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Chasing Promises (6/6)

Title: Chasing Promises
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 942
Warnings: None
Spoilers: spoilers for Captain America: Civil War

Here we are. Last chapter. It got a little wordy, but managed to stay under 1000. Thank you so much for staying with me on this, for encouraging and flailing and reblogging and liking and commenting (and crying). A huge thank you to @awaitingjudgementx for inspiring this story with her request, I hope I’ve fulfilled it to your content and that the myth elements are sufficiently prominent. I will go back to my WIPs after this, but I hope you’ll tag along on those, too!

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Time is a bitch. Time is eternal. Time drags on, every day a pain to get through.

Life without Bucky is… unsatisfying, unnerving. You followed the events in Leipzig and beyond as you slowly worked your way back home. It was hard to find info about what really happened after the fight in Leipzig. Sources talk of an additional scuffle in Siberia, but the credibility is questionable at best. Captain America is missing, Bucky is missing, the Avengers are in shambles. The only thing keeping you going is the fact that if something truly bad had happened to Bucky, the newspapers would be all over it. Imprisonment? First page news. Demise? First page news. They thrive on misfortune, and Bucky is nothing if not a victim of it.

It’s spring when you return, but you hardly notice, like you are not noticed. Sun warms your skin, but never quite manages to feel as warm as the heat radiating from Bucky during the last nights in Romania. You’re back where you started, back in your hometown, and it’s as if you never left. Those who knew you barely even reflect when they realize you’ve been absent, readily accept your explanation of having done some travelling. It grates on your nerves, the flippancy so unfamiliar.

Summer comes, and you stay inside, create a little makeshift kingdom for yourself with bits and pieces of your journey; a mattress on the floor, notebooks that remain unused, pomegranate seeds staining your lips red. Of course you’re afraid. They found you once, what’s stopping them from finding you again? Worry gnaws at you, every sudden sound sending you into a tizzy. You push your mattress up against a wall, sleep with your back pressed up against it, but it does little to make up for the man you miss.

The first chill of fall is in the air when you notice a shadow following you on your way home, a man in a cap and dark tinted glasses. If they want you, if they’ve found you, does that mean they have Bucky, too? You hate the way you feel yourself resigning to the idea of recapture, but if it brings him back to you, maybe it could be worth it?


The man almost seems surprised when you calmly approach him, ready to surrender.

“You’re following me. I think we both know why.”

It’s not quite relief that colours his expression, but something close to it. He’s carrying a small paper bag, handing it to you.

“He said you’d understand.”

Peeking inside, you can feel your stomach flip, your pulse speeding. Four plums and the ripest pomegranate you’ve ever seen. Bucky.

“Where is he?” you demand, clutching the bag to your chest. “What have you done to him.”

“We’re not HYDRA,” he assures you, taking off the sunglasses. He is familiar, but it will take you another hour to realize who he is. “Barnes is safe, he asked us to find you. Like he promised.”

You don’t need to think twice about your decision. It takes you fifteen minutes to pack, another fifteen to make the necessary calls to tie up your life while your new acquaintance drives you off to the monstrosity of a plane that will take you to Bucky. It was never a life you led here, not quite.

When you finally see him again, it’s enough to bring you to your knees. He’s been hidden well, him and his friends, but the sight of him in the cryo unit echoes like a bad dream. For a second you think you’ve been duped, that this is a trap and he’s been tossed back into his worst nightmare. You’re inconsolable, scratching at the glass surface that holds him suspended between life and death, your heart breaking even more when you notice his left arm, reduced to a stump. You have to be pulled away, a cup of strong aromatic tea coaxed into you before you can calm down enough to hear them explain.

He did it of his own free will, until they could figure out a way to disable the programming. They’re close, they promise, and he will be thrilled to see you’ve returned when they can wake him up to start treatments.

It’s another month before it happens, and you haven’t left his side. Maybe it’s not back to back but it’s a mattress close to him, and the knowledge that you will wake up and he will be there. Yours is the first face he sees, eyes brimming with tears and lips smeared with pomegranate juice as you pull your lips into a shaky smile.

“You’re back,” he rasps, his voice hoarse from the frozen sleep.

“So are you,” you whisper, caressing his cheek and shuddering at the lingering chill.

“I told you, I’d be back for you.”

You launch yourself at him, nearly toppling him as you latch onto him, molding your body to his. His right arm comes up to snake around your waist, pressing you to him. It’s been too long. His white shirt stains from the juice on your lips, and you furrow your brow when you look up at him. So pale, lips several shades lighter than the beautiful pink they should be. Without hesitation you bring your lips to his, brushing against him, staining his lips with what remains, marking him as yours as much as he has claimed you for his.

“Please, don’t leave me again,” you murmur against his lips when you break away for air.

“Not if I can help it. I promise.”

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haha holy shit that’s a lot of people.

I created this blog on a whim in June at like 4 in the morning. I was sleep-deprived and thought that, after lurking in the Undertale fandom and seeing all the cool stuff fans were making, I wanted to join in too. 

I was really nervous posting up stuff, cause this is the first fandom I’ve ever actively participated in,and I had just started to draw digitally with a tablet only a couple of weeks before. 

But it turned out people liked my stuff. Lots of people did. (Including the people that I admired in the fandom omg!) And that encouraged me to keep doodling things. All of you were so kind to me and patient. I really loved seeing all the nice things people would comment or write in the tags. (I read those!) And seeing every notification of people liking or reblogging my work always made me really excited haha. 

So, I just want to say:

Thank you for all your kindness to this newbie ≧(´▽`)≦ Thank you for a great year, and I hope to have an even better new year!

A slight change to Blackout Day submissions

Happy December 6th Blackout Day. As usual,
I’m opening up submissions on this blog. There IS a slight change I’m implementing though. This time and going forward, I want to get submissions of your art/music/businesses/talents etc… I will be prioritizing those submissions above simple selfie submissions. We’ve been encouraging people to use the tags to generate visibility for more than just selfies for a while now and I’m acting accordingly. I’ll be doing the same thing for posts I’m tagged in. Regular selfie posts won’t be reblogged right away in order to ensure that posts about black art/music/businesses get prioritized.

As always, I’m excited to see you all. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something so huge and wonderful. Updates coming to @theblackoutofficial soon!

on all Blackout days we will host a nonbinary Blackout

all Black (including mixed + white passing) folks are encouraged to submit their beautiful face for Blackout day. 

basic rules

  • must be nonbinary- those questioning are certainly welcome!
  • nothing nsfw or triggering- keep it sfw and appropriate 
  • no unsafe binding
  • only submit once (pets, photosets, gifs, and other beings are allowed in the submission w/ their consent) 
  • include your name + pronouns on your submission- please blockquote your text  

if you’re on mobile and can’t submit, you may “@” us in your photo and/or tag it with #nb blackout [month] 2016. 

Heya, people, doin good?

And here it goes, the first part of my new series of draws - HalloFell! Your favorite Underfell characters as horrifyings Halloween beings! YAY!

First of I have to thanks @its-captain-senpai for allowing me to use her Vamp Costume Design for Papyrus and for encourage me to do this and tag her. Kisses kisses. And second for the whole team of @underfellfangame ,those amazing cinnamon rolls that make me love Underfell. YAY for the FanGame and hope you guys like this tribute!

I know that Paps looks intimidating as a Vampire, but you guys just haven’t seen MK as a mummy.

Hey…! Until later, and Happy Spooky Scary Halloween!

Possessive Markers in Kazakh (or, why all those cute pet names end in ‘m’)

Been thinking about writing this one up for a while, but a combination of heavy snow and encouragement from @thissupposedcrime (who wanted to be tagged when this got posted) means it’s time. It’s thoroughly warmed my heart to see writers going out of their way to find and use Kazakh terms of endearment in their YOI writing. So few people know much of anything about Kazakhstan and Otabek is such fabulous representation to get people interested. This isn’t about correcting anything, just explaining a construction that you might be seeing if you’re reading or writing Otabek-centered fics. Or if you’re just interested in learning a little more about the language.

A quick disclaimer: My background is in linguistics and I’ve done a fair bit of work on Turkic languages of the former USSR, but I’m not a native speaker of Kazakh or any other Turkic language. I spent almost 9 months in Kazakhstan, mostly in Almaty, studying the language, but I’m not fluent. I’m pretty confident in explaining this topic, but if you know more than I do and you see a mistake, please let me know (thanks to @deimonrei-blog for noting a few spelling mistakes, which have been corrected, and @starkysnarks for native speaker confirmation).

So, a little background about Kazakh as a language: Kazakh is a Turkic language, closely related to (among other things) Turkish. Unless you start buying into overly-ambitious attempts to trace all human languages to a common linguistic ancestor, Kazakh is unrelated to any Indo-European language (English, Russian, French, Hindi, Farsi, etc.) except by contact. This means that some of the ways words are created and strung together are entirely new to someone only familiar with languages from this family.

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I did another thing...

Authors Note: I was so overwhelmed by the response to my first thing that it has inspired another! Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement! @tragically-broken tagging you as requested, and for those that requested more Rowaelin, I WANT TO!! I’m just waiting for the inspiration to strike so I do them justice.. In the meantime, please enjoy a thing: part two :)

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Lorcan gazed at the tiny slip of a woman, sleeping across the fire pit between two of the human guards. It had been three days already and she hadn’t said a word to him. Not a single word. He acted like he didn’t care. Like it didn’t matter. He was only here to protect. To serve. To make up for the stupid mistake he had made. The attention, or lack thereof, of one tiny woman should not worry him in the slightest. And it didn’t. of course it didn’t. He reached out and poked the fire with a stick, his fae senses on alert for anything out of the ordinary in the forest. He tried to focus on the small fire, tried to watch the flames lick and twist as sparks floated off into the air, but his gaze shifted back to Elide as she fidgeted in her sleep. Pain emanated from his chest area and he clenched his jaw, wondering if she had to make the choice again if she would have let Fenrys make that blow. Would she jump in front of him a second time? He didn’t like what his imagination came up with.
He glanced at the sky and shook the guard next to him awake. It was his turn to take the watch. The guard rose sleepily and wandered off to the stream a few feet away.
Dropping the stick, Lorcan lay back, staring at the stars for a moment. He heard Elide shift again. Maybe she was uncomfortable, she hadn’t brought a bedroll, but surely had slept on rougher surfaces before. Then again, the horrors she had lived through would no doubt haunt her dreams. He squashed down the desire to go to her, to comfort her. To run his fingers through her hair, to make her feel safe within his embrace. He knew she would not welcome it. Would not welcome him. And gods-dammit, he didn’t care! He closed his eyes and rolled over, determined to catch at least a few hours sleep before they had to be moving again.

Elide sighed as she rolled over yet again, her heart pounding and her mind racing. Three days on the trail with moody broody Lorcan and he hadn’t said a word to her. Hadn’t tried to make amends. Clearly he wanted nothing to do with her, so why did she want him to try? Why did she want him to reach out to her, to show her that he was thinking of her? Was she an idiot? She sighed, and lay back, staring at the stars for a moment before sitting up.
I wanted to go to Perranth with you.
Those blasted words rung in her head again, and the scar on her arm tingled. She ran over it with a finger, recalling the moment he had dropped his shield for her, embracing death so she could live. Her throat tightened and she drew her knees to her chest, hugging them close as she stared across the fire at his sleeping form. So tense, so grumpy, even in sleep. The tiny glimmers of warmth she had witnessed were nowhere to be found. Perhaps didn’t exist, maybe had been a figment of her imagination.
How could she hate someone so much, and yet long for them at the same time?
Lorcan shifted and she knew he was awake.  He didn’t sit up, but lay on his back, staring at the sky. She too looked up at the inky black sky, lit by countless stars. So peaceful. The sight calmed her heart and mind and she closed her eyes, breathing deeply, embracing the moment of peace.
A rustle had her glancing across the fire at where Lorcan was now sitting up, staring at her. She looked into his eyes for the first time since that moment in the tent. Her breath caught and she couldn’t look away. He seemed similarly enthralled. They stared at each other for an immeasurable moment, both wanting to break away but neither daring. Elide felt the colour rushing to her cheeks, but still her eyes locked with his onyx ones, his face fierce, expressionless, but glowing in the gentle light of the dying fire.
The guard on watch returning from the stream finally provided the reprieve she needed and she quickly lay back down, curling onto her side and hugging herself. What the hell was that? She didn’t move for the rest of the night, but she didn’t sleep either.

Lorcan lay back, heart pounding, and lifting with an unfamiliar feeling. Hope. That’s what it was. Hope that maybe Elide didn’t wish him dead after all. Hope for the slightest chance of a future together. Stony faced as ever, he looked at the stars and started counting them, wondering which one was his lucky one. Wondering which one had caused Elide to not look at him with loathing in her eyes. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, the fresh air crisp and clean. The smallest of smiles played on his lips as he drifted off to sleep.

(Art Credit)

How on earth did this happen?! (I honestly do nothing worthwhile on this blog~!) Another promo post in such a short period of time, how it flies! Goodness, this post will be very long, so I will be adding a small tag underneath for all those who I’ve tagged! When I do consider it, 150 wonderful people is such a huge group following this small blog, it still amazes me how much encouragement I receive daily for my portrayal of Kaede, despite how little of the game I am knowledgeable about! Each and every single one of you have contributed so much to my experience here, making my experience in the Danganronpa RP fandom absolutely memorable, therefore, without further ado, here is the list of those who deserve such a big mention for making this milestone happen! 

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Psychonauts Fan Challenge!!

In the 3-and-some weeks leading up to the release of Pychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, we patient fans need some content to munch on, and what better way to encourage fan content than through a challenge? Now, this is not a contest, there are no winners–but, by extension, there are no losers either, except those of you who don’t participate!

This week’s challenge is to Design Your Door.

Every field agent has their own unique door and we’ll find out more about them soon enough. What would yours look like? Would it be rectangular or have a more specific shape? What kind of pattern would the door show? Design, draw, model, or create your own door as an agent of the Psychonauts and show ‘em off with the tag #PsychonautsChallenge! There’s no time limit, this is just to encourage new fan content while we wait. Have fun!

haikyuu characters + what their facebook profile pictures would be:

Hinata: jumping pic; he’s silhouetted against a sunny blue sky

Kageyama: clip art of a volleyball

Tsukishima: a photo of him (preferably at a ¾ angle) wearing headphones and a hoodie making a completely straight face

Yamaguchi: a candid of him walking with Tsukishima; he’s laughing and smiling but Tsukishima looks vaguely pissed off

Daichi: an action shot of him about to receive a serve

Sugawara: one of those “candids” that’s obviously staged; he’s smiling and laughing and he has a scarf wrapped around his neck and the wind is touseling his hair *just right*

Asahi: an action shot (he’s about to spike the volleyball) but it’s cropped to just his face and he’s making a weird expression

Nishinoya: one of those pictures that a lot of teenaged bro boys who think they’re hot shit have; he and Tanaka are leaning against the hood of a car with their arms crossed wearing tanktops and snapbacks

Tanaka: an extreme close-up of his face at a weird angle

Ennoshita: a black-and-white photo of him holding a camera up to his face

Kiyoko: a really gorgeous photoshoot-type picture of her (shoulders-up)

Yachi: a photo of her laying on her back on the grass laughing with her hair splayed out all around her

Oikawa: a selfie (obviously)

Iwaizumi: a shot of him from behind (waist-up) standing at the edge of the volleyball court in his Seijoh uniform

Kuroo: a photo of him where you can tell he’s trying to make a sexy expression but he’s not quite pulling it off

Kenma: fanart of a video game character

Bokuto: a fairly close-up picture of his face; his eyebrows are raised and he’s grinning

Hi guys its me, juju! So this personal-turned-jongdae-turned-messed-up blog of mine has reached 2k followers and I want to thank all of you who’s been here with me for making my day brighter for the past 2 years. I really really want to follow everyone back but I need to restrict the content of my dash so I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. OTL

For those who made effort to initiate a conversation with me. For those who keep on sending me words of encouraging through asks and message tho I take forever to answer and reply. For those who never give up to tag me in the tag game even when you know in the end I eventually forgot to do it. For those who liked and reblogged my random gifs. For those who actually read and enjoy my tag(!!) and for those who basically exists here, thank you for not giving up on me, xie xie, terima kasih, salamat, arigatou, gomawo mianhe saranghae! 

I might be quiet and not funny to be with like others and my blog is far from what people call as high quality content but I really do enjoy and I’m so happy to be with everyone here even if we never talk before. I’m going to grad and starts to work full time soon so I might not be as active as I am now (pffffttttt you know I’m still going back here like, everyday). Again, thank you guys and I hope we can support our boys together for as long as we can!

These are the awesome blogs I’ve been following and I’m not going to differentiate mutual because that will take me another year to finish this and I can’t let that happen. I remember I used to restrict my dash with jongdae content only but then I get to know more amazing people which are you guys I mentioned here so I want to specially thank all of you for blessing my dashboard everyday!^^


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Attention carylers!
The lovely @whoswhatsitwhich and I were talking and we wanted to do a fic/edits war to celebrate the reunion of our amazing couple!
Starting this Monday, I challenge y'all to help pretty up the caryl tag!!
Bonus points if you can do the fic in under 100 words.
We also want to encourage all of our fantastically talented artist to contribute.

Special note to those that maybe want to try it out but are a bit nervous:
If you want to do a fic, you are more than welcome to send it to me via submission and I will post it for you.

OK y'all, get ready for it!

Controversy 101

I read the Snape tag some evenings, and instead of basking in an insightful discussion about my favourite character, I often come away from it genuinely worrying about the intensity of hatred that some (not all) posters have for a fictional character.

I appreciate that not every character can be universally adored, and I understand that Snape is Marmite (for the record, Marmite is awful) - and amongst those who hate him are those who love to hate him (which is slightly different).  

…but I do think there’s a real difference between thoughtful critique, genuine questions, and thought provoking conversations versus the type of baiting, vitriol and virulent spreading of antagonistic misconceptions that the tag is mired in.

Of course, it is each to their own – if you’re having fun, well, have at it, I suppose.  …but personally, I can’t help but feel that it seems a little miserable, petty and self-defeating - and I would argue that those are some of Snape’s worst traits.

Which makes me wonder - have we come full-circle?  There’s a rather beautiful irony in the idea that the really passionate Snape haters have somehow embodied the most negative aspects of his personality.  

Because, y’know, that is really quite funny.

In all seriousness, why not do something awesome with your free time?  Why rally against a fictional character when you could be embracing the series and celebrating those that you love?  Why not write an insightful piece about your favourites, or the characters you find most interesting?  Why not draw or paint something you love?  Why not write a story, or do a craft?

Life really is far too short to be so incredibly angry.  Don’t waste time on what you hate; do what you love instead.  And in a world filled with hate…why not be kind?  :)

CS Reviews Blog - Now up!

It’s here! In a somewhat rudimentary and basic form at the moment, but it’s here.

If you are a new writer in the CS fandom or just struggling with gaining sufficient feedback to keep that muse going, why not stroll over to this brand spanking new blog and request some reviews?

All you need to do is provide the name of your story and your fanfiction.net/Ao3 username in the ask box and your request will be published to the tagged reviewers and other followers with the appropriate links to find your work.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to receive reviews on Tumblr, just tag @csreviews and we will reblog it for our reviewers.

Important: Please indicate if you would be open to constructive criticism in the reviews. This blog exists to encourage your muse, so unless you state otherwise, we’ll keep it all positive.

There is a basic FAQ here for writers, if you would like more information.

Thank you to all those who showed interest in joining the reviewing team - I’ve tagged all that I can below and will continue to do so when a request is published, so please let me know if you would prefer to have your name taken off the list and just follow the blog.

@lassluna @hookedmom @flslp87 @ofshipsandswans @demisexualemmaswan @abbadons-little-witch @afairytaleprincess @liloproductions @tnlph (AU one-shots only) @sunshine2632 @captainodonoghue @nightlyinsomnious @katie-dub @maeyourskiesbeblue @supertallscandinaviangiant @cs-please @fleurreads @multifxdomtrash @guilty-pleasures- @kleinepfoetchen @sdmh1977 @jpshamless @fictional-redheads @hook-n-emma @mahstatins @lenfaz

If you would like to join the reviewing team and be tagged when a request is published, just shout and I will add you to the list.

Guidance on some things to consider when reviewing (and the answers to a few other questions) can be found here.

Thank you all for your support - let’s get requesting and reviewing!

- Aims (@villains-happy-ending)

Welcome MTG Bloggers!

Hi there!

Are you blogger who plays/collects/enjoys Magic: the Gathering?

Are you relatively new to Tumblr, or just wish you had more people seeing your posts and commenting on your content?

Are you trying to get more involved in the MTG Community here on Tumblr?


In my experience, most of the blogs in the Magic community are run by very nice, welcoming, encouraging people who enjoy making new friends.

Many of us that have been around for a while are flattered and/or delighted to have other bloggers send us messages or tag us in posts when you have content you’re proud of that you want us to reblog for more people to see.

So if you’re one of those who has been waiting for your chance, SPEAK UP NOW!

Reblog this post and tell us about yourself. Say hi. Let us know what you love about Magic.

(If you’re somebody who HAS been around for a while, maybe reblog this post to spread the word?)

I feel like it’s been too long since we’ve had a big hello to new community members on here. So let’s fix that.



Our first big project for the @castleficmentors blog is #Castle28

In the month of February, we want to encourage you to write. It can be anything - poem, long novel, flash fiction, monologue, creative nonfiction - so long as you dedicate 28 days to making it happen.

This isn’t a promise to write every day; it’s merely a promise to have something by the end of February. 

The blog will post a one-sentence prompt that we can all use as our inspiration, and once the month is over, we will reblog those pieces tagged #Castle28. (Authors, please feel free to post or share your own work on ffnet or AO3 or your own archive, of course.) It’s purely an encouragement to get writing in the new year.

Thanks to @castleficstreamcon for the support and origination of this idea - a host of people at the con were looking to make this happen.

Be on the lookout for the prompt tagged #Castle28.


Me (that70shyde), Lisa ( @those70scomics ) and Nina ( @jacquelineshyde ) are hosting a Steven Hyde & Jackie Burkhart AU Week this year from November 22nd-28th. We want to encourage fans to make graphics, gif sets, aesthetics, fan art, fanfic, meta, playlists or anything else you can think of in honor of Zenmasters.

We’ll be tracking the tag zenmasters au week and reblogging everything tagged for us.

Daily Prompts:

Day 1: 10 Years Later AU
Day 2: Modern Setting AU
Day 3: Another Tv Show AU
Day 4: Fluffy Cliche AU (coffeshop au, flowershop au etc. you can literally go crazy with those)
Day 5: Fantasy AU
Day 6: Role Reversal
Day 7: Free Choice

If you have any questions please feel free to direct them to our askboxs!! And we can’t wait to see what you guys produce.


Happy Holidays, Tumblr! Thank you for being brave, awesome, and for sharing your stories this year with Post It Forward. We encourage you to keep sharing those stories, or positive messages that helped you through a tough time, and tagging them #postitforward to help bring people together. You can really make a difference—especially this time of year.

A big thank you to Tumblr Creatr Thoka Maer for this beautiful GIF reminding us that on Tumblr, you’re never alone.