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So why is it so hard to be kind? Why does being nice feel so…embarrassing? Why can’t we just say, “Hey, it could’ve been me. I’ve sent those emails. I’ve taken those selfies. I’ve tried to hide stuff from my parents. It could’ve been me, so I’m gonna help you through it. I’m gonna stand with you through the waves of mortifying embarrassment. And it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay, because we’re gonna make it okay.” Imagine how many people would still be here. Imagine that.


it’s been so long since I’ve done a serious edit…
I can’t figure out how to make it look…. better, so take it as-is I guess

KamiAso flower-crown edits, bc those were so cute

Good Morning, dear Followers!

My JIB journey is about to start today. Traveling to the lovely @lemondropsonice and then tomorrow we’ll fy out to Bella Roma. :) This year I saldy didn’t manage to set up a queue, because I had too much stuff to do to be able to work on edits or gifs and so on. I know there are also some messages sitting in my ask that I haven’t been able to reply to yet - I am really sorry about that - and I will likely not find the time to reply before I return from Italy next week.

That said, I will try to live post on tumblr from as many panels as I can (if the internet connection is working properly that its). I’ll use the common tags for it such as JIB 8, Jibcon 8, Jibcon, JIB and then the names of the guests as well.

So for the next week my blog will therefore likely be a little more silent than usual - except for anything JIB related as I can’t work on gifs or edits since I only have my phone with me. If my photo ops turn out decent enough, I may share those too again. :)

I am sooooo freaking nervous already, but also very excited! Also a shoutout to my loveliest partners in crime from recent years that I’ll dearly miss this JIB @lost-shoe and @sleepsintheimpala, as well as @jensenisdeansnumberonefan, @poorbeautifuldean and @frozen-delight.

If any of you reading this is at JIB as well this week and we follow each other or you follow me or whatnot and we happen to run into each other in the halls, please def say hi. :)

Thank you everybody for following! Off to JIB mayhem I go!

Love you!

xx, Jenny

How to report spammers to tumblr

Since apparently it’s not enough anymore for some M@lec stans to put their hate in the REGULAR jalec tag, no, some of those people have actually taken to deliberately cross-posting their nasty ass hateful anti textposts in the EDIT tags as well:

Reporting Spam posts and whole blogs that spam regularly or violate Tumblr’s Community guidelines

According to my research, staff does look into these reports and checks the individual content, so unfounded mass reporting of people you just personally dislike won’t do any good (thankfully), but if you send in concrete cases - and if enough people do it - there will be consequences for the people doing it repeatedly.



but literally every time i see them balancing hot dogs on their head im like why not balance their monster friends?????

Edit: So I keep getting tags about the Drr thing, and its cool that they’re so similar but I really had never seen the ending. just because something looks like a thing doesn’t mean the artist took from there, you know? they’d probably say ehe. esp since this is based off originally Frisk balancing hotdogs on their head.

anyway, I’d appreciate it very much if those tags could stop and maybe keep it to yourself. ;u; thanks so much <3