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“This is the story of when stars meet the ground. This is the story of when Plant boy Phil met Space boy Dan”

Here you have, I did a thing. I just love this AU so much!!! And I have like this huge plot with this AU maybe one day (after I finish all those requests) I’ll develop it, who knows.

Well, it’s late here for me so im gonna sleep.

Love you all, bye!

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Hey do you know any BTS blogs with positive vibes? I need to follow more soft people my dash is so full of negativity :/

hi! ah that sucks ): hmmm, I don’t think I follow many blogs that are vocal so I don’t think I’ll be of much help ): 

but! I think you should follow those ask blogs that draw things! those are really nice and make me feel all warm inside/make me laugh almost all the time. @ask-bts-stuff is one that I follow and ya know there are many others! 

most of the people I follow are original content makers and talk in the tags –> @bts420 @kstopping (honestly their tags are gold!) others that i really love are @gotjimin @chimneytaels @jjks @kths @syubbed @gguked @jimiyoong @jiminrolls @bwiyomi @bwipsul @bwiyomi @apgujeon @booptae @bwibelle @yoongles @doona-baes @yoongichii @jaayhope @allbtsvideos @ojjeon @jengkook they make gifs/edits/graphics that range from r00d to awww and sometimes they tag things with like super sweet and soft tags and other times it’s just incoherent keyboard smashing haha. either way, i totally relate.

lastly, i follow a ton of art blogs bc I really like art haha. Some of my favs are
@saliechelon255 @megymi95 @bokumuteki @bloominflowers

-i know I probably missed out a lot of like quality blogs but that’s all I can think of for now. If anyone knows some positive bts blogs to follow, just drop the url in my ask box or reply to this post! or like any bts blogs that make appreciation posts? I’m into that haha. Anyway, I hope your dash is a little less negative after following some of these ppl anon! (if you don’t already follow them lol I feel like the blogs I mentioned are already followed by almost everyone in the fandom)

@sokoistrying tagged me, i love stuff like this!!~

Name: Alyona

Nickname: L or Lens (also hedgehog but it was a long time ago)

Gender: intergender

Orientation: homosexual

Ethnicity: russian

Star Sign: aries

Height: 158 cm

Time right now: 11:54 pm

Last thing I googled: order pizza online

Favorite Band(s): Twenty One Pilots

Favorite Solo Artist(s): Beyonce

Song stuck in your head: Matilda by Alt-J

Last movie I watched: La La Land i think

Last TV show I watched: Steven Universe (rewatched)

When did you create your blog:  2014

What kind of stuff do you post: my drawings and answers on messages in asbox i guess

When did your blog reach its peak: somewhere in december or january i think

Do you have any other blogs: @yellow-lens-shit for reblogs

Do you get asks regularly: yup. really happy bc of it

Why you chose your URL: it was just a random shit but then my bro was like “yo that’s because you look at the world like through yellow glasses?? bc u r really cheerful and loving and like everythink yellow/sunny??” so now on i’m gonna pretend that’s what my url was originated from

Following: 210

Posts: 606

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokémon Team: Instinct

Favorite colors: yellow and lavender

Average hours of sleep: 7

Lucky Numbers: 7 and 13 lol

Favorite manga characters: Olivier Mira Armstrong

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 (2-3 in winter)

Dream job: concept artist or comics artist

Dream trip: Thailand

Favorite book(s): still Harry Potter

What I’m wearing at the moment: black shorts, bolshoi theatre t-shirt and a hoodie

Tag someone: i tag everyone who wants to do thing too and you guys

@fischy-felix @lizziebeth-hd @rego-mem @jelixpo @missmblaah @odarlino @noxatn @cloudedfelix

u can just ignore it oops


BOOKS I READ IN 2016 Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy

All in all, we’re a happy group. Sometimes I worry that we’re too happy, but then a visit to Nana’s house brings things into focus. We’re happy because we want to be, because we’re pouring our energy and emotion into each other in the best possible way.

i was tagged by @sanabakkoshs thank you love!! ❤︎

rules: tag 20 people (it’s late i should be sleeping i’m not tagging so many people bruh i have to wake up at 5am tomorrow)
nickname: joanna
zodiac: leo
height: 164cm
last thing i googled: “die besten deutschsprachigen lieder” (bc i need more music, if you have any recs feel free to send me some)
favourite music artist: hayley kiyoko, lorde, foo fighters, the weeknd
song stuck in my head: “tearing” me up by bob moses
last movie i saw: the way he looks because gashii recommended ❤︎
what am i wearing right now: my pjs
why did i choose my url: i love sana bakkuoush very, very much
do i have any other blogs: nope
what did your last relationship teach you: that nobody wants to date me :)))) (bc my last relationship didn’t even exist)
religious or spiritua: nothing really, i used to, bu not anymore
favourite colour: gray, beige, burgundy
average hours of sleep: 5-6
lucky number: 5
favourite characters: sana bakkoush, even bech næsheim, neil josten, draco malfoy
how many blankets do i sleep with: one
dream job: translator/ writer

i tag: @trashkinglightwood @everheartings @bakksana @freakishly-bookish-ant @isakvalterzn @godeven @mrsnorriis @cheekyeven @inkstained @heckleweather @alrightevains @cafeeumpasteldenata @nicoediangelo @thelovesclubs @wild-lavenders @larasjeans @soullessminyard @puresblood @mnvrds @rickonstvrk


I was tagged by my lil sis @joyrookie​ ily boo!!!

RULES: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better or die

NAME: karina

NICKNAMES: kaz, kaka, that gay girl who likes the koreans

GENDER: female (she/her)

STAR SIGN: gemini the two faces bitch

HEIGHT: 5′5 a small bean


LAST THING I GOOGLED: “bts vlive” I finally watched the run ep of this week but I was too lazy to write the url ….)


FAVE SOLO ARTISTS: beyonce, taeyeon, dean

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: payphone by maroon 5 bc I was listening to that aoa cover……….

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: the handmaiden I watched it again last night help

WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: this one a week ago, but i’ve been on tumblr since 2009 someone set me free

WHAT DO YOU POST: most bts, aesthetic and girls LOT OF GIRLS

WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK?: I reached on an old fandom I don’t talk about, everything is about rn

DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: I hav an archive blog but does it count???? if not no

DO YOU GET ASKS REGULARLY: I guess so, I try playing ask games a lot so i can interact with people but even if I don’t I get at least ¾ a day.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: bc park jimin is bisexual icon like be we’re a duo of bisexuals baes


POSTS: 1811



FAVORITE COLORS: pink, baby blue, gold

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 4/5h on work days, 8/10 hours on off days


FAVE CHARACTERS: katara  (a true icon and yes I’m rewatching atloa)

WHAT AM I WEARING NOW?: an orange tank top and very very short shorts (my glorious legs are out)


DREAM JOB: I guess i already I’m on my dream job, I’m an audiologist and I just want to help as many peoples as I can

DREAM TRIP: I want to go to japan, but its not a dream trip??? i want go to dubai too, but I don’t think none of it is a dream I like being here just fine

I’m tagging some people and you do it if you’re comfortable!!!!: @hoseok1e @nu4bo @1sistar @boragf @hyerimiamor @poutypjm @kisstae @hobintae @hobitxt @queridamina @nsfwseok @chimchm @sopegf @g1ossy @cryjeon @onlynochu @angeljk @gemnist @parkmochibean @jihyoistheloml @little-bts it is 20?? I’m too lazy to count, anyway i love you yall!!!!

t a g g e d

i was tagged by @hansrlow (thank you!)

Rules: tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better 

Nickname: kelly

Zodiac sign: taurus  

Height: 5′2″

Last thing I googled: “Zodiac sign for April 20th”

Last Movie I watched: Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

What I am wearing right now: a t shirt and jeans

Why did I choose my URL: I thought I was so clever bc gay rhymes with day and I’m a gay (ex)mormon 

Do I have any other blogs: nope

What did my last relationship teach me: that I’m gay 

Religious or spiritual: eehhhhhhhhh 

Favorite color: green

Average hours of sleep: ??????? idk 

Lucky number: 7

I am tagging: @diddlywackmackmormondaddy @51potatoes @lesbroadwaymemes @monneygrabber46 @vi-writes-bom @imasoundoftomorrow @aggressivelybreathing @lesbianmezzo @meggysmeg @theatreboys @twelvecupsofcoffee @ciaowhizzer @bomdotcom @aquaholicmermaid nd that’s it because I don’t want to tag 20 people lmao

I got tagged by the amazing @cassionandor. Thanks a lot!! :D
Rules: Tag 20 people you want to know better.

Nickname: Jessy, Jess, Jessman, Jay and Clark 
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 1,74 m (I think that’s 5′8?)
Last thing I googled: Artorius Castus (I need to google names bc I never know if I write them correct, dyslexia and all lmao)
Favourite music artist: Rise Against, Billy Talent, Volbeat, Sia and Halsey
Song stuck in my head: Running on Air by Nathan Trent 
Last movie I saw: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 
What am I wearing right now: black pants and my favourite shirt :D
Why did I choose my URL: Napoleon Solo is my favourite character and I really wanted a TMFU URL. I first had @solosnapoleon and checked if this one was avaible and well … 
Do I have any other blogs: Yep, a DCEU fanblog with the one and only @kctiebell :D
Religious or spiritual: spiritual
Favourite colour: all shades of blue and pastel colours in general :)
Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Lucky number: 5
Favourite characters: Napoleon Solo, Diana Prince, Clark Kent, Arthur Pendragon (Legend of the Sword), Elena Fisher (Uncharted), Finn (Star Wars), Max (Black Sails), Nyota Uhura, Bodhi Rook, Peggy Carter, Bones, James Flint, Anne Bonny, …
Dream job: tourism guide 

I tag: @greyjoyvs, @steveetrevor, @itrekstars, @el3anorrigby, @deducitetemporacarmen, @screamingarrows, @murphyhatesme, @kctiebell, @feedingmyinsomnia, @salteverywhere, @softshao, @oldfashionedvillain, @napolllya, @nxpoleonsxlo and @dutiful-diana :D

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anon chain game: tag 10 of ur sweetest mutuals and what u appreciate about them, then copy n paste this ask n spread it around :))

@taenity @gemnist @apinkology @yuuhwas @studylilacs @m8terino @basicjeon @ripped-socks @parkjimithy @kvths

ahhh i’ve never done this before (mainly bc im not that active tumblr user like many others) but!! what i appreciate about these guys? they all have one thing in common and whether its on the same site or not, i guess yall were my first pals here and even though few of us arent that close yet… you guys make me smile and laugh a lot so thank you for that:DD yall r srsly so funny and gosh i appreciate you guys talking to me, it means a lot!! i wouldve tagged more but i dont know that many urls right now:(


I was tagged by @adamparrsih <3

rules: tag 20 (or in my case 6 bc i’m lazy) blogs you’d like to get to know better!

nickname(s): gee i guess ? (i’d rather not give out my real name)

zodiac sign: leo

height: 5′7″

last thing you googled: no idea

favorite music artist(s): dodie, the 1975, birdy, lorde, tessa violet, obscure indie bands, early 2000s rap artists

song stuck in my head: pass that dutch

last movie I watched: moana I think?

what are you wearing right now: black skinny jeans and a cropped sweatshirt

why did you choose your url: tonks is so underappreciated also i thought it was pretty

do you have any other blogs: yes but they’re not in use

what did your last relationship teach you: nothing bc i’ve never been in one

religious or spiritual: religious 

favorite color: lavender or black

average hours of sleep: 6-7

lucky number: 4

favorite characters: the entire gangsey, remus lupin, boat-shoes-gansey, ginny weasley, sirius black, hazel levesque, gansey, adam parrish, ronan lynch, luna lovegood, gansey, i could go on for ages

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2

dream job: traveller, journalist, novelist

i tag: @finnblush @ohpotter @mollywealsey @saladtsar @njmphadora @wespr (if you want ofc)

tagged by @ohnooras and @poeets thank you ily both!!!<3

rules: tag 20 people you want to know better

nickname: jas

zodiac: aries

height: 5′4″

last thing i googled: album reviews

favourite music artist: ed sheeran, elton john and bon iver rn

song stuck in my head: “let it happen” - tame impala

last movie i saw: the circle

what am i wearing right now: shorts and a basic white t-shirt

why did i choose my url: bc i loooooove friends

do i have any other blogs: yess

what did your last relationship teach you: i haven’t had one

religious or spiritual: nop, atheist

favourite colour: dark turquoise

average hours of sleep: 7/8

lucky number: 5 or 13

favourite characters: chandler bing, adam parrish and michael scofield

how many blankets do i sleep with: two

dream job: something to do with research and maths

tagging (do it if you want!!!): @minyardx, @mermaeid, @harlevquin, @aftrelaughter, @properlypadfoot, @inejfghafa and @sanabakkoshs

Tag Game

i was tagged by @writeroftheprompts thank youuuu!!!!!

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: emmy

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Height: 5′6

Last thing you Googled: the address of a dress shop

Favorite music artist: mmm at the moment it’s nothing but thieves

Song stuck my head: i don’t have one rn bc i’m listening to jesus christ superstar

Last movie you watched: legally blonde

What are you wearing right now: shorts and a gray shirt and black socks

Why did you choose your URL: bc i wanted to change it but i didn’t have the faintest idea what to change it to

Do you have any other blogs: yes indeed! i have a bunch: @linguiterate which is my language blog but i don’t maintain it, @birlcholtz which is my check please + other webcomics blog, @elijahrosefanclub which is my blog for @sharpzero, i also co-mod @typicalmbticonversations and @sharpzerofucksgiven

What did your last relationship teach you: lol nothing

Religious or Spiritual: meh i’m a little religious but not much

Favourite color: very light purple

Average hours of sleep: like 7.5-8 recently

Lucky Number: 8 i guess

Favourite characters: *softly* no

How many blankets do you sleep with: 3. 1 blanket, 1 sheet, 1 comforter. if it’s hot out i’ll skip the comforter

Dream job: actor in a period drama. or on broadway

i tag: @wouldiwas-shookispeared @galacticcactus @intergalacticbattleweasel @bittlebakes @violasarecool @alloftheicegays @peppernine @classy-mantis-shrimp @why-so-many-hats @mirandatam @puppieluver @neurotechnician @femalecodedobject @riyaisnotonfire @ummurlhere @unicornsaplenty @hesitantlyhuman @bedtimesshell @lelethesmall @finalscrisis

Rules: tag 10 followers you want to know better after answering, and spread positivity!

Tagged by: @yet-he-was-intrepid​ ! Thanks uwu

Nickname: Not including nicknames based off of past usernames and urls, mainly just Dyl by both online and irl friends

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Favourite color: Pink

Time now: 12:10 AM

Average hours of sleep: Usually about 5 or 6 hours bc i have a very weird sleep schedule owo” I get all my work done at night

Last thing I googled: Probably one of the Fullmetal games to do a shopping search

Blankets I sleep with: Usually one or two, it has to be heavy if it’s one

Favourite musical artist: I really really like Woodkid, Panic! at the Disco, Marina and the Diamonds, Halsey, and Fall Out Boy

Favourite food: Asian, Pasta, Meat, and Sweets lol (and seafood)

Dream trip: Italy again or Japan

Wearing: Pajamas

Age of blog: P young, about a year? I’ve had several others so ;;

Following: 94

Type of posts: Mainly Fullmetal and miscellaneous stuff. 

I tag: @word-spielen @annisaazhar @royai-is-love @deathscytheeevee @ice-ice-minami @teslaswife [Jaq already tagged you but I’m putting you here too myeheheh] @phobspi @goooku 9 10 there i tagged 10 people i did it *sweats*

tagged by the lovely @eliotsbambi :)

nickname: Shelbs, Shel, Shelbelle
zodiac: libra
height: like 5'1"
last thing i googled: Jeff Goldblum Thor Ragnarok
favourite music artist: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Hunter Hayes, Kelsea Ballerini, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, etc…I CAN’T CHOOSE JUST ONE
song stuck in my head: Hard Times by Paramore
last movie i saw: in theaters, Beauty and the Beast. At home, does Sherlock count as a movie? lol
what am i wearing right now: ripped jeans and a t-shirt
why did i choose my url: bc it’s me lol
do i have any other blogs: *clears throat* @readingbeauty16 @tessaclaryizzyslaylikeagirl @rosemtylerstardis @mollyhooperxxx and @thesherlockholmes221b
what did your last relationship teach you: people don’t often show their true colors until months later.
religious or spiritual: I feel like idk how to answer this? Isn’t it a bit hand in hand? idk.I’m a Christian so..there? lol
favourite colour: purple (all the shades but specifically deep purple)
average hours of sleep: about 5
lucky number: 16
favourite characters: too many to fit in this post, as it would involve book characters too lol
how many blankets do i sleep with: 1 sometimes 2 depending
dream job: singer or actress…OR BROADWAY ACTRESS SO I CAN SING TOO lol

I tag: @mrsfrankensteinwinchester @flowerstar5 @sherlollian2016m @writingwife-83 & @elennemigo

tagged by @trashkinglightwood :)
rules: tag 20 people

nickname: syd, squid, squidney.
zodiac: libra.
height: like 5'5" something around there.
last thing i googled: “cute pictures of james d'arcy and hayley atwell"
favourite music artist: taylor swift, troye sivan, p!atd, marina and the diamonds, emmet cahill.
song stuck in my head: ‘don’t threaten me with a good time’ by panic.
last movie i saw: in theaters, gotg vol 2. at home? the mummy returns lol.
what am i wearing right now: pj shorts and a tee shirt.
why did i choose my url: bc I love the magicians, eliot & margo. <3
do i have any other blogs: Nope.
what did your last relationship teach you: ?
religious or spiritual: religious.
favourite colour: bright blue, pastel pink, and lavender atm.
average hours of sleep: probably about seven.
lucky number: don’t really have one.
favourite characters: bucky barnes, steve rogers, eliot waugh, margo hanson, proinsias cassidy, kylo ren, t'challa, matt murdock.
how many blankets do i sleep with: 2
dream job: artist? or something to do with taking care of animals.

i tag: @nervousbucky @starspangledpan @genoda @simplyshelbs16xoxo @centuriesboy

Get To Know Me Meme

I was tagged by the lovely @dr
Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know!
Nickname: Tai or Ronda

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′4

Last thing you googled: radio.garden (you can listen to any radio station throughout the world - it’s pretty rad!)

Favorite music artist: Pacific Avenue, Chase Atlantic & The Neighbourhood

Song stuck in my head: in your arms by Pacific Avenue

Last movie you watched: The Chronicles of Riddick

What are you wearing right now: plain baggy shirt and boxer shorts (so basically my pj’s)

Why did you choose your URL: bc uhura is a queen duh

Do you have any other blogs: yeah lol it’s my regular aesthetic blog which (funnily enough) just switches the words in this URL around @ny-uhura (look I’m not exactly the most creative person ay)

What did your last relationship teach you: you can’t change the way others feel; if they’re not over their ex then you can’t change that sadly enough…

Religious or spiritual: negative

Favorite color: idk what to call it? It’s like that rusty red/mauve kind of colour

Average hours of sleep: lol like 4-5

Lucky number: 16

Favorite characters: bones (my lord and saviour), malia Tate (teen wolf), scotty, Lynette Scavo (desperate housewives)

How many blankets you sleep with: like 1 or 2 all year round haha our house is always really hot

Dream job: honestly I couldn’t even tell you bc I have no idea 😩

I tag:
@medicatemedrmccoy @jimboy-mccoy
@enterprisewriting @urban-trek-thru-middle-earth @starfleetchekov and anyone else who would like to do it bc hey, there’s nothing really restricting you

tagged by @horchatta!! thank you ilyyy

rules: tag 20 people you want to know better

nickname: t

zodiac: gemini

height: 5′3″

last thing i googled: pygmalion effect npr

favourite music artist: tame impala rn

song stuck in my head: “good side in” - the japanese house

last movie i saw: umm idr :/ probaly sing with my siblings lolz

what am i wearing right now: sweatpants and my fav sweatshirt :)

why did i choose my url: bc i likeD noora but now im upset and sad and i might change it

do i have any other blogs: yea

what did your last relationship teach you: n/a

religious or spiritual: yup

favourite colour: navy blue

average hours of sleep: 4 at night + 4 after school = “8″

lucky number: n/a

favourite characters: sana bakkoush, ron weasley, fitzwilliam darcy

how many blankets do i sleep with: one

dream job: teacher + graphic designer

tagging (if u want!!): @posiedcns @obcidus @centralpeark @alyxhathaway11 @euripidex @hermiogne

tagged by @gotouda :-))))

nickname - um………..soph..a while back it was ‘xophmarr’

zodiac - cancer

height - 180cm

last thing I googled
- beverly hills 90210 season 3 

favourite artist - i dont really have one stand out fave

song stuck in my head - soul kiss by olivia newton john lmao

last movie i watched - last ride (2009)

wearing right now - giant pink big W sweater gross ripped black leggings and white mens sports socks 

why i chose my url - bc i identify with it

what my last relationship taught me - that im a deadshit dropkick

any other blogs
- porninseconds

spiritual - not really

favourite colour - clinique green, burnt oranges, orangey browny reds, salmon, ambery yellows

hours of sleep - 8ish

lucky number - 8 as well

favourite characters - the only thing i can think about rn in 90210 n brenda dylan kelly and steve r my fav characters on that

dream job - honestly im looking inside of myself trying 2 find one last shred of ambition but Shes gone. i would love 2 have a job literally doing anything rn

i tag everyone who wants 2 do this :)) x

tagged by @busterwolf !!! ty

Get to Know Me Meme

Rules: Tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: Kathy, Katy, Kat (i’m also known as Rosey by a few)
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 5′3″
Last Thing You Googled: blue microphones
Favourite Music Artists: I have sooo many faves !! One of them is Kali Uchis
Song Stuck In My Head: Dontcha by The Internet
Last Movie you watched: Moana
What are you wearing right now: a plain white tank top and some pajama pants. nothing special
Why did you choose your URL: bc I love mai shiranui and this url wasn’t taken so u_u
Do you have any other blogs: @bibachita is my artblog but i deleted all my posts there bc of my lack of confidence in my art skill™. idk when I’ll start posting there again but hopefully soon tho…
What did your last relationship teach you: never been in a relationship.
Religious or spiritual: ..spiritual, I guess?
Favorite color: i love light colors, especially pink or white :0
Average hours of sleep: 3-9 hours, sometimes more or less
Lucky Number: ummm 17
Favorite Characters: I did answer another thing not too long ago that answers this question but i have more faves not listed there… like Lucio and Whip
How many blankets do you sleep with: 2-3 depending on how cold i am
Dream Job: something art related.

tagging @messengersgift, @elehayym, @jurihan, @koichihirose, @dollysuccubus, @v8vendetta, @tenzen, @masterjikkuri and anyone else who wants to do this