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you're such a fucking bitch going all wild with that charity but saying you won't donate anything you fuckng hypocrite people like you are so stupid and a horrible person

Okay you know what, fuck you dickhead! Im assuming this is about a post from  the100charityproject​ that i reblogged and tagged with #it sucks that i won’t be able to donate, let me tell you something about me and see how judgy you are after it.

My mom and her husband both lost their jobs and so did my dad and his wive, all of them in a time period of 3 months!!!!
I live at my dad’s place and at this moment we can’t even pay the rent.
My contract for my job is over next week and i won’t get a new contract which sucks balls because i needed the money. 

I’ve always donated a lot of money each month, to several causes and i’ve walked from door to door to collect money.
I’ve done charity work for three years (to clean up the streets to helping out at schools) and i’ve volunteered in an elderly home for two years.
I’m a blood donor (which means that i donate 0.5liter every three months, the maximum) and I gave food to the red cross for years.

I had to stop my charity and volunteering work because i needed to work so i could help my family out and safe some money for college which starts in September and is hella expensive. I’m still doing the door-to-door collecting and donating a lot of blood but right now i can only spread awareness!

So you judging me on a tag of all things is ridiculous and I’m not a horrible person, you are! The charity is an amazing thing and i’m glad it’s reaching out to people and making them realize how important the world is but i was already ‘awake’ so you don’t get to tell me shit.

rp tagging game.

repost, don’t reblog!
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name of your muse.
one picture you like of your muse’s fc.

( it’s the man peck, i dig it. )

two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone.

  1. he actually regrets not taking care of Mystery the way he’s supposed to ( fromheaven-hell-andshadows​ )
  2. when you call him lucifer, morningstar etc, he feels like you’re mocking him.

three things that your muse loves doing in their free time.

  1. wing plucking
  2. torturing
  3. playing paper basketball

four people that your muse loves/admires:

  1. Death
  2. Lilith
  3. Thyra
  4. Michael if he wasn’t a dickhead.

three fond childhood memories.

  1. when he learned to fly.
  2. learning he could control the weather.
  3. when michael wasn’t a dickhead???

two things your muse regrets.

well, nothing tbh.

one things they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change.

  1. … he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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