tagging with my face


ohh i was tagged by @oblviqte & @dracomalfoyl to do the lockscreen, homescreen, last song and selfie thingy! so thank you for the tag, Anna & Leala, you both are lovely! ✨ (this is actually my 1st time posting a selfie omg 🙈 ) 

have a lovely day guys! I’m tagging some of favourite & new mutuals: @vernondursley @snufflesblacks @fleurrdelacour @malfoys @tedtonks  @georgeweaslry  @oliverswood @kingscross @emmelinevvance @herbologic


Tagged by this girl with ocean eyes: @yeolology for the selfie tag!!💙💙💙💙so here you have my face, some feline ears and probably too many filters for your enjoyment

I tag: @igotsiete @babysebaek @wonhoforjackson @queen-im @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels and @sehuntiful (I still have to do your bias tag I haven’t forgotten 😊)

I love me because… tagged by the beautiful @bulletscrossbowpie 💜

Rules: Post a selfie and list five to ten things that make you love you, be sure to say I love me because before the reason. Then tag ten followers you want to know why they love themselves, cause honestly sometimes we all need a little reminder.

1. I love me because I’m a goofball.
2. I love me because I’m a good listener.
3. I love me because I work for what I want.
4. I love me because I know I don’t need makeup to feel not ugly.
5. I love me because I’m willing to be different.

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You don’t have to do this if you don’t want but just know that you are all perfect either way ❤️