tagging you for future business ideas

I’m a tad busy with school at the moment but I do still plan to do a animation with this in the future.

Space god Au was made by @epherall

Character is John Laurens ❤

(Sorry for any spam Eph, you just have AMAZING Au’s and figured it’s best to tag/link to the creator of the idea ^^ )

d7 to myes! 😭 // more chem notes!! still have a few topics to go ahh. after checking my results I have found out that chem is my only decent subject 😅 thank you all for encouraging me in my previous post, it means a lot!!!! I thought my notes were v ugly haha. I’ll post more original posts in future (I just forget sometimes bc busy life yo) so many subjects to revise yet so little time. all the best to anyone having their exams soon, go get dem As 😉 tagged all my note inspirations and where the ideas come from below!!