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The path that led to Zed’s domain flitted and flexed underneath the pallor of Jhin’s boots, a cloud of ashen-colored dust kicking back as he dismounted from his horse. He crossed fingers with a blackened splotch on the colt’s canvas-creamy fur, but did not let it trot with him any closer. The horse was stalwart, Jixi was, but save for the animals that lived and breathed the dark dearth that hung over the grounds, scaring it was inevitable the longer it waded inside. Averse to having his main means of transportation running wild into the northern bush, Jhin tied the reins up to an unusually hopeful-looking oak tree whose leaves were nothing now but buds and set off to the rest with his own two feet.

“Don’t wish for me when I’m away,” Jhin said behind him.

He imagined it to huff.

A tip of his golden claw struck the trim of a quaint but sizable box that he carried with him. He hoped that the sight of him carrying it meant that he wouldn’t be hassled to enter. Ever since the incident with the rubber-headed disciple and now Jhin had to worry about receiving shurikens into his shoulders from the treetops above– worse, that disciple hadn’t even perished in the altercation! (Even if Jhin was the reason why he remembered that disciple as “rubber-headed.” Truly, they should’ve expected what they got for getting between the Demon and his all too-prized sugary confectionery.)

His brows furrowed and he glanced at the box to re-examine its contents, not that he hadn’t done so twice before. The same shimmer and swim of iridescence hit his eyes and reflected the sheen of the dying sun beyond him. Zed would adore it, Jhin knew. He would be a madman not to. Satisfied with his tertiary inspection, Jhin closed the box and settled on his way.

His stroll went undisturbed.

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