tagging with my face

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


i told my mom that i want a black sweater. she refused saying that it was stupid and will not fit me although i would stay at home. so i wanna see some sims in black sweater cuz i love it!!


  • put black (you can also choice another color - i generally love sweaters but black for me more cute) sweaters on your favorite/founder/another sim!
  • take a screenshot (editing entirely depends on you)
  • post with the tag #blacksweatertag or/and @sycsh also leave a link to this post please ??
  • tag at least 3 person

                                                      thank you for listening.

i am very shy about tagging someone on my own so you can just say that i tag you !!!


home screen/selfie/last song!

i was tagged by @bakksana and @godeven thank you guys so much ❤︎

i tag: @trashkinglightwood @everheartings @lsaks @freakishly-bookish-ant @inkstained @cheekyeven @isakvalterzn @sanabakkoshs @larasjeans @mrsnorriis @heckleweather @thelovesclubs @wild-lavenders


skldnfksn the pictures don’t match but that’s okay !!!! tagged by @leejinklies for an mb w selfies lskdnfkls thank you so much soph i love you n also you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen !!!

aaah tagging @mapibee @starrybangtagon @saveboyfriend @rapmons1er @y-ngguk @triptiych @taeboos @leejinky @estelles @hobisluvr @1sistar @silktaemin @bogum @iloveleejihoon @giribouy @leetm @gikwang @cyypher @asintu @jaehlyn @4soju @1soju @gugudans you don’t have to do it pals if you don’t want or you can just do a bias moodboard if you don’t want to post selfies i love you !!


Hey guys time to see my face again! 😂
I was tagged to this by the cutest, @aichan11 thank you so much!!!
I was wondering if I should do the selfie tag with jaebum or yoongi, but jaebum ultimately won (both this and my heart 💗)
I’m tagging @baebae-goodnight @suhotrashanon @everybodykpops @softtacobear @chanyeolandthebananas and @onenightandgone but if anyone doesn’t feel like it, then please don’t feel obligated to do it! 😊😘❤

How dare you tag me in another one of these Iris! Guys just please look at @hobikookie the goddess who forced me here to expose myself again lmao

I usually do selfie tags with my ultimate bias Hobi, but Namjoon did us so proud at the BBMAs today I wanted to put my potato self beside him ;)

I guess I’ll tag @kimnamwho, @kook-tae, @godsavemefrombts, @war-of-hormoan@def-initely-soul and @whoatheresparkie. No pressure guys, don’t do it if you don’t want to!