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honeyobsession  asked:

Hey! I love your stories, and is it okay if I ask for help? My teacher asked me to write a story with 'journey', and I'm not sure what to write.. could you maybe provide some inspiration or where to get said inspiration?

I’d be happy to! 

When we think of a “journey” in writing, we think about two types of stories, generally. One is like The Hobbit. A cast of characters goes on a long trip to accomplish their ultimate goal. The other is like My Side of the Mountain. Where one character changes drastically (generally a growing up story) due to unusual circumstances/events. A journey doesn’t have to be physical– an emotional journey is just as good!

In my stories, I try to flip the expected plot! The Hobbit starts with Bilbo refusing to go on the journey and then, ultimately, choosing to go. What if a group comes to your character for information and refuses to let them come with? What if your character stows away? What if your character actively tries to stop them and spends the rest of the story booby-trapping the road?

I’d try finding some good prompts, thinking of how you think they’d go and doing the opposite. It’s a lot of fun that way!

(And less vague: you know what I’m interested in lately? That Chosen One thing where the chosen one already knows. Like a group of adventurers show up on the MC’s doorstep like “You have to come with us, you are the only one who can defeat this person. We know it sounds far-fetched, but you have to trust us.” And the MC is like “Whaaaaaat, that is crazy, hahaha, who would believe that?” But inside they’re sweating because they found out about all that like five years ago, have already mastered their powers, but don’t know if they trust the adventurers or not. So then they have to go on the journey with them, keeping it a secret, until the adventurers prove that the MC can trust them.)

Here are a bunch of prompt blogs I use who I hope will forgive me for once again tagging them lol.

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jackshithere  asked:

What is your stance on technology in Naruto? It seems to be ...rather.. poorly used in canon-world (like almost everything) and I wish to hear your words on the topic since you do have a knack for explaining the fallacy of Naruto quite clearly.

Naruto technology was always kind of bizarre in the blend of low-tech and high-tech, but I could appreciate that they were trying to preserve a certain aesthetic.  They didn’t want cars or airplanes; they wanted horses and running through the woods.

To a certain extent you can finesse this in a chaotic world at war. Infrastructure is always vulnerable. Major projects like bridges, dams, power plants, telecommunications lines, railway stations, airports, etc, are very vulnerable; this was the whole point of the Land of Waves arc. So it does make sense that despite having technology to make e.g. air travel possible, they wouldn’t simply because it would be a waste of time, money, and energy to build an airport that would inevitably be blown up in a few years.

So a technology boom in the wake of the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War does make sense, along with a similar boom in the economy. This is why I don’t give Naruto any credit as Hokage for the economic/technological boom. On Reddit, I hear this argument a lot. “Naruto is a good Hokage because look at how the village is prospering!” 1. That had almost nothing to do with his actions as Hokage and 2. if your impression of original Naruto’s dream to become Hokage was that he wanted to make the village wealthy and powerful and the plight of the most vulnerable members of society doesn’t matter, I genuinely don’t know what to say to you, so enjoy Boruto I guess.


Under Appreciated Lines in Hetalia: Paint It, White!

Iceland: “Oh skit… what the cripes!

France: "Everybody knows I’ve got the biggest-”

England: “-nobody asked you, cheesy monkey!”

England: “…You feel like a horse’s ass!”

China: “Suck ball! I knew fortune cookie this morning was full of bad luck!”

Poland: “Why are you look at me like that with the no eyes?”

Switzlerand: [Permanant Neutrality Border]

Japan: “No likey” (said like ‘rikey’)

Tony: “Because I don’t do dubs!”

Japan: “Germany! I’m sorry; I touched you. But if we fight sporadically we will only end up defeated”

Germany: “Must kill!”

England: “Double-O-Ninja!”

Narrator: “Britain. A former pirate, but now a rather effeminate, yet gentlemanly empire with a plethora of rain. France is a longtime acquaintance he’s often found bickering with for bickering’s sake. However, in their heart of hearts, they love each other. Sexually”

America: “…When humans think the word hospitality, they all think about me because I know how to have a good time!”

Germany: There is no crying in alien warfare!

America: “I’m happy to see you, hands! We’re going to have so much fun!”


“Everything I ever did, I did for her. Now she’s gone, but I’m still here.”

Why was this scene so perfect? So real and human? I wanted to do a piece like this ever since I saw that episode almost close to a year ago now. Really loved the colours in making this one and I hope like you it too.

Interested in supporting me or just want a really high-resolution quality print of this for your wall? Find it here on my society6 or redbubble. The resolution on this work is massive so I guarantee quality for giant prints!
Thank you so much again for everyone that supports what I love doing. It’s because of all of you that I continue to make work like this. As usual you can find the WIP and bonus stuff on my twitter!

lol the lead is gone so i have literally nothing to do and @kyrstin tagged me to do my ten favorite swift tunes so HERE GOES (ftr I got in v late, my husband actually got me into her because he thought i would like 1989 and he was RIGHT so it’s basically all Red or 1989)

  1. Stay, Stay, Stay
  2. All Too Well (I have never had my heart broken but I still get teary every fucking listen. that’s power) 
  3. Clean
  4. Out of the Woods
  5. Blank Space
  6. Begin Again
  7. I Know Places
  8. New Romantics
  9. Mean
  10. Better Than Revenge

(btw i dont really apologize for liking things and if you don’t wanna see stuff about Swift absolutely no hard feelings if you gotta unfollow)

about eren/levi & levi/eren (fanfic)

this is a follow up… follow up of my posts about using the borrowed tags of ereri/rivaere correctly. if you have not read the original post on what tag means what or why you should be careful about tagging fanart i greatly encourage you to read those posts before reading this post, as this post will speak of some of the topics touched previously in those posts.

the topic for this post is in regards to the most common practice of the western fandom when it comes to contributing to their ship/fandom. it is the medium i am most familiar to: fanfiction

this is a guide that will assist you in choosing the correct tags to label your work

in the previous posts i stress greatly about how both the commonplace ship tag “ereri” (and the less common “rivaere”) are borrowed tags. they are tags/ship names we have taken from the japanese fandom and so have specific meanings.

japanese ship names are typically created as such: since many fanworks are R18 and there is a strong rule of courtesy when it comes to preference of “top or bottom”, in m/m works in particular it is customary that the first syllable(s) of the character who tops [is dominate] will go first in the ship name, and the first syllable(s) of the character who bottoms [is submissive] will be second

eren/levi: ereri follows this as such eren/rivai 

エレン、ヴァイ = エレリ

levi/eren: rivaere follows this as such rivai/eren

リヴァイ、エレン = リヴァエレ

*please note, in japanese levi’s name is spelt phonetically- “rivai”

but this is how japanese fandoms come up with ship names/tags. western fandoms have a different method.

though, depending on the fandom, if it’s anime/manga/video games- should there be a “western counterpart”(what the snk fandom is btw) it is not uncommon for the western counterpart to adopt the japanese tags/ship names (like we have done). however there are times a western counterpart will make its own ship names and style these names like they typically do in fandoms for ships of a western series. it’s because western fandoms have a different method that our ship tag is befuddled. people are misusing it because they have tacked onto it a western mentality though it is a japanese ship tag. this is harmful because the japanese ship tag is created by specific rules and as such has a specific meaning. trying to give it another meaning with western logic just doesn’t make sense because the tag wasn’t created to support that logic or any other meaning than the one it originally has.

when it comes to western series fandoms, they typically have (1) prevailing preference on “who tops or bottoms” and (1) ship name is decided to be unanimous. this ship name does not always adhere to the fandoms’ most popular/decided on preference. the unanimous ship name is usually decided as a combination of the character’s names: the first half of one character’s and then the second half of the other character’s. and what combination of these names that usually “sounds the best” is how it’s decided.

even in western series fandoms, a unanimous ship name does not equate a unanimous tag.

i will use a western fandom i am familiar with as an example.

the BBC show “merlin”. The most popular m/m ship is “arthur/merlin”, and the unanimous ship name follows western rules: it is “merthur” (merlin arthur). arthur topping merlin is more popular than merlin topping arthur, yet for the ship name merlin comes first. this is just what was decided in that fandom when they created their ship name.

since “merthur” is a unanimous ship name it can be used to speak of both works that are “arthur/merlin” and/or “merlin/arthur”. be as that may, should the fic have sexual content or the writer has a preference, it is still common practice and courtesy, that if merlin tops arthur in a fic- even if the fic is labeled “merthur”, the pairing tagged/presented on the work would reflect the content and thus be “merlin/arthur” and not “arthur/merlin”.

we have an extremely huge problem when it comes to fanfiction for our pairing and it is this confusion on tagging.

a work that has eren topping levi might be labeled “levi/eren” or a work that has levi topping eren might be labeled “eren/levi”, because there is confusion that “ereri” is unanimous it is also confused on if the whole tag of a ship itself is also unanimous. it is not possible for a ship tag to be unanimous unless every single fan ships a pairing one certain way. as mentioned before, this is an extremely popular pairing, loved by many and interpreted differently by many so there are different preferences and as such different tags depending. that is just how it is, but it is not a difficult thing.

since our fandom is a western counterpart of a japanese fandom we are borrowing their ship names/tags. but when it comes to tagging our fanfic we are not borrowing japanese tags. we have our own tags that follow the same format as almost any other fandom. if your fic has sexual content, who tops and who bottoms is the deciding factor of whose name goes first and whose name goes second.

for examples i will be utilising AO3′s format, it is customary to include the surname(s) of the character(s) in the ship tags of this website and so the tags will reflect that. however it is up to you should you be posting on tumblr or a blog site like lj if you want to include surname (i personally rather like to, this is spoilers free below)

if levi tops and eren bottoms, it’s “levi/eren” and should be tagged as followed:

if eren tops and levi bottoms, it’s “eren/levi” and should be tagged as followed:

if at some point they both top/bottom (switch) in the work, or will in the future depending on how you see it, it is either “levi/eren/levi” or “eren/levi/eren”. you could use a tag like this

but perhaps they don’t switch in the same scene. or you don’t want them to switch until later in your work. or that tag is simply too much effort and you’re retagging old works. taking that into consideration, what would be easiest is add the other tag with whatever ship tag you originally have and it will look as such (or the other way, i don’t know what choice you thought you’d regret the least):

if your work does not have sexual content both tags can be used. people are usually only picky about preference when the work contains sexual content b/c one way might not be pleasing to them like the other. if your work does not have sexual content and you have a firm preference, of course any work can choose one tag over the other. the writer is the creator of their work so they know what their work is. 

why is this a big deal?

it’s because writers are not accurately tagging their works.

tagging for the ship is tagging for content.

tagging for preference is as important as for tagging for content like certain kinks (eg; foot fetish, breath play, somnophilia, fellatio) that your readers might share with you, and certain warnings (eg; rape, character death, extreme violence) that your readers might want to avoid.

depending on what you wrote and what you tag, determines on what sort of reader you will draw in.

you should not tag your work to be something it is not. if you do this it is a disservice to your work, yourself, and your audience.

people will choose to spend time on what they think they will enjoy. readers typically choose to read a fic because they think it will suit their tastes.

i will tell you now as a writer myself for this fandom and this pairing. my preference as i have stated on my blog is “levi/eren”. i only tag my work “levi/eren” because i only write “levi/eren”. and a comment i have received countlessly from readers has always been essentially: “i was relieved. you tagged the work as levi/eren and the work is levi/eren.”

i am making these posts on tagging partially because of such comments. why was i receiving such comments? does not every writer tag their content correctly? and then i was told this is not the case. and then i have seen it is not the case.

please remember, when it comes to your work, when you post, you the writer are the one in control of the tags on your work. the writer should know what tags they should use, because they wrote the content of the work.

do not be ashamed of what preference you have and do not be afraid to tag your work for what it is. the reader will know when they read your work what the truth is. the work is what it is. and the reader will know if you have deceived them for the sake of their potential readership.

in the case of many readers, they will definitely not trust you to read your work again if you have failed to warn them about certain content; the ship tag is that powerful. as powerful as tagging for warnings of unsavoury content (i have learnt my lessons too)

rather than ensnare a hit to your work- cultivate a company that will appreciate your work. i cannot imagine how many writers were thought of badly not because their writing was bad, but because they had mislabeled their work and left a bad taste in the reader’s mouth from the reader’s disappointment.

if a reader goes in expecting x/y but the content is y/x, the reader will be upset about that. especially when they only started to read the work because they trusted you to present the work as what it is.

and it is especially important to tag your work when your work contains sexual content. let’s be real, porn is one of the most sought for type of works to read, and the most mislabeled despite that it is the most easy to tag. 

tagging is a courtesy and it shows you care.

please care about your work, your readers, and other people in this fandom.

nobody wants to waste time reading something they know with certainty they’re not going to like.

i speak to you as a writer again. the feedback you receive from people who truly value and understand your work because they share the same preference or likes or kinks, will always be the people who will enjoy your work the most. they will be the most likely to return to you. you will have their trust. they will be the most likely to speak to you about what they enjoyed and what you might need to work on. they will invigorate you and help you.

readers are important and so are you the writer.

i have always thought, writing fanfic is for fun, it is for my own self-satisfaction and i still think that, and that the most important person to enjoy the work is the person who created it. love your work, be honest about your work; always strive to improve and berate yourself over how it can be done better. enjoy yourself and let your readers enjoy your work for what it is. and that can be done if you show your readers consideration. you will love your work more if you do and so will your readers. have pride in what you do. everyone likes what they like and tagging is a tool that helps people who likes things exactly as you do, find your work.

please tag your work correctly.

i would like to stress for what seems the nth time. nobody is better than anyone else for having a preference. whether you only like one character to top or bottom, whether you like it when they switch, whether you view them asexual, or aromantic. if you prefer them as girls. if you prefer them in a modern setting over canon. however you like it. write what you like. but tag what it is you like.

we all ship this pair because we love them and no one’s love is greater than the other’s.

do not allow at any time for someone with any preference to look down on yours. people are always willing to cause trouble when they are unwilling to change, unwilling to learn; when they are arrogant and stupid. but we all have in common that we love this ship, just like how each tag has a meaning that will not change that fact too cannot change.

i am sincerely grateful to the people who have reblogged, liked, and even shared their stressful experiences from the misuse of tags. you have been helpful and i hope your input will also encourage everyone to tag their works and the works of other’s correctly.

if you have read this far, thank you so very much for your time and consideration. i sincerely encourage you to reblog this post. i’m sorry it’s so long, writers never shut up. see you later!

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rules: write 10 songs you’re currently into and tag 10 people to do the same

  1. my chemical romance - welcome to the black parade (i’m not an emo so i don’t have any emotional baggage attached to it - i just think it’s a really really good song and calling it “emo bohemian rhapsody” is accurate)
  2. panic! at the disco - this is gospel
  3. blind guardian - curse my name (because power metal is life)
  4. panic! at the disco - la devotee
  5. dodie clark - in the middle (aka a song about a threesome)
  6. dodie clark - would you be so kind (i literally can’t stop listening to it, it’s so beautiful and she’s come so far, i’m really proud; the whole ep is a masterpiece tbh)
  7. gustav holst - jupiter theme (this is classical music, but oh my goodness, this theme is so powerful and beautiful, i can’t stop listening)
  8. my chemical romance - na na na (i listened to that on repeat when i was like seven or something, nostalgia)
  9. my chemical romance - teenagers (most relatable first line of the chorus ever)
  10. pearl jam - rearviewmirror (everytime i come back to that band i start with that song, it’s so good)

tags about music, sing me the fck up.

i tag @nansylemur, @psychostatic, @emmathephander, @underwater-rivers and @whoispeter i’m curious tbh

Shit Powered Giraffe Collection (updated weekly)

Yeah, since I already made this post for my infamous tag “wayward victorian whores” for the Emilie Autumn fandom (dat fandom doe) contents and I’m creating loads of shit for SPG, guess who’s there? Shit Powered Giraffe masterpost so that, if you were spared because I have a different timezone than you mmmuricans, you can see all my stuff whenever you want.  Wow, such good thing, very important, much luck for you. Okay, here they are.

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anonymous asked:

On the subject of appropriation, (and yes i was asking three separate questions), so if a white girl dresses buys a Cheongsam and wears it because she is comfortable that is appropriation? Thats the thing I don't understand, I get if she is dressing up as a sexy submissive chinese person for halloween and thats pretty fucked up, but isn't a westerner wearing a Cheongsam like a Chinese person wearing a ball gown? (I'm Indian for point of reference). What if a Chinese girl wears a Sari?

i would have appreciated if you had gone through our tags and faqs because we’ve gone over many of these exact same questions time and again.

what you need to understand is that we’re talking about systems of power here and not individual acts. especially within the fashion industry, the west has traditionally inhabited the position of power. french, british, italian, and (emerging in the 19th-20th centuries) american design is the ~pinnacle~ of fashion. nations like japan, india, and china have been relegated to sites of sweatshop labor and “cultural inspiration.” now, a lot of this has shifted since the 1970s-1980s, for example the rise of japanese fashion designers and asian american fashion designers (although note that these designers still show in traditional fashion capitals like paris and new york), but this is the traditional model: (primarily white) western fashion designers achieve their status through the economic exploitation of brown, black, and yellow labor.

orientalism relies on this exploitation. the driving force behind orientalism is (1) to further capitalize on a fascination with “oriental” cultures, and (2) to morally justify exploitation by casting “the orient” as backwards and uncivilized, unworthy of the beauty that we create for ourselves. further, when we combine cultural appropriation with orientalism, we’re not only objectifying and commodifying asian cultures, but actually removing asian people from the picture entirely. there is a HUGE difference between a white person traveling to china and purchasing a cheongsam from a chinese dressmaker, and a white western designer appropriating cheongsam styles in their work. there is a HUGE difference between a white western designer creating cheongsam-style dresses and a chinese american designer creating cheongsam-style dresses (like vivienne tam is known for).

further, this power relations extends to the globalization of certain styles (i.e. western dress) as the norm, and non-western styles as niche, “traditional,” or “ethnic.” note that we typically have to use these kinds of descriptors when talking about non-western dress - even the term “non-western dress” or “world dress” is an example of what stuart hall means when he writes about “marked” and “unmarked categories.” when we have unequal power divisions, such as the ones i described here, the dominant group does not have to be marked: if you say a suit, you know we’re talking about a western suit, we don’t need to mark it as western. that is because “western” is unmarked. if it was a chinese suit, you would have to mark it “chinese” to differentiate it from the unmarked suit. your use of “ball gown” here is unmarked in contrast to “cheongsam” or “sari” which are marked by virtue of using the native term for those garments, instead of english words. do you see where i’m going with this?

so to come back to your question about a white girl wearing a cheongsam because she finds it “comfortable” (which is kind of an odd example, because cheongsams are known for the specific posture you need in order to wear it, they’re not really “comfortable” dresses, but ok), like yeah it’s completely possible for this to happen. however, it begs a host of questions. why specifically a cheongsam? what about the cheongsam makes it more or less comfortable than other garment options? where did she get this cheongsam? does this girl live in a complete cultural vacuum where she has never once been exposed to ideas about chinese people? (no. nothing ever happens in a vacuum.) she is bound to have some associations with this dress, because it is marked with its chineseness. i mean you seem to think this is a pretty simple example but there’s really a lot of political history that needs to be unpacked.

same with the example of a chinese girl wearing a sari. yes, this can be an example of appropriation. it could be an example of “othering” indian people. it probably does not operate on the same level as, say, a white british woman wearing a sari, because of the explicit colonialist history between britain and india.

honestly i find these hypothetical situations useless because the real world does not work in such a reductive way.


lady-windermere  asked:

Do you have any fanfics about school reunion? Maby one when they pretend to be dated, or meet on there.

these all have the tags ‘school reunion’ but i haven’t read them so I don’t know what happens in them 

Crush on You by sunnydalewerewolf (1/1 | 1,554 | PG13)

Stiles would like to thank whatever force in the universe it was that brought him to his current position. Because that’s what it had to be: some oddly beneficent higher power. There is no way he got here by means of his own charm.

Here is with his lips pressed against those of his high school crush.

when can i see you again by aeneapsych (1/1 | 1,492 | NC17)

Derek reluctantly goes to his twenty-year high school reunion expecting nothing. That’s not what he gets.

Eighteen and Beautiful by allhalethealpha (2/5 | 5,383 | NR)

“We’ll never see each other again.” It was meant to be a joke, but Derek knew Stiles believed it.

“Yes we will,” Derek said, more trying to convince himself than anything.

“Yeah, we will.” By the tone of his voice, he knew Stiles didn’t believe it.

But they didn’t. At least, not for a long, long time.

or, the one where Derek and Stiles were best friends throughout middle and high school, fell in love somewhere in those years. They lose touch when Derek goes off to college, and don’t see each other until their two sons become best friends when they tag along with their dads and meet at the fifteenth reunion.

“Harry,” he said after a meditative moment, “are you perfect?”

“No,” I said.

He nodded. “Omniscient?”

I snorted. “No.”

“Can you go into the past, change things that have already happened?”

“Theoretically?” I asked.

He gave me a level stare. 

“I hear that sometimes, some things can be done. But apparently it’s tricky as hell. And I’ve got no idea how,” I said.

“So can you?”

“No,” I said.

“In other words,” he said, “despite all the things you know, and all the incredible things you can do… you’re only human.”

I frowned at him and swigged beer.

“Then why,” Michael asked, “are you expecting perfection out of yourself? Do you really think you’re that much better than the rest of us? That your powers make you a higher quality of human being? That your knowledge places you on a higher plane than everyone else on the world?”

I eyed the beer and felt… embarrassed.

“That’s arrogance, Harry,” he said gently. “On a level so deep you don’t even realise it exists. And do you know why it’s there?”

“No?” I asked.

He smiled again. “Because you have set a higher standard for yourself. You think that because you have more power than others you have to do more with it.”


Page 149 to 150. Skin Game.

I feel like this needs to be said today. I have seen 3 sad people in the tag upset about how tumblr witch hunts think TDF is bad because it isn’t perfect.

Michael thinks your being arrogant. You do not have to be perfect. Everything you do does not have to be perfect. You are aloud to exist, to live, to enjoy regardless. Anyone who tells you you have to be perfect is also arrogant. Don’t listen to them. Listen to Michael instead. Have a beer. And give yourself permission to enjoy what you enjoy. I here by give you permission to love these books. You are absolved of whatever sin people say you have committed. They have issue point them at me and I will eat them.

Lingerie Lover

WARNING: It’s smutty babes

Bra Boy makes another appearance! I almost made Jinyoung Yoongi, haha, but I switched it to Taegi hanging out there. :) I love this pairing a lot actually like this Taehyung is such a great lover IMO.

Word Count: 3,019.


You couldn’t piece together what crazy thoughts you had when you accepted your friend’s request to help him out. Nor could you fathom why he hadn’t asked Ah Seong in your stead, who would have had much more of a blast than you were as you stacked the folded dress shirts atop a shelf.

You’d never really thought that Jinyoung was the type to ask for help, but when he called you to help him out when in need of more workers, you had accepted without hesitation. You began to think it was because you couldn’t stop thinking about your little scene at the lingerie shop you’d been to last week.

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「 Luciela & Riful vs Priscilla 」etc.

Okay so, since my brain is functioning okay now, let me talk about「 Luciela & Riful vs Priscilla 」for Eli (kunamon) and everyone else. I’d like to clarify some things. I’m not great at organizing my thoughts so please bear with me.

I’ll be discussing Riful’s stance on the potential alliance, Priscilla’s level of power, her previous opponents as comparison and how LucieRif would fare. 

It’s not so much about if Riful would want to team up with Luciela (or vice versa). It’s if they did, what would be the outcome.

But for my own satisfaction, let’s talk about it. Riful would want to team up with Luciela. That was the whole point of her attempting to make friends with current warriors and forcing them to awaken. She was rounding up possible allies, or at least trying to.

All because of Priscilla. Her appearance, her alliance with Isley and the obvious shift in power to the North. If they (Isley & Priscilla) decided to move (as they did) to reclaim any other lands which had otherwise been peacefully divided between the 3 original Abyssals and the Org HQ, they would have no problem doing so. They would be unmatchable. 

And as mentioned by wildhorseoctavia, Riful isn’t one to be unmatched in power – nor sit around and wait to be killed – hence her relationship with Dauf works so well. 

In regards to Luciela, she would be on par with if not slightly weaker than Riful in terms of strength, because Riful has been around much longer. (And as we know in Claymore-verse, in most cases, your age only adds to your power. u no liek wine. This would obv make Isley the strongest out of the three.) Riful would not have a problem in teaming up with Luciela if it meant she could take down Priscilla – and Luciela later.

That is to say, if she had realized Priscilla’s power sooner.

So yes let’s talk about that. Priscilla’s current “dumb” level of power. It has always been around. It is documented way back in the extra scene where she battles Rigardo and then Isley. Note that the events of this extra scene took place before the events of the Witch’s Maw Arc. Isley takes a great deal of damage within minutes and surrenders to her, acknowledging her power.

At the time, however, Priscilla’s mind was still in the state of a child’s. 

Up until the Destroyer Arc, it was as if she were half-asleep, fighting in her dreams. When she revisits us around Chapters 90-100, she has woken up, up to 80% I might say. She is thinking much more clearly, and is no longer outwardly recalling her father’s death. She has fought away most of the mental fog and consciously utilizes her powers.

The only thing plaguing her mind now is that “forbidden memory.” Why she is drawn to Clare. Once she realizes who Clare truly is and who is inside of her, Priscilla is at 100%. 

Also: Priscilla is a resilient fuck, like Clare, because they both have this immense will to live. It makes them both nearly limitless.

The battles between Priscilla and her previous opponents help to gauge her strength; But are only somewhat helpful in gauging the outcome of Luciela and Riful’s hypothetical onslaught.

Many of you mentioned Alicia & Beth as well as the Destroyer.

Alicia and Beth wouldn’t be a fair comparison, except in noting their tag-team efforts. I would easily rank the two lower in power than the other Abyssal Ones, again, because of age. Alicia was only able to gain the upperhand against Riful & Dauf with the offense of Abyss Feeders. (more)

The Destroyer is a more notable opponent in terms of strength. The Destroyer ofc is the awakening of a merged Abyssal One and the longest-lived Claymore of about equal power. Had Clare not become a part of it, it would not have changed course and circled around Priscilla only. Priscilla allegedly attempts to crush the being with her “full power” and is, in turn, extremely damaged. In the end, as we know, she is consumed by it. Not killed, unfortunately. 

Going in alphabetical order, Isley is up next. The Silver King would have been an excellent comparison had he not been enamored by Priscilla’s strength and surrendered to her. However, as mentioned, he took a great deal of damage in the little time that they did fight. If two Isley’s were to take her on, I imagine the outcome would be the same.

It is Isley who predicts the union of Luciela and Riful, hence he chooses to battle Luciela. Riful is the one who speaks of it, relaying the information to Clare during the Defiant Ones Arc.

Isley crushed the little chance Riful and Luciela had to defeat Priscilla.

I mean, really, all I had to do was post that one cap and be like, here Eli. They had a little chance. That’s it. But they would be crushed in the end. We all know it.

But let’s focus on the quote, “If there were even a chance of defeating that women, it would have to be a power that surpasses those called Abyssal Ones.” She compares this level of power to her possible alliance with Luciela. 

With their combined hatred, they potentially could have been as powerful as Rauf (a.k.a. Riful Doll a.k.a. Riful Remnant) and as effective in their tag-team efforts as Octavia, Chronos and Cassandra.

We know what happened to Rauf (Riful + parasitic Dauf) in the end but Cassandra wasn’t killed by Priscilla. Had there been two Cassandra’s of varying forms and abilities and hatred for Priscilla akin to Rauf’s, then we’d be getting somewhere.

I also think if Abyss Feeders were at L&R’s or C&C’s disposal, they could wear Priscilla down in no time, as they did to both Isley and Riful.

(I just remembered how Priscilla and Rauf played hot potato with the Destroyer’s remains and I am not going to get into whether or not that affected their power level rn pffft)

I feel the result, or at least events of this battle, would also depend on when this battle might take place. When Priscilla still possesses the mind of a child, when she was relentlessly hunting down Clare’s scent or when she is at 100%.

In the first state she is absent-mindedly destroying everything in her path, save for young girls, desiring food and wishing for her papa. She can be extremely vulnerable as well as extremely deceptive in this state.

In the second, she is intentionally obliterating everything that stands in her way. She has no care but to uncover the truth behind Clare’s scent. The only opponent she will give attention to is Clare.

In the third state, it becomes a game. A game of survival for all those opposing her. As mentioned, she doesn’t possess the will to die. She doesn’t imagine herself losing in any manner. In this state, while she is resilient and confident, it is possible to take her by surprise.


To conclude, I imagine Luciela & Riful could have dealt as much damage as Rauf (had the potential to), had they really put their all, like Chronos, Octavia and Cassandra did combined. Relentless efforts to put Priscilla down.

 The damage dealt could be more so if Priscilla were still in a childlike state and not the current confident and aware Priscilla.

Considering everything stated, I would say that the two had around a 10% chance of winning.


I probably overlooked a lot of things but I’m tired and I just want to post this already. Thoughts? 

Some more theories

Sugilite is an interesting fusion if you look into her, I mean just look at her, She looks both imperfect and perfect one can even say she’s a lot closer to being a fusion like garnet, I mean take a look at her arms in particular, they both branch out a quarter way from the shoulder.

In contrast to opal that has two completely separated arms! I think it’s pretty obvious that at one point Amethyst got along very well with garnet but due to strains in their relation, the fusion became more and more like Opal. 

And this isn’t just a one time thing in sugilite’s design, her arms are drawn this way throughout her entire appearance.

Even in her Gallery Sheet. I guess you can say that Sugilite is in between a stable fusion and an unstable fusion she could be both actually. I don’t actually know what to think of it …

I just found this to be rather curious and maybe VERY foretelling of the gem’s relationship with each other. OH And one last thing that I have literally seen no one talk about … the song Choices for the Canon Fusion Amalgam, Synchronize and Collusion.

Amalgam is a mixture or blend

synchronize cause to occur at the same time

 collusion a secret or illegal cooperation … 

Think about this in terms of what was revealed by jasper to be the homeworld’s perspective on fusions. “Fusions are just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger”. “ this shameful display (comment towards garnet)” “You’re fused again?? why?.

I think its pretty much obvious by now that fusions are frowned upon/ Illegal in the gem homeworld, but why? I’d have to say because of it’s uncertainty and power. A fusion can be out of love like Garnet.

 but it can also be spawned out of desperation, Hate and ambition like Malachite.

The Diamond Authority which I assume was behind this had every right to make Gem fusions illegal, would you honestly say the gems could of taken on malachite? They barely would of survived Lapis lazuli alone, Had Steven not tagged along. Imagine fusions with more gems cooperating it be unstoppable!. because of that I do believe the homeworld gems invented gem destabilizers. Had gems rebelled they would use these new weapons to stop them from standing up to the diamonds had it ever happen again. 


asked: Hi! c: I haven’t written in quite a while because I had a lot going on in my life and not much inspiration or motivation to do much of anything, for that matter. Now that things have settled, I want to start writing again. But, inspiration still hasn’t hit. Not one single idea. Do you have any tips/advice for having (and conquering!) writer’s block this early in the writing process? How do start writing everyday?

dreamintofly I hope I am asking in the right place, sorry if I am not. There is this prompt challenge on my favourite fanfiction forum/site and I want to enter but I am worried that I will procrastinate and do it last min and It won’t be good. It happens every time which has been a few times. Im so annoyed at myself because I get writers block easily and the  I put it off. Any advice or tips…. Do you have any ideas on how to stay motivated??? I’ve tried some tips but fuel just ran out. And I feel like I need a writing buddy. :(((( nothingelsesatisfies asked: About once a week, I get an idea for a book and get really excited about it. They usually don’t pan out at all. But I had one recently and I got so much inspiration that I wrote out information for multiple characters, drew up a rudimentary plot, and even wrote detailed paragraphs for major plot points. I’ve written a bit, but now I’m stumped. I’ve never gotten farther than a few chapters into any of my previous book ideas, but I really want this one to work! How can I keep writing?! mindofgil asked: I’m running out of steam after 120 pages of a novel. This is even after ignoring it for months and then going back to it. Suggestions? slowlysinkingunder asked: I haven’t written in almost two months, since I finished the book I’m writing. I really want to get back into writing again because it’s killing me but I have absolutely no ideas for any kind of story. I actually did try writing something the other day and while I didn’t trash it, it was so bad I don’t want to continue it. Any tips for getting back into writing mode? I went from writing every day to not writing at all and I came from writing a novel so my creativity is still kind of burned out.


Q あなたは ザ・ラスト ‐ナルト・ザ・ムービー‐についてどう思いますか?

A 正直なところ? 私は本当にそれを愛する!それは私が私が二次ヒロインにヒナタはまったく見られなかったということでしたどのように悪い思い出させる。彼女はサクラするの に最適な「タグパートナー」になる可能性があります。私はサクラとヒナタが一緒に何ができるか想像することができます。 (笑)


Q あなたの最初のものは何ですか?

A それは 劇場版 NARUTO -ナルト- 疾風伝 火の意志を継ぐ者だ!

Q どの映画が一番嫌いでしたか?

A 劇場版 NARUTO -ナルト- ブラッド・プリズン、それがブリーチの映画を見ているようだったので!

Q バックサクラとヒナタに、あなたはそれらを、彼らは右、良いチームであることができることの両方が好きだ?彼らのファンの多くは、より強力である女の子を知りたいです。あなたは私たちを伝えることができますか?

A 難 しい質問。それらの両方は、他に対抗できる術を持っている。私はサクラとヒナタが衝突するだろう特別な1ショットマンガの章を作ることを考えていますが、 私は出版社の許可を取得する必要があります。彼らのファンはそれをサポートする場合、それは私が深刻くノ一の戦いを書かれているので、長い時間があったの で、私は間違いなく、その話をするのが大好きだ。

Q 鷹はあまりにボルト‐ナルト・ザ・ムービーに表示されます?

A 良い質問!我々はまだそれをまだ決めていませんでした。彼らは確かにスピンオフ漫画に表示され、私は彼らがあまりにも映画の中で現れることを願っています!

Q あなたは今私たちに鷹について何かを伝えることはできますか?

A 一つだけ:それらの一つは、彼と彼の兄弟が夢見ていることを彼の夢に達している!

Q それは順子竹内は次の映画になりませんというのは本当?

A 彼 女は彼女がために個人的な問題にすることはできません言ったが、彼女は彼女が彼女のお気に入りの忍者に彼女の声を与えるかもしれないが、彼の息子に行うこ とはできないことを私に言ってまで繰り返す。私はそれが重いことではない、その問題が何であるかを伝えることはできませんが、心配しないでください。

Q あなたはナルトとヒナタが第三子を持つ可能性があるという。あなたはそれを作るかしない場合、あなたが決定しましたか?

A はい、私はすでに私の心を作ったと私はそれが別の少年となり、白眼を持つことを決定した!

Q 彼の名前は何になりますか?

A それはシナチクになります!

Q それはウォルト·ディズニーが2016年で最高のピエロと週刊少年ジャンプが許可を与えるかどうだろうザ・ラスト ‐ナルト・ザ・ムービー‐の別バージョンを作成したいというのは本当?

A さ て、ディズニーはより深刻と暗い私はクールな思考が、私は、スクリプトを読んだとき…まあ、それは青年のアニメに比べても、暗すぎるだろう作った ザ・ラスト ‐ナルト・ザ・ムービー‐、のバージョンを少しを作成するためにアイデアを私のところに来たので、おそらく何もそれについてません。

Q ナルサクファンへのあなたの反応は何ですか?

A まず、私の漫画のすべての章をお読みいただきありがとうございました。

あ なたはツンデレフェチペアリングロマンスその後見たい場合は第二に、理恵釘宮はアニメや漫画をツンデレ。私が最初にナルヒナを望んでいたが、ツンデレ、日 本で人気となったため、出版社はナルサクに変更する私を余儀なくさが、後に出版社は私がナルヒナに戻ってオンすることができますが、それらは、そのための 交換のために、私は赤としてナルサクを使用しなければならないと言った誤解を招くようなツンデレファン読者にニシン。




全体的に、これらのナルサクインターネット上わめき散らすされ、ファンとナルトのいじめっ子他の読者はその後行くと浦沢直樹の漫画を読んで。彼の漫画はそれらを満たすことができる。 (笑い)

Google translate

Q Is The Last - Naruto The Movie - What do you think about it ?

A Honestly ? I really love ! How bad is that I could remember that Hinata was not seen at all in secondary heroin. She could be the best way Sakura " tag partner " . I'll be able to imagine what Sakura and Hinata could do together. (Laughter )

Q What's your first ?
A It Movie NARUTO - Naruto - I heir will Shippuden Fire!

Q What movie did you hate the most?

A Movie NARUTO - Naruto - Blood , because it was like watching a movie of Bleach !

Q Sakura and Hinata again , they me , well, like so much of things that can be a good team? Many of his fans, want to know the girl is more powerful. Can you tell us ?
A correct question flame. Both have a form that can compete with others. I 'm thinking of doing a chapter of a special manga Sakura and Hinata a shot collide , but I have to get permission from the publisher. If your fans that support it , is because I have written Kunoichi serious battle , there was not much time , I would definitely love the story .

Q hawk too Bolt - appears in Naruto The Movie ?

A good question ! We have not yet decided yet. Certainly appear in the animated spin -off drawing, I hope that will appear in the movie too!

Q Can you tell us something about the falcon with us now?

A Only one : one has achieved his dream that he and his brother have dreamed !
Q is likely to Naruto and Hinata has a second Mitsuko . If you do not want or do, or have you decided?

A Yes, I already did with another guy and made my mind , it was decided that white !

Q What will what is your name?

A One will Shinachiku !

Q would be if the Walt Disney is the best clown and the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2016 grants permission The Last - Naruto The Movie - certainly want to create a separate version?

A Disney is darker and more serious the fresh thought, when I read the script ... Well, it is also compared to the animation of youth, The last act would be too dark - EL Naruto Movie - of so the idea came to me so you have to create a smaller version , probably nothing unlucky for him.

Q What is your reaction to the fan Narusaku ?

A First, thanks for reading all the chapters of my comics you.

If any questions about what you want to see Tsundere Fetish match the romance then the second, Rie Kugimiya is Tsundere the anime and manga. Although I had initially wanted NaruHina , tsundere , as it became popular in Japan , publishers forced me to be changed to Narusaku is , publishers I can back to NaruHina later but they are by exchange, herring for readers of tsundere fans as misleading to say must use the Narusaku as red.

Cardiopulmonary functional recovery method scene was also the idea of ​​my editors , I did not know that was supposed to be romantic ! They have deceived me . If I had know that cardiopulmonary functional recovery method become a romantic thing certainly has left .

Friendly Reminder about the AZ Matsuri

Hey, so it’s February. It’s 3 weeks until the annual AZ Matsuri (Arizona Japanese Cultural Festival) and I figure at least a few of you would be going to it. But, this needs to be said, and I’ll say it every year until I’m dead because it’s actually a big issue.

Please do not cosplay Homestuck to the Matsuri!!!

There are multiple reasons why you should not and do not need to cosplay homestuck at the matsuri:

  • Homestuck is not, in any way shape or form, Japanese

I know you’re all very very intelligent people and you know this as a fact. But this is one of the big reasons why it’s not really welcome. It’s not Japanese at all, nor an anime or manga from Japan. Yes yes, Damara speaks Google Translate Japanese, but thats still no grounds for it to happen.

  • The volunteers greatly dislike all the grey

Yes, the one thing you guys stress about the most is making sure your paint is sealed. It’s understandable, and you all work very very very hard on your cosplays. We know its really far from PCC for those who can only make it to Phoenix for cons and that you want to show off that fancy costume and pour yourself in a grey wonderland, but the volunteers who run this festival do not like it. Most of you seal it, some of you don’t. It is Arizona, it is still hot here even in February, You leak your grey everywhere and it smudges on the tables and cloths you touch and it greatly irritates them. Please do not. 

The Alpha and Beta kids would most likely be fine to wear since theres no grey but this brings me to my next point.

  • Many many cosplayers who attend dislike Homestuck there greatly for reason of point #1

They really don’t like it, and many cosplayers and attendees will not react kindly towards it. Many of us do not think it’s necessary for Homestuck cosplay to be at this event which is to celebrate Japan and it’s culture and the things we enjoy about it. It’s not needed. You can wear Homestuck literally every single other event in Arizona that you can cosplay to, leave this one to the culture itself. Please. It also greatly confuses and scares many younger children who do not understand why all you people are dressed up with horns, and teeth, and are yelling and honking at each other while being grey. To the children, you look like actual scary aliens when they just came to see the pretty items that are scattered about.

If you do not have anything but a Homestuck cosplay, just come as yourself. It’s not a cosplay event, but many like to because it’s fun celebrating something thats part of Japan’s entertainment history. You can borrow a friends wig/cosplay and go as that.

Theres not much I can do to stop you from cosplaying Homestuck at the upcoming festival. I am only one person, and I don’t have any power over what you choose to wear. But for everything cultural, please don’t wear Homestuck to this festival. It’s slightly disrespectful to what the festival is really about and honestly really upsetting that you feel the need to drag it everywhere. 

Sorry for the long post, but this needed to be said once again.