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Special Instructions (2/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M (lots of unnecessary cursing, sexy times in later chapters)
Word Count: ~3300
Chapters: One

i’m shocked by the feedback on this ridiculous fic haha, thanks all. for the fans of hot mess emma, ch3 is the chapter for you lol

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones  (and @stubble-sandwich because lbr you pretty much are the reason i didn’t abandon this idea when i was playing around a couple months ago)


Special instructions: would u buy us more beer? like a lot. i will pay u

“Oh my god, Ems, I think Robin and Regina are getting it on in your room.”

She jumped at the sound of Ruby’s voice yelling in her ear over the sound of the music, then let out a whiny groan.

“Gross, on my bed?” she asked, disgusted at the thought of having to wash her linens before sleeping in them. She was buzzed enough to enjoy the atmosphere but not enough to let her friends fuck in her apartment. “Ugh, let me go stop them before I have to light my mattress on fire.”

Her movements were stilted and she stumbled a little as she walked down her hall. Sure enough, her door was shut and a sock hung from the knob. Her fist banged on the wood.

“Don’t you guys fucking dare! Go to your own apartments for this shit or I’m never inviting you over again. This isn’t college,” she shouted. A muffled grunt that sounded sort of like an apology came from the other side and she figured she’d leave and at least give them a few minutes to collect themselves.

“Emma! Where’s the beer?”

The question came from her brother who was currently losing (horrendously) at beer pong to Elsa, who had surprising accuracy for someone who was drunker than most people in the room.

“Uh, we’re out. I was about to go walk to the convenience store around the corner to get some more.”

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scrawlers  asked:

Hello! First, I just want to say that I truly adore this comic. It's fantastic. :) Second, I wanted to know - do you guys read tag commentary on your reblogs? I completely understand if not, because you get a lot of reblogs and even with Tag Viewer that can be difficult, but I was just wondering since I tend to tag spiral and I was wondering if you guys read all that, haha. Anyway, I can't wait to see where this comic goes. Thank you for writing / drawing / sharing it! ♥

thank you so much! you’ll be pleased to know that we read EVERY single note we get – they always give us a reason to smile!

“Friendly Neighborhood Watch” | Young Sam x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive, language


DESCRIPTION: There are four days left of school before Graduation Day. It’s so goddamn obvious you and your childhood best friend Samuel Drake feel the same thing for each other… but you won’t say anything because you don’t want to risk your established friendship, and Sam doesn’t want to say anything because he can’t risk giving himself away. But when two people are a perfect match for each other, some things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

This is technically Part 2 of “Trick of the Light”, but you don’t have to read that in order to understand this (regardless I’ll still leave the link to it below). I’m really pleased with how this one came out because it just makes my heart so happy like aw Sam :,)) It switches between Reader and Samuel so sorry if it’s kinda unclear as to whose POV you’re reading from haha *sweats intensely*

And I also wanna tag @le-ephemere @hyperionbabe @a-n-g-e-l-frommynightmare and @nataliarmnov because you guys are SO NICE and left such sweet comments on Part 1 ily please enjoy

Trick of the Light

Inspired by this song (Rather Be With You - Sinead Harnett)

The only reason why you were with Rafe Adler in the first place was because you were lonely.

Well, more like the one guy you were ever seriously in to never paid attention to you the way you wanted him to, and conveniently, Rafe Adler transferred to your shithole high school and you thought he’d be a lovely distraction.

Except that, despite getting together with Rafe, you still couldn’t get over your one true crush.

The boy next door, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend: Samuel Drake.

You remember precisely when you started crushing hard on that boy. You were in middle school, still in your semi-awkward tween stage, lost in the masses of equally confused prepubescent boys and girls trying to find their places in the social hierarchy. Sam was one of the popular kids; he and his little brother were both notorious for their mischievous methods of cutting class and their bright, cheeky grins. Always the one with extravagant (although mostly exaggerated) tales of adventures, it was expected for girls and boys to flock around Samuel Drake. His heady Bostonian voice and loopy grin managed to light up any room he walked into; Samuel Drake had this laid-back, passionate, and approachable dynamic.

And on top of that… it was almost painful how good-looking he was.

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"I'm real 'happy' over the Bleach 74 IR Cover so let's crosstag to show you how petty I am!"

That’s what it fucking looks like when you crosstag.

The IR Fandom doesn’t care if you’re “okay” with the new cover. We don’t care if you aren’t “triggered” by it or not “upset”.

You say we have “no choice” now but to buy the last volume because it has “our precious otp on the cover haha those ir lozers burned all their shit now are gonna be hypocrites lolz.”

No we aren’t buying it. It’s clear, especially in the IR tag, no one wants to bother with that shipbait bullshit. We aren’t falling for his crap–and the ironic part is that you stans will.

You will go out of your way to purchase the volume thinking it’ll “hurt” us when in reality it’ll be us laughing at how you literally fell for his trap.

Kubo drew IR as his final cover. Why?

He didn’t even do a special IH cover to support the ending. Why? Because he knew no one would approve of it. There might be people that have no idea of the ending so why not deceive them one last time. Hell for all we know, his editors/publishers also denied any IH since they knew 90% of the fandom are already done with Bleach. Hell, why not cash cow the IR until the very end?

Heck the live action will be IR oriented as well as this final cover.

This only proves to us even more how Kubo and even his people still -prefer- IR over IH/RR simply because it was the most developed and most favored of any ship. That’s fucking low of them by the way and extremely disrespectful to the actual canon ships.

But we don’t care if you feel “happy”. How so?

Because we’re more concerned as to why Kubo still hasn’t answered or explained all the bull with the missing plotholes and status of tons of characters still MIA.

We already know IH is “canon”. We already know how the story “ended”. Why are you stans tarnishing the IH/RR fandom by acting like this shit is new for us? Ya’ll aren’t doing a good job trying to hurt us. All ya’ll doing is proving how petty and pissed you really are over IR.

I mean IR “failed” as you say.

Yet why does Kubo insist on reminding us of that “sunk” ship.

“Because they are platonic and he wanted to illustrate the brotp!”

Oh please, you’re actually mad as fuck over the fact this “platonic” bond is still more important than your “romantic” one. You’re pissed he used IR as a cover in hopes we’d fall for it and buy his last volume. You’re pissed that the movie will feature the first arc with heavy IR in hopes people will buy tickets. You’re pissed that despite your ship being canon he still hasn’t paid it any attention–unless it’s -off panel- where he doesn’t have to write about it. You know what’s that called? Lazy ill writing.

You’re also pissed that we don’t give two shits about it and now have no choice but to pretend you aren’t pissed to see if we’ll react the way you wanted us to since August.

You want to really know what we’re pissed at though?

His lack of respect for Bleach, his characters, his story, and even his own ships. Theses are the important things real fans are concerned about.

And we’re also pissed at the fact you feel entitled to fucking crosstag to pretend to be “happy”.

Fuck off.

How can anyone be okay with this ending? How much disrespect do you have for this series? And how little do you care for how much it has fallen? We had no idea if Ichigo even had Shinigami powers or was still a Substitute Shinigami until this cover–Kubo couldn’t even bother to at least tell us what our characters are really up to. Ships are literally the last thing on our minds since we know how it ended for Christ’s sake.

How can people be okay with all the ambiguity? How can “real fans” be happy with this sham of a cover like as if it’ll make up for all his atrocity he shat us with?

We want to check our tag for IR goodies and yeah sure diss the cover over how transparent his trap is. Not to see stans bitch and whine how “great the cover is lolz” and further ruin the reputation of IH/RR. Those ships don’t deserve stans like you dragging their otps in the dirt–it’s only dishonoring and humiliating them at the fact they are forced to be associated with shitheads like you.

And yet you scream how ships aren’t important to you.

Ha. Don’t lie, it’s the only reason why you’re able to pretend to be “happy”.

Bitch please, if I didn’t know better I’d say ya’ll secretly wish to be IR fans too–just for petty & pathetic reasons.

Now fuck off the IR tags and go back to your anti/pro tags. We don’t need to see your fake ass complaints about how shallow you are over this “perfect ending”.

If you ever really paid any attention to Bleach you’d know, like the majority, how farther from the truth it really is and that ridiculous cover literally proved Kubo finally dug his own grave.

But okay, be “happy” just don’t be surprised when that happy shield breaks–again.

Cuz we all know, as fact, it’ll fail sooner or later. Ha.

(And yeah IR are known for emotional eye contact it’s canon how much unconditional love they have for each other why are you stans surprised? Unconditional love trumps any other type of love so that’s the only ironic “thanks” we can say to Kubo for making IR canon in that aspect. Huh, with that being said, now I wonder where Ichigo’s wedding ring on that cover? Heh.)

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