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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

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I need!!! Jinmin fics!!! Can u help me

yes i can dear anon!! sorry i got back to you so slowly i havent been on tumblr much!! below are some of my all-time fave jinmin fics!!! (as always, pls read the fic’s tags and warnings before reading the fic!!!)

milky white by jinsus - top/dom jimin!!! short but lovely bc thigh kink and weoo its good stuff ^___^  lots of praise kink hehehee

smile by enxaro - sweet, cute, fluffy, jimin-who’s-in-love-with-seokjin’s-laughter fic its lovely and soft

please stay a little longer by jinminrising - time loop, angsty jinmin and jin who can never remember and it repeats and repeats and its so good. 

not spring, or love, or cherry blossoms by jinminrising - honestly honestly honestly gray’s jinmin fics are always the best. this one is a 1988 reply au and god. i love it so much.

(xiujaemin’s other pseud is jinminrising, an account where they put all their jinmin fics on. so its just jinmin heaven, pls do check out all their fics bc theyre all amazing. their main acc also is jinmin heaven)

viewfinder - seeking only you by rldforyou - god. this is on a hiatus. and im not sure if the author is going to continue it anytime soon but its honestly one of the loveliest jinmin fics i have ever read. i sincerely love this so much. 

premonitions of love and loss by arysthaeniru - ahhh niru does it again!! her jinmin is always so so lovely and characterization is always the greatest. this is a reincarnation fic and its so so so beautiful.

i think i made you up inside my head by dollyeo - bickering ex’s jinmin!! jimin who is a ghost and “haunts” seokjin and seokjin goes crazy. its angsty and vvvv good. side pairing: yoonjin and jikook

sometimes, always, never by whenflowersbloom - seokjin who gets tired and just thinks he’s not good enough and jimin who’s there for him. its such a beautiful characterization of jinmin and indept exploration seokjin’s insecurities. kudos

save me by resonae - !!! legendary jinmin fic. jin leaves bts bc of sponsorship and jimin is there for him and ah. its good angsty stuff my friend. definitely worth the read side pairing: yoonjin

and that’s all i have for now anon!!! there’s numerous other amazing fics if you just browse the jinmin tag on ao3!! but these are the ones i remember loving after i read them <33 have fun reading

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hey!! if u dont mind me asking, what are ur top 5 bmc fics of all time and why? (including the ones you've already recced!!) anyway i hope ur doing great ily<333

THIS IS SO DIFFICULT WTF but i did it anyway. pls take note that these r my personal faves and curating this list was HARD bc i love so many fics and there r so many good ones out there hhhhhh!! but i did it!! god!!!! i tried to keep my paragraphs of praise (relatively) short-ish and spoiler free.

(!!!make sure to check the tags and the ratings of these fics!!! my previous bmc rec lists can be found here, here, and here.)

without further ado here is, in no particular order, 4 fics id take a bullet for (I KNO U ASKED FOR 5 but there are only really 4 that struck me to the point that i go on and on about them embarrassingly)

no such mirrors by Kalopsia

Jeremy didn’t know of any other superhero that had to commute.

Sometimes he was alone when he got the text, and it was easy to slide open the window and sling on over to whatever disaster was striking the City That Could Never Catch a Break. Other times it was during things like his parent’s divorce hearings, in Hackensack, and he’d have to spend his bar mitzvah money on a cab ride to the bridge and change into his spandex in the bathroom of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Even at home, he’d have to spend fifteen minutes slinging webs across highways and toll booths and the George Washington Bridge before he even saw what he was up against.

At least Christine could fly.

(or, the AU nobody asked for in which Jeremy is Spiderman and the rest of the crew has superpowers, except Michael, who has No Idea About Anything except for the fact he’s Spiderman’s #1 fan)

ive recced this before and i love it and! just!! GODDD!!!!! so i think this was one of the first fics i read upon falling into bmc and ive followed it even before i started writing any fic for the fandom myself. reading it was definitely a turning point which maybe cemented my stay in this weird corner of the internet because 1) it was the first Full bmc au fic i had read and 2) it’s so good.

exciting! hilarious! an incredible balance between jeremy’s normal life and jeremy’s spiderman life!! im usually very picky with fight scenes (ive been in several spy movie fandoms) but the ones here are so good fast paced and!! the movement!!!! it feels like watching a movie. of course, when the action dies down, this fic goes fucking hard with the emotions. the last few chapters have had me clutching my chest basically the entire time because god. damn. damn. send help. not just to me but like, to various characters in this goddamn fic, jesus. anyway overall this fic, when not hurting me, is so much fun to read.

your song’s got me feeling like by DivineProjectZero

“Actually,” the DJ says, “I watched you dance for a while.”

God, he just wants to have this man for one night.

this fic was literally just posted yesterday but it’s so good it’s my top 4 already. like okay ive been in love with DPZ’s fics since two years ago in the kingsman fandom (which u should also read if ur interested bc they are 👌👌👌) and when i saw she started writing for bmc i did the mental equivalent of vaulting over a 40ft hedge to yell at the world.

GOD THIS FIC!! heads up, this is porn. and it’s damn good at that. the gang are now functional adults and poor jeremy just meets the most gorgeous dj ever. like. okay all the characters here each get a little bit of their own screentime and it’s SO GOOD! the buildup? FANTASTIC. the chemistry? A++++++. the bit after? added 10 years to my lifespan and also made me believe in love. jeremy’s pov here is sooooooo good because it’s the self esteem mess we all know and love but translated into an older (though not exactly surer) version which is just a joy to read. well written and well paced and fantastically characterized and also the smut is incredible. i need to lie down for a bit.

Like Mother, Like Son by hurricanesunny

“Jeremy gets a text from his mom after a year of her being gone without contacting him.”

i have also recced this fic before and the first time i bingeread it i cried twice over the course of six chapters. i mightve cried more had i not paced myself. who knows!!! all i know is that this fic maybe probably totally owns my ass.

this fic is hands down my favorite post-canon fic for like. so many reasons. all the characters in this piece are glorious messes. like, no joke, they mess up and make mistakes and there are consequences everywhere, be it from the events occurring in the fic or events that had happened prior. theres so much . and. then. this fic confronts each and every one of those consequences. the structure of this piece reads like a one by one revenge arc, but instead of revenge, it’s jeremy making amends. AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER. each chapter is a special kind of catharsis boosted forward by incredible characterization and a pov internal monolog to die for. the writing is phenomenal. the development is like. beyond words and i wanna scream. or maybe cry for the third time. anyway just. it’s good okay. im beginning to lose my coherency.

you give me miles and miles of mountains (and i’ll ask for the sea) by left_uncovered

It scares Jeremy sometimes, the things Michael does for him.

(Michael is in love with Jeremy. Jeremy just wishes loving and being in love were the same thing.)

havent recced this before but here i am now and. you have to read this. well, okay, you have to read this if youre fine with your heart being ripped out gently by an incredible fic that is a mosaic of pining and pain and how unfair things are sometimes. if ur alright with that, PLEASE READ THIS. IT’S SO GOOD.

left_uncovered, resident pain lord, is startlingly bad at actually getting Michael and Jeremy together in her fics but she’s so ridiculously good at constructing a story that is so real it cuts you to the bone and makes you hurt. it’s not the Over The Top kind of hurt, but the hurt that’s even worse because against all odds and optimism and hopes, you understand why it’s happening. sometimes things dont match up, and it’s a little bit of a tragedy for everybody involved. that’s life. this fic is just so gentle and so good at telling you that with short scenes and a stunning writing style that, at times, can only be described as brutal. in one word: ouch. in many words: ouch but holy god, this was fantastic.

so yeah!! there it is!! i highly recommend all these fics and the other fics these authors have written too. make sure to leave kudos on fics u like!! make sure to comment nice things!! show love!!

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are u actually friends with iamnotsebastianstan

b? idk her. no but thank you for sending this because i’m gonna take this opportunity to completely copy bri’s post & talk about my wonderful online friends and how much i love them

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Memory Loss- Negan (JDM)


Can i request a Reader x Negan fluff & smutt (if u want :3) where the reader is Negan’s girlfriend who don’t rembember anything after an accident and Negan help her to rembember? In the beginning the read is scared of him bc she don’t rembember and Negan is frustrated and angry. Thank u *w*

Tagging: @crzcorgi@outlast-fnaf-bio-stuck @grindonmegrimes @wickedkittycat @crazytxgradstudent @leatherandwinchesters

Sorry this is short, And shit

Everything happened so fast. You had been walking through the forest and a herd of walkers could be seen in the distance.

You didn’t want them going to camp so you drew them away. It worked but with a cost.

You had ran for what seemed like hours but then you tripped, your head colliding with a rock on the ground. You temporarily lost all recognition for where you were. And who.

When you came too you were in a bright room, a man was beside you and he had hold of your hand.

“Y/n?” he spoke softly.

You tried to sit up and look around. “W-where am i?” you go to rub your head but find there’s a bloody bandage there.

“You’re back at camp, we found you on the road. Thank god we got there before the walkers did.”

You looked at him with a slight scowl. “Who are you? What camp? Why aren’t I in a hospital?”

“I’m your boyfriend babygirl, Negan remember?” he looked worried.

You sit up fully, “No. I’m engaged.” You go to show him your wedding finger but there wasn’t a ring there anymore.

“Did…Did you steal my wedding ring? Who are you!?”

“No I didn’t steal your ring, I’m your boyfriend damn it!” he slammed his fist down on the mattress in frustration.

You jumped. “Doctor! This hooligan is trying to harm me!”


“What do you mean she can’t remember a thing?!” Negan scowled leaning against the wall.

“She suffered some sever head trauma and she’ll have temporary memory loss for a while sir.” One of the doctors said calmly.

He sighed and walked back into the room with his hands up, “I’m not going to harm you, I just need to talk.”

“Fine.” You cross your arms over your chest.

He nodded in response and sat beside you. Once seated he spoke to you slowly and made sure he was very gentle with every word he said.

“You were in an accident. I know this is scary but I’m going to help you through this.”

It was going to take a long time to help get all of your memory back but Negan was there to help every step of the way.


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What's Wolf 359?


Wolf 359 is a sci-fi podcast about a ship called the Hephaestus orbiting a red dwarf star called Wolf 359.  The first season-ish is told through the POV of the character Doug Eiffel as he records his audio logs throughout his misadventures aboard the ship.  (As we get into seasons 2 and 3, it becomes less of his logs and more of just general speaking.)  Also aboard the ship are Commander Minkowski (the boss lady, ultimate badass and number 1 in my heart), Dr. Hilbert (science officer and doctor dude who does some creepy shit, let me tell u), and their AI Hera (too good for this world).

So, let me just get right down to it: the writing on this show is amazing.  Like, coming from someone whose degree is in writing, this is some top-notch A+ storytelling.  (Also, as a person with a degree in writing, fuck you Jack Kerouac, who needs you when I have these guys.)  There’s this thing, when it comes to writing stories, where you need to know how to crank up the tension, either in leaps n bounds or inch by inch, and you also need to know how to throw some slack in there so the audience isn’t riding the story at mach 5 the entire time, and this podcast hits it perfectly.  The characters are believable, their plot is unique and amazing, and the voice-acting is just.  Inspiring.  

I’m just like all over this, sorry for such a long response for (what should have been) a simple question, but this is so cool.  I totally recommend it.  I also recommend following the official tumblr ( @wolf359radio) bc there’s some good stuff there.  @randomdraggon, who got me into this whole shebang, also has an awesome tag full of awesome art, so go give it a look-see!

With no direction, I will inevitably draw peace signs. Peace signs galore. I think this is the first time I’ve drawn KageHina?? Huh. Ah well, here’s my gift for 86 for the @kagehinaexchange. I’m sorry this is so late omg I have no excuse. I really hope you like it ;;