before you has the same initial, you must come up with different answers. You cannot use any word twice. Have fun!

I was tagged by @ohmygil

What is your name: Stephanie
A four letter word: Seen
A boy’s name: Sean
A girls’ name: Samantha
An occupation: Security Guard
Something you wear: sequins
A color: sage green
A food: salmon
Something you find in the bathroom: soap
A place: supermarket
A reason for being late: slept late
Something you shout: SHUT UP
Something you drink: soda
A music group/band: Selena and the Scene
An animal: sardine (they’re fish right??)
A type of car: Saturn?
Title of a song: Some Kind of Loving - from the Killing Bono OST

I’m tagginggggggg people i like and anyone who wants to do this i guess

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