tagging this just in case:

jason @ age 10: shaped like a lil jellybean. round. stubby. positively squishy what a good baby

jason @ age 13: puberty hits, shoots up to like 5ft 9. no longer a lil jellybean n this possibly distresses dakota 

jason @ age 16: hits 6ft 1 & is respectably muscled after like 12 years of legion training. is a wee bit disproportionate bc his shoulders r wide as hell compared to his waist. dakota is still distressed

jason @ age 19: creeps up to about 6ft 3, v slowly. shoulders n waist continue to make him a dorito boy but he’s grown into his body n weight n goddamn so n how are those abs real. his jawline continued on a trajectory from ‘sharp’ to ‘why bother w/ a sword at all’

jason @ age 22: hits his highest max @ 6ft 4, and is probably jokingly compared to / confused for capn merica more often than he cares for. the dorito shape remains but with added beef. has started greying from stress but its ok his hair is p light its probably not too noticeable, 

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party


Spider-man!Prompto doodles. (Full-view is your friend!)

25% because Prom’s English VA voices Spider-man now, and 75% because I really wanted to doodle him in the Pre-Tony Stark Spidey costume hahaha

Bonus doodle of how Noctis found out Prompto’s secret:


magnus bane greeting asmodei in buzzfeed unsolved style (1/?) for @lukemagnus

bonus, alec being scared of his sibling-in-law just like ryan bergara:


                        ❝IT WAS A SWORD!
                                                          ❝You  S H A T T E R E D  her with a sword..❞