In which I rant at length (and at times angrily) about the 1994 BBC adaptation of Middlemarch. With literally all of the spoilers. Friends, I am not kidding, this post literally has quotes from the last pages of the book, do not read this if you don’t want to know how Middlemarch ends. Seriously.

Okay. This miniseries pissed. me. off.

I mean. Okay, part of it was hype. I hyped this thing up so much because Middlemarch is legit one of my favorite books (and probably the best book I’ve ever read), and I was so hungry for an adaptation to do it justice. And I knew it’d be hard, I knew it forever ago, because Middlemarch is one of those Big novels with all sorts of threads that interlock according to a very particular mechanism. I had a gut feeling that it would just be hard to adapt.

I was right.

As I was watching “Middlemarch”, a thought kept coming back to me. Middlemarch works as a single novel, because novels enable you to see into the character’s heart and mind in a unique way. Any straight adaptation would instantly lose a lot by attempting to recreate the multiple threads, because they would thin out the story. They’d interfere with the natural progression of each plot point, by instantly forcing the filmed version to cut to an unrelated story. I started thinking that there’s simply no way to properly adapt Middlemarch to the screen with all three stories told alongside each other, and instead began to imagine a series of three films that have overlaps in very specific points (but always from different angles).

Part of this, of course, is a personal preference within the narrative. Middlemarch focuses more-or-less on three main stories: Dorothea Brooke, Tertius Lydgate, and Fred Vincy/the Garths (with Fred’s story moderately less centered). The overall plot is one of a changing culture, a changing Middlemarch, a changing England, but this is reflected also in the internal affairs of each character. And so I’m going to set aside the wonderful politics for a moment, and focus on the personal relationships. Mostly the shipping, to be honest.

Because seriously does the BBC’s “Middlemarch” get it wrong

And now I rant extensively with lots of long and amazing quotes from Middlemarch under the cut. You have been warned.

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Different types of Kitten

Jhene Aiko kitten:has you thinking heaven is here on earth. Most likely to cuddle and talk afterwards. Always in a situationship and comes to you for comfort

Kehlani kitten:homegirl you’ve always tried to get with. One night you hit her with the henny dick and now neither of you can let go. Tough and will curse you out in bed, but it’s a turn on tbh

Beyoncé kitten:the kitten that’s using you because she knows her man is cheating. Will record you two together in order to show it at his company launch.

Rihanna kitten: crazy chick who choked you one time and made you call her daddy. Makes you wear a collar because she knows she owns your ass.

Nicki Minaj kitten: the kitten you met on vacation in Waikiki that made you think love was real when she bust it wide open on your lap. Had you praying to god.

Mariah Carey kitten: Suga moma kitten that takes care of you. All you have to do is stroke that ego. And that kitten. She will get hers before you get yours.

Ariana Grande kitten: unevolved Mariah Carey kitten. Evolve her using gifts of donuts, crop tops, and hyped up reviews of her performance in bed.

Kali Uchis kitten: The kitten who everyone fucks with. You smash every time you two smoke. Likes the color pink and being pampered. Be prepared for car sessions

Solange kitten: Kitten that inspires you to do better. Don’t touch her hair during sex. Will have you listening to records afterwards taking about your dreams.

Lady Gaga kitten:Your experimental phase. Marched to the beat of her own drum and yes that means you fucked in front of an audience for the applause

Sade kitten:The kitten that taught you everything you know. Smooth af. She’s the reason your ass can even set the mood for future girls. Too good for you and disappeared after 8 days of extraordinary love

Lana Del Rey kitten: Kitten that is a sugar baby and you have no issues with it. Likes it in hotels and random places for the thrills. Likes calling you daddy. Watch out for her ex tho.

I am 1% person and 99% stress right now but @crossedbeams is doing this brilliant giveaway where she encourages people to do acts of kindness/something positive in order to win Gillian’s books. And the best way to feel better in times of stress is to be of service, make other people happy, help where help is needed, and so on. At least that’s helping me.

Art is the one thing I’m somewhat good at, and you guys have been awfully nice every time I’ve posted something, so… hopefully, this is a positive thing.

Like this post and I’ll draw you a tiny illustration (because I can fit them in whenever and wherever) like the one below. Simple as that. I’ll post it here on my Tumblr and tag you when it’s made. And I wish I could send out drawings but I’m poor (because Christmas and I’m a student) so this will have to do.

Also, Merry Christmas!!

This one is for Rose because she started this thing and she’s magnanimous!

UPDATE: Didn’t expect so many likes! But it’s good! And challenging! Right now, I’m 125 illustrations away from having done them all, which makes me think it has to stop here. If you like this post today, or in the future, I won’t make you a tiny illustration. I’m really, really sorry. But I hope you understand.

#do you ever think about hermione and how it must have felt to realize that your best friend #your one constant in this crazy world - the one with whom you would stick through thick and thin #the one you would die for so he wouldn’t have to die alone #how it must have felt when the inkling that harry might be the final horcrux #made its roots in the back of her mind #the utter despair and denial she must have gone through #how she must have cursed for the first time her title of brightest witch of her age #because ignorance for once might be better than this #might be better than knowing that each moment might be the last #that this is the last adventure #her pleading in the forest to stay hidden and grow old becomes so much more heartbreaking when you wonder if she knew then #how long has she known #how many times did she prepare herself to say goodbye #until that moment on the stairs #because this is it #and she’s not ready #how do you ever ready yourself to watch a piece of your heart walk out of your life #possibly for the last time #how #(i made myself sad) (via overlyaffectionategreeting)

Fav. Reading List

A masterlist of fics that I really love reading.
updated: 1.17.17

Okay, so I have a bunch of fics that I keep in my “likes” so I could read over and over again, but now they’re getting burried. I would use my drafts, but I already use that for fics that I’m going to read lol
these are all Bucky unless stated otherwise

Series (may contain smut) 

Hey Neighbor 2 3 4 • by @demonsebastian (Pietro)
If We Were A Movie 2 3 4 • by @rayswritingcorner
Bring Me To My Knees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @mattymattymerduck
House Of Memories 2 3 4 5 by @writingbarnes
My Joy 2 3 4 5 • by @assembletheimagines
Do Me A Favor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 + drab • by @bovaria 
Marked 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @matthewmurrdock
Have I Made You Uncomfortable 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • by @marveliskindacool
Downpour 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 + EP • by @bionic-buckyb
Longing 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @sebbytrash
In An Instant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @marvel-ash
Right Here Waiting 2 3 4 5 6 • by @such-fun

(if • marked at the end of a chapter, the series is finished)

Absolute Fluff 

• Since When Was I Your Best Girl? by @capnbbarnes
• It’s Just Borrowing by @bovaria
• Dance With Me by @spiderbarnes
• Slurred Confessions by @bovaria
• Why Are You So Quiet? by @demonsebastian
• Is Bucky Ticklish? by @she-who-nailed-it (i was obsessed with this one)
• Captain’s Mischiefs by @bovaria
• Clueless by @writingbarnes (Sebastian)
• Not Just Pretending by @matthewmurrdock
• The First Kick by @buckystories
• Drunken Shenanigans by @bovaria
• Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes
Beautiful Things by @capsbuchanan (ouch)
The Little Things by @wakandasoldier
To Know Oneself by @jarnesbrnes
Don’t Hit Yourself by @bovaria

Short Stories (wc: 5k+) *smut

Just A Dream* [wc:8300+] by @winchester-with-wings (this is a work of art)
Prisoner Of War [wc:6800+]by @wakandasoldier (my heart)
Suburban Safe House* [wc:5300+] by @winchester-with-wings

Pure Smut

• Hiding by @just-call-me-mrs-captain (this was the first fic i ever read guys)
Thinning My Patience by @avengersandchill
A Whole New World by @after-avenging-hours 
Sex With Bucky Barnes by @fvckingavengers
Bucky Barnes & The Three Plums by @demonsebastian
Not Going Anywhere + Sequel by @just-call-me-mrs-captain
Bucky Drabble by @fvckingavengers
Post-WS Bucky Drabble by @winchester-with-wings
Addicted by @fvckingavengers
Right In Front Of Me by @mrs-squirrel-chester
July by @mattymattymerduck (Steve)


• Coffee. Black. No Sugar. by @demonsebastian
• I Win by @demonsebastian (sexual tension, but not smut)
• Awkwardly Tangled by @lowkeybxrnes
• Imagine Bucky by @aprofoundbondwithdean (metal arm)
• The Skirt Is Short On Purpose by @fanfic-super-chick
• Bucky Drabble by @mangosoldier (short af but broke my heart)
• A Figment Of Imagination by @mangosoldier (^contin. Bucky Drab)
• Little Warrior by @wakandasoldier (T’challa)
• Neighbors by @rogerthat-bucky
A Field Trip & A Metal Arm by @waitingfortherightpartner
Our Last Night by @bovaria (reader beware)
Get The Girl by @stories-from-stark-tower
The Last by @rayswritingcorner
Picture This by @pleasecallmecaptain
Dancing On My Own + Sequel by @fallen-stark

Also, some of the series are still ongoing. If something is wrong, please tell me so I can fix it asap! Other than that, enjoy these talented writers and their amazing fics ~

And I get it. I get why you were so scared of us now. Because – shit. Because you lost Wallace and it gutted you and I thought I figured out why and that felt like metal in my throat, and I realised I couldn’t drop you if I wanted to, ‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking,

you idiot,

you asshole,

it feels like this.


- in celebration of Ninety One Whiskey - @cuddlebabies

Trio of Towns Multiplayer Tips

Played around with the multiplayer sections of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and I’ve noticed some things that I feel would be helpful for new players, or for players who haven’t tried out the feature yet!

And if you haven’t, you should. Cool, random items await you! Plus, there aren’t many players out there, so you tend to hit the same people over and over when you’re using the Visit Anybody option over the Internet – which is fine, but it’s always cool to see new players & their outfits! :D

So, here’s my list of tips:

Bring Cool Things (If You Can)

This tip is aimed more at people who’ve gotten a bit farther in game. When it comes time to pick your four items to bring, it’s always nice to give the other players (who might be in early game) something awesome!

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Dear JK Rowling,

(**warning: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spoilers***)

When I was little I read Harry Potter for the first time. I can’t tell you what it meant to me on so many levels, but there was one particular thing that resonated. Harry was a boy who got locked in his room, who got shouted at, who was crushed down and made to feel unwelcome and even, sometimes, unsafe in his own home.

And he got to go to magic school. He survived those dreaded Dursleys. More than that, he triumphed. Reading about it was like having a hand to hold. 

It occurred to me, for the first time, that being shouted at and bullied at home as a kid didn’t have to mean you were doomed to be sad forever, because one day your life would be so full of other things - good and bad - that the past would barely feature in your life. The Dursleys were largely so, so irrelevant. It was great.

And now I come out of seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and I am so hurt and confused. Because in Credence, you created a character that would resonate with so many people who are sad, people who are bullied, people who are forced to hide who they truly are even from those closest to them. You have undoubtedly touched some of the most emotionally vulnerable people in the world with an astoundingly good visual metaphor - a character whom the scared and the lost could easily connect to.

And then you let him die. No, in fact - you killed him.

He went without a word. He was sad and terrified, right til the end. Throughout the story, it would have taken so little to try to help him. Tina, knowing about his predicament, apparently only tracked his family following her demotion - was he not worth the risk of grabbing his wrist and disapparating with him to a safe place, an orphanage? Was he not even worth the attempt? And when the MACUSA wizards were firing their killing blows, was he not even worth an attempted protego? Useless it may have been, but God, if he had to die, show me that that abused and terrified kid was worth every gut-wrenching fruitless bloody try. 

Please, JK. I love your work. I love so much of it. But please, if you’re going to tell me a story about an abused kid, and if you really have to kill him off, please give him the slow-motion shots and the tears and the last words, give him the send-off, tell me why it has to happen, tell me how the main characters are hurt by it, tell me how they’re going to try to make it better. Please don’t give all those things instead to a man being obliviated by rain, whose amnesia is hinted to have been reversed anyway at the end.

If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it right. Abused people are not your emotional fodder or your plot devices. They aren’t doomed to die. Their anger and their sadness won’t inevitably lead to their fatal self-destruction. They deserve to be given reasons to hope. And they deserve to see themselves being worth every single effort to help them.

Let Me Hear You

A/N: Now complete with GIF because this GIF had to be shared/made/brought to my attention. It inspired me to have a masterpost of the whole fic..(shit..is anyone else mesmerized by this GIF? I blame @iamthebadwolf85 for tagging me in the post with this gif)

Summary: Lexie is interning at her favorite radio station. She’s always wanted to be a radio host, and now she gets to learn from her favorite night-time radio voice, Tom. She’s both excited and nervous. Will he look like she imagined or is he a complete 180 to how he sounds on air? One things for sure, he was definitely more than she bargained for….

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four


@acecommunityreceipts​ - too patient and amazing, doing the lord’s work, sifts through bullshit blogs so that others don’t have to. blocked for making me feel bad about myself

@aphobiakills​ - my wife, beautiful, that one long post (you know the one) was one of the most well-written things i’ve ever seen. blocked for making the hetkeepers threatened enough by her goodness and logic to form a smear campaign against her

@h8keepers​ - that one account everyone wants to be noticed by, always giving advice, could probably take over the world. blocked for being good at everything and also because s made me gayer by replying to me in hebrew that one time

@hate2breakittoya​ - stick with the lesbian flag icon even though it makes me confuse them with that one shitty blog you know the one, singlehandedly start 95% of important discussions, use their mogai hell denial tag to give LGBT people a place to vent. blocked for being amazing but double blocked for distracting me from my musical with the fucking ace discourse musical fuck

@discourseful​ - knows how to handle anon hate, has a detailed callout masterpost WITH RECEIPTS that they consistently update, shamed me for dabbing to HSM2 like a good friend should. blocked for being petty enough to queue blazinace’s callout post to repost every month (and for being taller than me)

@furriesfortrump​ - iconic, stole all the usernames pertaining to furries supporting trump, writes amazingly clear arguments. blocked for being such a good discourser that hetkeepers resort to making fun of their clearly sarcastic URL

@allodiscourse - level 10 aphobe, absolutely gorgeous but doesn’t post enough selfies, either never sleeps or has an amazing queue set up. blocked for making me a level 25 gay with her selfies

@relatablehetaceposts - literally so funny, makes so many original posts, roasts Ross from Friends like a true heterophobe. blocked for making me cry with that one “cishet ace moodboard” post

@fulldiscourseofantibiotics - somehow on every post i see, has a cute icon but doesn’t mess around. blocked for being more popular than me even though i’ve been in the discourse since april

@the-ace-community - makes iconic posts making fun of the hetkeepers, says everything i’m too afraid to say (especially that one recent reply to someone’s post about how assuming the amount of sexual attraction a gay person feels is inherently homophobic that was amazing). blocked for always having a good argument and making me feel inadequate. 

@tiredofcishets - always remembers to tag EVERYTHING (fr i applaud that), cites everything, is there anything she doesn’t know. blocked for making up the majority of my reference tag with long, well-researched posts about LGBT history

@the-shitcourse - confused me with the URL change just now, claims to be on hiatus until september 5th but is always online (seriously go take a break), grew and changed so much in the past few months making me strangely proud. blocked for handling being called out perfectly and apologizing sincerely like the good person she is


11 questions tag


  1. Always repost the rules
  2. Answer 11 random questions posted for you
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I was tagged by @puppynamu Thank you!!

Questions for me:

1. What is the last lie you told? 
my mom: didn’t you say you’re gonna clean your closet
me: yeah?

2. Are you willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40k? They better be fried

3. Movie that you never get sick of? Any Disney movie, I love them, they’re always so sentimental. Maybe Anastasia, but I know I’m choosing that movie simply because I haven’t watched it in a long time

4. Is there anything you want to do before you go to sleep tonight? Exercise lmao i haven’t exercised in 4 days 

5. If you are taking medication, did you remember to take it on time? Please do! I don’t have medication but I should prob take my vitamins, thank you for reminding me <3

6. What makes you feel afraid? a lot of things! going down the stairs, when it’s too quiet, people yelling at each other, not knowing where my mom or siblings are

7. Sunset or sunrise? Sunset, i’ve taken so many photos, i love when the clouds turn pink

8. Most embarrassing childhood memory? 5th grade. Family Life. Looking at a diagram and not realizing what it was until my classmates pointed it out (I was staring at it for a good five minutes, totally zoned out) I was 11 years old rip

9. Favorite mythical god/goddess? ALL OF THEM minus Zeus, Dionysus and Hades lol (my brain says Athena but my heart says Aphrodite… she was literally born from seafoam, like that’s aesthetic #goals)

10. What are your favorite lyrics? uhh i can’t think of a favorite? I have a lot of lyrics I love, but I can’t think of my all time favorite. so here are just a few:

“But I can fly, past the countless stars, fly away”
“I said to leave, I said I’m okay”
“Just me, her, and the moon”
“You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting”
“If you’re lost, just look for me, you’ll find me in the region of the summer stars”
“And I remember you laughing, so let’s just laugh again”
“Hands are silent, voice is numb”
“I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sighing” <– those lyrics were made for sungjong js

11. Can you hula hoop? Yes

My Questions:

1. Are you a chicken nugget?

2. Can you whistle with your fingers (bc I can’t and I think it’s pretty darn cool)?

3. Do you know how to read or write in another language?

4. What color is your room?

5. Favorite quote(s)? Favorite Spongebob quote(s)?

6. Do you wear makeup?

7. Can you burp the ABCs?

8. Are you an alien? Can you beam me up your spaceship? 

9. Highlighters (the makeup kind) are actually stardust. True or False?

10. Did you drink water today? Hydrate yourself and then finish this questionnaire. 

11. Someone comes from another universe and tells you about their world. From what they’re talking about, it sounds pretty awesome (despite a few aspects) and you’re thinking about visiting this cool place. The person asks you to come with them, but there’s two conditions. 1) Only you can go. 2) If you go, there’s a 50% chance you might not be able to come back to this universe. What is your decision? Why?

I’m tagging @hoyainifinite @chickenyeol @soooldout @flowrsoo @woohyun-ssi @bionic-leesungjong @ifnt-saranghae @cloudyjong @namwoonie @wonhonnie and I can’t think of one more person so if you see this and read through it and you’re not tagged…. you’re the chosen one

A “Us” Thing [1/2]

“What is this?” Kara asks one afternoon, and it takes Alex a moment to figure out what exactly Kara was inquiring about. After all, Alex and Astra weren’t exactly home often, and thus the apartment only really held the bare essentials, and the odd smuggled alien equipment here and there. All of which Kara knew about - except for this one tiny detail.

Swinging herself off the couch, Alex made her way across the living room and over into the kitchen, where Kara stood in front of the rather impressive fridge. Standing beside her sister, Alex peered at the surface of the fridge, her eyes immediately honing in on the bright baby pink post it stuck on it. When Alex gave a light hearted scoff at it, Kara turned to her, confused.

“I don’t get it,” Kara continued, as Alex picked the post it off the fridge. “I know that you didn’t draw it for sure,” because Alex’s drawing abilities only extended to scientific graphs, biologic structures, circuitry, and the like, “and I would recognize Astra’s doodles anywhere … but why a shark?” Kara questioned.

Alex flashed the post it towards Kara once more, “she’s gone fishing … or swimming,” Alex pauses, “I’ll have to ask when she gets back,” she mummered off, grabbing at the pen from one of the magnetic clips also stuck on the fridge. Though distracted, Alex doesn’t miss Kara waddling up closer beside her.

“You know … Aunt Astra is great at drawing … she was the one who taught me early on,” Kara continued softly, and though Alex had reached that conclusion herself, she listens as the pen moves under her fingers. “Actually, all the woman in my family were probably artists, or at least that was the case on my mother’s side, but everyone did eventually move on … my mother to become a judge, aunt Astra to become a warrior, then general … and if … I would have probably studied in sciences, with my father and most of the House.” Kara pauses, her eyes hazed with the mere possibility and ‘what could have been’ for just a second before she shakes herself out of it.

“A-Anyway! Aunt Astra never really had the chance or time to actually draw something and all, but she always encouraged me … and made me a small doodle whenever I asked,” Kara smiled brightly then, “she must really love you though, Alex … Astra would never show something like this so blatantly just for anyone you know, especially not for something like a  … ‘I’m out’, message.” Right, because one was discouraged from pursuing more than one ‘path’ back on their planet … Alex knew this much at least.

Unable to help herself, Alex smirks and gives Kara a side glance, “well I’m obviously more loved seeing as I don’t have to ask to get all this,” and snickered when Kara gave her a super-soft shoulder punch in retaliation. She may be a smug little shit, but the brunette had learned to make each post it count, had memorized nearly every message and doodle left from the general. She didn’t need Kara, or anyone else, to tell her just how precious each of those little treasures were.

But like everything else involving Astra, Alex refused to make things odd for the other woman, refused to treat her as if she were fragile, or suddenly soft, and thus she handled the woman’s little tokens in true Alex Danvers fashion.

“…And, there,” Alex breathed out, satisfied as she capped the pen and placed it back into the clip holder on the fridge. She gave the post it a few waves back and forth before Kara pounced on her, figuratively.

“Lemme see! What did you do?” Kara demanded, and once Alex presented the post it, Kara’s jaw dropped and a look of horror washed over her face, “Alex! What the hell!” She cried, “Fix it!” the younger Danvers continued, “you monster! Fix it!” she continued, flailing her arms, and if Alex didn’t know and remember better, she would have accused the other of throwing a temper tantrum.

“I think it looks fine Kara, it’s a masterpiece now, don’t you agree?” Alex provoked, still proudly presenting the post it. “I mean, sure the shark took up too much room, and the little guy is still proportionally correct, right?”

“No! Stick figures don’t even have ‘correct proportions’ Alex!” Kara fired back, “Fix it!”

“Kara. I used a pen to draw this, there isn’t-”

“After I just told you-”

“I mean, this is a couple thing, you know, it’s not like I’m getting a kick out of this-”

“That’s a lie! Fix it before I dropkick you to the sun!”


Both Danvers turned to the new voice, Alex leaning as far as she could over the kitchen island while Kara desperately tried to climb over Alex to reach the ruined post it note. Blinking at her two favorite people, Astra quickly made her way over to the now, bickering siblings who continued to hiss and stretch over one another while brushing away Astra’s existence.

“I hope she dumps your dumb ass into the trash-”

“Not cool-”

“Ah! No Aunt Astra!”

Sadly, before Kara could take the post it from Alex, Astra plucked it from Alex’s outstretched hands. Both sisters quieted as The General ran her eyes through the ‘offensive trash’, as Kara had called it before Astra intervened.

With a quirk of her lips, Astra gave Alex a look. It wasn’t a glare, or the usual deadpan stoicism that she gave other soldiers or irrelevant humans, it was a … glance that spoke volumes, that told just how much the General adored her human. Thankfully, Alex at least had the sense to blush just the tiniest bit, turning away from the smothering look, pleasing the quiet beast that raged in Kara’s ever protective heart. Though, while her aunt hadn’t found the post it offensive, Kara decided to be offended for the two of them.

“Alex, this is not okay! Just because she probably gets to … you know, at night or whatever, doesn’t mean you get to mess up or … or vandalize her art,” Kara stuttered through, effectively ruining any chance of stay mad.

“Little One,” Astra called, and the sisters turned to her, “thank you,” she said simply, with a small smile, before turning to Alex … 

revisiting proper tagging (ereri & rivaere)

last year i made some posts about: why it’s important to use the proper tag, how to tag fanart when it’s posted on site such as pixiv, how to tag fanfic when it’s posted to website such as AO3

i will be speaking about these topics again, making corrections, and addressing other troubling issues. if you have not read these previous posts linked above, i greatly encourage you do so before reading this post

the first matter of topic i would like to begin with is one that has been troubling me since the last time i had conversations with shippers. a lot of ereri shippers spoke to me because i am a rivaere shipper, so my view is biased and i did not understand them entirely. one of their concerns was “why are rivaere shippers so insistent about the tag not being unanimous when their preference is the more popular one?”

i came to the conclusion that for either side, we both have this view (the ship not our preference is more popular) because you always want to see more of what you like so that is why we are both thinking “this preference is more popular than the other!” but to be honest, such a thing doesn’t matter. it doesn’t matter which is more popular… because you are going to ship what you’re going to ship, and ship it how you ship it, regardless because it’s what you like.

with that said i was still curious on why some shippers had that view so i figured i’d go check out both tags myself on place like pixiv

the above image is screenshot the search results on how many ereri エレリworks are on pixiv, as of 06/03/2016 there are 18813 results

i then searched the rivaere tag on pixiv, there are 30011 results for rivaere リヴァエレ works on pixiv as of 06/03/16

that is quite a lot more works in comparison… but it may just be rivaere shippers are more active on pixiv and ereri shippers are more active on sites like twitter or have their own blogs or self hosted websites where they prefer to post on. but to see this sort of comparison is a little disheartening to someone where such a thing as quantity matters and maybe newer fans who are swayed by such a thing as ‘what is more popular’ will view it as negative thing, but that is only the surface. both preferences are very popular. these are both big numbers!

i also decided to look over at results on toranoana, a very big doujinshi shop, as of 06/03/2016

the amount of rivaere doujinshi for sale is a little higher than ereri doujinshi for sale, but the number is still very close. our ship is popular through and through! don’t worry! 

but so far i am only looking at jpn fandom works because i am more familiar with them (i’m doujinshi collector, and strict tagger so it is expected…) and even though western fandom does borrow (and steal D:) jpn fanworks all the time, we still create our own fanworks don’t we? the most utilised medium of the western fandom is my second topic of concern: fanfiction

i made a post about properly tagging fanfic, on place such as AO3. like i mentioned before, i am a rivaere shipper, have strong preferences and am very strict about tagging. i myself have only used the tag “levi/eren yeager” and have never used “eren yeager/levi” and being more comfortable with the jpn mentality of tagging, i’m sorry, i did not know of this problem:

though the numbers are a little different, if you look through the results you will notice they are the same. the problem is not always “shippers are using both tags” but AO3 is treating both tags as the same tag. it doesn’t matter what order you put the names in when you search or tag your work, you will get all the same results. AO3 will change the order to the most popular order too. why is this so? the problem is western fandom usually has one dominant preference and it’s ok to use a tag unanimously; great! some of you are thinking, we can just use the tag unanimously as the majority have been doing right? can’t be helped? …sorry, im making this post because we are failing to have be unanimous… while i’m sure there are other fandoms that have had our issue of either preference being such big hot shots, i do not think they have experienced it on the same scale we have which is why there is always such abominable conflict between shippers of ereri and rivaere in the western fandom

ereri shippers are often frustrated that there “isn’t much” and rivaere shippers are frustrated that ereri shippers are “in our tag”. if we’re talking about AO3, ereri shippers are “in our tag” bc they are being forced into our tag and ereri shippers are having trouble finding eren/levi when it’s being constantly tagged levi/eren

because we are looking for fic for either of our preference through one tag: “levi/eren yeager”, it’s a lot of stress because we don’t know how it will go every time. because of this stress we have not been good to the other. we argue on stupid topics like who’s preference is “better”, or more IC, or more socially acceptable/progressive and so forth and that all just doesn’t matter. it is pointless conflict. we have different views and tastes to the chemistry of this pairing involving two of the same characters, that is just how it is. i’m going to like what i like and you’re going to like what you like and nobody should shame the other, or try to convince the other on what is “better” because we all decided based on what kind of person we are, and what experiences we’ve had before- what we prefer.

the solution to this problem is not difficult

to avoid conflict we need to have separate tags. 

it is what the japanese fandom does and why they have separate tags based on preference. to prevent this sort of needless animosity and disorder and instead be courteous and organised. we can do it. we are already borrowing their tags that do this: “ereri / rivaere”. we just need to use the tags correctly. 

shippers who are against correct tagging. please stop being lazy, and please stop bullying shippers who request correct tagging of you. please consider taking the high road and instead of harassing a fellow member of our fandom on something like their wording or preference, to be considerate of their feelings and tag. this also goes for shippers who request correct tagging and are refused it. instead of being as inconsiderate as those who refuse you and harassing them in retaliation, please just block the person you know will not tag correctly. not everyone can get along with each other.

this brings me to the third matter, how to resolve the second

presently, the biggest task is correcting the tag on AO3. what do you think? ereri shippers? rivaere shippers? shippers of both and どうでもいい? i propose the following:

1. we contact AO3 and request a distinction of name order for the tag so it can become 2 tags

2. top/bottom preference is to be also tagged like:


3. the borrowed japanese tags (ereri, rivaere) will be used on AO3 should 1. be refused by AO3

some shippers are already doing 2 and 3 regardless, but i think if it becomes a common practice then the mistake of trying to use ereri = “levi/eren yeager” as a unanimous tag can be fixed. shippers with strong preferences can stop mingling and stop viewing works they have no interest in. all it takes is a little of your time (much less time than you reading my novel of a post rn, sorry) and some consideration. you can do it. i can do it. we can all use the tags as they should be used.

we both have the same goal, to enjoy this pairing we love in the manner we love it. it cannot be done if we do not accurately tag our work or refuse to tag our work.

i will be accepting asks on this topic. if you are confused, would like to share your input, are familiar with the workings of AO3, or would simply like to have chat please come speak to me. please be aware unless you request to me that our asks be private i will post your ask(s) to the tags as part of this discussion. 

everyone’s input is important to resolving this issue and understanding it.

thank you so very much to all who read this, like this and reblog this

i greatly appreciate it and sincerely hope i will not have to make a post like this again

Thor/Loki fic rec update - one-shots

Updating my fic rec list in honour of the fic rec weekend! Give these awesome authors some love.

I would also like to direct your attention to my entire fic rec page and to my fic reblog tag which you should browse for various tidbits posted by authors on tumblr exclusively, because I reblog a lot of them!

Title: Smiles Are Made Of Accolades (that don’t belong to me)
Summary: Thrones are made for kings. Everything else is just make-believe.
Rating: E
Wordcount: 6,3k
My comment: This has everything - post-canon resolutions, heavy feelings between the brothers, incredibly smart and witty writing, and hot sex.

Title: looking for the echoes of your fingers
Summary: Or, four times Thor and Loki share a bed because of Thor, and one time it’s because of Loki.
Rating: T
Wordcount: 7k
My comment: A beautiful 4+1 that takes our through Thor and Loki’s lives!

Title: Darling in WonderLand
Summary: Thor doesn’t know it yet, but in three days, he will be King. (Mob Boss!AU)
Rating: E
Wordcount: 4k
My comment: Incredibly dark and beautiful, there’s something about the atmosphere that reminds me of magical realism.

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thing-you-do-with-that-thing  asked:

Hey wanna know how I got to know Bev Nonnies? This @castiels-grace88 started tagging me in random ass posts. Not even fics. All sorts of things and it made me smile cause the same url always send me sweet feedback and asks. When she started writing it took me a hot second to realize I weren't following her (maybe cause someone changed urls on me - glares at Bev) and now all that is history and I love her and she is one of my best friends. Being nice pays off over hate people.

OMG I remember that URL!! *ugly cries* and yess I remember all of that, Kari!!! Gahhh it’s been such a long time!!! *whispers* sorry for changing URLs on ya *hugs* And yes, we are best friends and all of that “getting to know one another” takes a moment. It’s only logical. Because that’s how everything works. You can’t expect to be buddy-buddy-friends with someone you don’t talk to. I love Kari for who she is and all of the stuff we’ve shared has made our bond stronger *winks at Kari* You should try communication, Nonnie. I promise it does wonders.


Game-Set-Match (Miami AU)

I have other fics in the works for this AU, but this one was one of those moments where an idea is so clear in your head that you just have to write it immediately. Also… about halfway through this I realized… is this seriously my first time actually writing Jerry? 

Jerry had thought that mentioning the tennis court out back might help a little with breaking the frigid tundra that had settled between Beth’s father and him. He’d been wrong.

“Oh? You play?” Rick had asked skeptically, voice utterly venomous as he gave Jerry a look that clearly said ‘I am only tolerating your presence in my home because of my daughter.’ 

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( Just posting this short activity update here: I’ll be more or less inactive until further notice . I don’t feel motivated when it comes to writing and role playing. I have a lot of other things on my mind now; some small projects which I want to do, changes in my life, future planning, etc. Unfortunately, at this moment, role playing and writing doesn’t iterest me. This is not towards anyone here! I love all of you but I just want to do so many other things, and writing isn’t one of them atm. I’m probably going to keep replying things slowly (1-3 times in week). I hate that this happens because there is so amazing people and I just would love to so everything with you guys but.. I just can’t :c I hope that this doesn’t mean the end of my comeback here even if I have had this feeling for a while. One the reasons why I left Hermes’ blog and made this. So this has been my feeling about writing for the past 1-2 months now. I may be taking a full break for a couple week and see what happens. I don’t make any promises but I seriously hope that I’ll get my interest back. )

anonymous asked:

yeah so I am the same person who was telling you about Hyuk being violent and Taek being clueless and also the teacher-student one. I am so tempted to write the former after reading your post. AND I am not surprised XD because Teacher Taek and student Hyuk is so wonderful~~~ The TA and uni student one sounds pretty awesome too and yes 3x6=12 seems very Taek-like XD My mental image of Hyuk being a teacher and Taek being a student is in grey areas... *grins* I think you know what I meant by that

PLEASE. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WRITE LEOHYUK. I will love you forever. Honestly that ask was so cute I love the thought of oblivious taekwoon and sanghyuk who has no idea what to do with his feelings


Don’t ask why I just…I was in the sasunaru tag for a certain reason and I saw these pictures and it made me think of a teacher sanghyuk x student leo au and like now that I think abt it its probably just me making everything leohyuk but LOOK

(putting in a read more so u gotta view off mobile SORRY but im shy even if its not nsfw?? also pls don’t reblog or anything bc its not really properly credited)

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I actually wrote something it’s a miracle

Yep, I was finally motivated enough to start writing one of my FFXV AUs ;) 

It unsurprisingly stars Prompto, because my love for him continues to grow the more I over-analyze him, and also unsurprisingly starts out really angsty. More details + a preview under the cut. Huge late game spoilers ahead so beware!

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FANWORK MEME : post your first ever posted fanwork for one fandom alongside the latest fanwork you have made - this includes fic, art, or cosplay

got tagged by @iraya!! didn’t use the latest drawing for all of them, just the most recent one that I drew on my own time and actually spent time on 

also figured i’d include the fandoms i’ve been longest in haha

1st HxH drawing was from 2008, 2nd from 2015

1st MGS drawing was from 2011, 2nd from 2015 (i also actually drew snake once back in 2008 but that was cuz a friend asked me to, not because i was in the fandom…)

1st PacRim drawing was from 2013, 2nd from 2015

i tag @charlattes @ironfries @explodinghye @brainbubblegum @winter-cakes ? if u wanna