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Hello! Can I have scenario with Changkyun, Wonho and Minhyuk, when you tell them that you've bought tickets plane to Paris (because you wanted him to discover your hometown), and you'll stay at your parents (they have never met them before) place for one week? Well, I feel like this request is a bit weird! Sorry! Thank you if you can do it!^^ Ily!<3

This isn’t weird at all! You’re always welcome, and I love you too! 

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Wonho - If I recall, there was something about Wonho speaking a bit of French, but I’ll need someone to verify that. He’s definitely going to be taken by surprise because he gets to go to another country and this time, it’s with you. He’s really going to appreciate the fact that you’re doing this and how you’re letting him spend even more time with you. The fact that he’s going to meet your family is exciting, but he’ll feel nervous to know that he wants to make a good impression because he doesn’t know how it will turn out. However, he’s dealt with family issues and meetings in the past, so what is the harm with meeting yours? After that, he wouldn’t mind going to places in Paris with your parents so he could bond with them and ask about your childhood. Oh come on, it was bound to come up if you weren’t going to tell him about it. He’ll laugh and adore your baby pictures and wonder why he didn’t meet you when you two were kids. 

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Minhyuk - Probably the most happiest guy you could ever meet. He’s going to be ecstatic! He’ll be asking you questions about your family, culture, and anything about Paris really up until the trip. He’s a naturally curious guy and he wants to learn, so why not? When he realizes he has to meet your parents, he won’t act any different, just toning down how wild and crazy he can be so he can make a good impression on your parents. Make them think, “Wow, this boy really cares for them, and he’s the most perfect boy ever.” Or so what Minhyuk thinks. Within that week, he wants to get to know your parents, learn French, and experience the cafe culture, and perhaps share a kiss underneath the Eiffel Tower? Wink. Wink. Blinks. Oh jeez. At any rate, he would take pictures of the two of you on the airplane sleeping, any major sightseeing places you want to visit with him. After all, he doesn’t really know much about Paris.

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I.M - Astounded. Shocked. Surprised. Freaking out a bit on the inside. Otherwise more than excited to go to your beautiful hometown. With all the sights he wants to go see, it’s hard to deny that face. Although he looks cool on the outside, he can’t keep his face away from the window the moment you depart from the airport. He’ll carry a French dictionary if he has to, even though there are people who can speak English as well. It’ll be fun when he films a video of the two of you doing a language challenge together, trying to figure out words in your mother tongues. When it comes to when he meets your parents, he’ll be a bit nervous considering he’s never done this before and is still inexperienced at life. I.M will try his best to be respectful (as if he’s not already) and feel a bit awkward if they’re tagging along during your week-long trip.

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