This post is for my buddies out there that probably have never been to a relationship or have been but arent in one for a long time or to the people that havent been loved.

For a lot of time i think bad of my self and think lower but one day i learned that a guy liked me but hadnt told me, i couldnt believe it really because i had an interest in him for a while it came out that now he doesnt have a crush but when i told him i like him, he was happy about it and he told me if i like him, i can make him like me back.

It’s kinda hard for me tbh to do this but im trying really, i dont know if i have made any progress or something but i will just be my self, and if he wont like me again its okay at least i had someone to like me back for a while :)

So really dont think that no one likes you there is surely someone that likes you -mod founderel

i’d like to know where any of the “gabriel reyes is the boss from hell” stuff spawns from because have you listened to his actual voicelines? yeah he sounds kinda rough but like 1/3 of his lines are dead guy puns and one is him purring “haven’t i… killed you somewhere before?” like its the worlds best pickup line. gabriel seems like the kinda boss that lets you stop by a pizza place on the way back as long as you get extra breadsticks. he seems like the kinda boss that’ll let you skirt around the deadline bc he knows you’re exhausted and nobody ever turns anything in on time around this place anyways. made the blackwatch uniforms armor and whatever the hell else you wanna wear, he doesn’t give a damn.

JACK is the one with the “you didn’t make the cut” and the “thats SIR to you” lines like ???? how yall always getting this backwards


I’ve thought so long about how to properly end my official time with this blog, especially since my last post was a Valentines Day one and that’s not very… finale-like.
I was worried, because while I knew I was going to do be dead for months either way, I really wanted to have a proper finish point, something I can look back on.

The journal, guys. Journal 3.
The journal is full of inspiring things, frankly, I’m in love with it. And it made me raise from the dead one last time, no- sev’ral timez! That’s right, I’m crappily drawing out more than one thing. This is not the last post. I think… I think there’s one more. It’s the least I could do, after such a journal, after such a journey with this blog. 

So, prepare for a lot of Journal-3-insider jokes or references!
Have you noticed that on the page in the first half of the book where Ford says he’s a sucker for Jelly Beans, he trashtalks toffee peanuts in the same breath?
Have you noticed that when Dipper describes at the end of the book how everyone exposed Finale Stan to things he knew very well, he mentions that Stan’s favorite foods are bacon…and toffee peanuts?

Needless to say, this dumb idea was INCREDIBLY fun to draw. Seriously, it was a blast!

Just this one time I encourage you to delete my caption, as this post doubles as my place to lengthily say all these things important to this blog, and me. The pictures… can stand on their own, haha.


a shivering min yoongi x peach ?? >> none of the pics belong to me <<

i was tagged by @sonyeondun (thank you so much!) this is the first time i’ve ever made one of these so pls don’t kill me

i’m gonna tag anyone who wants to do it tbh,, and mainly because i’m scared to tag any ppl…..

broship-addict  asked:

Hey, sorry for bothering you, but you mentioned blushy + melodramatic Andrew in the tags for something I drew (which was a great thing to wake up to, thank you!) so I was wondering if you're up to elaborating on that?

*has a heart attack every time someone I follow notices me*

I am here for a melodramatic Andrew, but I accidentally just made it about Andrew complaining to Renee while Renee suffers through it and tries to be his wingman

  • so the post being referred to is this cute little one and no i have no idea where my reblog is do not ask
  • my tags were basically me cooing over a blushing andrew
  • but also
  • andrew dramatically draping himself over his bed while moaning about how neil would never like him in return
  • obviously andrew doesnt really seem like the type of person to actually do that
  • but for the sake of this rant, im pretending he is
  • if you read my tags i mentioned a “tsundere Andrew” at one point somewhere long, long ago because my vocabulary is half-weaboo from the middle school phase that hasnt quite left my brain yet
  • (so does not help that half my friends are anime nerds)
  • yeah tsundere Andrew is 100% canon and this is in no way ooc

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So a few months ago I started posting my new Kakuhida Prison!AU doujin, but I didn’t feel like it turned out the way I wanted it, so recently I deleted all of it and started over. Now I’ve made the thumbnails for the first chapter (61 pages!) and started all over again. I think it will turn out much better this time, both art-wise and story-wise! I don’t know if that doujin was so popular among my followers x) But we’ll see if you like it more this time. I’m mostly drawing it for myself tho, because this is one of those stories that just have to come out, no matter if it gets popular or not haha.

(I’ll try and post many pages in one post tho so I won’t spam the tags! But this won’t happen yet for a few more weeks. I’m gonna try to have most of the chapter done before I start posting)

I see that I’ve got a lot of new followers recently tho, so I’m kinda wondering if people are interested in progress posts and background/info posts about the doujin and such?

For Fanfic Appreciation Day! I made it just in time!

(Also, if you think it’s weird I tagged you in this, my main is stars-in-the-lake. I’ve actually sent prompts or asks to you before xD)

@despair-demon-abelas: The one who started it all. I didn’t ship Fenders at first, but after seeing him posting more Fenders with some hc, I got interested and started researching. And boy am I forever grateful. Currently, I’m following their Cinnamon fanfic, and omg, it’s the cutest thing. I get so much fluffy feels from it. I am so glad he sometimes tells me upcoming chapters and what they have planned because I loooove squealing over the ideas. I also CANNOT WAIT until he starts the Dhampir!Anders x Vampire Hunter! Fenris Au. CAN. NOT. WAIT. I am DYING FOR THAT ONE SO BAD!

@therealmnemo I cannot say enough about this person. Since riding the Fenders ship, Mnemosynea is such a supportive member of the fandom. If you love mermaid aus, you should really check out their stuff or send prompts her way! I absolutely ADORE MerAnders so Infinity in Pieces was a delight to read.  And I’m really interested in where “The Layover” is headed. Is it a reincarnation thing? Did they run into each other in the past? I want to know!

@timesorceror Not Fenders related, but when I mentioned I might be interested in Anders x Warden fic, they sent me a link of their fic, Keep You Safe. I FREAKING CRIED, it was so good. I literally had tears coming out my eyes because my heart was hurting for Anders and Amell. I really, really want to read more, especially since Keep You Safe is a prelude to Fenders. LIke c’mon, don’t leave me hanging there!

@diamonddragon33 OMG! I can finally tag you! THANK YOU TUMBLR! Another person who has been very supportive, and someone I love, love talking plots and hcs with! I read their “Peace Is the Opposite Side of War” and I need MOAR! I love the premise. I am a sucker for mage paired up with a warrior, that they make a bond, and fight side by side. That is totally my jam, so this got me hooked quick. I can’t wait to see how it develops!

@laurpas MERMAID!!! What can I say, you had me with The Witch and the Sea. But that wasn’t actually the first fic I read from you. The first one that really grabbed my attention was “Vestigium”. The premise is super interesting, and I want to know what happens. Lol you already spoiled some of it for me, but I still want to read how it goes down! And guys, Cecaelia? Welcome to a new kink you didn’t know you have.

@starlinghawke AHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I just get feels thinking of two of your fics. I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love “An Unexpected Mate” and “The Seer’s Corner”. I’ve said it on tumblr, I’ve said it on AO3, BUT YOU CAN”T LEAVE IT THERE! I NEED A SEQUEL SO BAD! PLEASE CONTINUE THEM! And they just wrote a fic I prompted them, and it’s the best thing ever to wake up to!

@stealyourshiny CRUEL! That’s the only word I can think of right now after they tease me with that Soulmate Au! After they write (1/ 2) something this awesome, having me squealing and dying from anticipation, they tell me they aren’t going to continue anytime soon. WHY?!!? What did I ever do to deserve this kind of cliff hanger?!?!?

@asexualmerrill I LOVE THEIR ZEVRAN x Warden drabbles! Levy is such a cutie-patootie, and it was such joy talking to them about Levy and his relationship in terms of Justice, Anders, and Zevran. I was really entranced by their hc about how Levy sees Justice as a father figure, and Levy’s reaction when he found JustAnders in Kirkwall. I recently just prompted them a Fenders fic and squealed over it, but it’s Zevran x Levy that has me all AsAKSHALKSHAL

@andrastesknickerweasel Dude, where to freaking start? “From These Emerald Waters Doth Life Begin Anew” IS MY ALL TIME FENDERS FAV.  I cannot recommend that fic enough. I do believe that is THE fic that fully cemented me as a Fenders fan. My other fav from them is “For Want of a Favor” a little angsty (but not too much), and so cute and adorble, guh!” Their newest series “Hard Up in Hightown”  has me clicking the refresh button everyday hoping it’s updated. WHEN WILL THEY MEET?!?!

@calligraphypenn Oh man, another person I love following and can’t wait to see them update. I follow their “Paper and Cotton” religiously. RELIGIOUSLY. I do believe it’s up and on it’s way to become everyone’s recommended list when people ask for a fic rec. But Paper and Cotton wasn’t the fic I first followed. I followed “In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas” first and it’s so close to being done! PLEASE FINISH IT! Fenris just has to reach out and they’d have a HEA! *SOBS*

@lamentaslair Oh man, I first got introduced to them when I went to that side of the fandom with A/B/O and mpreg (and I don’t regret it one bit). But my ultimate fav that I keep reading over and over again is Apples and Cinnamon. It’s just so sweet, and perfect. There’s no other way to describe how much I love this.

@sixlilypetals Another DUUUUUDE shout out. I rarely bookmark fics, but I bookmarked the HELL out of “Poisoned Memories” I just ajkjkjdjskjad, the fic hit all of my kinks and I just love the premise. It hurts that Anders can’t remember Fenris, thinking they’re still rivals instead of lovers, but that’s EXACTLY why I love it. Shoot, I’m gonna go reread it again right now.

@emotionalmorphine: I can’t tag you, but “Sweet Little Words” broke my heart into so many pieces but in the best possible way. Also one of my ultimate fav fics!

@warriormaggie and last but not least, HeroMaggie. There is not enough room to begin listing the fics I enjoy from her. I told you guys I’m a sucker for soulmate and A/B/O aus right? Well she gots them! I spent almost 24 hours sitting in front of my laptop reading ALL of her works because I couldn’t stop myself. And that is the highest compliment I can give to any author. I LOST SLEEP BECAUSE OF YOU! “Our Very Essence” is one of the few A/B/O that is fully fleshed out an developed and I love it to bits. Pale Lines Say You’re Mine is a soulmate AU and oh my goodness, I was so happy there was a sequel. And while Splinters is neither a/b/o or soulmate, it has Cat Anders! What more could you ask for? LOVE!

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"Don't put this in the Bellarke tag" You know what? When the Blarkes stop being so gross to Eliza, we'll stop calling them out in their tag! Some of them need to spend more time actively policing their fandom and giving shit to the nasty ones on their side instead of spending time whining at Eliza's fans because we don't let them ignore how utterly nasty so much of their fandom is.

I made an entire post about this.

They’d rather count all their “good apples” than pick out the rotted ones.

Post 10 facts about yourself + pass it onto 10 favs

Tagged by the Great Teacher @zacharybosch . Thank you dearie

1)      Hannibal is my first and only fandom

2)      I don’t draw anything outside of this blog. Not even stick figures.

3)      I made the clock in my office into Will’s clock. I love watching people try to figure out the time before realizing there’s something wrong. The hands are also permanently stuck at 7.05

4)      I can read Jawi (an Arabic alphabet)

5)      I can’t ride a bicycle. The last time I tried I fell off.

6)      No one calls me by my given name because it is difficult to pronounce

7)      I’m an adventurous eater and will try anything. I once ate a roasted tarantula. It was tasty.

8)      I have only have had one job in my life

9)      I have been told I have a resting bitch face and could probably axe murder someone with no change in expression

10)   I like to crochet baby shoes


And now i’m blocked so can’t send the message

sorry but why would i do that for you? if i take it down, it would erase the evidence that you’ve reposted my edit.
actually if you hadn’t asked me to take it down first, i would have done that even though you never asked because i try not to post negative discourses as best i can for my followers. but how could you ask me FIRST to erase the evidence? i’m the one who’s offended.
i saw your blog. it’s not the first time you made orginal posts. you’ve done it many times and you posted lots of gifs. and as a person who makes gifs, i can tell you that those gifs are not made by one person. you said you FORGOT to credit me, but let’s be clear. you don’t credit others. you didn’t credit me as usual.

Random stuff about WreckingBias (Mariana)

If you receive this, post random things about yourself & then pass it on to (some of) your 15 favorite followers (I love you all). 

I was tagged by one of my favorite tumblr of all times, the amazing @fuckmybiaslist that the love for Jin made me realize that I was always a Jin biased hoe (because of the other 6).

Obs. Like I said yesterday in another post, sorry for not having done it before, I was being hit by life, but I’m really happy I was tagged by you.

* Since the age of 5 I love cinema, I can recognize a movie even if I’m not looking at the screen. The first time I watched Gone with the Wind I was 7 years old.

* If I could pick one talent, I would choose to sing.

* Once when I was 14, I was with my mother in the car while waiting for my sister to come, as she was taking my mother asked me to go after her. Meanwhile, my sister returned to the car, so my mother thought I was with her, started the car and left. My sister, who had not noticed my absence asked me to hold the package when I did not answer, she turned around and asked where I was, my mother looked in the rearview mirror and saw me with my arms crossed on the sidewalk, looking like I could kill someone.

*I’t was because of a reaction video from BapMokja’s channel that I watched BTS’S Dope for the first time, before this I only knew Psy, since that day, I’m addicted to BTS, but the first clip I watched that day was Sistar’s Touch my body.  

* I don’t know any kpop fan personally.

* Outside BTS I really love rock. My favorite band of all time is Led Zeppelin.

* This year I will make my first tattoo.

*This is one of my favorite photos of BTS:

*This is one of my favorite photos of Seokjin (ok, I can’t choose only one):

*This is one of my favorite fan art (if you know who the artist is, please tag me): 

I TAG : 
@tellthemblockb  @its-suga-sweet  @creamsicklesz @jinoodle  @raplikejin-z  @kerstimon @kainks @subarkemorris @wreckitrapmon @mirnyoongi @coffeecupsandjiminsmuts @tooturnttaetae @zeurin
looking forward to see what you have to say about you

I feel as if I should recruit someone else onto this blog to help me manage it while I spend my time rotting away due to mental problems am busy being an active and productive member of society.  

I would appreciate the following traits in candidates:

1. Artistically-inclined with a critical eye.

2. Knowing what separates the good and the bad in terms of tattoos. (doi)

3. An interest in the art form and general culture of tattooing, which I assume you already do considering 

4. Have a sense of humor because lord knows running one of these requires one.

5. General decency and whatnot, but not going Full Tumblr because sweet shit I am not letting that crap infest the upper echelons of this fine establishment.

6. The ability to choose a bird to be addressed as in the sort of Mod [bird species here].  We’ll tag ourselves in any reblogs or posts made so followers know who’s doing what.  I’ve already got dibs on magpies, but there are tons of birds so yeah go for it.

So yeah hit me up off anon and we can get to chatting.

82 Questions Tag

So I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a tag and it’s made me reluctant to post one for some reason?? But this one seemed really fun so here we go! I was tagged by @jinssmolgf ty bunches ♡

And I’ll tag @kimbap-uh-kidding @svthansols @eomji-cheok @kimjunnoodle @http-novahd @smolxings @hoshikichicken @luhans-puma-briefs @taelynn @vernonchewy @minsugapuff @tabisarthoe @17vernsol (as always don’t so this if you don’t want to)

1. Last text and who was it to: It was to my mom lol. She apologized bc I said being home alone was boring and I replied with the basic “it’s okay”

2. List 3 favorite colors: cerulean, pastel green, pastel blue

3. What time did you wake up today: 2 AM because my brother woke me up to sleep in my room what a punk

4. What were you doing last night at midnight? sleeping and it was really nice :’)

5. Name something you can’t wait for: november because that’s when my birthday is. But also fall bc I’m tired of the heat I feel like I’m melting 

6. Last time you saw your mother: like 11 PM yesterday

7. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: to be happier? Does that count lmao

8. What’s getting on your nerves right now: the fact that my brother woke me up when I was finally sleeping at a recent hour 

9. Relationship status: single

10. Favorite TV show: the fosters

11. First best friend: her name is Alex and we met in kindergarten but we’re still best friends to this day :’)

12. Listening to right now: I’m Not Sorry - Dean

13. Three fears: losing people, bugs (like why), heights

14. Four turn-ons: I don’t even think I have “turn-ons” but I’ll say nice smiles, gentleness, intelligence, and affection

15. Four turn-offs: stupidity (that sounds mean omf but I hate when people don’t get things after they’ve been explained multiple times ;-;), selfishness, complaining about every little thing, and laziness to the extent where they never want to do anything

16. Sexual Orientation: um I can’t really label it? I just don’t really care what a person is

17. My senior quote in the yearbook will be: probably something stupid that I’ll regret after high school honeslty

18. First thing I notice in a new person: eyes or height

19. Shoe size: 5 ½? sometimes a 6

20. Eye color: brown

21. Hair color: medium brown?…

22. Favorite clothing item: sweaters. they’re so cozy ^~^

23. What color underwear I’m wearing: o byeeeeee…they’re black and grey…

24. Ultimate bias: I love like everyone but it’s between Wonwoo, Taehyung, and Momo

25. Ultimate bias group: I deny this all the time but it’s probably Seventeen

26. Favorite season: spring and fall

27. How much time I spent on designing my blog page: 2 days and I’m still not even satisfied smh

28. Reason I joined Tumblr: I say this all the time but I was emo to the extremo at one point and I wanted to have a grunge blog. that clearly didn’t really happen lol

29. Last book I read: Room by Emma Donoghue which I highly recommend

30. Do you ever get ‘good morning or night’ texts: My friend Navin says good morning to me most days

31. When did I last hold hands: Probably like a couple weeks ago

32. How long does it get me to get ready in the mornings: like an hour maybe? 2 If I don’t want to go anywhere with wet hair bc I hate blowdrying

33. Have I shaved my legs in the past three days: yep

34. Where am I right now: In my desk chair

35. Do you like music loud, or at a reasonable level: depends on the mood

36. Three things I love: plants, music, literature

37. How I feel right now: A lil sleepy 

38. Something I really, really want: to see svt in person. I don’t think I want anything more than that really

39. Three things that upset me: death, hate, lies

40. What I find attractive in other people: happiness

41. Three habits I have: fumbling with my hands when I’m nervous, avoiding eye contact, dropping things they aren’t even exciting why am I boring

42. Something I fantasize about: sorry to be really general but the future lol

43. My OTP: Charlie and Patrick from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Like yeah I know Charlie and Sam are the big thing but they would have been way cuter js

44. Something I’m talented at: sketching, dancing…pretty sure that’s it 

45. The blog I give most notes to: it’s pretty even between a few people but it’s @jinssmolgf 

46. Last person who reblogged from me: @tabisarthoe

47. Do I smoke/drink: nonono. 

48. My favorite food: grilled cheese. seriously nothing compares

49. My favorite dessert: cheesecake omf

50. What I did yesterday: Started learning the dance to Taeyeon’s Why

51. Number of kids I want: I don’t know if I want kids but maybe 2

52. Number of siblings I have: 1 little brother

53. Something that’s constantly on my mind: I think about too much to answer this tbh

54. Last person I messaged on Tumblr: @taelynn

55. Can I drive: Nah

56. What state or part of the world do I live in: NJ

57. Am I in school: yup. It’s just summer break rn

58. Do I get grossed out easily: yes

59. Somewhere I would like to visit for a week: New Hope, Pennsylvania

60. I’ll love you if: We’re close and you’re a good person

61. Last show I binge-watched: Soul Eater. I’ve been rewatching my favorite animes bc I’m trash

62. What words upset me the most: “I like them More” or just “I don’t like you” It makes me more insecure then I already am and although I want people to tell me if they don’t, I don’t want people to not like me T^T

63. What words make me feel the best about myself: when people say they like talking to me or call me cute c: I also really like when people say I’m smart bc I think intelligence is all I got going for me lmao

64. A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11: it’s a secret

65. Who should I switch lives with for a day: No one?

66. My favorite ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough

67. Allergies: grass, bees, penicillin and the like different types of it

68. Sexiest person to come to your mind immediately: wonwoo though don’t talk to me 

69. My childhood career choice: I wanted to make pretzels at Auntie Anne’s bc I thought I’d get free pretzels

70. One of my insecurities: My skin 

71. How many blogs am I following: 435 yikes

72. How many tabs/windows do I have open right now: 4

73. Coke or pepsi: pepsi

74. Tea or coffee: both but I like tea more

75. Movie or book: book ofc

76. A sense I would be willing to lose: touch

77. Quote I live by: “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” -Kurt Cobain

78. Type of accessory I wear the most: bracelets

79. Last awkward situation I found myself in: I can’t remember and it’s probably for the best lol

80. What time is it right now: 4:30 AM

81. A song that’s made me cry: Simple - Woozi

82. First song I ever sang by karaoke: I think it was an Elvis song but I’m not sure

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any Fanfics? It's kinda hard finding any with both that will do them justice.

Okay so I personally can only recommend more scira out of the two because I haven’t read enough stalia to know which ones are the best BUT this message has pushed the motivation for a real fic rec page to made to fix this problem so stay tuned for that!  


Like Murphy’s Law. Only With Wendigos by LaT: I’ve read this probably about a hundred times and it’s still so so good. The only thing is you’ll need an account on ao3 to access this one because it’s restricted. 

. Don’t Know Where To Go (So I’ll Just Get Lost With You) by chalantess: Posted a shortly after 3b aired so it doesn’t follow season plot exactly but it’s still something I stop and read whenever I go back through the tag! To be honest this author has always posted good scira so I’d just go to their page and read all of it. 

. While we’re talking about authors anything AFireInTheAttic. Anything. 

The Spoils of War by weathervaanes: This is still probably the best scira fic I have read to date and no list would be complete without it. (also read the nsfw sequel ((i say sequel but it’s more of just a sidestory BUT some details may be confusing if you haven’t read the first one)) How Many Times and the Sterek counterpart if you will Confident in Victory (which doesn’t have scira but still an enjoyable read) 

I know this list is kind of short and i could honestly spend HOURS finding good fic to recommend because this does not NEARLY cover all the things I’ve read but we should save some for the page! Hope you enjoy and happy reading!

Why can’t ARMYs make the Youngjae/Jimin resemblance a fun thing instead?

What happened to the nice bond BABYz and ARMYs used to have when it came to the Hyun family?

Daehyun and Taehyung looked alike and yet no one was going all over the place saying who was more handsome and insulting the other. Instead, we made funny posts about them being in the same family. I remember enjoying the whole ‘Hyun Family’ tag so much and it became so popular and loved that Taehyung even talked about it in an interview.

Isn’t that 100 times better than your idol looking at all the crap you say about another artist and ignoring you because he’s probably disappointed?

#oranjimin x tanjaerine !!! 🍊💕

(P.s: This post refers to the part of the ARMY fandom that aren’t being respectful.)

Seduce Me 2, once again, has consumed my soul (THERE ARE NO SPOILERS AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED)

Of course, if any of you had remembered a long time ago that I made one of those reaction posts to Erik’s route where I, quite literally, almost choked on my own retainer. Well, here I am again with two pictures taken before and after Erik’s route (because he is my prince and I love him, but so help me if I am quoted on that-). 

I love the new art style; I especially love it for Diana, and I love her so much (but I will get into that later). One thing that really caught me in SM2 is how they all have poses (or at least most do).

1: Erik is about to come on the screen, I know it! I gotta be fucking prepared, okay!? GOTTA BE PREPARED FOR TENTACLE SECOND SON PRINCE!

That being said, I love his pose. His pose just literally brings back my spirit whenever I am having sad feelings in this story. Not to say his character isn’t already making me feel relieved (Cause believe me, sweetie, I feel relieved if ya know what I mean).

After some progression in the story line, I’m beginning to feel two things. One, my deep admiration that came out nowhere for Diana, and two, my eargasm upon listening to the BGM. Seeing as how I have two topics here, I will talk about Diana at the end. 

The music written by Christopher Escalante for Seduce Me 2 quite literally had me stop reading and just kind of sit back and close my eyes (not because it’s like 2AM or anything). The piano, the occasional percussion, all together in tandem were enough to make me feel immersed. Not only did the music sound beautiful, but even the faint following of the sustain and damper pedals of the piano added an effect that moved me. 
(Do not judge me for talking so closely on this music; my father is a composer and I’ve been taking vocal pedagogy and flute for over seven years so this is natural for me.)

Diana is just…I cannot really describe in words how much I feel for her (not empathy, mind you, but sympathy). Her character development just made me so happy. I honestly, truly, hoped that in some way she’d be a path, but I ain’t breaking up her and Saero. The build up and unexpected first encounter with her truly made me feel as though I had some kind of older sister watching out for me (ironic when you know the story). Overall, extremely proud of the character and the creator of her. 

All her scenes made me have three transitions:

1: Oh dear, this woman. 
2: Oh dear, this angel

This is already extremely long (even though I could write way more), but I will shorten it with my last reaction picture. My reaction to the end screen (which I loved the ending theme of, by the way. If Michaela Laws ever reads this, I want her to know I think her voice is gorgeous and the lyrics were phenomenal with the music written for it). 

1: (DRAMAtical Murder flashbacks) FINALLY, THERE IS FREE END
2: oH SHI-

Thank you for selecting me as one of the winners of your selfie contest. Had I not played this game tonight, I would have immersed myself in a movie with Johnny Depp acting as an animated lizard in a desert fighting a turtle who wants all the fucking water for himself. 

I apologize for the long ass review and/or excitement rant. 


Okay, so now I’m redrawing a certain 3 page doujin involving UmiMaki and KotoNico to kinda prep and gauge for Paper Airplane, which I’m having some trouble with.

I’m also currently wondering if I should post Shipper Kotori up, along with the two pages I made in the time of my absence from Tumblr, or if I should wait and redraw the strips before I do. Also wondering if I want them coloured because I like both coloured and non-coloured.

Also planning to release a sample of what I’d (probably) do for Patreon exclusives (I might just run on commissions instead but let’s see how that goes.) and it’s going to be a NicoMaki piece and reading up on making themes because I want to set one with my art tag and a price list for commissions.

And let me tell you.

I don’t understand a thing about coding. Not one bit.

Get to Know Me Tag.

Name: Dejia
Nickname: don’t have one
Sign: Gemini
Fave color: red
Time: 5:59
Lucky Number: 17
Last Thing I Googled: Ezekiel Elliott
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
Fave Fan Fic Character: Don’t have one.
Fave Book: “Secret Life Of Bees.”
Fave band: Paramore
Dream Job: Clothing Designer
Wearing right now: Drose t-shirt, black sweats.
When did I create my blog: May 2015
Amount of followers: 14.7k
What do you post about: OBJ
What made u create a tumblr: not my first tumblr page. But to show support for OBJ
Why did you choose your URL: because that’s his name 😂