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Peeping Tom- Rinn oneshot

This was inspired by this little prompt: http://aqoamoon.tumblr.com/post/146302864873/girl-looking-out-window Thank you @girl-looking-out-window for suggesting this to me. It might not be exactly what you thought about though


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Finn stepped forward on the cobbled path. He had half a mind to turn around and sprint to his motorcycle, but he promised Archie to return a CD in his place.  Shoving his hand into the jacket’s pocket, Finn fumbled with his keys. He squeezed the cold metal in his sweaty palm, while he took another step forward.
‘Why is this so unnerving? I’m just returning a bloody CD!“ Finn shouted in his head, his heart beating harder in his chest with each step forward. A pink head darted out of his mouth to wet his soft lips and Finn cringed when he felt his tongue dry as sandpaper.
He soon found himself facing a milky white door.  The boy looked at the brown mat that had a faded "welcome” encrypted on it and snorted. He would be the least welcomed person in Rachel Earl’s house, and that bastard Archie knew it.
He gripped the CD case so hard, Finn thought for a moment that he had cracked the plastic. He quickly glanced at it to make sure it was intact, before he cleared his throat and murmured: “ Hey Rae, Archie sent me…no, not good. I wanted to return this, cuz Archie couldn’t and he made me do it. Fuck no, I need to stop acting like a dick. I just came by to return this… sounds ok?”
Finn breathed out, raising his hand to knock and just before the impact, the door was opened by a tall blonde.
“Yes?” Linda asked, fixing her bag better on her shoulder. Finn stumbled back, the CD almost escaping from his tight clutch.
“Is-is Rae home?” Finn stuttered, his eyes flying from flower pots to the ragged old mat , only to avoid Linda’s curious gaze.
“No. She’s out buying milk. Why do you ask?” Linda inquired, her head cocking to the side and a chiseled eyebrow-raising expectantly. Finn gulped. He could see now where Rae took her attitude from. She would straighten her back and raise her chin just like her mum, her eyes brightened by an inner fire that was so hard to put down then it was lit.
“I came to return this CD.” Finn waved the Cd case in the air, letting Linda see ficlets of the band’s name. A look of recognition stroke the blonde’s face and the woman smiled brightly.
“Oh, you’re one of Rea’s friends! Come in, come in.” Linda ushered Finn inside the house, pushing him lightly towards the living room.
'Friends…’ Finn thought. Was he Rae’s friends? Sure, she hanged out with his gang and seemed to get along with everybody, but was she really his friend? No, probably not.
'But, do you want her to be your friend?’ a voice echoed in his mind, coming from the depths. Yea, he wanted Rae’s friendship. She had an awesome music taste and she was funny… and beautiful…the same voice cackled and Finn shook his head violently. He was lucky Rae’s mum was in the kitchen, bringing him a glass of water.
“Here we go…Finn right?” Linda paused, eyeing the boy seated on the couch “You can wait for Rae here, but I’ll have to go. The hospital called me in for a nurse replacement and Karim will be working late again. Could you please tell that to Rae as well? I left her a note, but God knows that girl doesn’t read them through.” Linda said through her teeth, shaking her head disapprovingly.  
“Y-yea, sure.” Finn mumbled, taking a sip from his water. “Are you sure you don’t mind, because I can leave and come by later…” or never, Finn bit back the last part, raising from the couch quickly.
“Don’t be silly. It won’t take long for Rae to come back. You can even wait in her room. It’s upstairs, second door on the left.”  Linda said oblivious, pointing to the stairs and catching a glimpse of the watch on the wall.
“Oh, I’m late.” Linda rushed to the door and threw a short 'Good Bye, Finn’ over her shoulder, closing the front door with a slam. Finn slumped on the couch, the Cd long abandoned on the table, near his tall glass.
“Ok, I’m just going to leave this in her room and go.” Finn mumbled, rushing up the stair and looking around helplessly…'second door on the left’ Linda’s words ringed in his ears and he took three large steps towards it.  His hand stopped for a brief moment above the knob, but he couldn’t afford to lose time. Rae could get home any moment, and the last thing Finn wanted was to be found creeping in her room, like some kind of pervert.
He entered the room and stopped abruptly after the doorway, stunned. The walls were partially covered by a yellowing tapestry meant for children that Rae desperately tried to cover with band posters.  Books were neatly piled near the walls and so were her CD, on a shelf above even more books. The furniture was old and mismatched, and the room seemed crowded by it, but it all seem to blend into one big picture before Finn’s chocolate eyes.
Finn felt as if he would be intruding in a sacredly personal space, but that still didn’t stop him from walking forward. He gently laid the Cd he brought with him  on the desk and moved to stand before the shelf stacked with other CDs.
His eyes sparked at the familiar names  and his eyebrows furrowed at the new ones. His gaze was caught by an interesting name and just as he reached to grab the case, the sound of a slamming door jolted him.
“Mom?” Rae’s shout was met with silence and the boy could feel a cold sweat breaking down on his skin. Finn quickly exited the room and stopped in the hallway. He could hear Rae rummaging one level below him.
“Shit, shit, shit” Finn repeated the word like a mantra while his head turned around frantically. Just as the stairs started squeaking under Rae’s weight, Finn spotted the door at the end of the hall. The boy tiptoed rapidly towards the door, and swinging it open, he shoved his body into the dark room, closing the door just as Rae’s head appeared from behind the corner.
'Bloody fucking great. A cupboard.’ Finn swore under his bread, as his cramped body was poked by several broom and mop ends. Pasting his ear to the door, while still keeping a keen hold on the know, he listened for movement.
Nothing could be heard for a while, and then, suddenly, the soft tunes of a song filled the story. Finn dared to peek out of his cupboard. The hallway was deserted, and Rae’s door was slightly ajar.   The boy tiptoed around the dark corridor till he reached the opened door and crouching down, he looked through the crack.
Rae was sprawled on the bed, facing the door, with loads of pillow piled underneath her back. A book was held tightly in front of her, covering her face from Finn’s view. The boy sighed, the sound covered by the music coming from her desk and prepared to crawl away when a movement caught his eye. Rae set the book aside and popped the button of her jeans open, wiggling out of them and throwing them to the side. The dot of black covering her privates left little to the imagination, the material stretching over her abundant ass.
Finn squinted his eyes and saw that Rae already got rid of her bra, the pebbled nipples poking through the flimsy t-shirt she was wearing. Picking up the book,  the girl began reading once again.  Finn’s orbs settled on the book, and in big golden letters, he read Sandra Brown, above an image of a man holding a half-naked woman.
His brown eyes widened, realizing the gender of book Rae was reading and his lips parted in a silent gasp. He wanted to scramble away, to run out the door before it was too late, but he found himself rooted to the floor, his eyes set on the semi-naked girl in front of him.
For a few good minutes, nothing happened and Finn was grateful for that. But again, as we took a step backward , Rae’s long leg fell to the side, revealing the black panties that could barely cover her crotch.
The boy fell to his knees and leaned closer to the crack , his eyes wide opened and his mouth parted. Finn wondered where the sudden fascination for Rae came from. Sure, he saw naked women before, so why has he so mesmerized by Rae’s body in particular?
His questions remained unanswered as the girl’s hand played with a lock of hair, before traveling slowly between the valley of her breast, skipping past her tummy and reaching her mound. Her fingers nimbly touched the wet patch on her panties and began a clockwise movement, each rotation being faster and  harder than the one before.
Rae let out a long sigh and the movement stopped, before starting again, only in a different pattern. Her hazel eyes didn’t leave the book and Finn’s eyes didn’t leave her body.
The boy moved a bit and the tightness of his pants brought him to reality. The chocolate eyes moved down to his lap and he saw the prominent outline of his erected member. Finn finally felt ashamed of spying on Rae like that, especially when she was having an intimate scene, but a loud moan drowned in the music caught his attention, and the boy though he had plenty of time to be ashamed afterward.  
Rae’s hand was already in her panties and she was having a hard time reading the text, the book trembling in her hand.  Finn frowned and cursed the panties, his own hand going to press on his bulge. As if she heard him, Rae pulled the panties off of one leg, letting them hang from the other, and finally revealed her pussy to Finn’s eyes.
A black tuft of curls topped her mound, the rest of her crotch bare of hair. The lips were pink, glistening with the juice that was running down the crack of her ass. Another loud moan was released at the contact of her fingers with her bare vagina and the movements began again.
The book was dropped, thumping on the ground and the hand previously holding it grabbed one of her tits, groping it firmly. Finn licked his lips, his breath coming out of his mouth, in short, hot puffs. He was suddenly grateful for the music playing in the background.
The boy opened his button and pulled his zipper gently, and shoved his big hand in his boxers to feel up his hard dick.
Just as Rae’s middle finger slipped into her wet cunt and started pumping in and out, Finn’s hand started moving on his shaft up and down. A second finger joined Rae’s middle one and her thumb pressed down on her engorged clit.  Her other hand pinched a nipple between the thumb and pointer finger and twisted it around, pulling softly. Rae gasped and Finn would have gasped with her, if not for his hand that suddenly clasped his mouth.
Finn’s hand stopped at the head, and he pinched it, just like Rae pinched her nipple. His teeth dug into his lower lip, preventing him to moan and his other hand left his mouth to settle on the wall in front of him, so he wouldn’t tumble in Rae’s room.
Rae’s movement speed up and so did Finn’s. He had to finish with Rae, or even sooner, so he wouldn’t get caught.  The girl’s free hand alternated between her tits and her ass and Finn swore he could come alone just from seeing Rae’s fingers digging into her ass cheeks, edging on the rim of her asshole.
Her hazel eyes were half closed and misted by a veil of pleasure and her legs parted even more, offering Finn an even better view. Her hips moved with her hand, following it around and her mouth was parted slightly.
Finally, her fingers settled on her  clit and after a few strokes, she did the most shocking thing Finn could see in that moment. She slapped her hardened clit hard, which made her hips buckle and her jaw slacken up to release a grunt.
The boy couldn’t even concentrate on jerking his hard cock off, his hand falling to his side, leaving an angry red head tipped with a bead of precum untouched. He could only stare, as Rae’s hands moved faster and faster. Her juices gushed out of her swelled lips, wetting the sheets and one of her legs darted in the air, opening her up even more to Finn’s keen eye.
Her fingers curled within her, looking for a certain spot, and when they found it, the hit it repeatedly, making Rae see stars. With a harsh pinch of her clit, Rae’s voluntary movement ceases and Finn watched astonished as Rae’s muscles convulsed as she came. Her eyes screwed shut and her head buried in her pillows, muffling the shout coming from the girl’s chest.
But even though the sounds were unclear and even though the music was still playing, Finn was able to recognize his names tumbling from Rae’s lips. Her hips rose in the air and stood there a few moments before they collapsed on the bed.
Taking her head from the pillows, she slowly whispered “Oh… Finn.” and brought her wet fingers to her lips to taste herself.  Finn lost count of the times Rae surprised him that day, but he could tell the number was large. He would have continued watching Rae suck the juice off her fingers, but Finn couldn’t risk getting caught.
Awkwardly showing his still hard dick in his jeans, he glanced one more time at Rae’s boneless form and swiftly stepped away from the doorway and down the stairs.  Unlocking the front door, we went outside.
The crisp wind of the afternoon chilled his boiling blood a tad, but even that didn’t help when he sat on his motorcycle and felt pressure on his cock.  As he rode back home, Finn knew for certain that he didn’t want Rae’s friendship. He wanted so much more.