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Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Headcanon about teen Ignis and Noct

Ignis’ hair being spiked back started as a gesture of frustration.

Noct was being a little shit, as he does when he’s scared for his dad, and Ignis was actually driven to the point of grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling, and then he pushed his hand through his hair. From all the shouting they had been doing, he had been sweating, and it caused his hair to stay back.

Noctis took a good look at him, and suddenly the fight was over. He was laughing, and pointing it out, then saying it looked good, said it made Ignis look older and cooler. And then he gave in, whatever it was, the victory went to Ignis.

So he started doing it on purpose from then on.

Just watched Star Wars: Rogue One and I’m in shock at the ending! I don’t wanna give spoilers but having heard nothing of the plot I certainly didn’t expect all the things that happened in like the last 30 mins. Really really good movie! So aesthetically pleasing, beautiful scenery and the plot was really good! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but I loved it so much. Perfect way to distract my mind i’d say ✌🏼💕

i had an hour to kill, so: 

faction paradox aesthetic blog is now up and running, @fashionparadox for those of u who claimed you’d follow it if i made it. whoop whoop. mods are me and whoever i feel like inviting, currently @ladyofthewells @voiceoflightcity and @doctornolonger, so that’s nice !! yay !!

also, the theme is shit, which is to say: it’s not really very functional but it’s #aesthetic as hell and honestly that’s faction paradox all the way so i’m keeping it 

anonymous asked:

Hey so like, this is starting to act like a personal tumblr and not an ask. Is it possible for the sake of your mobile followers to answer personal questions privately or on another tumblr? Like, I don't have blacklist on my phone but half of those weren't even tagged. Please I'm begging you. I stopped following several other askblogs that devolved into this. Now I just have you and one other left.

Not going to lie, this ask made me really sad. 

I am human, not a robot that cranks out imagines and writing all the time, I have to interact with others too, who often give me feedback and encouragement to keep writing.  I’m sorry, but I can’t control where my followers send in personal asks, and some even don’t know that I have a personal blog. Personal asks mean as much to me as headcanons because they’re a nice break and a great way for all of us to have a good time, which is what this blog is about. I know that I can’t make everyone happy, but shouldn’t I do what makes me happy too on my own blog? 

I do my best with tagging, but I’m on mobile half of the time and if you’ve ever answered an ask mobily, you would know that you can’t tag anything. If someone wants to start a discussion on my personal blog, then that’s fine, or if they want to start it on Skelltales, that’s fine with me too. I am not going to change that, and if you don’t like it, you can always unfollow. 

I was tagged by @librarian-amy. Thank you!!

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Name: Gabriela

Nicknames: Gabrysia and Gabi, but they’re not really nicknames, just short versions of my name, used by all Gabrielas

Zodiac Sign: I’m not even sure. Was it Capricorn? Who cares

Height: 165 cm

Orientation: heterosexual

Ethnicity: white

Favorite Fruit: raspberries probably

Favorite Book: I don’t know anymore.. It used to be The Lord of the Rings, but I haven’t read it in ages. I grew out of Ranger’s Apprentice. So.. maybe the Temeraire series? IT’S FANTASTIC.

Favorite Flower: Oh bro, I don’t have a fave one. But I like soft flowers, not the ones with many hard shiny petals.

Favorite Scent: ??? maybe.. coffee?? because I love drining it, so.. I like smelling it too. But nooo, it’s not my fave scent. I just Don’t Know

Favorite Colour: dusty blue and brownish shade of purple

Favorite Animal: hamster. idk, I had a hamster

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: COFFEE

Average Sleep Hours: *sighs* I guess 6-7

Cat or dog person? maybe dog. maybe

Favorite Fictional Character: skdsajdksldsadasdajsd SO MANY. I’ll give you just several from the top of my head: Leonard Mccoy (Star Trek: TOS), Julian Bashir (Star Trek: DS9), Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice), Temeraire (Temeraire), everyone from LotR

Number of blankets you sleep with: Alright so I believe it’s hight time to adress this question because it’s not the first time I see it and I’m always like. What. Do you Americans really sleep with blankets? With several blankets. What a weird custom. Like. Have you guys heard about a duvet or quilt or whatever word you use to describe that thing people in my country sleep under? You see, it’s much more comfortable, because it’s thick. So in normal countries where people use this kind of thing when they sleep nobody would ask you such a question. How many blankets?? My dudes the answer is zero. I don’t use BLANKETS. I use a proper duvet OR EVEN BETTER, I use.. wow this word is not even in the dictionary. So you guys really don’t use it. I meant a duvet filled with feathers. It’s the best thing to sleep with, and it keeps you so warm. *sighs* You probably know what I mean. I saw duvets in American movies. So yes. This blanket question just.. confuses me.

Dream Trip: I want to see Hamilton so I guess the USA

Blog Created: November 2015

Number of Followers: 228 :D

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anonymous asked:

dude!! I'm so proud of you for making the effort to tag all those videos!!

Ty friend 😘 I know there are a lot of blogs like mine now but I like to think that this blog is tailored to the people who follow it because of the tags. If you need me to tag anything (whether something makes you uncomfy or you like seeing something), shoot me an ask and I’ll go through this entire blog and make the tag. I’m here for y'all so just lmk 💕

fic snippets

Sorry I haven’t been posting much on this account. There’s been a lot going on IRL, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied overall. Thank you to those of you who are still sticking around though! Before I wrote fic for Zestiria, I’ve only had a handful of followers and now there’s more of you (if I don’t count the bots…lol). It’s both a bit unnerving and nice (?!) since I’m not used to having this many followers for my writing…

AnYWAY, I’m slowly working on a few stories and hope to finish up at least one fic in the weeks to come sorry my writing rhythm is really inconsistent adksjkhjf

Till then, here are a few (unedited) snippets, if you’re interested. Putting under a cut for length:

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I got tagged by @eldarya-fairy (yee thank you Liz~) and maybe other people but those tags had long fallen into the abyss ;;

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omg I have no idea who didn’t do this uhh @bekneko, @ondriaprice, @incorrecteldarya@m-a-e-v-i-x, @lyslissa-mcl, @meekasha, @llamakoernchen, @anako-sketchies, @loonylein ???

Birthday: january 17~

Gender: she/her

Relationship status: enjoying life

Favorite color: bluee beautiful shades of blue and also teal

Pets: nope ;’( do familiars count or neopets

Wake up time: pretty much like 6-7 hours after I fall asleep (but my sleeping schedule is so inconsistent lmao it could really be anything)

Love or lust?: loove (platonic, aesthetic, familial, romantic, all forms ♥)

Favorite Food: hmm probably ice cream I could live on that stuff holy shit

Cats or dogs?: YES

Met a celebrity?: ooh I once got the chance to meet Yuumei at a panel she was once holding! it was so cool I was so happy. I also got the chance to see Madonna for like half a second but there was so much paparazzi that I could barely see her face. I don’t think that counts though boo

Last song listened too: April #07 by Kashiwa Daisuke

First Kiss: nah 

Tall or short: I’m apparently average by U.S. standards? but idc I’m still too short I’m 163 cm fightm e


This is for that one person following me who always gets REALLY EXCITED when I mention I think Chuxas is hilariterridorable

u know who u are.  keep living that rarepair life, amigo

George Blagden Gothic
  • You know his eyes by heart. You've been staring at them for hours now. You can't look away, an eery force is holding you back. Fear keeps you from blinking. His eyes are staring back
  • "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is one of your favorite songs. You keep listen to it over and over until each note rolls off your tongue. It's stuck in your head at night. Something has followed you into the dark. It's waiting
  • You are still waiting for the full version of "Drink with Me". You will not know rest until it is released. George Blagden knows this. George Blagden knows everything.
  • You know George Blagden tracks his tag on tumblr. You don't know how, but you know it. Everybody knows. He could be reading this shameful Enjoltaire smut you wrote. He could be anyone of us. He could be you. Who are you?
  • He smiles. He keeps smiling. He can not stop smiling. Help him

“You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this world as a self-aware person, without selfish attachments and one and the same in success and defeat.” (Bhagavad Gita 2:47-48)

“As long as one has a body, one cannot renounce action altogether. True renunciation is giving up all desire for personal reward.” (Bhagavad Gita 18:11)

“Remembering me, you shall overcome all difficulties through my grace. But if you will not heed me in your self-will, nothing will avail you. If you egotistically say, ‘I will not fight this battle’, your resolve will be useless; your own nature will drive you into it.” (Bhagavad Gita 18:58-59)

“Therefore, remember me at all times and fight on. With your heart and mind intent on me, surely you will come to me.” (Bhagavad Gita 8:7)

The last few days, I have been processing the results of the general election with family and friends and making plans toward positive, permanent change for those in need. 

We are called to help those in need by God many, many times over the course of our Scriptures. Again and again, He says that if we have power, wealth, love, or anything else that could be used to better the world to spare, we are called to use it for good and not to expect anything in return. Those who keep privilege and markers of it for themselves are struck down time and time again. We are called to form a family with all marginalized people, to protect those who need our protection, to give all that we can give to the best cause we can find, and to stand up for what is right and good in the world.

In the Gita, Arjuna fights a battle against his own family, whose values stem from discontent, a feeling of being cheated, and a false belief that war and division will make it better. Some of us will have to fight that battle within our own families, or against people we love, in the coming years. Some of us will be hurt at the hands of loved ones. Some of us will be hurt at the hands of others. What we need to remember is that Sri Krishna pushed Arjuna into action, and in accepting that call to action, that call to improvement, Arjuna changed the course of the war.

Arjuna, his brothers, and all on their side brought good and right back into the world by following the word of God, and so can we. All we need to do is follow what has been laid out for us time and time again– serve those who genuinely need help, stand with the oppressed against the oppressor, and do not expect any personal benefit. The return we receive from this work will be the greatest return of all– the presence of good in the world for all, not just some.

Right now, that’s a lot more than we have.

I bought this calendar off ebay and when it came today, I saw the seller had thrown in an ASOUE three-ring binder as a bonus, which was cool of them! (tbh I don’t know what I’m going to actually do with it but I like how it’s labeled “Very Functional Data”)

Anyways, it has some days of the year labeled with things that happened during the series - mostly stuff about Jacques! I might be misremembering, but I think volunteer-fire-fighter has made a post at some point about trying to figure out the timeline of the series? I don’t know how canonical of a source this calendar would be, but it’s still interesting. Here’s all the relevant dates:

January 12: “Birthday of Jacques Snicket, as well as that of his sister” (so this would most likely mean Jacques and Kit are twins!)
March 31: “Alleged date the alleged Baudelaire mansion allegedly burned down”
April 17: “Jacques Snicket’s disguise discovered. Alternate disguise employed.” (vague enough to not really mean anything, but whatever)
May 13: “Nine cows arrested by the authorities under the suspicion of involvement with V.F.D. Jacques Snicket, disguised as the tenth cow, escapes on a stolen tractor.”
June 26: “Jacques Snicket arrives in Paltryville to continue Baudelaire investigation.”
July 6: “Jacques Snicket reports his findings to The Daily Punctilio.” & July 7: “The Daily Punctilio does not publish Jacques Snicket’s report.”
September 23: “Summer is dead and Jacques Snicket does not return. V.F.D. changes his status to ‘missing.’”
October 10: “The remaining Snicket siblings open their investigation into Jacques Snicket’s disappearance.” (somewhat implies they were working together, but doesn’t necessarily have to mean that)
November 7: ”Jacques Snicket reported murdered.”
December 2: “Jacques Snicket reported ill.”
January 27: (of the following year, naturally this is a 13-month calendar) “V.F.D. declares remaining Snicket siblings as ‘either missing or on vacation.’”

So, for those of you who like thinking about the timeline of the series, take from this what you will. I’m mostly excited about the Snicket sibling trivia :O I love knowing characters’ birthdays.

mountainkinq’s follow spree !! 

    recently i went and unfollowed a toon of inactive blogs and now my dash is p dead so i’m looking for some blogs 2 follow! please reblog if u are into the following: 

  • tolkien 
  • vikings
  • game of thrones
  • tv shows/movies/marvel/harry potter
  • aesthetics/architecture/b&w
  • literature/mythology
  • music/photography/nature

you must have a tagging system, and i will check out every blog that reblogs this post (: you do not have to make ur own stuff but that is a added bonus!! like are counted as bookmarks and im not gonna look at those who do- i would appreciate if my mutuals could reblog and help me spread the word!! 

saw this again recently, from tonys night: folks, let’s do ourselves a favor and ignore all the trolls and mean people tonite on Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

that’s more relevant than ever to the Hamilton and LMM fandoms, which’re becoming hell fandoms in too many senses of the word. okay?


i think we can tell by now when discussion will be fruitful and when it won’t be.

when there’s vitriolic criticism, where any response is only going to amplify, escalate and help perpetuate the demonization of someone or something deemed to have failed to whatever degree at sj wokeness, don’t respond. it won’t help address those failures. in my experience, it will help make the fandom a hellish, dysfunctional place for everyone: the creators, the new and old fans, those who can be reached, and those inside and out trying to air their grievances

those failures can do real harm. those failures need to be discussed with compassion for those affected, and willingness by the potential/actual offenders to learn and apologize

i think everyone will benefit by learning that not every criticism is an invitation to those discussions

i think you can tell which are which

don’t act out of defensiveness, unexamined guilt, or an us vs. them mentality (and i know that’s not easy). let’s always care about failures and imperfections. let’s care intelligently about and for ourselves (where else is there to begin), and diligently about and for others who are most in need of it. let’s exercise that care in ways most likely to actually improve that which is in need of improving

my response to criticism has been dismissed before purely because of my url, but those who follow me, and hopefully those who read this, will know that i’m not here to avoid those things. i’m here–on tumblr, and alive–to celebrate the good and address the bad. effectively. and i think we can make the tag a place where virtually all the posts actually do those things

I don’t believe in too optimistic.
Lin-Manuel Miranda

portraits ! for you !

so basically I haven’t drawn a lot this summer so in the interest of not falling out of practice, I am gonna do simple portraits of some of my followers ! Depending on how many notes this gets I will pick abt 10-20 of the people who follow the steps below. 

(here is a ref of what style the portraits will be done in sry the quality kinda sucks)

what to do :

follow me 

reblog this post and TAG it with your face tag 

(u gotta have a face page or some kind of ref for me, whether its your ig or whatever idc)

be patient? these take Some Time to draw. I will make a post in a few days of the first group of people (abt 5) who were chosen, draw+post those, pick another 5, and go until I reach an appropriate number based on the notes 

Reminder that , If you see fanart with no comment or title from the artist there is a big chance that whoever reblogged it, erased the 

signature/ title/explanation , I’m saying this because I see tag comments asking “what is this?” “what is going on?” and realize they reblogged from people who erased my descriptions.

Please don’t erase those things.

I don’t want to have to point it out on all my fanarts that erasing my voice on my piece isn’t okay. (includes reposting and featuring in other websites)

To all who follow and reblog and add wonderful comments, I thank you , you keep me going xxxx

America's Influence (Part 1)
  • England: Hello, Alfred. Can you help me with something?
  • America: Of course, dude! What can I help ya with?!
  • England: Recently I downloaded a program onto my cellular phone. I believe it is called 'Instagram'?
  • America: Oh my god
  • England: I do not particularly understand the whole meaning of it. Online users keep tagging me in photographs and in my notifications it says they took a photograph of me. How is that possible? Are people sneaking photographs of me?
  • America: Dude, it doesn't mean they actually take pics of you. It's just–
  • England: And a lot of the other users keep requesting to 'follow' my account. Why do they want to follow me? Don't they have anything better to do?
  • America: Iggy they're just–
  • England: First they take photographs of me. Then they want to follow me. I swear, those who use this site are future stalkers.
  • America:
  • England:
  • America:
  • England:
  • America: This is why the elderly don't use this type of stuff.