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Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

doctor-tennant09  asked:

Not trying to be rude I love your blog but could you make another blog where you talk about all the controversial stuff like the "black Hermione" thing I feel like maybe your followers are split into 2 groups: 1. Want to see all the cool or funny things you put on here but don't like to see all the controversial arguing (me) 2. Those who love everything you put on here including the arguing I'm not trying to tell you how to run your blog just giving ideas

We have a tag. “#discourse”. If you don’t want to see it, you can block it. Also, we’re physically incapable of pleasing all of our 100,000 followers.

Also, no offence, this isn’t a service; it’s a blog run by two friends.

So, no, sorry, we won’t be changing that.

Headcanon about teen Ignis and Noct

Ignis’ hair being spiked back started as a gesture of frustration.

Noct was being a little shit, as he does when he’s scared for his dad, and Ignis was actually driven to the point of grabbing a fistful of his hair and pulling, and then he pushed his hand through his hair. From all the shouting they had been doing, he had been sweating, and it caused his hair to stay back.

Noctis took a good look at him, and suddenly the fight was over. He was laughing, and pointing it out, then saying it looked good, said it made Ignis look older and cooler. And then he gave in, whatever it was, the victory went to Ignis.

So he started doing it on purpose from then on.

Me: feels bad about myself
Also me: At least you don’t have an anti-gency or anti-pharmercy blog or intentionally post ship hate in either tags.
Me: ultimately feels better

I don’t mind people reposting my doodles, but if you do PLEASE credit me at least! :( Also, ask me before reposting AND tagging eventual actors…for those who follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I rarely do that (because I’m usually ashamed of myself 24 hours a day) and I really don’t want to see them tagged out of the blue in my compromising (slash) drawings ._. also - it’s not nice.

I know that this is a lost cause but I’m trying anyway

Playlist Shuffle

I was tagged by @cheetoswithchopstiks​ a while ago?? But I don’t think I ever did it? Let’s go!

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag 10 additional victims.

1. Seven Wonders - Aaron Tveit (

2. Everything But Me - Daughtry

3. You Raise Me Up - Josh Groban

4. Where I want to Be - Josh Groban (Chess In Concert)

5. Please Don’t Leave Me - P!nk

6. Brave - Josh Groban

7. My Eyes - Neil Patrick Harris & Felicia Day (Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog)

8. Laughter Lines - Bastille

9. Learn My Lesson - Daughtry

10. Valjean’s Soliloquy - Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables)

11. Star Over - Imagine Dragons

12. Durban Skies - Bastille

13. Who I Am - David Archuleta

14. I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz

15. The Good, The Bad And The Dirty - Panic! At The Disco

 16. Trouble - Imagine Dragons

17. All Alone - fun.

18. Nothing Else Better To Do - David Archuleta

19. Satisfied - Renee Elise Goldsberry (Hamilton)

20. From the Ground Up - Sleeping At Last

There is a disproportionate amount of Josh Groban on this list. Also, I promise I listen to female artists D:

I will tag @the-abilities-of-fandoms @zoopagales @stormlight15 @racheldowneyjrr @aplpaca @officiallordvetinari @kvlsier @bisexualdaisyjohnson @charjo @winged-defender-of-deltora

whoop whoop important info and such

i’ve been fidgeting around with my stuffs and things and there are a few things that might concern you 

  • you might’ve noticed that most of my old posts are gone, such as sims, sim downloads, rants, and reblogs. most of them are still here, so some links aren’t broken, i def didn’t delete any wcifs or cc, they’re just hidden. but they do show up in the wcif tag for example. i just dread!! styles missing
  • i made my navigation page a lot simpler because the custom pages take time to load and it’s a hassle to make them match my theme
  • i also organized my cc under tags, and you can find those old crappy chairs + aesthetic prints + wall art under the retired cc tag bc i am honestly ashamed
  • i finally updated my resources page, it’s in the navi, but you can find it here too!
  • gameplay wise, fuck knows. i think i’m going to start a new save and stick to it.
  • i also merged my cc finds and inspiration blogs into one handy… blog, you can find it here! those of you who have been following ghardenia-ccfinds (thank u!!) don’t have to do anything, because it’s the same blog, just changed the url
  • the gharden is also gone, because i think it’d be easier and better for everyone if i wrote tutorials and other similar things here. they are going to be tagged ps-tutorial if you wanna block them

okay, thank u for your patience, and i think i’m done fidgeting! also check out my super cool gnome icon!!

Random Musings
  • I've had this blog for I think almost 2 years now and although I don't have many followers I really appreciate all you who decided to follow me and those who send me messages...THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! ❤️
  • Also, I've made too many gifs under the pluviobrewgif tag that I've gotten to the point where I'm too lazy to check if I've posted certain gifs before. I know, my mistake for not deleting them in my camera roll after posting 😣 so I apologize if you see any gifs I may have reuploaded.
  • Have an awesome week you guys! Share your rain pics/vids with me as often as you want!

chasingshhadows  asked:

Ok so deep breaths ok. Ive been where you're standing. It's awful, it so is, no amount of alcohol that i couldn't afford or calming mechanisms I didn't have time to do helped. But I quit my job, moved across country into an unstable/temporary living situation, without a savings and without a job. I had just enough $$ incoming to get me two months rent, which meant I had to have a job no later than 30 days in to pay 3rd months' rent on time. Left my car in Michigan and I just went

And it was fucking /hard/ that first month was so awful and uncertain, but once I was there, I actually started getting interviews and I spent so much time sending applications & only heard back from a handful of places and I’ll admit I got lucky as shit, but I got my job in 30 days & I got my feet under me & got into a stable apartment & I will never say any of it was easy or that my anxiety didn’t flair at the worst times but it can work out, I promise. Even when everything looks like it won’t

As pessimistic as I can be, I know things will eventually work out alright. They always do. Unfortunately, knowing that doesn’t actually ease the stress and anxiety in the moment. 

A large part of the problem is that i don’t have a job yet, and while chiomi is employed, she’s self employed, which means it’s hard to prove her income will be consistent, so most apartment places don’t want to approve us. So we don’t have a place to live yet. 

A larger part of the problem is that we’re both having anxiety about this, so there isn’t one of us to tell the other to chill the fuck out. 

So yeah, I know we’re going to be okay. I do. But things suck now, so my anxiety doesn’t care.

i had an hour to kill, so: 

faction paradox aesthetic blog is now up and running, @fashionparadox for those of u who claimed you’d follow it if i made it. whoop whoop. mods are me and whoever i feel like inviting, currently @ladyofthewells @voiceoflightcity and @doctornolonger, so that’s nice !! yay !!

also, the theme is shit, which is to say: it’s not really very functional but it’s #aesthetic as hell and honestly that’s faction paradox all the way so i’m keeping it 

p.s: for my beloved reylo followers. I know I started suddenly reblogging a whole lot of reyux/reylux stuff since I once again started writing for my reylux story, so… uh… if that’s not your cup of tea, please do feel free to blacklist it. I do my best to tag it “reylux” each time (including the asks about it) so that those who don’t want to see it don’t have to. 

George Blagden Gothic
  • You know his eyes by heart. You've been staring at them for hours now. You can't look away, an eery force is holding you back. Fear keeps you from blinking. His eyes are staring back
  • "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" is one of your favorite songs. You keep listen to it over and over until each note rolls off your tongue. It's stuck in your head at night. Something has followed you into the dark. It's waiting
  • You are still waiting for the full version of "Drink with Me". You will not know rest until it is released. George Blagden knows this. George Blagden knows everything.
  • You know George Blagden tracks his tag on tumblr. You don't know how, but you know it. Everybody knows. He could be reading this shameful Enjoltaire smut you wrote. He could be anyone of us. He could be you. Who are you?
  • He smiles. He keeps smiling. He can not stop smiling. Help him

This is for that one person following me who always gets REALLY EXCITED when I mention I think Chuxas is hilariterridorable

u know who u are.  keep living that rarepair life, amigo

anonymous asked:

What kind of blogs do you usually follow? I mean what makes you follow someone's blog?

uh idk?? following anyone first makes me anxious so i usually only follow those who’re already following me alkmskdjds also being a content creator is a plus but it’s not necessary because sometimes it just feels like we’re not actually there to support each other but to compete? i value personality more?? idk sometimes i’m just looking through the tags or the blogs that follow me or just come across my mutual’s mutual, their url catches my attention so i check their blog and they seem like a nice and funny person so i follow them  


to those who follow my blog, please be aware that i will reblog art that features triggering things, such as blood, body mutilation, or slight gore. i never try to overdo it, but they will be present. these pieces are always tagged appropriately, but i want those who are newer to be aware. if you wish not to look for things like this, please blacklist or unfollow!

i never want anyone to be uncomfortable! certain posts will make the light-hearted squeamish, and i never want to be that person to accidentally harm or trigger someone in the process of viewing my blog without a proper precaution. you have been warned, so please, be careful! 

It’s my birthday today!

I don’t actually know how to do a read more on mobile so I’ll keep it short…

Thanks to anyone who follows me or tries to interact with me, despite my blog being a mess of mixed interests. I know if you keep track of my tags I’ve posted about not being in high spirits all the time, so thank you to those who reach out as well.

I don’t have any plans for the day and I have plenty of work to do but I’m feeling a bit emotional so I’ll probably be in people’s inboxes sending love and support.

“You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this world as a self-aware person, without selfish attachments and one and the same in success and defeat.” (Bhagavad Gita 2:47-48)

“As long as one has a body, one cannot renounce action altogether. True renunciation is giving up all desire for personal reward.” (Bhagavad Gita 18:11)

“Remembering me, you shall overcome all difficulties through my grace. But if you will not heed me in your self-will, nothing will avail you. If you egotistically say, ‘I will not fight this battle’, your resolve will be useless; your own nature will drive you into it.” (Bhagavad Gita 18:58-59)

“Therefore, remember me at all times and fight on. With your heart and mind intent on me, surely you will come to me.” (Bhagavad Gita 8:7)

The last few days, I have been processing the results of the general election with family and friends and making plans toward positive, permanent change for those in need. 

We are called to help those in need by God many, many times over the course of our Scriptures. Again and again, He says that if we have power, wealth, love, or anything else that could be used to better the world to spare, we are called to use it for good and not to expect anything in return. Those who keep privilege and markers of it for themselves are struck down time and time again. We are called to form a family with all marginalized people, to protect those who need our protection, to give all that we can give to the best cause we can find, and to stand up for what is right and good in the world.

In the Gita, Arjuna fights a battle against his own family, whose values stem from discontent, a feeling of being cheated, and a false belief that war and division will make it better. Some of us will have to fight that battle within our own families, or against people we love, in the coming years. Some of us will be hurt at the hands of loved ones. Some of us will be hurt at the hands of others. What we need to remember is that Sri Krishna pushed Arjuna into action, and in accepting that call to action, that call to improvement, Arjuna changed the course of the war.

Arjuna, his brothers, and all on their side brought good and right back into the world by following the word of God, and so can we. All we need to do is follow what has been laid out for us time and time again– serve those who genuinely need help, stand with the oppressed against the oppressor, and do not expect any personal benefit. The return we receive from this work will be the greatest return of all– the presence of good in the world for all, not just some.

Right now, that’s a lot more than we have.

saw this again recently, from tonys night: folks, let’s do ourselves a favor and ignore all the trolls and mean people tonite on Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

that’s more relevant than ever to the Hamilton and LMM fandoms, which’re becoming hell fandoms in too many senses of the word. okay?


i think we can tell by now when discussion will be fruitful and when it won’t be.

when there’s vitriolic criticism, where any response is only going to amplify, escalate and help perpetuate the demonization of someone or something deemed to have failed to whatever degree at sj wokeness, don’t respond. it won’t help address those failures. in my experience, it will help make the fandom a hellish, dysfunctional place for everyone: the creators, the new and old fans, those who can be reached, and those inside and out trying to air their grievances

those failures can do real harm. those failures need to be discussed with compassion for those affected, and willingness by the potential/actual offenders to learn and apologize

i think everyone will benefit by learning that not every criticism is an invitation to those discussions

i think you can tell which are which

don’t act out of defensiveness, unexamined guilt, or an us vs. them mentality (and i know that’s not easy). let’s always care about failures and imperfections. let’s care intelligently about and for ourselves (where else is there to begin), and diligently about and for others who are most in need of it. let’s exercise that care in ways most likely to actually improve that which is in need of improving

my response to criticism has been dismissed before purely because of my url, but those who follow me, and hopefully those who read this, will know that i’m not here to avoid those things. i’m here–on tumblr, and alive–to celebrate the good and address the bad. effectively. and i think we can make the tag a place where virtually all the posts actually do those things

I don’t believe in too optimistic.
Lin-Manuel Miranda

I bought this calendar off ebay and when it came today, I saw the seller had thrown in an ASOUE three-ring binder as a bonus, which was cool of them! (tbh I don’t know what I’m going to actually do with it but I like how it’s labeled “Very Functional Data”)

Anyways, it has some days of the year labeled with things that happened during the series - mostly stuff about Jacques! I might be misremembering, but I think volunteer-fire-fighter has made a post at some point about trying to figure out the timeline of the series? I don’t know how canonical of a source this calendar would be, but it’s still interesting. Here’s all the relevant dates:

January 12: “Birthday of Jacques Snicket, as well as that of his sister” (so this would most likely mean Jacques and Kit are twins!)
March 31: “Alleged date the alleged Baudelaire mansion allegedly burned down”
April 17: “Jacques Snicket’s disguise discovered. Alternate disguise employed.” (vague enough to not really mean anything, but whatever)
May 13: “Nine cows arrested by the authorities under the suspicion of involvement with V.F.D. Jacques Snicket, disguised as the tenth cow, escapes on a stolen tractor.”
June 26: “Jacques Snicket arrives in Paltryville to continue Baudelaire investigation.”
July 6: “Jacques Snicket reports his findings to The Daily Punctilio.” & July 7: “The Daily Punctilio does not publish Jacques Snicket’s report.”
September 23: “Summer is dead and Jacques Snicket does not return. V.F.D. changes his status to ‘missing.’”
October 10: “The remaining Snicket siblings open their investigation into Jacques Snicket’s disappearance.” (somewhat implies they were working together, but doesn’t necessarily have to mean that)
November 7: ”Jacques Snicket reported murdered.”
December 2: “Jacques Snicket reported ill.”
January 27: (of the following year, naturally this is a 13-month calendar) “V.F.D. declares remaining Snicket siblings as ‘either missing or on vacation.’”

So, for those of you who like thinking about the timeline of the series, take from this what you will. I’m mostly excited about the Snicket sibling trivia :O I love knowing characters’ birthdays.