tagging with my face


Soooooo, I was tagged to do the bias selfie tag by @ananou59, @lovingchenhun, and some others, so finally here you go!

I’m going to tag: @xiuminscheeks, @miramizar, @doemtij, @4minutevevo, @kookiexdae, @loey-chenosaurs, @jongdaes-eyebrows, @thehoofleiestpoof, @hmsonny@theloveinkimkai, and anyone else who wants to do it! 


I was tagged to do the bias photo tag by @joonienamjoon @jins1upgirl and @taev-gucci (I’m pretty sure there were more but I’ve put it off for SO LONG that I honestly don’t remember) thank you all 💗✨ 

I already did one with Jin so I thought I’d do my bias wreckers (+ a teeny weeny Jin cameo lol)

Tagging: @imtuanout @dreamytaehyungx @dt-minsuga @joonierapmoonie and @minsuga–genius (feel free to ignore me!!)