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plain-jayne  asked:

Hi:) I love your blog so much. It always helps me. I have an exam tomorrow and I am always confused on when to use por and when to use para and ALWAYS lose points because I use the wrong one. Could you maybe explain the uses to me?

Probably the most helpful resource I can think of are these videos, but youtube is really helpful for this.

I’ve also got my Big Post on por y para  and the por y para tag which covers all the posts I’ve answered on it

Some other helpful links (I highly recommend bowdoin and studyspanish on this)

Hi guys! So I’ve recently reached a milestone and am creating more original content, so I thought I’d do url gifsets to celebrate and get more inspo!!


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  • be patient!
  • if you want to check out my previous work click here

how this works

  • I will choose urls that inspire me and make a gifset based on your url :)
  • I will tag you in the gifset and link it back to your blog (basically a free promo!!)
  • this is open until I get too busy or lazy to make anymore so reblog any time you like!
  • I’ll be picking urls as they come in!!

I hope you’ll join baes !! I want this to be fun <33 and I hope you’ll like what i make :)

“Post Poaching”

OK I’m gonna get a bit defensive about this so bear with me.

None of us has the monopoly on finding new images, links, etc about our faves and posting that stuff to our blogs.  This is a big-ass world with a big-ass fandom scene and people are actively on the lookout for stuff about their faves, then posting that stuff  JUST BECAUSE someone (like me) posts something they found at about the same time as you did doesn’t imply that they “poached” your damned post ffs..  gah! excuse me but I am pissed.

NOTE: I do skim the TH tag frequently.  But I’m gonna miss some things. I can’t be scrolling for 40 damn minutes trying to make sure someone else hasn’t already posted this link before I post it myself.  No-one’s trying to steal your thunder.

guess I can wave bye-bye to some people over this rant but it needed to be said.

teenagemutantninjamushroom  asked:

So seeing that you are moving all of your fic/writig stuff to a separate blog just made me want to read ALL of your stuff again, but I can't find the ol' Navigation page to go through your tags. Is that gone because you're moving everything or am I just failing at tumblr?

no, it’s still there! ^__^ It’s what I’m using to go through things.

You can find it here <3

June 2017 Fic Recs





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slenderlock  asked:

yo!! how did you set up that redirection script for your blog? I've been thinking of swapping my username out but I don't want all my links to break.


The way I did it was that firstly, I changed URL on my art blog (ryuki-draws) Then I created a side blog with my old URL (ryuki-chinto-art), where in source code I used the redirection script from here. Works like a charm. ♥


Important is not to change the default theme Tumblr gives you when you create the blog. (mobile reasons) So just paste the script in the HTML editor to head or body, as tutorial says. I put it right after <head> 

Once you do that, however, you will not be able to reach the blog from browser because it will automatically redirect you. To change any settings, you will have to do it from dashboard. There is a function to access the HTML as well (just pointing this out since I got hella confused how the hell am I supposed to do anything in source code when I cannot reach the page to click the “Edit theme” button in the right top corner because I am stupid.)

This solves any old links without breaking them. However, it doesn’t solve this. 

This is however, dashboard problem only. If you go to someone’s post they reblogged from you directly on their blog, the link to you will redirect just fine. But even on dashboard, you can help it by slapping your new URL all around the redirection blog, shamelessly. 

It also helps a lot in tagging if someone hasn’t noticed you changed your URL.

In worst case, you will be checking notes on the redirection blog for a while as well. :”D

Unfortunately, I am not quite a mobile user and I am pretty much wifiless so I cannot check how stuff works for the app. :(

Hope it makes sense at least a little. :D I also recomment looking through redirect code tag of lovely lady who wrote this script for troubleshooting!

awesomeundertalelover3  asked:

Um, I'd like to know if I could record my play through (thingy) of The Great Noodle Jape? Of course, I'll give credit to you because its your game, but I just wanted to make sure that I am allowed to do that. Sorry for bugging you, I couldn't find a post where you said it was allowed so I decided to ask to make sure.

hey there love! oh my gosh heck yes it’s okay! so long as you’re linking back to the game (and ideally my blog too), i have 0 issues whatsoever! 

thank you so much for asking - feel free to tag me if you post it on tumblr, too, i’d love to see! <3 <3

fun-in-can-town  asked:

do you ever think elliot spends too much time on tumblr

I think Elliot spends too much time on tumblr, but only at, like, 3 am. He’s the cryptid mutual that you impulse-followed and that blogs really rarely, but when he’s online he spams your dash with whatever he’s hyperfixating on. His tags are super endearing and his interests roughly align with yours, so you never unfollow him. Besides, he makes really funny text posts about his day and you started listening to his band’s music because he posted a link to it once, so you’re kind of invested in keeping up with him, even if y’all have only ever talked, like, twice in the replies. 

don’t be that little shit and promote your blog by reblogging my text posts

there’s a reason i don’t link to the episodes because you can find the links in the miraculous ladybug tag. i am not going to spoon-feed you the link when you can easily find it if you check the miraculous ladybug tag as often as possible. if you can’t find it in the first page, scroll several pages back.

don’t be an ass by promoting your blog just because i don’t bother to give the link directly. if people want to see the spoilers, people will make the effort to find the spoilers.


For anyone just now finding out about the situation, these blogs have been keeping everyone updated:


If you know anything at all about anyone affected that HASN’T ALREADY BEEN WIDELY ACKNOWLEDGED please alert one of these blogs as they currently have the widest reach and largest following. If it’s something that everyone seemingly knows (like the fact that Amber is alive and Emmelie and Anthea are both in comas) please refrain from bombarding them with messages. They have already addressed these particular people.

Instead look through the tags “affectedbyhate” and “supportfamily” for updates and master lists of people who are affected that you could be messaging and helping.

Misha, Mark, Osric, Ruth, and I believe a few producers have addressed the situation and are showing their unconditional support as well. We need to spread the love and show that we are a family.

If you are triggered by anything going on, please blacklist these tags or avoid posts about the situation. We all understand that even thinking about the situation can trigger someone, and that’s okay. We’re a large family, and we’ve got each other’s backs, so if you can’t be out on the front lines, we’ll handle it for you.

If you are positive that it is not triggering and you are willing to be a safehouse blog for those who need someone to talk to, somewhere in your blog description, say that you are a safehouse blog. If possible, change your tumblr mobile background to the color yellow as another sign. The original post about creating a safehouse blog is somewhere in the tag, but I can’t link it because I am on mobile.

Family don’t end with blood. STAY STRONG, SPN FANDOM.

creating this network because i am kylo ren trash and i know there’s more of you out there <( ̄︶ ̄)>


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looking for:

  • star wars fans obviously
  • people who are kylo ren trash like me
  • a tagging system & original content are + but not required

once accepted:

  • when i start selecting members, you’ll get a message from me
  • i’ll need an icon from you so i can add you to the member page
  • you’ll have to track the network tag
  • and add a link to the member page to your blog
  • +follow from me (so cool, right?!)

extra info:

agirlcalledmelodypond  asked:

Hi :) I really enjoy your blog as I recently joined the Top Gear fandom. I saw that you posted some of the bloopers and outtakes but do like have a complete list of these videos? Because it's hard to find all of them on your huge blog :D

Yes, I should go back and tag those a bit better, shouldn’t I? I am so sorry, I’m dreadful with tags.

I don’t have a master list or anything (although that is a fantastic idea!), I’ll just go through my Youtube/Streetfire channels and just link to what I do have…


Middle East Special Director’s Cut

South Africa Special Director’s Cut

USA Road Trip (S15E08) Director’s Cut

Romania Director’s Cut

Albania Director’s Cut

Bonneville Director’s Cut

Extended Cool Wall (with Andy!)

Africa Special Outtakes

Jeremy Fits Some New Tyres

Traffic Jam

Suppertime in a Traffic Jam

James and Jeremy Shopping in Jezza

Insect Tennis

Sir Richard Hammondborough

Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper in the Morning

Fuel Stops

Driving Test

Drag Race at Entebbe

An Idiot on Board  (I highly recommend this one LOL)

India Special Outtakes

Indian Driving Style

Whining About the Cold

S18E01 Outtakes

Speed Laps

Jeremy and James talk about Imola

Stig going around Imola

Hammond’s Journey to Rome

Fuel Calculations

James Loses his Keys

Hammond’s Present

Argument Before Setting Off


Hitting Jezza in the Plums

Diesel Scirocco

Ferrari Daytona

Olivier Panis

James and Madison

Patience in the Workplace Award

Hammond’s Helicopter

Jeremy on the Train

James’ Yoga Highlights

Bored at the Border

Backstage Tour

Series 16 Chat

Series 15 Chat



Oz and James


Drink to Britain Extras

Hope that’s helpful! Also: welcome to the fandom! :)

[gif cred] do you ever just stay up till 4 am and cry because misha is a life ruiner


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what i’m looking for:

  • a nice clean tagging system
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  • nice, friendly bloggers 
  • ppl who crY OVER MISHA RIP

if accepted:

  • put a link to the network page on your blog 
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that is all my little honeybees please message me if you have any questions c:

anonymous asked:

Ok no fucking way your MTV post proves shit. You need to prove it and post a copy of the document saying that AMC said it was fine and MTV paid. I looked at that link and its bullshit because it says nothing about MTV or caryl. JFC shut the hell up. Our ship is canon and Norman shot your shit and AMC wouldn't go against him. Give us a copy of the contract or shut the fuck up

Hey there “friendly”,

Yikes! I guess I upset you…

I am sorry that you forced yourself to come all the way to the CARYL tag and my blog to see unpleasantness that has obviously ruined your ‘high’ of celebrating what you thought was the demise of a ship you have no understanding or insight in.
Too bad you got caught up in your anger so much that you failed to grasp the point and message I was trying to send with the post that got you so riled up.
I get it - reading comprehension can extremely hard to do when you are in the middle of a tantrum but I can wait for you to read it properly when you calm down.

I didn’t say my post proves that MTV specifically paid AMC to use the CARYL reference because I as an independent blogger can hardly have access to high profile contracts of that nature. 

What I was saying is that in situations like that in general, licensing and permission is needed because TWD and its characters are intellectual property of AMC and not MTV.
I also provided a link at the very bottom coming from a USA Law office outlying similar situations and what someone who wants to reference something, someone else made in their own creation. 

If you look over the legal details in the link provided you will see an general outline and an overview of a guideline people need to follow when it comes to dealing with similar cases and similar circumstances. 

Mentioning a product, a song, a movie or a character you don’t own generates hype for what you do own and that’s why licensing exists in order to measure monetary benefits or even royalties in certain high profile cases. 

MTV benefits by mentioning TWD and incorporating TWD characters within their storyline and script, therefore they can’t just use it without at the very least checking in with the other network even if financial details aren’t an issue.
This being capitalism - it’s most likely an issue!

Even if we are to take away that part of it completely, you are still left with the fact that other writers perceived CARYL as a romance and decided to reference it as such in their own script.

Which really was the main part of my post to begin with!

In terms of your reference to your ship being CANON, since we are asking each other for evidence here, I am going to need a source for the scene in which Daryl Dixon expresses or had expressed romantic feelings towards anyone on the show, including Beth.
Since you are not shipping Norman Reedus with Beth, using ambiguous statements/quotes, given by him DO NOT QUALIFY as CANON!

I am sorry my post upset you so much of course, but if I were you I would ask myself why it did in the first place.
I think you’d surprise yourself and I think it has nothing to do with MTV or legalities and everything to do with the possibility that you might be WRONG!

I hope you have a less HATEFUL day tomorrow!


Sanja - The Unrepentant Caryler

The Overlooked

Hello! This blog is closing in on 1K followers, and I would like to take this opportunity to put a post in the tags as a little bit of a promo. 

If you don’t know “The Overlooked”, please check out what it is about in this main welcome post! Basically, this is a blog that tries to shine a light on under-appreciated Teen Wolf posts. So many amazing fanworks go unnoticed, and that is what I am trying to change with this blog.

All characters, all pairings, all kinds of works. Everything is tagged for your blacklisting and/or searching convenience! The tags page is constantly under construction, because it’s being updated as the posts are reblogged. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to send in your favorite overlooked pieces of fanwork so that I can reblog them here too, and hopefully get them out to a broader audience! Simply send me an ask or a submission with the link to the post or artist you would like to see featured here! 

This blog is all about doing something positive for those people who are very talented, but might not get seen. If you like this idea and like this blog, please think about sending in some of your favorite under-appreciated works (it can be your own works, or those of others!), and/or help me signal boost the existence of this blog! 

Thank you! 

Do you love Chuck?  Is your heart still tingling with joy because of Fan Fiction’s ending? Then this network might be something for you!

  • mbf this Chuck worshipper
  • R E B L O G this post (likes won’t count as an entry)
  • no survey, because I am lazy
  • must love Chuck
  • cool themes (preferably with some sort of navigation/tagging system)
  • supernatural blogs (multifandom is fine as long as SPN is one of your main fandoms)
  • cool urls
  • but most importantly active bloggers who are nice to their followers
  • A spot on the network page.
  • Group promo upon announcement
  • A follow back from me and some of the other members.
  • My eternal love and friendship!
  • Rad people to talk to.
  • A tag to post your selfies in, share your creations, etc.
  • Track the tag #chuckshurleynet.
  • Put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog.
  • Follow a couple of the other members.
  • You’ll receive a message from me with further details.
  • this post must reach 30ish notes or it’ll destroy itself
  • I’ll pick the first members when this gets enough notes 
  • shittiest graphic ever by me, but yey
  • any questions? just send me an ask
I have created a birthday list of my followers

Because I got bored, and I always wanted to do this.

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  • send me an ask with your birthday, so I can add you on my “birthdays“ tag *It will be linked on my blog*
  • you’ll get a message from me and a promo on your birthday

The list is linked on my blog.

Also if you ever change your URL, send me a message so I can keep an updated list.

1989 Tour Periscope Links

Hey guys so I decided to put up links to different user’s periscope on here since it worked well this past time in Staples Center. I will try to find them before the shows start so you guys can see the opening acts. If links fail or the person who is broadcasting’s phone dies I will immediately post other links if I can find them. This is a great way to find out information live, watch the concert at home, and just have fun. I feel like a lot of people will enjoy it. 

To those who want to broadcast that are going to the concerts:

If you want to broadcast during the concert please send me your username on Periscope and I will tag your blog in the posts for the people going to the concert. This way people can follow you and also be able to get on the broadcast as soon as possible. 

If the upcoming concert works out well I will try to arrange a way for people to only film a few songs each so that we have a layout of who is doing what song. This is not guaranteed because I am not able to control which person’s phone dies when, but I will still be uploading other links live during the concert. 

Please remember: If you are going to the concert, your phone battery will die quickly so bring a portable charger with you.  

If you guys don’t mind spreading the awareness or telling other’s about this idea, I would really appreciate it so that as many people as possible could watch the broadcasts. Thank you!!! :)

anonymous asked:

How did you make friends on tumblr? Did you know them previously? I have a hard time connecting with people on tumblr. I try to start conversations but they never really go anywhere. Any advice?

I did know a couple of people from another website when I joined Tumblr, but I’ve made some new friends here. My advice is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to send people things in their Ask. People like me will often post that their Ask is open, or that it’s okay to send them questions, or thoughts, or just strike up a conversation. When I got started on Tumblr, I just found a bunch of blogs that were related to my fandoms or things I like. The longer you follow someone, the more you learn the kind of stuff they post and discuss, and you can jump in on conversations. When you reblog a post, add your thoughts. It’s okay to do that. Most of us LOVE that! It’s how we get to know each other. I recently just made some new friends in the Hiddleston fandom because I made a post TO the Hiddleston fandom (which I wasn’t a part of yet) asking them to tag me on Hiddleston stuff and send me links to interviews and other things so I could learn about him. That was a MAJORLY successful post, and I got a lot of responses, and some new followers, and some new blogs to follow, and I am now a full fledge Hiddleston fan (just in case anyone was still wondering). And it was because I reached out.

It is true, though, that you won’t hit it off with everyone. I’ve been in that position here. That’s not necessarily Tumblr, that’s just life. Not everyone clicks. Another thing to keep in mind is that some people run specialty blogs (dedicated to a certain celeb, show, movie, etc.) and they treat it a little more like a professional website. You may not get a genuine back-and-forth conversation with those blogs. It’s people with personal blogs (like myself) where we just post whatever we like, however many times we feel like it, that will likely be more open to real discussions or idle chit chat and games.

And just off the top of my head, here are a few other friendly bloggers who like to discuss and play games and generally fangirl all over the place:


I hope that helps, anon! Good luck!