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I'm comin' home (AJ Styles x Reader)

(First Fic on tumblr! I know I’m not the best writer in the world but I can’t get better if I don’t keep writing and practicing! I’ve read through it twice and didn’t see any grammar/spelling errors but if I notice one later I’ll fix it!)
Characters: AJ Styles, you, a little Dean Ambrose, mention of Nikki Bella
Warnings: Angst, possible cheating
Very loosely (like you can see it if you close your left eye and close your right eye) based on the song Hold On by the Scott Brothers And a special shoutout to one of my favorite blogs llowkeys (my mobile won’t let me tag) for being my go to AJ source for all things from sassy answer to anons to very sexy pictures of the one and only AJ. You helped inspire this so I hope you like it.

It’s been four days. Four days since I’ve talked to AJ. Its not for lack of trying on my part either. I’ve tried calling, face-timing, and texting him and he never responds. He’s never done this before. Normally he calls me all the time when he’s on the road. During the day he’d send me pictures of him out and about with his coworkers/friends. And on nights when I really missed him I could convince him to FaceTime me so I could see his smiling face. But now I can’t get him to talk to me.
I tried to think back to the last time we talked. About 5 days ago he called me from a town in Ohio where Smackdown was being taped. He said he was getting ready for bed and wanted to say goodnight to me. We talked for an hour before hanging up. I don’t think any negative things were sad. He was pretty happy with how Smackdown turned out. I, of course, had watched and told him how proud I was of him. We talked about how he would be home in 5 days, which meant he would be home today. I couldn’t think of anything that would make him mad at me. Maybe I said something and he misunderstood me. I guess I’ll find out when he comes home and I’ll explain everything.
AJ would be home around 6 tonight. I had everything planned out on how to figure out why he stopped responding to me. I’d cook his favorite meal and we’d talk over dinner. Once noon rolled around I decided to head to the store and pick up the ingredients for dinner. I get dressed and head out. I walk around the grocery store grabbing anything I’ll need for tonight. I check over my shopping and see the next item on the list is seasonings. I push the cart to the aisle and look for the seasons I need. Then I hear someone talking. Normally I would never listen in on a strangers conversation but I could have sworn they said AJ’s name. We lived in a somewhat small town, as a way to distance ourselves from the spotlight AJ lives in when he’s on the road. It was normal for people to gossip especially about the town celebrity. I looked around and saw two woman I didn’t know at the other end of the aisle looking away from me. “I’m telling you Helen it’s true. My son Jimmy told me. He has one of those wrestling fan sites and someone posted a picture of AJ Styles with some girl in his lap at a bar. And it was for sure not his fiancée.” “I don’t know Nancy. I’ve run into him a few times. He seems like such a nice guy. And I’ve seen him and (Y/N), I think that’s his fiancées name, out on dates a few times when William and I go out. They seem pretty happy and pretty in love.” “Let’s see if I can find the site my son showed me.” The first woman, Nancy, said pulling our her phone. “Well it’s not the same website but there’s quite a few links on here. Poor (Y/N). I wonder if she knows yet.” Both women shrug and start up on a new topic while walking father from me and to a new aisle. I get my phone from my purse and google ‘AJ Styles cheating’. AJ and I wanted to keep our relationship semi private. I didn’t want to the spotlight but he felt like it was important that people know we were together. He figured it may help keep gold digger girls off him. But I guess that wasn’t working. Google finally pops up results and I don’t believe my eyes. At least seven websites are reporting on AJ with different woman. I open a few of the links and almost cry right there in the grocery store. Dozens of pictures of AJ are posted. Each one he has a beer in one hand and a different girl near him or on his lap. This must be some joke. I look through the other websites and it’s all the same. I close my phone and walk out of the store without the items I was shopping for. I was in no mood to cook for him tonight. Tonight would be him explaining to me what the hell is going on. Once I get home I start crying. Why would AJ cheat on me? Was he getting tired of me? Was this his way of calling off our wedding that was only 3 months away? After a few minutes of tears and questioning everything I decided to find out some truth. I had only been to live shows a few times but while I was there some of the super stars gave me their numbers in case of emergency and I couldn’t get a hold of AJ. I look through my contacts and just decide to try Dean Ambrose. He and AJ didn’t get along well but he was always nice to me and I imagine he was also at bars and would tell me the truth. He doesn’t seem like the kinda guy to sugar coat things. Right as I’m about to hit the call button a text from AJ finally appears. “Sorry babe can’t make it home this week. Something came up we all have to stay. Try to be home next week. - AJ” What? He wasn’t coming home at all? We haven’t seen each other in a month or talked in almost a week and the only thing he has to stay is Sorry. He didn’t say he missed me or that he loved me? Once I read the message again to make sure I’m reading it correctly I call Dean. It rings three times then he answers. “This is Dean.” “Hey Dean. This is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). AJ’s fiancée. Have you seen AJ lately? He hasn’t been answer my calls and I’m worried about him.” I decide not to jump straight to the is my fiancé cheating on me line. “I’ve seen him a few times since the show. Seems like he’s fine. Hasn’t been making that stupid face he makes when he’s pissed.” “Okay. Now, um, this is really awkward but to ask but I figured you out of all people would give me a straight answer. I’ve seen the pictures on social media of AJ at bars with other women. Are those real? Is that really happening?” There’s a silence on the other end of the line. That can’t be good. It means he is trying to find the right way to tell me AJ is cheating. “Yeah they are. I’m sorry (Y/N). After the first time it happened we figured he was drunk and not thinking straight. Nothing happened the girl just danced on him and sat with him. When it happened again the next time Nikki Bella asked him what he was doing since he has a fiancée and all. He just snapped at her and told her to mind her own damn business. She thought about telling you but then realized no one but AJ knew your number.” With every word he said my world came crashing down. AJ was cheating on me. “So he starting talking girls back to his room?” “He took them somewhere.” “Is it true that something came up and you all have to stay for another week? He just sent me a text saying that.” “Yes that one is true. They scheduled wrong and our week off is in a week not this week. Listen I’ve gotta go but I’ll talk to AJ for you. I won’t tell him you know about the girls but I’ll tell him to actually call you since you’re worried about him.” “Okay. Thanks Dean you’ve been very helpful.” “No problem (Y/N). I hope things work out.” And with that the phone call is ended. For the next few days AJ still doesn’t call. Dean has started texting me updates on him though. He told AJ to call me and AJ said he would at some point but that hasn’t happened. Dean did say he hasn’t been hanging around any girls at the bars so that’s good I guess. I can’t believe the only contact I’m having with my fiancé is through a guy he can barely stand. During the rare moments I’m not thinking about AJ I’m thinking about our wedding. The wedding that might be called off. I had already bought a dress but I could sell it only. Same with the rings. The stone in my engagement ring was my grandmothers so I’ll take the stone back and him the rose gold setting back. I’ll see if I can take his silver band back to the jeweler where I bought it. Food could easily be canceled. Same with venue and hotel rooms among other odds and ends. I’d have to tell my family. That would be a mess. I’d have to move out of the house since it was his before we got together. I’d probably have to move back to home with my parents and find a job to save up money to rent an apartment. And here I thought I was living in a perfect fantasy world. Guess not. Today is a week later which means AJ should be home today. I don’t know if I’m ready. I’ve trying to mentally prepare myself for the last couple of nights. My phone started ringing while I was making my self some lunch. I knew who it was before I even looked at the caller ID. AJ had set his intro music has his ringtone on my phone. Everyone else was stuck with the generic ringtones preset on the phone. I take a deep breath before answer. “Hello.” “Hey Darlin’ I’m packing up now and I’ll be at the airport soon. So I’ll be home in about 3 hours. Is my girl gonna be waiting on me?” That’s what I normally did. I would go to the airport and wait for him to land and once I saw him I would run into his arms. But how could he be acting so casual? After everything that has happened. I take another breath and decide to call him out on it. “You’ve been cheating on me. And don’t lie either. I’ve seen the pictures and I’ve talking with Dean Ambrose. You didn’t talk to me for days and I have to find out you’ve been hanging around other women at bars from two strangers in the grocery store. And even when Dean told you I was worried and you to call me you didn’t. So tell me what the hell is going on? Is this your way of saying you want to call off the wedding and break up? Should I start packing my bags now and book a plane ticket to my parents?” By the end of this I’m crying. “Darlin’. Please don’t cry. I-I… It’s a lot to explain. I promise I don’t want to call off the wedding. I love you. Once I get home I’ll explain everything to you. Okay?” He sounded sincere. Like he was sorry. “I’ll be at the airport. It’s raining here and you should walk in the rain.” “Thank you Darlin’. I have a surprise for you. You’re gonna love it. I’ll see you soon. I love you.” “I love you too.” It’s such a knee jerk reaction I don’t have time to stop myself from saying it. But then again I do still love him. I start getting ready to head to the airport. After a shower, where I think about everything AJ said, I get dressed and do hair and makeup. Then I get to the airport and want by the baggage claim for AJ. Twenty minutes and a lot of games of phone solitaire later I hear people walking towards the area where I’m standing. I put my phone in my purse and look up. He’s one of the last to get to the claim area. I walk over to him and don’t say anything. He smiled a somewhat sad smile at me and waits for his suitcase to arrive. Once it does he grabs it and we wordlessly walk to the parking lot. “Do you want me to drive?” This is the first thing he says to me. “No. I couldn’t find the keys to the truck so I had to bring my car and you don’t like driving my car.” I say as we reach my car. He puts his bag in the backseat and we both get in. The drive is silent. Which is so unusual for us. Normally he’s telling me about his trip and at some point his hand will makes its way to mine and doesn’t let go until we are home. We reach home and head inside. AJ sets his suitcase in our room and comes back out to the living where I’m sitting on the couch waiting on his explanation. He sits in the chair across from me and sighs dragging his hand down his face. Something he does when he’s nervous or doesn’t want to talk about something. “I promise nothing happened with those girls. I didn’t sleep with any of them. I didn’t kiss them. Nothing happened. I only brought one back to my room and as soon I opened the door I thought of you and sent her away. I don’t know what got into me Darlin’. I guess I’m just worried about the wedding. I’m getting nervous. I don’t want what happened last time to happen again.” This would be AJ’s second marriage. The first ended in divorce. “But it won’t. I love you and would never cheat on you like she did. You are the only guy in the world for me. I care about you more then I care about myself.” I try my best to hold back the tears in my eyes but they slip anyway. AJ leans closer to me and wipes them away before sitting back straight. “I know that. And I was being stupid. And I am so sorry Darlin’. I promise it won’t happen again. These last two weeks I’ve been an idiot and I can’t believe I hurt my favorite girl for such a stupid reason. Can you forgive me?” “Hey can I be so sure it won’t happen again? There’s just a few months until the wedding and even after that things could happen.” “Come on the road with me. You’ve always said you want to travel and see new places. We would have to be more public with our relationship but you know I love you and you love me why not let people how much we love each other.” He moves from the chair to the couch and takes my hand in his. “Please forgive me Darlin’. I’ll do anything to prove how sorry I am.” I look down at our hands together. My tiny fingers laced with his bigger ones. Light reflecting off the stone in my ring. I look up to his face and I can see the sadness in his blue eyes. I take free hand and brush an out of place from his forehead and smile. “Okay. I’ll forgive you. And I’ll come on the road with you too.” His face breaks out into one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and he kisses me for the first time in over a month. It’s simple, soft, and full of love. We pull apart and I lean into his chest and he wraps his arms around me. “Where’s my present? You said you bought me something?” He looks at me for a spilt second and laughs. “We just had a very touching heart-to-heart talk and now all you can think about is your present?” “Well if it’s from you then it’s bound to be an awesome present.” “It’s in my suitcase. I’ll go get it.” I lean up so he can get off the couch. He disappears to our bedroom and soon returns with a plain blue gift bag. He sits back down and pulls me on to his lap. “Here you go Darlin’.” He hands me the bag and I immediately reach my hand in. What I pull out is a t-shirt. One of his WWE merch t-shirts. A shirt that I probably have at least 3 more of in my dresser. I look at AJ for a moment confused and he takes the shirt and turns it around. On the back it says ‘AJ’s wife & Number 1 Fangirl’. I smile and giggle a little before setting the shirt aside. “I love it. I’ll wear it to every show. Make sure everyone knows who my man is.” “Damn right you’ll show them. If you start hanging around backstage I don’t want those idiots to think you’re free game. You’re mine.” “Yes I’m yours. Very happily yours.” I smile and kiss him again before he starts telling me all about his month on the road.

The Plan-Michael Clifford

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“I’ll never write a fake dating fic!”-me last year

Basically a university au/fake dating au where your parents and michaels are both constantly in your dating lives so you fake date to get them to stop bugging you, but actually fall for each other in the process

Throwing yourself down on your bed, you sighed loudly. “I don’t even want to see my parents this weekend.”

“Join the club.” Your best friend Michael said, lying on top of you horizontally so that the two of you were arranged like a human plus sign on your tiny dorm bed.

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People pretend Liam is dumb so often even when he says factually true things they act like he's dumb for saying it. Some of the tags on Bear smiling gifset are acting like Liam is dumb for saying babies can't see for the first two months but it's true they can't. But around 2 months their eyes start to focus and they can see your face and make eye contact. Since Bear is 2 months today the next round of interviews will be Liam excited Bear is making eye contact with him and I can't wait

i know… he’s filled with the strangest facts but like.. his knowing that just means that he did his research and that’s the cutest damn thing? also you’re right! happy two months bear !!!! i can’t wait for all of the cute stories we’ll continue to get.  


heyo its your favorite gay have these super old cool seflies as we celebrate the slow death of summer

Bucky x Reader (Night Owls) *Part 1*

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Summary:(I’m sorry I’m really bad at summaries.) You can never sleep. The nightmares were always too much for you. So one night, you decide to go around and stop at your grocery store for a reason you did not know. But what (or who) you find, will change your life forever.

Word Count: 1,032

A/N: Hey guys! Its been so long since I posted something new! I’m just dealing with a lot of stuff in my personal life right now. But I hope you enjoy it and message or ask me if you want to be tagged in future parts! 


You woke up, tossing and turning in your bed. Your sheets completely soaked with your sweat. You breathed in and out slowly, trying to regain control of your breathing again. You sat up and turned your head to face your alarm clock.


You groaned for waking up so early. You were so tired, but the nightmares you were having made you incapable of sleeping. You pulled the covers off you, twisting your body to sit on the edge of the bed. You reached down and grabbed your robe from the floor and presumed to wrap it around yourself. You made your day way to the bathroom down the hall. You made an effort not to make any noise, for you didn’t want to make your neighbors in the apartment below yours angry. You splashed cold water onto your face, and dried it with a towel. You grimaced at your reflection in the mirror. You looked horrible, you felt horrible. The dark circles under your eyes seemed to grow bigger and darker. You slapped on some makeup, trying to cover them up, but they still showed through. After a couple more minutes in the bathroom, you walked towards your closet to grab some clothes. On nights similar to this one, you liked to get up, get dressed and cruise around in your car. You’d turn the radio up as loud as it would go and just scream, not caring who heard you. You grabbed your keys and gently closed the apartment door behind you. You snuggled into your jacket until you reached your car. You turned the key, roll your eyes when the car did not start. You turned it once more, sighing in relief when you heard the sound of the car rumble. You drove down the vacant street, your headlights being the only thing to light up the starless night. You turned on the radio, raising the volume at a gradual pace. You sometimes wished you could get away from it all. From life, from what you were feeling deep inside. But it wasn’t possible. You felt alone. All of a sudden your stomach started to growl, causing you to wrap your arm around yourself. You hadn’t eaten that much that day or before you went to bed, so you could understand why you were hungry now. You hadn’t been driving for a while, when you spotted some sort of grocery store on the side of the road. You were surprised it was open so late, but you turned your car around and drove into the parking lot. Slamming the door quick, you hustled into the empty store hoping to avoid the cold as much as you could. You smiled at the rush of the store’s heat. You looked around the store, to see it was nearly empty. The only person you saw was the obviously tired cashier behind the register.

Can I help you with something?“ The cashier yawned.

Oh,” you stuttered. “No, it’s fine. But thanks for asking.” The cashier nodded, going back to what she was doing. You walked from aisle to aisle, looking through the shelves for any food you might have been in the mood for. But no matter how hard you looked though, there was never anything you’d want to eat. You’d just put stuff in your cart and they would sit and spoil at your home. Something caught your eye, but it crossed to the other aisle before you could get a better look. The wheels over your cart squeaked as you turn from one aisle to the next, looking for what you thought you saw. After searching and failing, you decided to just go back to your grocery shopping. You took a box of cheerios down from the top shelf and looked at it. You never liked cheerios when you were little, but know they were one of your favorite things to snack on. You looked around to see if anyone was looking, until you realized it was almost three in the morning and no one was here. You opened the cereal box, and scooped out a couple cheerios, cramming them into your mouth.

“Aren’t you supposed to buy those first?” You heard a man’s voice behind you. You turned swiftly to face him, still crunching on some of the cheerios in your mouth.

You swallowed hard, “I- I was gonna pay for them.”

You heard him chuckle, “Alright, I believe you.” He started to walk towards you making you a little nervous, until you caught sight of his eyes. They were so blue. So mysterious. They were the only things you could look at. Suddenly you realized he was now only a foot away from you. You saw that his lips were moving but heard no words coming out.

You shook your head back to reality, “I um- I’m sorry. What?”

“I said,” he smiled. “My names Bucky. And who might you be, besides beautiful of course.” He sent you a wink, causing to grow weak in the knees.

Heat started to grow at your cheeks “I’m (y/f/n).”

“And what brings you to the store so late at night?” He grinned, taking a peek at his watch.

“I’m sort of a night owl I guess.”

“Same here.” He couldn’t stop smiling at you, making you blush even harder. You raised an eyebrow at his saddened expression when you looked to his phone.

“I’m sorry, I have to be going. But-”

“But what?” You asked.

“Would you liked to meet me back here tomorrow night. Same time?”

“Like a date?” You giggled, surprised at what he just asked you.

“Yeah,” he spoke softly. “Like a date.”

You bit your lip with anticipation, still gazing into his beautiful blue eyes. “Okay, I’d like that.”

“Great.” He replied. He looked to his right at the exit of the store. “I’m sorry but I really have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He nodded, then rushed to the door of the grocery store.

“Okay!” You called after him. “Bye Bucky!”

“Goodnight doll!” You laughed at the nickname he had already given you.

You looked down at the cheerio box. “Bucky,” you smiled big. “Can’t wait.”

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Super late but oh well hey guys!! 3 photos because well one of thems today and the other two are when i met Tyler (still not over that tbh) so i can be excused for posting so many especially since i forgot to post the tyler ones til now oops

We'll Travel down Memory Lane - Part 3



Matt’s POV 

“ B-baby, its me, Matt,” she gave me a puzzled look. Doctors rushed in, they pushed me aside so they could get to Y/N. A nurse came to my side,“ I’m sorry sir, but you’ll have to wait outside,” I nodded. I walked out the room and waited in the hallway…she didn’t remember me at all, she looked at me as I was a stranger to her. I snapped out of my thoughts, I should tell everyone! 

I called Y/N’s parents first, then I told Y/N’s friends and the boys. They were on their way to come and see her.

I sat in the hallway for 30 minutes, until a doctor came out of the room. “ Hi Mr.Epsinosa,” he smiled at me,“ Hi,” i smiled back. “ Well, she’s great, in terms of health. Her vitals are good but she lost her memory. She doesn’t seem to know what happened or who she is. So she is gonna need a lot of support from friends and family, to help her re - jog her memory,” I nodded as i took the information in slowly. “ Its good to start with family members, like her mom and dad,” he told me,“ Their on their way actually.” “ Good, so would you like to go in and see her?,” he asked, I thought about it…..,“ Sure.”

I knocked on the door, she looked up from a picture she was looking at. I stepped into the room,“ Hi,” I gave a small wave and smile. “ Hi,” she smiled back,“ Oh, I remember you!”

My face lit up,“ You’re the guy who hugged me earlier right?” my smile dropped abit,“ Ya….I am.” “ Are you the one in this picture?,” she asked, showing me the picture, that was in her lap. It was a picture of our first date, we went to a concert, she looked so beautiful that night. Nash took the picture, since him and Cam tagged along to see the concert.

“ Ya, I am,” I slowly walked towards her,“ Who’s that girl your with?,” she asked. I chuckled a bit,“ its you, that was…., our first date, we went to a Sam Smith concert,” i sat on the edge of the bed. She looked at the picture on more time,“ who took it?,” she looked up again, “ our friends, Nash and Cam.” She looked down at the picture, observing it closely. 

“ We were in a relationship?,” she asked,“ actually, we are. It been three years now…..,we live together with our dogs, Bernie and Joy.” “ But….I can’t remember…..I can’t remember a single thing and its so irritating….,” a tear trailed down her face. “ Hey don’t worry, the doctors said it’s normal….., it’ll take time but we’ll get there ok?" 

She nodded,” we’ll just travel down memory lane,“ I smiled at her. 


Y/N’s POV 

Today was the day I was going home, well to where me and Matt live. Matt came into my room,” I got your clothes.“ He placed the bag on the bed,” I’ll leave you to get changed.“ 


I grabbed all the items off the bedside table. I looked one more time at the photo of me and Matt then i heard a knock,” ready to go?“ I nodded my head, I grabbed the last things I needed. He grabbed my sports bag as I carried my backpack, and made our way to the car.

The car ride was awkward and silent. I was listening to ’ O ’ by Coldplay. Before i knew it, we were driving into the driveway. The house was beautiful, it was just a ordinary modern home but the kind people dream about having.

I walked up to the front door, Matt unlocked it and we entered the house. The walls were covered with pictures, so many memories but so many I couldn’t recongnise. I walked slowly, looking at the pictures carefully as Matt, made his way to the kitchen. I was interuppted by the sound of dog paws running to towards me. I bent down to their level as they came to attack me with love and kisses, I giggled as they both attacked me. ” I see they found you,“ I heard Matt say, I looked up to see him smiling. I stood up and patted both of them,” they missed you alot,“ he told me. ” I can see,“ I giggled.

Matt showed me where our room was. I opened the door to the bedroom and wow….

” This is our room?“ I asked him, setting my bag down,” yup, you’ll be sleeping here.“ ” What about you?.“ I asked in concern,” don’t worry, I’ll be in the spare room.“ I nodded, I toured around the room, looking at the ornaments and pictures around. ” Oh,Y/N?,“ I turned around,” The guys and the girls will be coming around for abit, if you don’t mind.“ I shook my head,” no, its ok, i don’t mind, what time?“ I asked. ” It’s 1:30 at the moment, so in 30 minutes,“ he told me. ” gosh, we should make some snacks for them,“ i told him,” no, no, you don’t have to do that, you rest,“ he insisted. ” I’m fine, I’ll help you,“ I smiled, he smiled back. 

We made our way back downstairs, we made snacks and brought out juice. I set up everything on the living room table but i was a mess. ” Ugh, I’m a mess,“ I chuckled,” you look fine to me,“ Matt smiled. ” No, I’m not. I’m gonna change my sweater.“ I ran upstairs and changed my sweater into a loose funnel shirt,” SUP GUYS!,“ I heard Matt say, they’re here. 

I ran downstairs and met everyone, I was still getting to know everyone, so I was still unclear on the names. I remembered Nash, Cam, Carter and Jack & Jack. We were having a good time, chatting, bringing up memories, getting to know everyone better, it was great. 

The door bell rung,” I’ll get!“ I sprung up from the couch and made my way to the door. I opened it to be met by a long black haired and green eyed woman, her eyes widened at the sight of me,” Hi! are you one of Matt’s friends?“ I asked her,” I-I’m…um, I’m sorry I-,“ she was cut off by the voice of Matt. ” Who is it Y/N?“ he came to the door, his eyes widened ,” Veronica?“ 


Yay! Part 3 is done! 

whats gonna happen in Part 4? 


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