love isn’t just sex. it’s not just 3 words either.
it’s staring at them while they drive down that scenic stretch of road and finding that you can’t stop smiling.
it’s opening a present from them which was chosen so well that they spent the last three weeks bursting at the seems with excitement to give it to you.
it’s making breakfast for them and greeting them with a cup of coffee and not caring that you both have horrid morning breath.
it’s that feeling of compete-ness you get when they look over at you from the other side of a crowded room while you laugh with old friends.
it’s when a close relative dies and you only need to take one look at them to know that they need to be alone and you need to get them away from the rest of the family before they break down.
it’s waking up at 3am to find their side of the bed empty and you walking down stairs to find them at the counter with at cup of tea and they actually tell you about the nightmare that they had.
it’s meeting them at the door after a terrible day and they suggest your favourite food and movie.
it’s a push in the right direction form them when you’re making a hard decision but it’s also trusting their guidance and that they will be by your side if it happens to be the wrong decision.
it’s them helping to heal all the wounds you have and you helping in return.
—  “are you sure you’ve never been in love?”
“by my definition? no. by someone else’s? possibly.”

OKAY SO, I had REALLY bad post con boredom so I went through my craft stuff and found these little wooden stick things and these were the result!

Trickster Rose Needles!

I love how these came out and Hey maybe I’ll cosplay trickster Rose in the future! Who knows! Those are actual bells that ring on top.

Also the last picture is a before and after.

In my crown, I am king
I love their endless worshipping
I am raw, a dinosaur
But I will never be extinctSo don't mess with me
I'll shoot you down 
Don't mess with me'Cause all your heads are gonna roll
I've made your misery my goal
So if you want survival
Kneel on my arrival
for this is how I rule the world (x)

idk that song makes me think of twisted billdip ideas