tagging this as things that don't really relate just because

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Can you please tag your fanfiction just "destiel" not supernatural PLZ I really like "following" you but please some things you post I just really don't wanna read/or/see because It's really weird to me.. I'm not against it or anything its the way you view it and I understand that it's your choice.. and I'm part of the SPN Family and I mean only love..So can you please make it a separate thing? because I view them as brothers and family and I mean no offense to anyone...

No, I tag everything I post that’s supernatural related as “supernatural.” If I have a short fic update or link I don’t tag it at all because it’s just for people that are into it that follow me on here. When I promote my fic, which is Supernatural fic, I will continue to use the main tag AND destiel but I won’t stop using that for stuff.

My blog is like…60% dean and Cas, so I honestly don’t know why someone that doesn’t like destiel would follow me? Destiel is my favorite part of Supernatural so I’m gonna keep using both tags.

It’s canon that Chris probably periodically texts Danny things he likes about him i.e. soft skin


Danny getting texts throughout the day containing small things about himself that Chris likes. Chris texting Danny about how his butt was in prime form that day. Chris texting Danny that he did a really great job communicating his feelings to the team when things got tight. CHRIS TEXTING DANNY COMPLIMENTS 

I bet Danny just replies with a barrage of sunglasses emoticons like

B)) sweet

B)) haha righteous thanks bud

B)) whhaat haha yknow I try my best dude

because there’s really no reply to that kind of junk and he has to keep himself from getting super flustered. I feel, as awesome as Danny knows he is, he still has a hard time believing it- believing pretty much ANY good thing about him and that’s sad but I RELATE TO IT SO MUCH