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#do you ever think about hermione and how it must have felt to realize that your best friend #your one constant in this crazy world - the one with whom you would stick through thick and thin #the one you would die for so he wouldn’t have to die alone #how it must have felt when the inkling that harry might be the final horcrux #made its roots in the back of her mind #the utter despair and denial she must have gone through #how she must have cursed for the first time her title of brightest witch of her age #because ignorance for once might be better than this #might be better than knowing that each moment might be the last #that this is the last adventure #her pleading in the forest to stay hidden and grow old becomes so much more heartbreaking when you wonder if she knew then #how long has she known #how many times did she prepare herself to say goodbye #until that moment on the stairs #because this is it #and she’s not ready #how do you ever ready yourself to watch a piece of your heart walk out of your life #possibly for the last time #how #(i made myself sad) (via overlyaffectionategreeting)

Fav. Reading List

A masterlist of fics that I really love reading.
updated: 10.4.16

Okay, so I have a bunch of fics that I keep in my “likes” so I could read over and over again, but now they’re getting burried. I would use my drafts, but I already use that for fics that I’m going to read lol
these are all Bucky unless stated otherwise

Series (may contain smut) 

Hey Neighbor 2 3 4 • by @demonsebastian (Pietro)
If We Were A Movie 2 3 4 • by @rayswritingcorner
Bring Me To My Knees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @mattymattymerduck
House Of Memories 2 3 4 5 by @writingbarnes
My Joy 2 3 4 5 • by @assembletheimagines
Do Me A Favor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 + drab • by @bovaria 
Marked 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @matthewmurrdock
Have I Made You Uncomfortable 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • by @marveliskindacool
Downpour 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 + EP • by @bionic-buckyb
Longing 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @sebbytrash
In An Instant 2 3 4 5 6 7 by @marvel-ash
Right Here Waiting 2 3 4 5 6 • by @such-fun

(if • marked at the end of a chapter, the series is finished)

Absolute Fluff 

• Since When Was I Your Best Girl? by @capnbbarnes
• It’s Just Borrowing by @bovaria
• Dance With Me by @spiderbarnes
• Slurred Confessions by @bovaria
• Why Are You So Quiet? by @demonsebastian
• Is Bucky Ticklish? by @she-who-nailed-it (i was obsessed with this one)
• Captain’s Mischiefs by @bovaria
• Clueless by @writingbarnes (Sebastian)
• Not Just Pretending by @matthewmurrdock
• The First Kick by @buckystories
• Drunken Shenanigans by @bovaria
• Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes
Beautiful Things by @capsbuchanan (ouch)
The Little Things by @wakandasoldier
To Know Oneself by @jarnesbrnes
Don’t Hit Yourself by @bovaria

Short Stories (wc: 5k+) *smut

Just A Dream* [wc:8300+] by @winchester-with-wings (this is a work of art)
Prisoner Of War [wc:6800+]by @wakandasoldier (my heart)
Suburban Safe House* [wc:5300+] by @winchester-with-wings

Pure Smut

• Hiding by @just-call-me-mrs-captain (this was the first fic i ever read guys)
Thinning My Patience by @avengersandchill
A Whole New World by @after-avenging-hours 
Sex With Bucky Barnes by @fvckingavengers
Bucky Barnes & The Three Plums by @demonsebastian
Not Going Anywhere + Sequel by @just-call-me-mrs-captain
Bucky Drabble by @fvckingavengers
Post-WS Bucky Drabble by @winchester-with-wings
Addicted by @fvckingavengers
Right In Front Of Me by @mrs-squirrel-chester
July by @mattymattymerduck (Steve)


• Coffee. Black. No Sugar. by @demonsebastian
• I Win by @demonsebastian (sexual tension, but not smut)
• Awkwardly Tangled by @lowkeybxrnes
• Imagine Bucky by @aprofoundbondwithdean (metal arm)
• The Skirt Is Short On Purpose by @fanfic-super-chick
• Bucky Drabble by @mangosoldier (short af but broke my heart)
• A Figment Of Imagination by @mangosoldier (^contin. Bucky Drab)
• Little Warrior by @wakandasoldier (T’challa)
• Neighbors by @rogerthat-bucky
A Field Trip & A Metal Arm by @waitingfortherightpartner
Our Last Night by @bovaria (reader beware)
Get The Girl by @stories-from-stark-tower
The Last by @rayswritingcorner
Picture This by @pleasecallmecaptain
Dancing On My Own + Sequel by @fallen-stark

Also, some of the series are still ongoing. If something is wrong, please tell me so I can fix it asap! Other than that, enjoy these talented writers and their amazing fics ~

This submission is so perfect it really made me tear up. Just because your name hasn’t been mentioned on this blog yet does not mean that you’re not loved by this fandom. You are. Every time you like/reblog a Pokemon related post, every time you follow a popular Pokemon blog, you are loved and appreciated and trust me these famous blogs would not have gotten this far without your presence So thank you all for following, and for loving Pokemon. If I could, I’d tag every single Pokemon related blog’s url on this post but since I can’t do that, I’ll just dedicate this post to all of you, every single one of you. 

This one is for the fandom! 


hey guys! I’m about to reach my first thousand so I think it’s time I shared my psds with you, right? This is my second pack, my first one is so bad omg. In this pack you’ll find eight psds (including a b&w one) that I made specially for TV shows. (btw just because i used like the walking dead doesn’t mean it’s just gonna work with the walking dead u know). They will work everywhere as long as you adjust few layers.


  • just so you know, I used my own action to make these gifs, if you want me to post it, let me know. :)
  • please like or reblog this post, cause everybody knows that notes will encourage me to do more. AND it took me a little time so… Enjoy and I hope you like it! ~(‾▿‾)~

‘A One Time Thing’ mini fic. (Post fic, pre-epilogue.)  
I dunno what this is but I wrote it a few months ago because there was this image that wouldn’t get out of my head. And there are questions in my inbox that I haven’t answered because I suck, so have this to tide you over until I get to those. 
(Untitled because I couldn’t think of anything.) 

            She wakes up quickly, and it takes her a minute to realize why.

            There are soft whimpers coming from down the hall, and she sighs. She’s so ready for these nightmares to stop. She shifts, sitting up to go to Aidan when Killian stirs behind her.

            “What’s wrong?” he mumbles.

            “Aidan’s having a nightmare again. Go to sleep, I’ll handle it,” she tells him. He grabs her arm and she turns to him.

            “I’ll get him. You need your rest,” he says, and he can barely keep his eyes open he’s so tired. She rolls her eyes at him.

            “I’m pregnant, not dying.”

            He smirks, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her lips, his hand falling to caress the slight swell of her stomach.

            “Go back to bed, Swan. I’ll take care of him.”

            As if on cue, Aidan lets out another cry, and Killian quickly gets up and makes his way out the door.

            She hears a weak Daddy? and her heart aches.

            And God but it’s one of her favorite things.

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Hello. This is Hana ^^. Instead of follow forever, this is more of appreciation post to all (most) tumblr blogs that I followed since the beginning and just recently followed. I had reached a really satisfying amount of followers that I can never imagine happening to me.

I am really thankful to all followers of this poop blog, mutual or not. Also thank you for those who takes time to inbox me all the sweet messages. I am really truly appreciate it. I am so sorry for being awkward and always be the one that cut the conversation because I just don’t know how to continue the conversations.

To the blogs that I follow, you guys made my day with all your beautiful posts, your crazy tags, and your edits. Thank you for being a great friend. Thank you for being an amazing person. You guys always made my day. Most blogs below are my mutual.

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Hello everyone!!! I made another commissions post because i didnt like tha last one that much.. and also because commissions are still open!!! yeah!! look at this cool art!!!


If you want to commission me or you have any doubt, you can contact me at paulidemi@gmail.com, please send me an email there explaining exactly what you want!

You can choose one of my past works as a reference of the style (here is my art tag!) and if it’s your OC please show me as many references as you can!


I only accept payment via PayPal, at the adress demigra@gmail.com (not my contact one!!!) I’ll start working after i receive the money, and once its done you can ask me to revise it 2 times if you see anything you’d like to change. Also you can ask for a WIP whenever you want!


  • anything sexualy explicit
  • animals
  • cars, mechas or things like that
  • gore

If you can’t afford it but you want to help it would be super cool if you could signal boost this post!

 Thank you so much for reading!!


fake posters(???); MY FAVOURITE MALAYALAM FEEL GOODs (click to enlarge)
as tagged by @ideallaedi (and a handful of other’s that i should tag but my notifications are a mess sorry)

in order of release:

  • nadodikattu (1987); because dasan and vijayan unwittingly taking down a drug lord can make anyone smile 
  • niram (1999); two inseparable best friends finding themselves having to separate when love is thrown into the mix. chackochan and shalini!!!! everyone’s otp- there friendship/chemistry is goals.
  • classmates (2009); a group of ex-classmates go down nostalgia road due to some sinister reasons. because this is the movie that made me fall in love with prithviraj. every character/relationship/sub-plot is so well developed and is capable of turning anyone mushy.
  • pranchiyettan & the saint (2010); pranchiyettan (francis) meets st.francis in a divine vision one night and decides to take the opportunity to narrate his comical life to the saint. a satire that makes me laugh till the end, courtesy some very clever writing, mammootty’s wonderful thrissur accent, great supporting actors, and very touching story to tie it all up. 
  • thattathin marayathu (2012); a hindu nair boy falls in love with a hijabi muslim girl, and what can i say, god has a very entertaining way of making wishes come true. nivin the wonderboy pauly as mr nair is adorable, but the real hero (ok, including nivin) is vineeth sreenivasan’s screenplay and direction as well as shaan rahman’s ost. 
  • usthad hotel (2012); an aspiring cook realises what it means to truly be a ‘cook’ when he works for his lovable grandfather’s equally lovable little hotel. the actual definition of feel good- anwar rasheed and anjali menon truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to a wonderful entertainer. the movie also inspired a project helmed by kozhikode’s district collector called compassionate kozhikode, giving food to the needy. 
  • bangalore days (2014); three cousins find themselves in bangalore- the rest is history. honestly how could i not include this- one of my all time favourites. if you haven’t watched it yet i’m offended.
  • ohm shanti oshaana (2014); girl pursues boy in the most adorable way possible, in one of the very few indian rom coms from the female perspective. again- amazing- one of favs- offended is you haven’t seen it.
  • charlie (2015); a girl finds something that belongs to a wacky, do-gooder who used to live in her apartment, hears lots of stories about him, and decides to meet him in person. idk man, it made me smile- maybe it has something to do with the actor- but i’d like to believe it was more the lovely little stories- the wonderful supporting cast and parvathy the queen captaining the ship just as much as, or even more so than, dulquer.

special mention;- vikramadithyan, salt mango tree, da thadiya, salt n pepper, beautiful, kilukkam, amen, north 24 kaatham, punyalan agarbattis, how old are you?, su su sudhi valmeekam.

*as usual- all titles, excluding charlie’s, are online links- bolded have subs.


FANWORK MEME : post your first ever posted fanwork for one fandom alongside the latest fanwork you have made - this includes fic, art, or cosplay

got tagged by @iraya!! didn’t use the latest drawing for all of them, just the most recent one that I drew on my own time and actually spent time on 

also figured i’d include the fandoms i’ve been longest in haha

1st HxH drawing was from 2008, 2nd from 2015

1st MGS drawing was from 2011, 2nd from 2015 (i also actually drew snake once back in 2008 but that was cuz a friend asked me to, not because i was in the fandom…)

1st PacRim drawing was from 2013, 2nd from 2015

i tag @charlattes @ironfries @explodinghye @brainbubblegum @winter-cakes ? if u wanna


Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don’t break it
Love was made for me and you

Captain Swan + lyrics (3/∞)

The Story of the Statue

So, anxiousaclassi made this post and once again I could not resist:

what if instead of fading due to grief, elves turn to stone. in the middle of dale there’s a statue of the long disappeared elvenking, and no one looks at it because of the look of sheer loss and pain on his face. little do they know that bard died there decades ago, and the statue isn’t a statue.

The Story of the Statue

There was a fairystory, a folktale, popular among the people of Dale. They told it to travellers and to their children and grandchildren. They all knew the story of the statue.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there used to be a huge Elven kingdom in the forests of Mirkwood, ruled over by a cold and beautiful king, though his name has been lost to time. He defended his own lands and people ferociously, but he cared little for the suffering of others; “Other lands are not my concern.” The king would say, dismissing all who came before him.

All but one.

The fabled Dragonslayer, a simple bargeman who took down Smaug the Terrible with only one arrow, who re-founded Dale and saved their ancestors in ages past.

He was the one who thawed the heart of the cold Elvenking.

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10 Day Holiday Learning Challenge ♡

For fans of the 10 Day Study Challenge, I made a new one for when you don’t have any set work to study but you want to keep those good habits up! Also this time if you participate, please use the tag phestudieschallenge so I can join in on what you all get up to! x

day one: organise yourself. throw out old papers, put things in binders, decorate your space to suit the season you’re in! (take a picture to share with us)
day two: read a book you’ve always loved. (and post a review!)
day three: starting with something basic, like wikipedia, research a topic you’ve always wondered about, just because. (and tell us about it!)
day four: teach yourself five key phrases in another language. (and post an audio/video of you speaking them)
day five: revise anything from last year that you’ll need to use again! but do it in a fun way, like a drawing or a poem. (share the end produce here!)
day six: read a totally new book! (post another review!)
day seven: watch a youtube tutorial on a new skill and practice it until you can do it. (link us here!)
day eight: leave the comfort zone; if you’re usually into numbers, paint a picture. if you’re usually into literature, read an article on space. you get the idea, go for it! (tell us how you went!)
day nine: share your favourite study-related quote.
day ten: practice self-care. you’re on a break! no study today!

Okay, so I’ve made it clear that I don’t like to publicly announce my stance on anything drama related in this fandom/community/whichever you like to call it. Because, my opinion can change, and frankly, I don’t have any foundation to voice it. I’m not here to scream about it, or scream at you to do anything.

However, this is something I’ve been asked about numerous times, and I’ve gotten messages from people saying they were leaving or taking a break.

But I chose to answer this one in particular because of the fucking tone of this ask. And the tone of everybody screaming in the Mark tag. I’m not going to call out individual blogs, or even posts, but this has really put a huge annoyance on my mind. 

The tone most of you carry is thoroughly irking to me about this situation. I chose to screencap this one specifically for this point I’m making right now. I am thoroughly hoping that the person in question did not actually take their life like they have claimed. It’s very disheartening that they were bullied off, their public information released, and everything of that sorts. Those of you who partook in this, should definitely be fucking ashamed of yourself. You pushed a person this far, and I pray to whatever exists out there, that karma comes and bites you in the ass for what you’ve done. I can’t believe anyone thought that this was okay, and it’s even more heartbreaking that someone had no second thought on doing this. 

But, quit yelling at the fandom like a whole. Quit coming to my inbox and expecting me to leave. Quit saying “How dare you call yourselves Markiplier’s Heroes” like we all took part in this. Quit screaming at us like we’re all in the wrong. You can’t blame all of us for the actions of a few. It’s beginning to piss me off seeing everyone absolutely scream at the fandom when most of us had no idea or any part. I didn’t know anything about this entire situation until someone messaged me saying they were leaving the fandom for a bit, and I saw Wiishu’s post in the tag. So please, stop screaming at us as a whole. We are not all responsible for this.

Secondly, I saw someone say “If Mark doesn’t address this, I’m going to be so pissed.” But honestly? What is he supposed to address? The bullying? What is he able to do about it? Everyone knows Mark doesn’t approve of this. He’s made it clear he wants us to be there for each other, and has stated numerous times that we’re supposed to help one another because he can’t. He’s already said what he wants us to be. The people who do this awful behavior are going against that – against his wishes. So what exactly is he supposed to say? “Don’t bully.” “This bullying needs to stop.” We all know that. We all know that it’s not what he wants. Those who are sending threats and digging up personal information are willingly going against this. There isn’t anything Mark can say that could even change any of this. Not to mention, as EmsArcade has also said, Mark is not responsible for the actions of those who follow him. Let me repeat that. Mark is not responsible for our actions. We are. 

Thirdly, I don’t know if any of you have seen Squid’s goodbye message on their homepage. It was the furthest thing from pleasant. They blamed Jess for their death and outright attacked her. They then proceeded to “thank” Mark for “sweeping it under the rug.” This entire scenario is a tragedy, and believe me, it hits so close to home as someone who has not only dealt with others who had suicidal tendencies, but as one who has my own. But none of that was okay. None of it. The entire post outraged me to the point where I was almost shaking. BUT. That in no way justifies their death. That in no way justifies that they were pushed to suicide. No one should be pushed that far, and it upsets me some people even did. That never should’ve happened, no matter how inappropriate and misguided their thoughts about this were. 

Bonus: I believe Mark handled what happened very poorly. I mean, immensely poorly. But, he is human, which a part of the fandom fails to see. He is human. He will make mistakes. He’s still very much learning how to guide, handle, and help 9 million of us to the best of his abilities. Mark can’t do it all. He isn’t going to know how to deal with all of us as a whole, and it’s a shame some expect this man to be the perfect angel they all want him to be. Mark is a human being. He’s going to mess up, he’s not going to get everything correct right off the bat. If you have those expectations for him, think about this: would you put those expectations on a friend? Would you leave them because they messed up on something they’re just learning? What happened does not influence you directly. It had no malice, no poor intent. It was not aimed at you. So how are you going to leave and get angry at Mark? Don’t. Be upset, sure. But learn to move on. He didn’t directly hurt you, don’t act like he did.

Fourthly: We as a whole are not toxic. Yes, there are very toxic people here, as there will be in every fandom. That’s how it works. But it is our responsibility to change that. We, the people who are involved and dwell in this community, are solely responsible for fixing this. Not Mark. Not anybody else. We’re the ones who make the fandom what it is. We are the ones who live in it, so it’s not fair some of you expect to involve him when it’s not his doing. We’re the ones who have to fix and better what’s been going on. We need better support systems, better outreach. We need to work better as a whole to fix what’s been done. It’s important that we do this, especially considering what’s occurred. 

Lastly, it’s important to also realize the good that we have done. You can’t forget that. We’ve raised thousands of dollars of money, we have fans who have started their own charity organizations in Mark’s name. I’ve talked three different people out of suicide, I’ve had one talk me out of one, and several, several talk me through relapsing with self harm. Someone has started working on the project Mark was talking about in his Changing the World vlog. Whenever I was down, I’ve gotten dozens upon dozens of countless nice messages, and have even made friends because of it. Friendships have been formed – strong ones, ones that are true and genuine, no matter how far apart they are. People have met at conventions, drawn artwork to make others happy. Lives have been positively changed within this community, mine included. Remember the lives that have been saved. Countless people have found hope and pride through this community, and that’s something we need to be proud of.

There has definitely been bad within the fandom, and this recent event has thoroughly been eye opening. It has definitely put some perspective into the community, but it’s the worst that it was suicide that had to do it. Squid, if they did end their life, was of course no martyr. Just a very tragic consequence of hurtful and foul bullying. But I hope that if anything were to come out of this, it’s that the people who mindlessly bullied Squid feel like absolute shit about this, and everyone needs to reach out more. 

While it’s been downward for a while, we need to fix it, not abandon and leave everything. I’ve also made another post in response to a different ask (I’m assuming from the same anon here) saying why I was here. I’m here because of my friends. And I hope that the ones that are still here feel the same, because while there is toxicity here, there is also a lot of joy and hope. We need to hold onto that and make a change.

I understand if you leave, or if you’re taking a break. It’s clear that this can be very anxiety-inducing and hurtful to yourself, but I just want to thank everyone who’s still here and willing to keep pushing through the bad. If we do make a change, and things do get better, I’ll definitely be proud to say that we stuck through to see that day. I do hope some of you see my points – I’ve given this a lot of thought.

If you want to argue with me or bully me off, go ahead and try. I’m here to stay. I’m open to polite and informative debate on my points, but if you want to be immature and unintelligible about it, you will be ignored and blocked. I’m not going to bother wasting my time with you. 

Thank you.

Game-Set-Match (Miami AU)

I have other fics in the works for this AU, but this one was one of those moments where an idea is so clear in your head that you just have to write it immediately. Also… about halfway through this I realized… is this seriously my first time actually writing Jerry? 

Jerry had thought that mentioning the tennis court out back might help a little with breaking the frigid tundra that had settled between Beth’s father and him. He’d been wrong.

“Oh? You play?” Rick had asked skeptically, voice utterly venomous as he gave Jerry a look that clearly said ‘I am only tolerating your presence in my home because of my daughter.’ 

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bloodbaguettesblood  asked:

do you really get hate just bc the blog is about a straight ship? not in a "I don't believe you" kinda way but in a "what's up with those people" kinda way

yeah it happens! the most common (and most harmful) kind of hate thrown at the gency shippers is that “everyone who ships gency is homophobic because it’s a straight ship" even though the fact that it’s between a man and a woman doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a straight ship which you think the lgbt agenda would recognize right?

it’s honestly pretty stupid. because here’s the thing, even if someone were to headcanon both genji and mercy as heterosexual and in a relationship with one another there is nothing fucking wrong with that at all. 

a little while ago i made a comment in the tags of one of our posts that this hating on someone based on nothing but their sexuality is just like hating on someone based on nothing but their race. “i hate you because you’re [insert sexuality here]” is just one word away from “i hate you because you’re [insert race here]”

so honestly i don’t see why the sexuality of any ship should matter in its validity, and i DEFINITELY don’t think that it should determine if it’s right or wrong

anonymous asked:

Oh wow, this is really getting sad. The submitted stuff is almost as stupid and ooc as your own now. :(

And that is basically how anon would look like if there was no anonymous option~!

ok, this was just a comic relief, actual reply is under the cut because it’s long and I don’t want to clog anyone’s dash lol

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And now, back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day
@tanglecolors​, what’s good?

I honestly can’t believe you missed the point. The only reason I said that was to defend from “but you’re just a straight white male” argument. Which I’ve seen used thousands of times. Please point to where I said the fact that I’m black and female lends strength to my argument. It doesn’t. That statement was not meant to elevate myself above anyone else because I’m the same as any old human being. It was a clarification to shut certain people up.

I’m not stupid for the fact that you’re the one who pre-emptively assumed that I was going to call you a straight white male to point out your ignorant and insensitive point of view on a post that I PURPOSELY TAGGED AS RUDE SO PEOPLE WOULDN’T HAVE TO SEE IT.

You’re the one who made your race known at the start of your post, and you’re the one who made an “irrelevant” aspect of yourself known on a post that you wanted to argue with me on. So I replied to you with mine. I was actually under the impression that you were saying your race as if to dismiss how horribly self-hating and disgusting the rest of the bullshit you spewed really was. But I digress…

But you still saw fit to post it publicly. Funny, when you post something publicly to a public blogging site you might not get a positive response. Crazy, isn’t it. Just as you are entitled to your warped opinion, I’m entitled to mine. People weren’t kidding when they said you couldn’t handle criticism. Also you’re assuming that I’m aware of how you tag things. I’m not. I don’t even follow your blog. Nor am I interested in deciphering your tags.

There is nothing in tumblr’s terms of service that prevents me from making a response to a public post based on its tags. You can claim that it’s “rude” or “shitty” and it probably is but that would fall under the logical fallacy appeal to emotion.

And likewise, you have the option to filter shit that you don’t want to see. But you don’t filter it. People like myself have said ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS that we tag posts that are non-constructive in a way that people can avoid. You finding my post is not my responsibility. It’s like complaining about going to see a Rated R horror film that has blood and gore in it even though the content rating fucking told you what would be in it. It’s not my fault that you chose to ignore the warnings when I placed them there.

Since you don’t follow me, and you don’t know my tags, how the fuck is it that you managed to literally find a post that has “rwde” and “RW*BY critique” in the tags? That’s the important question here? And you chose to complain to me about what I (AND YOU) already know is a rude post. You’re making yourself look worse here, not me. And I know you’re not using tumblr mobile because you can do shit like bullet points and pasting images onto posts to make your half-assed arguments.

You searched for a post to purposely have a problem with and are trying (and failing) to argue with me about the fact that I’m using my blog like an actual blog.

Either way, the fact that I responded to your post in the first place doesn’t delegitimize the points I’ve made. The fact is that I responded. With legitimate points. It happened. Get over it. Either respond to my actual argument or don’t. Please stop whining about public posts on public blogging sites.


Why does race matter? I thought we were judging people by the content of their character and not by their skin color.

Says the person who had to introduce themselves with their race and gender just to defuse a nonexistent assumption you thought I was going to make… but ok

The White Fang also parallels ideological extremism. Such as the Weather Underground and even how things like the Black Lives Matter movement started to go sour. How you ask? Things like this, this, this (note the “kill the fucking cops, kill they kids too, Kill all these motherfuckers” in that one), those are regarding a single incident. And this (regarding another incident). And if you’re looking for an example from the radical feminist movement look no further. And here’s two SJW ones.

Of course some of these examples are not as extreme as what the White Fang has done. But they all have something in common. People who have the right intentions, going about their concerns in ridiculous or unnecessary ways.

I cannot believe that you are rly using the word “SJW” unironically on this post and expect me to take you seriously… also tfw your sources are posts from conservative websites and an uncorroborrated youtube video with isolated incidents only to say that an entire movement that rallies against racially motivated police brutality is going “sour.” Interesting how that works…

But you still saw fit to post it publicly. Funny, when you post something publicly to a public blogging site you might not get a positive response. Crazy, isn’t it. Just as you are entitled to your warped opinion, I’m entitled to mine. People weren’t kidding when they said you couldn’t handle criticism. Also you’re assuming that I’m aware of how you tag things. I’m not. I don’t even follow your blog. There is nothing in tumblr’s terms of service that prevents me from making a response to a public post based on its tags.

I’m not arguing with you because you’re criticizing or challenging my post and trying to have a “dialogue” with me. You’ve already proven that’s not why you’re arguing with me. Especially since you already admitted that “you’re assuming that I’m aware of how you tag things. I’m not. I don’t even follow your blog. Nor am I interested in deciphering your tags.” on a post that A LARGE ENOUGH NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THIS FANDOM know is a tag for posts wtih non-constructive opinions.

My post was originally about my dissatisfaction with the writing of dark-skinned characters in the show. YOU are the one who blew the post out of proportion without any regard for why I felt that way in an effort to make me look bad.

What I can’t handle is your baffling audacity to purposely search for a rude post to be mad about, and YOU’RE literally the one who is trying to tell me to shut up

(Re: “Watch something else. There are shows, books, etc. with “poc” or brown people as the main cast. Supporting things that have stuff that you like in it makes more sense than throwing money at something that should not and will not cater to you. Especially when you don’t have legitimate criticism for it.”)

Which brings me back to the point of how hypocritical you are because you purposely looked for a post to be mad about that happens to disagree with you even though YOU ADMITTED that you do not follow my blog, or understand how I tag things. Pot calling the kettle black?

Who said that dark-skinned people can’t cosplay as lighter-skinned people (and vice versa)? I’ve seen extremely beautiful cosplay done by people who didn’t have light skin, or the “right” skin color. Cosplay is a form of self- expression. It is art and it is your own. If someone’s telling you you can’t cosplay as someone for any reason, they’re just an asshole. The fact that this individual didn’t feel comfortable cosplaying as whoever they wanted says something about the fandom, the people around them, or their own self-confidence.

There are dark-skinned characters you can cosplay as anyway: Emerald, Fox, Arslan, Sage, and Nadir. There might be more on the way. We don’t know.

I’ve never seen the RT staff condemn or look down on someone because their skin doesn’t match the character that they’re cosplaying either. They support all cosplay. The community should follow suit.

Cosplay elitists do. Cosplay elitists will shit on people for not having the same skin color as the character they’re cosplaying. This happens to dark-skinned cosplayers cosplaying lighter skinned characters, AND happens to light-skinned cosplayers cosplaying darker-skinned characters. That’s a real thing that happens. And you’re right, THEY ARE ASSHOLES!

But no one fucking said that POC can’t cosplay characters with a different skin color. No one said the RT staff condems or looks down upon people who cosplay outside of their skin tone. But thanks for cramming words in my mouth that I didn’t say YET AGAIN and making a rebuttal to some shit you made up to make yourself look smart.

Doing that strawman thing again. Point me to the part of my response where I said “racism wasn’t a thing” and I’ll stop arguing right now. I said race doesn’t matter, not racism doesn’t matter. I never said that. I agree that racism is a thing. But do you think that filling race quotas or representation quotas in media is going to fix the fact that people are getting shot for no good reason? Racists are just going to be racist. Do you think watching Empire is going to make them shed their bigotry? If you really care about racism that’s great. Go out and peacefully protest, support charities and whatnot that are aligned with your beliefs. Write a letter to your local councilman. Maybe even get yourself on the news and use that time to spread awareness for your cause. RW*BY having a large quantity of brown people is not going to change how people act.

People do what you are talking about. You just tried to denounce a movement that does everything you just described. even how things like the Black Lives Matter movement started to go sour. ” Which shows that you barely know what the fuck you’re talking about or what you’re trying to argue against. Considering that after the events in Ferguson, Missouri “Black Lives Matter” supporters rallied to rebuild a library, feed school kids in the midst of a food desert, and demand the need for political change in the city, so that racists wouldn’t keep shooting people for no reason, like what started the movement. And people continue to rally for change and open dialogues about the disproportionate injustices committed against black lives.

There is more news about the ACTUAL political activism, solidarity, and organization that Black Lives Matter does, than there is about what damage its done. And just because a few people fuck things up, that doesn’t mean the whole movement is bad.

And again, you relied more on conservative sources for this information, who reported on isolated incidents who are of course going to try and paint the movement as completely bad; you chose to seek out the “sour” side of Black Lives Matter instead of looking at what good the movement has done.

You do that a lot, it seems, though I’m not surprised at all. BUT OH MAN THIS GEM OF A COMMENT:

“Maybe even get yourself on the news and use that time to spread awareness for your cause”

It’s honestly hilarious how you’re suggesting that I do such a thing in REAL LIFE when you’re arguing with me about how I use a public platform to air a bad opinion about something that matters to me. Make up your mind, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to shut up, or do you want me to talk?

RW*BY having a large quantity of brown people is not going to change how people act.

Again, I didn’t say that, and more proof that you didn’t read the point of what I’m saying. Not surprising, yet again.

Even if there are black characters that are portrayed this way, there’s also examples of people who aren’t portrayed that way. Like Tip and her mother from the movie Home (there were also tons of minorities in this movie), The Proud Family, Tiana and Naveen from the Princess and the Frog, the show Blackish, Michonne from the Walking Dead.

The other examples you listed (concerning dark-skinned representation)

  • SU
  • B*lackish
  • E*mpire
  • Everybody Hates Chris
  • AT
  • Scandal
  • LoK
  • Afro Samurai
  • U*rbance (funny that you cite this as an example when it has the same rhetoric as “RW*BY” that you looooove to reference- race doesn’t matter! The creators claim that no one’s really “black” in this show! But anyways…)
  • Book of Mojo

These are only recent examples of mainstream media. All of this you’ve listed is only from the past 2 decades (from the 2000s onward) Television has been around since the 1920s. Segregation ended in the 1950s. The reason we have positively portrayed dark-skinned characters in media today is because of media predecessors who dared to portray positive examples of dark-skinned characters an even longer time ago. But they are still largely outnumbered by pre-existing, negative, stereotypical, and/or 1-dimensional portrayals of black people in film, television, and animation. And it’s likely that the dark-skinned actors, directors, producers, etc. were told the same shit that you’re trying to tell me about my complaining about a show that I actually like.

it seems pretty pretentious to me that someone who hasn’t done writing work for a show before thinks that her demands are more important than the people working themselves to the bone and getting mad when she doesn’t get what she wants right away. These “criticisms” don’t even have to do with the story. These “criticisms” are only concerned with getting more dark-skinned people in the show, because they are dark-skinned.

I never said that RW*BY didn’t take years to develop. I am fully aware of that fact, thank you. The fact that you think your shallow complaints matter more than the story that has been being developed for years implies that you might not be fully aware of this fact.

I’m “mad” that you claim that you are “critiquing” when your arguments have nothing to do with the story proper. Your problem is with how many dark-skinned people are in the show and that they are portrayed to your personal standards. Representation (in this case the “lack” thereof) is not a story flaw. It is an issue that you (and others) have based on personal preferences/desires that are not being fulfilled. This is what I mean by shows not having to cater to you. The RW*BY staff are not obligated to indulge personal preferences, especially when they have nothing to do with making the story better. Representation does not make the writing of a story better.

Again, I can’t believe that I have to remind you that my original rude post said that Emerald and Flynt were well-written dark skinned characters.

It’s literally right there, unedited. The same as it was when you, purposely searched for AND reblogged it to complain about it. Amazing.

My criticism wasn’t that there aren’t enough dark skinned characters, the criticism is that the rest of the dark-skinned characters that we’ve seen are not written as well or as well used for developing canon as Emerald and Flynt are. I LITERALLY SAY IN THE POST THAT EMERALD AND FLYNT ARE WELL WRITTEN.

That’s literally complaining about how Monty, Miles, and Kerry were/are good at actually pulling off well written dark-skinned characters in a short time, but they don’t write the other dark-skinned characters they have that way when they could have.

But it doesn’t matter that I have to reiterate this, because you’ve consistently proven that’s not what you were concerned with in the first place when you tried to come for me on this post. :^) Not surprised you have a hard time reading what I ACTUALLY said when your head is shoved up your ass.

I’m “mad” that this argument was stated so poorly.

It was a rude post. it was tagged as such. Lol. You would know, you read the fucking tags when you reblogged it to try to argue with me about it.

And as a side note, how is Flynt well developed? We know that his father’s company was forced out of business by the Schnees. That’s it. We don’t know anything else substantial about him.

Please explain how Flynt is well developed. Examples from the plot with critical analysis please.

Aw that’s cute, you think you’re a teacher giving me homework!

For someone so “smart”, and wanting to argue with me about critical analysis and rhetoric concerning character writing, I figured you could have deduced why I think Flynt is a well-rounded and well-written character. But AS USUAL I have to explain shit to you for you in simple terms.

We learned about Flynt’s motivation as a character, leadership qualities, fighting style, semblance, and personality in ONE EPISODE. AND Flynt serves the purpose of being a character foil to Weiss, and highlighting the negativity that surrounds the Schnee family from an additional perspective. And Flynt is a catalyst for important character development concerning Weiss (where she sacrificed herself so that Flynt wouldn’t attack Yang)

Flynt was never foreshadowed in the Volume openings, and he was mentioned offhand by the RW*BY crew in a RTX 2015 panel as being “really cool.”

Compare Flynt with every other dark-skinned character that has been formally introduced in Volume 3.
(I have to bold that for you because your reading skills are atrocious. That means I’m not including Fox or Emerald in this comparison)

Arslan doesn’t speak. Nadir doesn’t speak and is rarely shown fighting as seriously as many other characters have in the show. Roy doesn’t speak. All of them were OHKO’d in their first appearance.

Sage has been hinted at for 2 seasons, has ONE line in the entirety of Volume 3, and BARELY an idea of how he fights. In the fight he debuts in, he was the VERY first character to be ringed out on his team, in a terribly paced “fight” with Dew. He helps with a maneuver to cut off a Nevermore’s head, but since or in-between then, we never see how serious or skilled of a fighter he is (if at all) We don’t know what his dynamic with his teammates (other than Neptune?) is.

Ciel is shown ONE time all season, despite being the one who looks after Penny. And despite what happened to Penny in one of the final episodes of the season, we never see her reaction to Penny’s destruction, since Penny herself claimed that Ciel didn’t know that she was a robot.

Amber is a static character, and all we know about her is how she fights, and her former status as the Fall Maiden. As of the end of the volume, she’s dead.

And while you’re answering that, can you provide me examples of what black/dark-skinned characters were portrayed in a stereotypical light? That’d be great, thanks!

You haven’t provided examples for in general terms, but to clarify I was talking about within the confines of RW*BY. Please provide examples of dark-skinned characters that were portrayed in a stereotypical light in RW*BY.

Not that you care, but what I meant by my original post was the fact that Emerald and Flynt weren’t stereotypically written at all. Which is a good thing. (but you prefer to ignore when I actually say something good about things I like)

BUT while I’m here, I should mention that Sage, Nadir, and Roy’s purposes outside of fighting have been comic relief while others take the spotlight thanks to their misfortune. Which is far too common for dark-skinned characters. Still cute that you quiz me like a pretentious teacher, and think I can’t answer your questions.

-So kindly fuck off.
You first, m8

Just reminding you that you purposely searched for my rude post to be mad about and attempt to argue with me on.