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My entire life is an organisational nightmare cos I just suck

I’m rehashing my tag lists, because I’ve had multiple requests to be on certain lists that, at present, just don’t exist. So, as of today, I will no longer have a single ‘Forever Tags’ list, I will have separate tags for each character. 

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I have tagged all my forevers at the bottom of this list. If you want to stay tagged in my stuff, let me know which lists you want to be in!!! (you can literally just pop into my ask box and say ‘hey Miami, just add me to all the lists. thnx, bye’ if you still want to get notified about everything.)

Right, here are my new Tag Lists:

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I still need more blogs to follow! If you post ANY of these: (even just one)

  • aesthetic, especially witchy/hippie/nature aesthetic
  • astrology or tarot
  • space stuff (stars, aliens, celestial images)
  • supernatural (esp. destiel, no w*ncest, minimal irl shipping please)
  • pretty girls and other gay shit
  • music, especially lesser known indie musicians 
  • memes/funny text posts/etc.

please do me a huge favor and REBLOG this and put what you post in the tags. thanks so much i look forward to seeing people’s blogs

Okay, i’m all caught up with my inbox and i’ve had my coffee so i feel less like death. If i haven’t answered an ask you sent me it’s either because a) my inbox is shitty and keeps eating messages so please resend, or b) you were rude so perhaps don’t.
Other than that, let’s see; today i ate my first ever taco, hiked over the white cliffs of dover, did more touristy stuff like visiting an old church and almost froze to death in a sainsburys because british people know no cold and my southern ass is weak. doing all of these at the first day of my period was also no fun, but hey i’m moving into the london house tomorrow. ✌🏻

anonymous asked:

This is more of a general question, but what do you think would happen if a bot wanted to become conjux endura or sparkmates with a human? They wouldn't be able to spark merge with them or be cybernetically connected with them or be able to share EM fields with them the way they would with another bot. How (in your opinion) exactly do they become eternally or infinitly "bonded"?



I think it’s possible. It won’t be easy but it’s possible.

This is the Transformers universe after all. All sorts of strange things can happen when you start hanging out with giant alien robots who can transform into cars or boats or memory sticks at will.

I believe that if you hang out bots long enough and you’re exposed to the numerous materials and resources that’s natural to them, your body learns to adapt otherwise you die from the exposure. Since it’s been shown in media that the human characters are shown, time and again, to be perfectly fine I like to think this is true.

So on the subject of spark merging itself! Like I said, it’s possible. It just requires a set of factors and a lot of effort on both parties for work.

The most important factor is that human in the relationship has been exposed to the spark enough times for their body to adapt to the energy. Be it spark play when getting it on or just being shown it as an act of trust on the bot’s part, there are a number of ways for this to happen.

The process of bonding is normal enough- The bot reveals their spark to the human and the human tries to absorb, for the lack of a better word, the energy through physical touch. In return, the human’s own energies is sent to the bot in return. Not as much compared to what the bot is given but they’re giving something.

This is best done for an hour, no longer than a hour and a half, before the pair stop since, by that point, so the human can recover and resume the process. The human body can handle only so much after all and the human will feel full in a way after it’s over. Like how a person would drink a lot of water in one go and have that uncomfortable press in their stomach. Only this is with energy aimed at their heart and brain so there maybe a tingling, prickly sensation deep within their chest and the back of their head too.

Another thing that I can imagine happening is the bot asking a friend of theirs in the medical field to stand outside the room though this is considered an intimate and private act. Just in case.

This may take several sessions as the couple slowly bond together. I like to think it takes around half a year for them to be fully bonded to a full year if the human has difficulties. An earth year may not be long for a bot but it can be frustrating for them on their end to go and stop, go and stop, go and stop. They can feel the connection take shape but it’s not finished. It feels like they’re almost dangling in a sense and, depending on the bot, it’s strange but bearable or strange and annoying.

Over time the human will develop an EM field and that’s a a good sign. It means the couple has almost completed their bonding and are nearing their goal. It also means the most difficult part is about to come up.

Because the human’s EM field is a very, very basic thing. It’ll only pick up the feelings of others and project their feelings out to those who also have EM fields. They won’t be able to control the field or change the ‘feeling’ of the field so to speak. Depending on the personality, the human will start feeling overwhelmed or exposed by this change since other bots can tell how they feel and they can tell how the bots feel. It can feel weirdly intrusive and invasive for some or distracting and irritating for others. The bot will need to help their human get through this by teaching them tricks and ways to block out what they feel or focus on something to ground them.

Spark bonding with a human is possible. It’s difficult, long, and arduous. It’s demanding and exhausting. It can even have the pair going through this wonder if things can really work out.

It’s absolutely worth it in the end when the bonding is complete and the couple feel whole at last. )

I want to try to dissolve the negativity on the tag so…

No matter what, I want to thank everyone on the Soy Luna fandom that creates gifs, fanfictions, shares information and pictures… And the ones that create those fic & edit weeks (I know I don’t participate a lot but it’s nice and sometimes I love to read and see them when I have time because you’re all very talented). And even the ones who just reblog stuff and add small thoughts about the scenes and create small text posts showing their excitement for something that happened (or will happen) on the show.

To conclude, a big thank you to the fans who make this whole experience even more enjoyable.

darlindawl  asked:

You don't have to if you want to , but I've been meaning to ask you If you could critique my art? Idk I think I need to improve but idk how :0 Btw I love your art and you're amazing and stay amazing

Hm I dunno what to say about your art, it’s really cute

  • but Mostly all the characters I see are thicc, try doing different body shapes dude!
  • A long w/ try having an art tag because it’s difficult having none ^^;

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Hi! new (well, not really) Jonerys shipper here. I made a side blog (stargaryen-dynasty) to reblog S7 stuff because I didn't want to spoil things for people on my main blog. Can you link me to some really good Jonerys/GoT Spoilers blogs? I need more people to follow tbh. Thanks so much!

welcome! and yes i can totally link you some jon/dany blogs with great content. i’d also recommend checking the #jonerysedit tag because you can find great stuff there including spoilers

Stargazing w/ Evan HC's

Requested: @sincerelytrees stargazing with evan (simplified request)

Warnings: none

(A/N): i decided to turn these into headcannons, mostly because i enjoy writing them lol hope that’s ok

- ok so this is after high school and everyone’s off at college now
- that’s where you met Evan
- Evan knows you really like stars
- he totally planned this stargazing date for weeks
- he looked up star charts online and checked books out from the library
- he wanted to be sure that you guys could see as many constellations as possible
- Evan got Connor to help him learn the constellations and star names
- Evan knows a park near campus that’s open 24/7 so that’s where he takes you
- he brings blankets and snacks and flashlights for you guys
- he’s really nervous at first but as the night progresses he gets more comfortable
- you point out some of your favorite stars to evan
- it makes him so happy to see you happy
- he just kind of melts into you at that point and you cuddle for a while
- so it’s a few years later and your anniversary
- so what does evan do
- recreates your first date
- he totally proposes to you and includes the stars in his speech somehow
- you say yes obviously
- you spend that night under the stars thinking about everything
- evan feels like maybe everything he went through, and still goes through, is worth it if you’re by his side
- he just really loves you
- alright that’s all i got
- i love evan hansen

Omg you guys!!

I finally start sixth grade! I have been waiting for this since like first grade this year is the year of the grind, so expect a lot from me. I am working on what I love and things are really great! And because of that, I am starting a studyblr dictionary. It will have all the tips I have learned from you guys and some I found myself. Hope you guys join! I will be accepting tips in the asks and anything with the tag, “hermionewouldbeproud”. If this gets less than 15 notes forget I ever said this.


Here are some studyblrs Ihope and want to see this:

@emmastudies @studyign @studyaesthetic @studyquill @studyblrmasterposts @academiix @theorganisedstudent @thesmartstudies @studyskylar
@memorisu @studyspiration




a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

Please, call me Queer.

Tonight I was on the receiving end of something rather hurtful that we talk about on Tumblr a lot: erasure.

Someone in a group chat I was in decided the acronym should be LGBTIA+, and was offering pride icons to the group. I said “I’m not any of those, I’m the Q,” and was told how they personally find that word uncomfortable so they left it out and used a plus sign instead.

Let me repeat that: my identity, the thing I have called myself since 2008, made them “uncomfortable,” so they just straight up removed it from the acronym and represented me with a goddamn plus sign.

So I’m done.

Don’t call me lesbian .Don’t call me wlw. CALL ME QUEER, IT’S WHAT I AM. Straight people, this goes for you too. You have my personal, this-directly-affects-me permission to call me Queer. My personal, this-directly-affects-me request, in fact. If you aren’t sure, the correct usage is the same format as any other part of the acronym: “Nina is Queer,” “Nina is a Queer woman,” “are you Queer?” I don’t really care personally if you capitalize it in casual use, but in official use I’ve never seen it uncapitalized (probably to differentiate it from the “well, isn’t that queer” usage).

PLEASE DO NOT LET A FEW SALTY TERFS PARROTING Q-SLUR BULLSHIT DESTROY MY IDENTITY. Queer is hated among that subset because it isn’t just a personal identity–it is a warm and welcoming umbrella that includes aces, trans folks, and nonbinary people. Not sure what you want to call yourself? It’s okay, the Queer community is still here for you. They HATE that and they’re trying to tear it down.

A final note: if you tag this post as “q slur,” you’re going to find yourself blocked in very short order. MY IDENTITY IS NOT A SLUR AND I REFUSE TO SEE IT TREATED THAT WAY ANY LONGER.

You know what the TF2 fandom needs more of?

More chubby Demoman.

Because I heard that he has a pudge.

S U P E R  S O F T  D E M O M A N


Pictures of Cheritz’s newest merch: body pillow covers featuring the Defender of Justice 707 and Mr. Trust Fund Kid, Jumin Han. 

Themes are above, and are ‘Seductive Butler 707′ and ‘Possessive Jumin in a suit’. 

Interesting that Cheritz created 707′s off the fan poll, but there’s no mention of that for Jumin…and ‘provocatively disheveled looks’, Cheritz, you’re killing me. 

okay but harry/magnus’ biceps are definitely bigger than matt/alec’s and im like 85% sure he’s broader too stop writing magnus as ‘lithe’ 'lean’ or 'small’ he is none of those things

I’ve just noticed a curious thing about the end card of 136th episode. I don’t know if someone’s already written about it, but… Oh well.

The flower that this end card is presenting is if I’m not mistaken a bellflower, also known as kikyō in Japan. I hope it’s obvious to all of us that the animators didn’t put it there without a reason – there’s a meaning behind it. So, of course, I did a research about the plant’s symbolism and that’s what I found:

• The most meetable definition of a bellflower is an unwavering/unchanging/endless love, honesty and obedience;

• There’s also a belief that this flower has: «The return of a friend is desired»;

 • And finally

So, according to the events the episode contains…

…It’s becoming pretty obvious who the bellflowers showed in the end card are referring to.


If these skins are based off what I think they are, and I know they are.


To quote my mother: “This isn’t even a Yoruba Masquerade, They took and Igbo Masquerade and gave him flip flops.”

Masquerades are sacred beings that represents spirits in our culture and they are to be revered and respected. Of course we know that humans are in there but you never see someone putting on the costume right?

To SEE that a human is dressed as a Masquerade breaks the illusion of what they are and is frowned upon.

While my family is Igbo and Akande is Yoruba I spoke to my mothers about if this sort of thing is okay. It’s not. Yoruba people may handle their Masquerades differently than an Igbo person but I showed her these pictures and she said, like i quoted above, that is an Igbo Masquerade.

I have loved the amount of research, time and care that Blizzard has put into Akande but this one of the fears POCs have when other people take on their cultures but i know for Nigeria tbh DO NOT TOUCH OUR SPIRITS. Not only is it bad that they put the costume on him in general but it looks like they mixed up the tribes and that honestly is just as if not more insulting.

Igbo and Yoruba people have enough to deal without their cultures being used interchangeably.

There are an estimated 3000+ tribes in the entire continent of Africa and over 500 in Nigeria, please do not continue this harmful delusion that all Africans are the same, especially when you want to use our cultures for whatever purposes you see fit.

Regarding Chubby MC ask...

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but

in a little under 2 months, I managed to get 10,000 notes on this thing! @_@

It’s amazing how quickly it increased, I planned to start working on this once it was at 9,850 and somehow before I could even get it done, it hit 10,200+

Not only that

1000 followers….I had like, under 200 before this I’m quite sure. Gais. Wowe.

I’m pretty sure that’s the fault of our sweet but insecure chubby little MC. People have confessed it.

I don’t know if you guys know but I love looking at your reblogs and comments, and reply as much as I can. I never had anything so popular before so I treasure such little things <3 And I love looking at your insane tags. I even save them.

if you look closely you’ll even see that’s at 71 (tho it’s not just chubby MC they’re just my fave tags)

It’s really flattering for me since my work was never that popular uwu;; Because of chubby MC some of you have sent me asks just to say thanks, shared your stories and thoughts, and some have even shown interest in my OCs. *cries, I am a proud author-sama .>_<.*

So I wanted to say something to Chubby MC, which I think Chubby MC and I would also like to say to all of you.

Hope you all find the love Chubby MC got from you guys in your personal lives too!


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧