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Name:  Ellie
Nickname(s):  Ellie
Time/Date: 6:03PM, THU 20 AUG 2015
Average hours of sleep: like 5 maybe
Last thing you googled:  i have no idea
Birthday: March 21st
Star sign: Aries
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: let’s not.
Height: 5′7
Fav color: I like a lot of colours but I like red probably most. But not bright red. A darker/richer red. Like… crimson or ‘rose’ red just to be pretentious.
Lucky numbers: 21
Word/s that comes to mind: monkey
One place that makes you happy: nowhere i’m miserable. bahahaha no it’s not so much places as it’s the people i’m with. i’d be happy in a lot of places with the right people, or miserable with the wrong people.
How many blankets you sleep with: one and a cat tbh
Favorite movies: finding nemo; mrs doubtfire; dead poets society; idk too many to list.
Last book you read: I’m working my way through the asoiaf books again so AFFC
Most used phrases: “oh fucking hellfire” probably
What you last said to a family member:  "yeah” i think
Fav fictional characters: i’m not gonna list them. if you’ve followed me long enough you should know. i am not subtle.
Fav famous people: Elizabeth Banks is a gem. There are loads more but she gets the special mention.
Fav book: i’m not gonna pick one.
Fav beverage: freshly squeezed orange juice. and 7up.
Fav food: pizza. cliche, perhaps, but an endlessly enjoyable one.
Fav band: i don’t have a single favourite. i’m too much of a music nerd to ever choose. narrow it down by genre/era/etc. and we’ll talk.
Last movie you watched: I don’t actually know. I think it was Trainwreck.
Dream vacation: Italy; Universal Studios in Florida; South of France.
Dream wedding: None.
Dream job: Screenwriter/director or tbh involved in production in some way.

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