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Guys, I’m having an emotional moment and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of you.

I know I am not super duper active on the blog and haven’t made original content in ages and I really want to do more stuff here and I feel bad for not being around.

I’m just battling my mental health issues and they’ve been getting so much worse lately. I’m trying my best to just get myself together and be the best person I can be for people around me.

I never expected this blog to blow up like it did and I just really need you to know I’m not neglecting you guys.  I really want ya’ll to be happy and I love this fandom so much.

Thank you for support, it means A WORLD to me. You are all too too sweet for my bad bad self.


Will You Live in the Forest with Us? 🍃

“They’re forest spirits…they’re everywhere, but most people can’t see them”

based off of Chapter 2 of @punishandenslavesuckers‘s fic, Interim 

And i wanted to tag @honestground because i found this fic through your blog and you told me i could yell about it anytime in your inbox so thank you…(((:

I absolutely loved this scene so much! I didn’t draw Draga because i ran out of room but i seriously hope you like this! 



I want to thank everyone who followed me! YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!   I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!! So, to say thank you, I’ve decided to do some blog rates BECAUSE why not!!!!

Here are the rules:

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  • Send me a  💕  and your favourite movie/ something that makes you   happy/ favourite song/ book/ anything tbh
  • I’ll tag this with #BarnesandParker-Blogrates, blacklist if you want
  • If you want me to rate your side blog just ask!!


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Frankie's 800 Follower Blog Rates!

Ahhhhh thank you guys!

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anonymous asked:

How about something more positive. 10 or more sweetest people in the tag?

let me start by saying that yes I saw you send me this anon more than once but with all the updates, drama, notifications, and simulators I was trying to keep up with last night, I kept putting this off. I wasn’t ignoring you I promise I just took longer than I thought to get to answering oops.

but now to your question. let me focus on the word nice because if I made it very general and I just listed all the people I like in the tag I would never finish.

okay, so when I first started blogging the first person I found in the tag that was the quintessential embodiment of nice was @sirdippinghotsauce Josh is so gentle and sweet that I found it hilarious when someone called him a mean girl in that old confessions blog from the beginning of the season. (he actually gives me cute aggression and I want to squeeze him)

ahem, anyway this season the person I have been discovering to be nice is @sexologii . She always seems worried about doing something bad to someone and that’s good sign to me that she’s nice. I started noticing her because she would always unknowingly be posting the same opinions I had before I had ever expressed them myself, so I thought “hmm I think I would really get along with this person” and I was right! Like not only do we have the same big brother opinions, we also would have picked the same HOH music, and we also have compatible signs! Like I love Taurses and she loves Scorpios! We’ve talked about things and I have grown to love her so much that I don’t even care that she’s a fan of Zack!

@big-meechs-peaches Talk about staying in your lane. Not once have I seen them say something negative about anyone else in the tag. Not even as a joke. I never see them saying anything bad ever for that matter. I just imagine them as someone that is so sweet that they are afraid of posting something in the tag that would cause trouble. If that’s true and you are worried about what people are going to think of your posts, I’d say don’t worry about it! I would love to see more of your own stuff in the tag.

@dumbeatrees  I think she’s put me on a list like every time we have one of these things and I’m always so surprised. Like I’ve always considered her one of the cool people in the tag and I never expected her to think I’ve made enough of an impression on her to consider me for anything, so thank you. You’re nice for making me feel relevant. And she’s like giving me the best compliments you could get in the tag; she thinks I’m good enough to actually do really well at big brother like wow thanks.  

@matthewxclines another gentle soul. I feel like they are so good with animals for some reason but I don’t even have any proof of that lmao idk why I just think that. It’s hard for me to imagine them saying anything negative at all about someone else. They seem so lovely and if I remember correctly, I think I saw them post about having first-hand experience in receiving mistreatment from others and that they know better than to be bad to someone else. Instead of mistreating others they are nice!   

@hoh-robe  when I think of him I imagine he has the same personality as Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. He’s like all sunshine and rainbows and general positivity. Very unassuming and I feel like he’s someone that would send everyone these asks just to make the tag happy again.(although I know for a fact this wasn’t him)

@davonneday She’s been so nice to me omg. Like I didn’t expect anyone to be so enthusiastic about my amateur astrology readings but she was so encouraging about it. She made me feel nice lol. I’ve seen her in the tag for a while and all I have spotted no red flags, no concerning behavior, nothing. She’s just an all around decent person. I trust her

@jackie-ibarras  um I’ve seen her been listed on like every list posted so y’all know first hand how nice she is. I feel like she’s the life of the tag right now and she really knows how to keep things popping and light-hearted and fun. 

@shelbyskrackels we don’t always have the same taste in houseguests throughout all of the seasons, but that has never stopped him from being nice to me. He’s nice enough to look past that and I feel like I could talk about any topic with him. He’s been very helpful in helping me find episodes of Conan lol. 

@helen-kim-was-pushed this dude is always level headed and never seems to get heated about anything or take things personally. He goes out of his way to try to understand people (even those he disagrees with) and never writes anyone off completely because he seems like he always wants to give people a chance. I also think he has a great URL and I feel like we kind of match since I also have a URL with hyphens

and finally @huntyhex I’m just adding because made a bitter post that said they felt left out… 

just kidding. he’s actually been really nice to me and I first noticed him this season when one day I saw him post about a bbtlr weeks ago. I had no idea what that was but he kindly walked me through it and we even made a final two together! and guess what Mimi? we did make it to the final two! And when I ended up beating his ass in a game where I had no clue about what I was doing he actually said he wanted to be in a final two again if we ever played again! can you believe that? how nice of him!

anonymous asked:

How about something more positive. 10 or more sweetest people in the tag?

aww ok hm

@dumbeatrees i absolutely love & is probably the most sweet and inwardly beautiful person ever, she not only posts some of the best content but is beyond genuine and i’m still surprised she responded to my awkward nobody ass when i first interacted with herasjdk

@shaolinbynature is so crazy stunning and so ridiculously kind and not only has the editing skills of a goddess but has the best multicontent content blog ever and she posts about richonne who i love lol

@lickeyrogers-wong everyone in the tag loves him and i 1000% understand why! he’s super nice, keeps it real and has the best posts, opinions and was integral in keeping this trash dumpster season alive, thriving & poppin i love him

@whats-up-whats-the-issue i’ve loved since bb18, i feel like deserves way more love in the tag because your posts are gold and you’re such a kind soul, came throughhh during astrologygate

@blkdiaspora i haven’t interacted with but i’ve followed for as long as i’ve been in the tag and she is beyond gorgeous and has a bomb ass blog

I haven’t really interacted with @dayslostson either but i’ve followed him since bb18 and watched him rise in the tag, post bomb ass selfies and be a sweet and funny ass person who deserves the love he gets

@tlffanypollard I followed before i started to bb blog and is the reason i started watching lmfaoo. honestly an amazing human with beautiful selfies and if ya’ll don’t follow him, da’vonne-what-the-fuck-are-ya’ll-doing.gif 

@hoh-robe @ikon-wong @spunkyspy @brimlies @flirtyspy @feelsg0od @jackie-ibarras @sexologii again don’t interact with bc i’m a mess but are in the tag being the beautiful ass people they are so 

and @candlesandcats-blog tag messiah 

cleatsthecat  asked:

Tbh your art is such a big inspiration to me. It's what made me want to get into drawing and your interest in CP made me feel its okay to like drawing those characters. I really hope you keep drawing and keep improving AND POSTING MORE ABOUT YOUR OCS PLS. My side blog is fillthevoidwithstars which is where I reblog most CP/art stuff in case you were wondering who the stranger was who kept reblogging your stuff.

heh, i love your reblogs you always put so many fun things in the tags pls never stop i love reading comment tags ( i just wish i could reply to them but alas, it cannot be)

also i’m very glad to have inspired u and even more so that you actually like hearing about my OC’s. I’m always worried that people hate hearing about em because, ya know, they’re OC’s.  ‘s not what most ppl are interested in seeing me draw.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Can I have some headcanons for Gotham and being Selina's little sister? Love your blog by the way! :3

hi !! thank you !!!

Being Selina’s little sister:

  • The two of you always looking out for each other
  • Her usually insisting you stay at home because it’s safer
  • But you always tag along with her, or try and sneak behind her when you think she doesn’t know
  • But she always knows
  • Her teaching you how to steal and fight to defend yourself
  • Her being incredibly protective of you, because you’re the only family she cares about and trusts
  • You shipping her and Bruce and always asking her for details on their relationship
  • Bruce and Alfred also becoming protective of you, and always being there to take care of you whenever Selina asks them
  • Secretly borrowing her leather jackets so you can try and look as cool as her
  • And she always smiles to herself when she sees you secretly trying on her clothes
  • Hanging out on the rooftops of Gotham together and just looking out at the skyline while talking

tags: @purityimagines / @doctorwhoandrory / @bohemian-nygma / @myfriendmagislit

princecatling replied to your post: lethargic-and-sad replied to your photo “Oh god…

I’m into collecting toys and I want to get into collecting vintage mlp dolls especially but I never step foot into the tags because I just know there’s gonna be porn in there. Almost every collector blog I’m following has put ‘do not interact if ddlg/kink’ not only on their blogs but on their posts themselves and tbh it’s just really sad

SAME. I just generally keep my pones off of tumblr- insta/forums are better for that anyways. Try mlparena if you haven’t already- super friendly community and GREAT sellers. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm really sorry, normally I unfollow people comfortable posting frogs because I have a huge phobia of them, but I really like your blog ): Would it be okay to ask you to tag them so blacklist picks it up?

sure! sorry about that, thanks for letting me know!


I was tagged by both @littleredlotte and @ben-solo-needs-a-timeout! Thank you both very much for thinking of me!!

2 selfies: The first is from a music family bonding night, and the second is from the first day of school when I was freaking out about a train making me late!

My lock screen: My screen is Dead Fred, he died because he didn’t breath correctly, he now lives to help us (my schools choirs) breath correctly. #Where he leg go?

Last song I listened to: If Momma Was Married from Gypsy. That was the last thing I listened to when I got out of my car. I just got home so I haven’t listened to anything else!

I’ll tag: @vl-blackswan , @de-lafayettes, @confessionsofanoperaghost (I never know which blog to tag you with lmao), @your-obedient-phantom , and @buffyslaysedward!

anonymous asked:

okay this has been bothering me for ages: so on your blog you have the quote "you gotta triangulate it" and then jia @isamukuro's blog title is "triangulate" and obviously they have to be connected right? But I can't find the third person. Surely there's gotta be a third person to this Dream Team because cmon it's the word "TRIangulate" but I can't find the third mutual so what's the truth

Sjadhhahs someone noticed lmao. It’s an inside joke between me, @isamukuro , @sacredallura , @ohsweetmilkyway and @infiniteallura . I was ranting about this theory about Keith’s conspiracy board and we made fun of the fact he wrote triangulate in huge letters

anonymous asked:

I love and respect you and your writing very very much and I hope the hate mail and kinkshaming doesnt bother you much. Whatever you write is a masterpiece and I honestly hope we get the golden shower drabble just to piss off the haters. Have a lovely day sweetie hope youre doing ok!

Anonymous said: do whatever the heck you want, iris it’s your blog lol as long as you tag your stuff you can do what pleases you

I’m not bothered by the mail or the kinkshaming; I can always ignore it, but I answer those messages to prepare folks I guess? No one reading my work should assume I’m going to “never” go in one direction or another, because I’ve made a habit of writing non-traditional stuff. The Call Me Mistress series specifically exists so I can experiment.

30 Questions Tag (ugh, this is long)

I was tagged by @acourtofashandfire​ (hiii)

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 10 blogs you’d like to know better (since I always forget to mention said blogs I will be also tagging my latest acotar/tog related followers)

Ps: DOES THE APP CRASH ON YOUR PHONE?? I had to delete it because the bitch doesn’t open anymore.

Okay, here I go

Keep reading

  • Tumblr mobile users: okay so the post button is barely accessible because it's not always viewable unless you stop scrolling, the tag system is completely broken, you have to scroll for 30 minutes through the "popular" sorting of a tag to get to stuff that is actually popular, porn bots are running rampant, LGBT+ friendly blogs are being marked NSFW, images fail to load 99% of the time, there is a huge discrepancy between the site's functionality on the desktop and on mobile, sometimes you can browse a blog's tags and sometimes you can't even if they tag things regularly, the tag search system searches for posts containing the word instead of being tagged with the word, you still can't add images to text posts which is an important part of making fresh memes, your error messages are incredibly uninformative in a failed attempt to sound cool, and the mobile app experience is overall frustrating at best and unusable at worst
  • Tumblr staff: worry not
  • Tumblr staff: the browsing tabs are now on the bottom
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #1
  • Dan: *walking to the kitchen* hey Phil have you seen my-


holy shit guys i hit 10k last night and im just so so so incredibly astounded and bewildered and emotional?

this blog was a bit of an art experiment for me and tbh i did not expect it to get as big as it did? i just wanted to work on poses and expressions and explore these boys wellbeing and brains a bit and, the response to this blog has been astroundingly extremely huge and postive.

ive met so so so many amazing friends through this blog, and ive grown so much as an artist because of this blog, and ive been able to help myself mentally because of this blog. running guyslikeus has been the biggest honor and i legitimately have a really fun time answering asks and drawing comics

i just want to say thank you so much. thank you to everyone who sends me dms, thank u to everyone who reblogs, thank u for ur cute tags, thank u for telling ur pals about my blog, thank you for all your support

keep it real guys, thanks for making me smile and having as fun as i have with this blog  💕 💕 💕 ))


Lance being bisexual is a popular headcanon but despite this, some people are hesitant and even against the idea of shipping Lance with women.

So that’s what this week is for!

Lance Loves Ladies Week is dedicated to all Lance x women ships because they definitely deserve more love and attention.

Everyone is welcome to create for this week and all ships are valid. No exclusions!

The week will start September 12th and end September 18th

Because of conflicting time-zones, late creations will be accepted. The deadline is seven days after the weeks’ end date.


  • Morning / Nights  
  • Cuddles / Kisses 
  • Family / Culture  
  • Music / Makeovers 
  • Beach / Rain 
  • Pining / Fluff 
  • Free Day / AU 

Use the tag #lance loves ladies week in the first five tags of your post. If your post does not appear on our blog within 24-hours, message us so that we may reblog it. Submissions are also allowed.

Reblogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

haulet and catsgrant are doing god’s work don’t report us for telling it like it is and how y'all are. no sympathy for abuse and slavery apologists, racists, misogynists, and homophobes.