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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

psa: you can’t just group gay pda with straight pda

gay pda has always and will continue to be treated differently than straight pda, because it is not normalized because of homophobia 

so many lgb people can’t express love and affection due to this, and are afraid to do so. straight people, however, can, without a fucking care in their lives because it’s normal for them.

maybe when gay pda is normalized and treated as an everyday occurrence it can be grouped with straight pda. but that is not today nor anytime soon.


I figured I didn’t show you my sisRyder, but she looks different in my current broRyder playthrough, I didn’t like her so I recreated her and this is how she looks like rn. Wanted to show you my Ryders side-by-side.
She looks like she wants to murder you but she’s just tired…she needs another 600 year nap.


Hurricane heart

It’s the small things that speak of love.

And some days are just worse than others.

Magnus’ sunlit Friday makes his heart feel like a hurricane. It begins early with a call tearing him out of sleep about a warlock child falling unexplainably ill and a rushed home visit, a mother’s grief and fiery assurances that it’s going to be okay, don’t cry please, he’s still here for you to love.

A slew of clients next – the next one more late and even more fussy and demanding than the last one, all Magnus do this and that and dance as I tell unless I won’t pay. Not that Magnus necessarily needs the money, he’d be fine without it, but it’s about something more than that, payment for services rendered, an act of assistance, two people respecting each other; all because he wants to do something to help the world. The smile surrounded by his goatee is a fake one, all business-like, stretched thin like a guitar string waiting to snap, a dare and a warning all at once, a do not push me too far.

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anonymous asked:

Your blog makes me feels safe, but I haven't seen any posts about violent sexual thoughts, which is concerning. Is that just me?

definitely not just you!!!!! i should do a better job at consistently tagging them (i’ll do that from now on), but usually they fall under tags like this one!

comfort shiiiip-

I guess I can put more ara info here too

Okayyy soo here’s the deal with Ara and his affection towards Friday boi

A year or so after they met and became friends Ara’s soul subconsciously ‘latched’ onto Friday. Likeee Ara feel in love with him without knowing it. His soul freakinggg makes him feel like he needs to be around the guy, constantlyyy. You know how I said the reason Ara isn’t dead yet is because his soul has slowed down the process of cracking and shattering completely? Welll it’s because he’s around Friday and has him, aaand because food helps with the hp situation a bit. But Ara’s soul is pretty much getting slowly healed from his entire past oooof gaining cracks when he’s around Friday okAY.

So what I am saying iss, Ara loves Friday but he has no idea himself aand his soul is subconsciously ‘attached’ to Friday and his soul

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hi everyone! tanks for following! 
i dont think i missed anemonebody, boat if i did… sorry! 

im aradia peixes, but you can call me the contessa! if thats too formal and you absolutely HAV–E to call me somefin else, feel free to chop off the article. oar, use whatebber eelse you want to call me, really. 38)
who are all of you, and how are you doing??

mini hiatus


this week I went back to school after three weeks of internship and I found out that if you don’t study you actually get bad grades, who knew. That’s why I’ve decided to take a little time to get things back together; focus on school, life and my other 3 blogs lmao. You will still see me around (I currently have a few posts in my drafts!) and please, keep the requests coming! I will always make them and if for some reason I won’t be able to, I will answer you and explain why. 

oh….. AND I FINALLY FINISHED DRAGONFLY IN AMBER!!!! VOYAGER IS ARRIVING THIS FRIDAY!! So expect a lot of text posts. (and memes, always expect the memes).

My fanfiction archive blog will be more affected to be honest, I will try my best to keep it updated but I won’t be as active as before - at least not until my Easter break starts on April 13th <3

Unfortunately, I have only two months of school before a really important exam and I need to focus on that. I hope you understand!

Love, Vicky

Good Vibes Tag

Rules: Tag as many people as you want (non mutuals included!!) and spread some positivity :)))

@that-thing-with-the-stuff cat! i laugh so much with everything u reblog, especially parks and rec and new girl stuff and memes heh. u’re a great and lovely person!! oh, and your photos on vsco are amazing!!!

@the-common-tenenbaum <3 you also share some funny memes sometimes, but i mostly adore the stuff from films you reblog. you’re so niice!! talking to you is great

@mmcpp cat!! you’re such a nice person and so pretty??? how do you do that?? your blog is so nice as well! so aesthetically pleasing. thank you for the tips withn toothpaste hah, let’s keep sending each other snaps!

@lnalovegd sam! you inspire me a lot, really. i love reading your posts about learning french, they kinda encouraged me to learn italian on duolingo lol. i also love that you talk about yourself and what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. plus, thank you for telling me that benjamin alire sáenz is the best person

@thatmichaelguy2399 you’re a really cool dude with a really good taste in movies!! your film blog is great, and watched you short film and loved it!!!

@hirxeth anna, i know that i’ve never talked to you, but i’ve always wanted to say that your screencaps are the prettiest thing and your instagram is really cool and i love your tattoos so much <3

anonymous asked:

Are any of you're brother ace?

choro: i dont know. you can ask them here: @eldest-asshole @ichimatsureplies @jyushimatsurepliez @totally-totty

(mod: i have my personal head canons for the brothers sexualities but since i rp choro and interact with other blogs, i dont want to say one way or another, since it will differ on who im interacting with.

my personal head canons are:

oso: pansexual

kara: pansexual

choro: bisexual

ichi: panromantic

jyushi: hetrosexual

totty: bisexual

if its any conciliation, im hetroromantic)


Okay, but fr, I appreciate every single one of you. Running this blog has helped me with a whole lot of stuff, and I’m proud to say that you’re all incredibly nice to me and on this blog in general. Also, just to say this again (because I constantly need attention wHOOPS) I’m completely cool with getting random asks, weird photos submitted, and being tagged in posts you think are funny/cute/need attention. I’m also open to any of you messaging me (my “main” is graythecactus. It’s mostly yoi and screaming) and shouting any one of you out, since you’re all so amazing to me. If there’s anything you’d like me to start doing or posting, I’ll be happy to consider it. Until next time, nerds! I love you all!