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I’ve Never Been In Love Before | Read it on ao3

A stage manager’s job is never done. Alec Lightwood is knee deep in tech week for the show from hell. The director is an asshole, the production team is falling apart and the co-lead managed to up and break his ankle. With obstacles at every turn— his mother keeps trying to set him up with a nice girl, his siblings can’t behave for two minutes, the understudy is mysteriously missing and Alec keeps hitting his head on the new set piece— will he ever manage to start rehearsal; and more importantly, will he find his fucking flashlight?

Is this a finished one-shot? From me? For Shadowhunters AU Monday? And on Thursday night to boot! I’m just as surprised as you are, lol!

After skipping a week to catch up on other fics (though I do have a half-written thing for travel au week that I may actually finish someday) I’m back with a self-indulgent theatre au with plenty of drama :) 


Hi, I already reblog a lot of BNHA, but I’m not really part of the fandom yet, so like/reblog if you’d like to be mutuals since I need more content on my dash!!

Some things I’m looking for in a blog (lol):

  • Active every day (or almost every day)
  • Of course, post a lot of BNHA and/or on a regular basis (multi-fandom blogs are always welcome)
  • A tagging system
  • Multi-shipper (I’m mostly into KiriBaku/TodoDeku/IzuOcha, but I don’t really mind seeing other pairings)
  • Don’t bring drama or hate to my dash, from any fandom to any character
  • Also if you don’t mind me getting hyped over the manga, since I’m going to start reading it next week and might make a lot of text posts. -This blog is not spoiler free in general, jsyk ;;-
  • Bonus if you make your own stuff, like graphics or fanart (I’m always willing to support small content makers, and I’ll start making my own content as well)

That’s it, hopefully this works to make more bnha friends. Also, if my mutuals want to reblog this for signal boost that’d be really sweet and appreciated!! 


Ethan Dolan - So-called feud


“Hey guys, so as I promised, I’m here today to answer your questions in an amazing Q&A video, because it’s been a while since I did something like that, so let’s get started!” I smiled into the camera that was recording. I grabbed my phone from the table and opened the questions I chose for the video and started to answer them.

Most of them were in connection with my older videos, about the last VidCon I attended and how it felt meeting some amazing people, and then there were this one:

“How do you feel about Ethan Dolan?” I read the question and then put down my phone to think about my answer. “Well, first of all, I don’t know him, I, like, once saw him at an event from the other side of the room, but never talked to him. Second of all, I have no opinion on him or whatsoever, I don’t really follow what he and his brother do, so I don’t feel anything about him, sorry.”

I thought this was a pretty diplomatic answer, I didn’t know what else should have I said of a guy I knew absolutely nothing about.
I answered some more questions and then turned the camera off. After done editing it I uploaded it and I went to bed. I liked to wait for the reactions and then read them at once, but I wasn’t expecting what really happened. As I woke up and started to read the comments and tweets on my phone my eyes went wide. Ethan Dolan was tagged in almost every each of them saying like “lol Ethan is so sassy, I can’t wait for her reaction” or like “Ethan don’t listen to her, you rule!”. I immediately opened Ethan’s profile and started to look for anything he wrote about me.

@Y/T/N So I don’t even exist in your world. Good to know.

“What the fuck?” I hissed looking at the tweet not even understanding why he would write something like this. What I said in the video was nothing near what he tweeted and I didn’t like being in the middle of a drama that was nonsense. So I quickly sent him a DM.

“Hey Ethan, I really don’t understand your latest tweet. I didn’t mean to hurt you with anything I said in my video.”

I nervously kept reading the comments and tweets about our non-existing feud while waiting for him to answer which by the way happened quite quickly.

“Good morning Y/N. I’m willing to talk to you and make a deal, add me on Skype.”

Then he sent me his Skype name and I immediately added him. Five minutes later I was waiting for him to answer the call and when I saw him half naked on my screen I just felt even more nervous. I had never liked drama and never wanted to cause it, so I just wanted to end it right there.

“Hey!” he waved at me with a wide smile.

“Hi. Thanks for answering, I just wanted to make sure that there is no real feud between us, because I don’t want to end up being the drama queen,” I said running my fingers through my hair. He lightly chuckled confusing me even more.

“Okay, I’ll be honest with you,” he said. I heard some muttering from around him, I guess he wasn’t alone, then he even picked up something from besides him and then gave it to someone who was behind the camera and then he turned back to me. “You didn’t say anything provocative, I just wanted to get your attention.”

At first I thought I heard him wrong. Then I furrowed my eyebrows trying to find the right words. Was this a joke? Did he really cause drama just to get my attention? I couldn’t decide if it was the sweetest or stupidest thing I had ever heard.

“Look, I’m really sorry, I admit it wasn’t the best idea, but I have been following you since forever but you seem to ignore my existence and I just wanted to have a chance to talk to you.”

“I’m ignoring you?” I asked in confusion.

“Well, yes. My biggest achievement that you are following me on Twitter, but no matter what I do you never react to anything I do or say, like you just don’t give a shit about me.”

“Maybe because we don’t know each other and I’m not a big fan of faking a friendship just for the entertainment,” I replied raising my eyebrows at the picture of him.

“Who was talking about friendship here?” he asked lightly chuckling and I was a bit taken aback. “I’m trying to get your attention so I can ask you out for a date.”

I heard some quiet whistling from the background, I guess his brother or his friends were amused by the boldness of how he smoothly asked me out.

I let out a bit awkward laugh not really knowing how to deal with the sudden situation. Ethan was a very good-looking guy and I appreciated the efforts he did just to get to me.

“Well, it would be a bit confusing to the people if we suddenly were seen on a date after our so-called feud,” I answered trying to hide my smile.

“I can help with that. Let me take a screenshot quickly.”

I didn’t understand why he needed a screenshot, but I tried to look decent, and then watched as he started to type something. When he was done he told me to check my Twitter. I saw that he just tweeted a photo, the screenshot of us talking on Skype with the following caption:

“Guys, I was just messing with you. I’m having the best conversation on Skype with her right now.”

I laughed seeing how confused the fans were about the sudden change of mind Ethan just showed.

“Nice move,” I said smiling at him at the camera.

“So are you free tonight?” he asked wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“Let me check my schedule,” I sighed pretending to do it, but in the meanwhile I typed in my reply to his tweet.

@Ethan Dolan
I love seeing my awful morning look on the internet. See you later, in person.

I heard his phone vibrate and he immediately checked it and reading my tweet he grinned up at me before speaking up.

“I’ll pick you up at six. Send me your address in DM,” he said and then ended the call.

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Can I ask you a question? Not naming any names cos I really dont want to start anything, but do you think some people in the Roman fandom live for the drama? Most fellow Roman fans I have come across are respectful and kind to the "other side" lol but I am starting to notice some fans love to jump straight on a post that says something/anything even remotely negative about him. And some are brutal, not you obviously I think your funny rather than nasty. Your clapbacks are hysterical.

I think some people in EVERY fandom live for drama. 

I will say, people who make endless negative posts about him are always very sure to tag his name so that people who like him will see it. To me, that’s petty. It’s asking for arguments. When I posted my unpopular opinion about Charlotte a few months ago, I didn’t tag her name. I did that on purpose so that the people who like her and like her story arc don’t have to see my opinion. I hate Randy Orton, therefore I’d never tag a post with his name. But Roman haters seem to love agitating people who like him.

If you have something to say about his story arc, fine. But people love going on and on about how he has had everything handed to him because he’ s a generational star. If you’re gonna do that, then bitch about Orton, Charlotte, Nattie, the Usos, etc. But this rule only applies to Roman. 

They love bitching about his “same five moves”. Every superstar has a set of moves that set up the end of the match. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. If you’re gonna complain about the spear, then complain about the coup de gras and every other finisher. 

They love complaining abput how he’s billed like a super hero who can brush off injury and doesn’t sell for anyone. But no one says shit about Braun, who literally can kill everyone and is impervious to injury. 

Honestly, the shit just gets tiring. If you wanna be negative, be negative without tagging his name. Cause you know what you’re doing when you do. 

lol the tags on that last jimin rb are a mess but now im rly rly tempted to write a yoonmin prince au with prince park jimin and the brave knight, min yoongi who gets hired to guard jimin oh damn just imagine yoongi getting into sword fights bc ppl have it out for jimin bc hes a prince and what other drama would happen and like jimin gets a crush on him bc hes so protective and yoongi is so protective bc he loves jimin but like, obvs they cant b together bc like, jimins a prince and needs to pass on the family name and I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABT THIS AU NOW AND I NEED TO WRITE IT just imagine whipped yoongi silently pining for his prince and whining to his other knight friend who he grew up with (and u know namjoon is prince kim seokjin’s personal knight)

i am continuing to blame the spark behind this on hannah

just us two - luke hemmings (part 5)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 

‘So I’ll come and pick Luna up after dinner?’ Luke asked into the phone as he moved around his studio collecting his things. Somehow over the passing weeks it had become commonplace for him and Y/N to share child care duties when she had to work late on a case or, like tonight, he had a surprise commission he couldn’t miss out on.

‘Sure, although I’m warning you now it is going to be pasta again.’ Y/N winced into the phone with a laugh.

‘Oh come on Y/N it’s not like she gets Michelin star quality food at home, you have nothing to apologise for.’ Luke chuckled.

'Well we both know that’s a lie Luke, if the whole photography thing ever falls through I’m setting up a go-fund me for you to start a restaurant.’ Y/N insisted and Luke could hear the smile in her voice, the mirror image he was sure of the smile on his own.

'Speaking of the whole photography thing I really do need to go now, but I’ll see you later.’ he said as he dashed out the door.

'Shoot something beautiful for me.’ Y/N teased before she hung up the phone. Luke found the words echoing in his head more times than he cared to admit as he drove to the location. He almost laughed out loud when the couple who had hired him happily announced their recent engagement, wanting to commemorate this mile stone in their relationship.

'Sorry, could you just move your hand a little higher on her waist?’ Luke instructed as he stood before the couple who had introduced themselves as Annabel and Lewis.

'Like this?’ Lewis questioned as he turned to Luke.

'Perfect.’ he smiled, taking a few shots and checking them before he moved onto the next post.

'So are you married Mr Hemmings?’ Annabel asked with a smile.

'Please call me Luke.’ he smiled, motioning for the couple to change their position. 'And no I’m not actually.’

'There must be someone special in your life though.’ she prompted.

'The most important someone in my life right now if my daughter Luna.’ Luke replied, desperately trying to push Y/N’s image from his mind. And failing completely.

'That’s a beautiful name.’ Annabel smiled, pausing to pose for another picture before speaking again. 'The only reason I ask is because you seem to capture the love and affection between couples so beautifully. I just assumed you must be in love yourself to be able to see it so clearly around you.’ she blushed slightly as she trailed off, noting Luke’s direct eye contact with her for the first time.

'I uh, thank you.’ Luke stammered. 'I guess if you’ve felt love once you’ll always be able to recognise it again if it comes your way.’ he coughed. 'Alright now, how about we get some kissing shots? People always love those for wedding invitations.’ he smiled, switching back abruptly to professional mode as he changed over lenses and adjusted lighting and generally tried to focus on anything but the fact that the woman he thought of when he thought of being in love was no longer the mother of his child.

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Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever. 

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Klaroline/Charmed fusion

This is like 90% done right now… I have like 1 scene and sort the ending out a bit better than I have done and then its ready… It is basically Caroline and Phoebe becoming fast internet friends and then drama surrounding Mystic Falls Caroline needs to call in a favour from San Fransisco.

Rewrite the past

LOL this one… I have to finish writing Chapter 4… and edit chapter 3. Then i have to actually figure out where to take the rest of the story *hides* 

Heretic Vs Hybrid

I have to start typing chapter 3 and then 4. The rest of the fiction is already mapped out into my note book, i just need motivation and time to get it typed up. Its basically a small pic of Caroline coming back to Mystic Falls after finding out she is a heretic and collides into Klaus and his need for hybrids in the Gym on prank night.

The Storms of The Heart

I am really excited to get started on this fiction… I have 60% of the fiction mapped and planned out in my notebook… I need some more scenes and then to type it….. It is a story of Esther sending Caroline and Came back in time for Klaus to kill, but she didn’t send them back enough. Present time Klaus comes to the girls rescue, but with the means to bring one girl back…..

Unnamed Gifset

My attempt at gif making and a soulmate mini drabble to accompany it… Gif is ready, I just need to crack on its the drabble…
Heres a sneak peak…

Tagging @3tinkgemini @austennerdita2533 @delerithmoriwen @gooddame @recklessnesspersonified 

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Really? Okay, here's some rapid fire questions for ya lol: How did you and Frida meet up/decide to collab together? When did you start writing for the Drag Race fandom? Do you enjoy writing for AQ even with all the drama that surrounds the page 80% of the time? Who was the first pairing you wrote for? Will you ever write anything other than that pairing? What's your favorite story you've written? Have you ever written anything without Frida? do u prefer writing AU's or things that could happen?

Frida and I met over tumblr at first and swapped numbers when I went on holiday where I wouldn’t have Wi-Fi. A few months later we both read Alaska’s book and ended up wanting to roleplay, which we did and then at some point in time decided to turn writings into readable fics!

I myself started writing for the RPDR fandom way before that, circa May 2015 but have had my first fic (Of the night - Biadore) taken down since then due to abandoning it.

I absolutely enjoy writing on AQ a lot but don’t often involve myself in the community. I have met some fantastic people due to it but I tend to stay away from the drama. I also tend to avoid AQC altogether but when I do see something about me, I will always respond to it.

Biadore with a hint of Bitney was my first written ship. And uh, I’m kind of known as a Shalaska whore now so yes, I’ve written another ship since then hahaha

Personally my favourite story I have written is The Greaser’s Girl but I also love The Life Of Death (which we are currently writing and hope to have finished soon!) and Safe Haven (which is a currently abandoned project about Justin and Shane exploring an old mental health hospital).
Yes, I have written fics without Frida, those include Of The Night, Finding The Balance (also been deleted), Safe Haven, and other small fics that have never been posted.

As for the AU thing, I tend to write things that are possible in real life but with a hint of fantasy, that or just full on AU. There is no real in between.

Thank you so much for this ask <3

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Lmao you're such a petty loser. You take any chance to shit talk valdaya meanwhile, NONE of the actual valdaya shippers are checking for tomdaya. We've been minding our own damn business yet some of you tomdaya people go out your way to insult us. On top of that, i noticed some of you make fake valdaya accounts and talk shit about tomdaya to start drama with us. Stop all this stalking and bs and leave us alone. Wtf.

We have another loose crazy here.😂😂😂

“NONE of the actual valdaya shippers are checking for tomdaya. ‘ Liar much? lol. Most of them  were spewing hate on Tomdaya yesterday, so take your ”we are minding our own business” and shove it up your lying ass. How are you minding your own business when you are on MY blog? That ask you are referring to from today did not have “valdaya” written or tagged on it (the anon said “Val*daya with a *)  so you were checking my blog because you are thirsty for our Tomdaya news and are a hypocritical bitch who can’t keep away from Tomdaya yet have the audacity to tell others to stay away from the deadest of the dead,  the most ridiculous ship of them all, lol. Please how can one stay away when you all are so ridiculous and easy to be entertained by?!!  

And no one is making fake accounts, you paranoid, delusional nutjob! Shoo now back to your loser corner and cry me a river with your “boo hoo, you are mentioning val and Z”. 


Whether I’m feeling good about writing or not, gotta get to it today! The deadline for the Kill Will fest is a couple of days away and while my oneshot is finished, it needs major editing!!!

Working on that today, and then I’ll get back to working on my tags page (starting that new sideblog and starting a good tag organising system from the beginning over there made me side-eye all my other blogs and how outdated my tag lists were…)

Merthur, 3.7k before editing, set during 1x10 “The Moment of Truth” (obviously lols), featuring alternating pov, pining!Arthur, jealous!Arthur (mildly, internally only), Magic Reveal(ish), Merlin/Will and of course Will’s death, coughcoughopenendingcoughcough 


Okay…I just psyched myself back up to work on this cos DAT ANGST!

*skips away to write angst*


Sis I don’t know why you’re following me but I’m glad you are 😂 because you’re literally SO SWEET. Also your anon convos are hilarious even though I don’t even understand who you guys are talking about I just imagine all this past-drama in my head and start smiling because I’m a weirdo looool.

I love the fact that you’re usually just as tired as I am because I feel like nobody else posts about being exhausted in the tags as much as I do 😂😂😂 And I admire your dedication for doing so many of these number things wallahi I spared you because you seemed like you were at risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome from typing too many of these responses LOL

I feel like you’re a bit (or a lot) of a romantic because all your quotes you reblog strike a chord with me and my experiences so I really love how relatable you are as well

Would really love to get to know you more because you seem super fun and I need more people like you in my life!!! I was scrolling through your blog rn to just make sure I said everything I wanted to say and I noticed I have either reblogged or liked EVERY single one of your posts so if that isn’t enough proof of how much I love your blog / your posts then there’s no other way for me to express this 

Quote: “A girl likes to be crossed a little in love now and then.
It is something to think of” (from Pride and Prejudice, where else hahaha)

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so sorry, i'm out of the loop but what's this recent drama about the vamps that's been going around?

Hi. First I would like to apologize in advance bc I’m answering this on my phone so it may look a little sloppy. Lol

Anyway, for me, the drama started when Joe posted a picture of Brad and a woman with #BradsNewGirlfriend (see here: https://instagram.com/p/BEumv7Sy5k_/ ) but later he posted a pic (this one: https://instagram.com/p/BEuqk_ry5r8/ ) basically saying that it was a joke. Now hear me out, I could care less if Brad had a girlfriend or not. He’s almost 21 years old. He can do w/e the fuck he wants. I just hate the fact that Joe tagged the girl in the picture, making it easy for the childish fans on this fandom able to send her hate directly. He’s so stupid for that.

Next, supposedly the vamps are releasing new music some time at the end of the summer or beginning of fall. The fandom took that as them saying that a new album was gonna be released then. As far as why the fandom believes it’s an album: they (and me too slightly) believe that since Wake Up didn’t do nearly as good as MTV did, the record label wants them to just forget about it and move on so that they can try to squeeze that “big hit” out of them. (Hence why IFAG is the last single off Wake Up). And supposedly the third album is supposed to have a MTV sound to it since did better. I just don’t like the though of their record label working them so hard like this so I hope it’s not true.

And lastly, the age thing. So, yesterday was James’ birthday and, idk how, but apparently someone stumbled upon some of James’ pre-Vamps tweets where it says that he was born in 1993 and stuff like that. Thus starting a highly unnecessary Vamily snooping session and APPARENTLY the boys managers told James and Tris to lie and say that they were a year younger so that there wouldn’t be much of an age gap in the band. Now, I thought this was bullshit at first, but after talking to a few people about it, it’s been brought to may attention that two member of The Tide were also told to say that they were a year younger. Now if this is true, it’s fucking fowl. Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t give a single shit if the boys were 3 years older. They’re still fucking amazing and shouldn’t be told to lie about there age for no damn acceptable reason! Or at all tbh.

Idk. This is just my take on all of it.

*please add in your opinions on the matter*

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what do u think of the whole situation in the billdip tag?

ah, it’s not the first time the tag has gotten “drama”. i do think it has gone overboard with the whole reporting artblogs and tumblr deleting them without giving a warning or reason why.

tbh, no one’s really helping with the situation too, by giving out false information on who did it and arguing back with people who don’t agree with the ship. or ppl spamming the tag, being all “WELL, THE SHIP’S GROSS ANYWAY”

ppl, it’s literally a crack ship between a triangle and a sweaty nerd.

a triangle who yells and a nerd who doesn’t shower.

let us rock, you’re making a not-so serious thing too serious.

also to the people who even started the whole thing: